3 Great Questions From Busy Mums Like You...

Mad_Marc_3003 busy parents emailed in this past week to ask great questions. Let's take them one at a time...

“Hi Marc, is it best to have the entertainment first then the food or to have food first then entertainment or even to have some entertainment, a break, then more entertainment? This is my first time planning a party and I’m confused! Please help, Amanda!”

Mad-Marc-Slime-LeftThis is a great question and it comes up a lot, which is why I thought I’d share it with you now.

In more than 5 years in the child entertainment industry I’ve found that it is almost always best to have the entertainment – whatever that is – first.

The children, as well as some parents, tend to turn up really excited to get stuck into whatever it is that has been planned for the day. Another reason is that when people eat they tend to relax a bit so then trying to get them excited at this point is almost impossible! The point I’m trying to make here is, always have the “wow factor” first.

In terms of having breaks in-between the entertainment – this totally depends on what’s planned! Generally it’s a bad idea for the same reason as above, but also it can detract from the activity.

When designing my Sublime Science Parties I spent hours piecing it all together so that the next thing builds on the last thing and works to get the children more and more excited as the party goes on. This not only makes it more fun for them, slightly easier for us but also tires them out a little so that when they do sit down to eat they really will sit down to eat and not run around with sausage rolls in their mouths!

Another great question and one that comes up frequently is:

“Hi Marc, I’ve just booked with you and wanted to know where’s best to have my party? I’m not sure where the best venues are. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks, Vicky”

The “best” venue really depends on two things: numbers and cost. If you have 15 or less children attending we can do your party at home providing there is enough space!

All Sublime Science actually needs is a flat table and a plug socket – we bring the rest. Now of course if you book some other activity, this may or may not be doable.

You may still want to hire a venue and I’ve noticed the most affordable venues tend to be either local village halls or church halls. Generally they charge only a few pounds for 3 hours rental and tend to have all the facilities you could wish for: kitchen, toilets, tables, electricity, outside space, parking etc. So before booking a private (and often expensive) venue, check with your local village hall or local church.

The 3rd and final awesome question I got asked this past week is:

“Hello Marc, I’m just wondering whether or not the parents should stay at the party or if the children would prefer to be by themselves. What do you think?, Regards, Kim”

ulimate-kids-party-survival-guide-tight-300Good question and perhaps not that straight forward. For legal reasons, some adults need to be present at all times during the entertainment, and it’s usually best if it’s the party organiser.

It also generally helps if some parents are there, but when ALL the parents are there then it can be a problem. Sometimes when all the parents stay they may chat between themselves and whilst this seems fine, it does actually distract the children!

If the children see that the parents aren’t paying much attention, chances are the kids will copy. At Sublime Science we always get the adults that have stayed involved as much as possible to avoid this.

So at the minimum should be event organiser in case of emergencies, and at most, just invite people to stay that you know will get involved.

Hope that helped - there's tons more info in the ultimate party planning guide - download it here!

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