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WOULD YOU LIKE TO 'LOCK IN' A 50% Saving?!?Mad-Marc-Slime-Left

You're all setup with your copy of Radical Rockets but as a 'Thank You' for being committed to making science awesome I wanted to make you one more awesome offer...

You can grab a full, one-year membership of the Sublime Science Club and save 50% if you act right now.

Not only will you save 50% but I'm going to give you 2 FREE Awesome Extra Bonuses too:

Green-TickA digital copy of 'The Most Incredible Science Experiment Book Ever' (worth £4.99 and 5 star reviewed on Amazon)

Green-TickA digital copy of 'The Most Incredible Science Experiment DVD Ever' worth £7.99

Oh, and you'll be completely covered by my slimetastic guarantee so you literally can't lose!

With Modules from The Ultimate Slime Factory to Chaotic Catapults to Fizzing Potions and even Beautiful Bubbles the Sublime Science Club is literally guaranteed to enthrall your child.  Every module includes:

Green-TickClearslime image Video Instructions: - (inside your special membership area) - so you can literally 'see' what to do and I'll walk you through your experiment!

Green-TickTop Secret Science Experiment Manual:- detailed explanations of how everything works at your fingertips, so you can dive right in!

Green-TickTop Secret Explanations for Budding Scientists: - no need to worry about how to explain the scientific concepts your child is learning - I've already pulled together explanation pitched at just the right level for your child!

Green-TickSlime Factory CertificateTop Secret Explanations for Awesome Parents: - no faffing about looking for background info - I've put together scientific explanations for adults too!

Green-TickPrintable Decoration Pack: - transform your home into a science lab with a decoration pack themed around each months theme!

Green-TickGraduation Certificate: every month your child will 'graduate' as a 'rocket scientist' or a 'chief catapult engineer' or as a 'slime making expert' and have the certificate to prove it!!

When you click the 'Upgrade to One Year Membership and Save 50%' button below you'll be instantly upgraded to annual membership of the Sublime Science Club.

You'll get instant access to 12 modules (one for every month!) and have a complete system for making science awesome for your child for the next year.

  • The Sublime Science Club normally sells everyday for £9.99 per module so 12 * £9.99 = £119.88
  • You'll also be getting a FREE digital copy of 'The Most Incredible Science Experiment Book Ever' (worth £4.99 and 5 star reviewed on Amazon)
  • And a digital copy of 'The Most Incredible Science Experiment DVD Ever' worth £7.99

That makes a total of: £119.88 + £4.99 + £7.99 = £132.86

but when you click the button below you'll get a complete one year fun science education for less than half price, just £59.94 - (that's less than £5 a month!)

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Just one click, one payment and nothing to pay ever again. Oh, and with my Slimetastic Guarantee you're completely covered. Grab the one year membership right now. Get absolutely everything and take up to 60 days to check out the experiments and everything you get. If it's not the most funtastic way to make science awesome just let me know and I'll refund every penny. So you literally can't possibly lose!

You Get 12 Modules of Awesomeness:

Green-TickMad-Marc-Slime-Forward-147x3001Radical Rockets: all different types of experiment that involve something flying off into the air!

Green-TickThe Ultimate Slime Factory: the ultimate in gooey science experiments!

Green-TickChaotic Catapults: learning about forces by firing catapults!

Green-TickScientastic Sounds: hilarious sounds to experiment with and the chance to learn all about vibrations too!

Green-TickMagical Science: these experiments may look magical but I guarantee they are stuffed full of awesome science that I can't wait to share with you!

Green-TickFantastic Flight: the best possible way to learn about forces has got to be by making lots of different experiments where something goes flying off into the air!

Green-TickTop Secret Spy Science: from escaping capture to secret signals this module is all the science training a spy will ever need!

Green-TickTerrific Toys: toys are awesome, right?!  What could be better?  Building your own Terrific Toys and experimenting with them, of course!

Green-TickYucky Stuff: I can't promise you that the Yucky Stuff Module won't be messy but I can promise you that it will be awesome!

Green-TickBeautiful Bubbles: bubbles are both beautiful and absolutely awesome in pretty much equal measure but have you ever thought about how they work?

Green-TickEdible Experiments: science is awesome and eating is awesome so in Edible Experiments we put the two together.  Hopefully the maths will stack up and this will be double awesome!

Green-TickMagical Potions: I've had a fascination with potions that bubble and fizz ever since I read George's Marvellous Medicine as a child and I can't wait to share these experiments with you.

This is the best possible deal that will ever be made available to grab this membership so grab it right now.

Let's make science awesome,

Mad Marc

P.S. Not much more I can say. It's the best deal we'll ever offer as a 'thank you' for your commitment to making science awesome and I 100% slimetastically guarantee that you'll love it so you literally can't lose. Don't you wish everything is life worked that way? Grab it now, it literally takes one click 😉

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