Ultimate Summer Science Experiments and an Awesomely Special Offer...


mad-marc-for-webYou CAN'T order yet but there is something awesome coming!

As you know the long-awaited Sublime Science Club 2.0 launches on Tuesday (28th June!) and I've got a ridiculously awesome special offer for you to say "thank you" for all the fantastic feedback I've had from making these experiments for you!

Not only will you be able to get an annual pass to the Sublime Science Club for 50% off and there's a boatload of extra bonus awesomeness to, coming your way in the good ol' "snail mail" (post!)

You'll also get:

  • Physical Copy of Printed Science Experiment Book - Don't Eat Your Slime
  • Physical Copy of  The Most Incredible Science Experiment Book Ever
  • Child's Lab Coat, Access Pass and Nerd Glasses -> perfect to wear when experimenting
  • Sublime Science Wrapping paper -> Warning Open at your own risk!
  • Your Science question answered Certificate!


I'm SO passionate about making science fun I want to create the best community on Earth and I want you to be part of it which is why I'm giving away more than £60 of awesome goodies as well as offering the annual pass at half price.

I can only stretch to making 100 of these available.

(We've only got 100 sets in stock, packaged up and ready to send out...plus I literally can't give this much awesome science stuff to everyone!)

The Sublime Science Club 2.0 will launch on Tuesday 28th of June and if you want the chance to get this free science awesomeness and a half price science experiment pass then pop your name on the early bird list below...

When you hop on the 'early bird list' above I'll send a special "only for awesome-early-birds" email to you on Tuesday morning so you can check out all the details of the Sublime Science Club when we launch and grab your awesome deal if you want to!

There's no commitment at this point. I'm finalising the Sublime Science Club website right now but if you want to guarantee that you can get one 100 places available then hop on the list now and look out for that email on Tuesday morning.

Let's make science awesome,

Mad Marc

P.S. I think the Sublime Science Club is awesome BUT I'm clearly biased which is why when you hop on the early bird list you'll get a whole load of awesome science "stuff" and the chance to get an annual Sublime Science Club Pass for Half Price!

Just pop your email in the box below!

P.P.S. Stay awesome 😉