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Finding experiments that are awesome fun (as well as safe and using 'stuff' you've already got isn't easy and that's why I put this book together!

"Don't Eat Your Slime" shows some of the best experiments that you can get started with straight away (and explains what's going on too!)

In this ‘how to’ guide of incredible experiments
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  • Your Own Slime!
  • Fizzing Fountains!
  • Magical Lava!
  • A Musical Instrument
  • A Bubbling Volcano and SO much more...

Am I Mad? - Why Would I Give This Book Away?

I put a lot of time and effort into making this book as exciting as possible! - With the 'magic' of the internet I can get it into the hands of so many children across the world without going bankrupt! - I'm on a real mission to bring science to life for children everywhere and this book is just one of the ways that I'm doing just that - Download your copy now! - (It's worth £9.99 you know!)

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Every single experiment in the book is guaranteed to be both awesome and safe, in equal measure!

I'm proud to have helped to make science fun for around 100,000 children so far by founding the UK's leading fun science provider - Sublime Science - as well as having worked with the British Science Association, the National Science Museum as well as being featured in the BBC, ITV and Telegraph too! I don't let you know to brag but to reassure you that these experiments will be spot on for your child!

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"We like any kind of hands on science...Milk, food coloring and dish soap was easy & fun, they are very interested in all things messy/science and I think its great" - Mums the Boss

Some Of The Sublime Science Team Have Asked:

"Wouldn't we sell more copies of this book if you stopped giving it away for free?"

Of course we would! But this is just a really awesome way of giving something to children everywhere and it's just really amazing to be able to do it!

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And, of course, Don't Eat Your Slime. 


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P.S. Don't Eat Your Slime is packed full of awesome science experiments that you can do at home!

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