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  • Don't Eat Your Slime
    Don't Eat Your Slime

    The book that I wish had been available when I was a kid...packed full of awesome experiments that you can do with "stuff" that you've already got!

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  • Do you want THE Guaranteed, Simple and Easy way to get your child excited about science?
  • Do you want your child to discover how awesome science can be (with simple, easy Video Explanations so we can sneak the learning in too!)
  • Do you want to be able to do all this with 'stuff' that you've already got and for less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee?

mad-marc-sublime1From: The Lab of Mad Marc Wileman!

To: Busy parents whose children love to experiment!

Hi there, I’m really excited that you’re looking for ways to make science awesome for your child!

I’m even more excited that you’ve just downloaded a digital copy of my book “Don't Eat Your Slime” to get your hands on some cracking experiments that you can do.

However, it’s not all good news I’m afraid…

Although 'Don't Eat Your Slime' is the book that I would have wanted when I was a kid and is 5 star reviewed on Amazon but (Awesome!) parents kept asking..."can you make videos so we can see exactly what to do?"

I want you (and your child) to be able to DO awesome experiments and discover how awesome science can be as a result!

That's why I've come up with something pretty special...a real 'no-brainer' way of getting all these awesome experiments into your hands...I'm calling it...

'Radical Rockets!'

radical rockets in actionIt's everything you need to make science awesome with videos of exactly what to do, step by step, simple clear instructions in one place.

It's almost like me coming over to your house and sharing with you the best, most fun experiments, complete instructions and explanations for you and for your budding scientist too!

And… even better than that, because you’ve just downloaded 'Don't Eat Your Slime', I want to invite you to take advantage of a ONE TIME ONLY exclusive no-brainer offer to let me help you and your child discover how awesome science can be!

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Here's What I've Got

Green-TickExperiment-ManualClear Video Instructions: - (inside your special membership area) - so you can literally 'see' what to do and I'll walk you through your experiments!

Green-TickTop Secret Science Experiment Manual:- detailed explanations of how everything works at your fingertips, so you can dive right in!

Green-TickTop Secret Explanations for Budding Scientists: - no need to worry about how to explain the scientific concepts your child is learning - I've already pulled together explanation pitched at just the right level for your child!

Caution Rockets ImageGreen-TickTop Secret Explanations for Awesome Parents: - no faffing about looking for background info - I've put together scientific explanations for adults too!

Green-TickPrintable Decoration Pack: - transform your home into a science lab with a themed decoration pack - it really brings it all to life!

Green-TickGraduation Certificate: Your child will 'graduate' as a 'rocket scientist' and have the certificate to prove it!!

Don't Miss Out - Grab Radical Rockets Now!

Here's What It'll Do For You!

Warning Radical RocketsReveal to your child how awesome science can be with videos and clear explanations so you know exactly what's going on! It'll also let you transform your home into a home science lab - which I think is super-cool!

Imagine being able to transform your kitchen into your very own science lab and let your child (and their friends!) enjoy experimenting & even graduate as Rocket Scientists!

Here's What I Want You To Do Next!

This is exactly what I would have wanted when I was a kid and so I'm committed to giving it to you so I've done my utmost to make it a no-brainer. Hit the blue button below and for the one-time special price of just £3.99

Just to be clear. This is a one-off investment of £3.99 and you'll get instant access to Radical Rockets right away.

My Accountant Thinks I'm Mad!

Good News! I'm so passionate about making science awesome for children I've got a special deal for you.

When you add it all up 'Radical Rockets' is clearly worth far far more than £3.99.  These days £3.99 is literally less than 4 minutes tuition from a half-decent science tutor!  I'm sure you'll agree Radical Rockets is far more valuable than that!  Included are:

    • Green-TickRadical Rockets Video Instructions
    • Green-TickTop Secret Science Experiment Manual
    • Green-TickTop Secret Explanations for Budding Scientists
    • Green-TickTop Secret Explanations for Awesome Parents
    • Green-TickPrintable Decoration Pack
    • Green-TickGraduation Certificate

But I'm on a mission to get these experiments into as many people's hands as possible so I want to make you this very special, one time offer.

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I Guarantee You'll Love it! - Slimetastic and Ironclad Guarantee!

Seriously! Invest in Radical Rockets today - I'll give you instant access so you can get experimenting. I'll give you 60 days to do any and all of the experiments you want and if you don't absolutely love it simply let me know for a full, complete refund. I honestly don't think you can say fairer than that!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Mad-Marc-Slime-Left"Mad Marc, how can you make money giving all this for just £3.99?"

I can't! This isn't about making a profit it's about 2 things that are more important!

1. Making science awesome for children who've come to be taught that it's dry and dull - this drives me nuts!

2. Introducing myself and my company Sublime Science to you! It's a onetime payment of £3.99 and you're never obligated to buy another thing from us but I know that when I put together awesome ways to make science awesome, lovely people (that's you!) tell their friends, family and some of them book an award-winning Sublime Science Birthday Party.

There's never a hint of any obligation or pressure but I'd rather 'promote' Sublime Science by making awesome stuff and sharing it with awesome people than wasting money on boring adverts that no one reads anyway!

Hit the blue button below to get instant online access to Radical Rockets.  This is a one-off investment of £3.99 when you press the button below and order now!

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"Can I just grab Radical Rockets Later?"

Nope. This is a limited time offer that I'm running to test out the best way to make science awesome for most people. Don't miss out. Invest right now. I literally guarantee that you'll love it! Grab it right now, before the world gets in the way.

"How Can You Guarantee I'll Love It?"


We've had awesome feedback (some of these are below) but I want you to invest in helping your child to discover how awesome science can be. I know you're going to love it and want you to be confident you're making a great decision, so I'll take all the risk.

Here's the deal: Grab all the stuff. Experiment with it. Have fun, learn for 60 days and if you're less than 100% satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all) just let me know for a full refund. No hard feelings and no messing around so you literally can't lose!

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What Are Other Parents Saying?

“It’s really great! Clear diagrams, simple instructions, accurate science and proven demos with real wow factor - you’ve done a great job!” - Tom Pringle

“I enjoyed the layout, very easy to read and simple instructions to perform the experiments. I also liked that you also explained the science behind the experiments. Hopefully this will encourage and stimulate children to take up sciences in school, particularly Physics which is often avoided” - Stewart Short

“We’re a pre-school and have been introducing the kids to science through your activities.   They were mesmerized if a little surprised when it all started fizzing everywhere cos I didn’t get the balloon on properly. Keep up the good work!” - Kate, Happy Hours Pre-School

"It is AWESOME. I want to get my 7 year old nephew interested in science before any other ideologies get in the way (or get in first) and this is absolutely perfect. Well done - you are brilliant. How's that for praise huh? :-). Cheers from down under" -Rod Whyte

"My son was going through planning our sunday mucky madness session for this week with it. We will definitely sign up onto facebook and can I just say you are mad as a bucket of frogs, in the nicest possible of way" - Ilya Radcliffe

If you've read this far and you think your child might love it then don't delay. All the risk is on me and your investment is 100% guaranteed. Hit the button below and grab your copy right now!

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Let's Make Science Awesome,Mad-Marc-Slime-Forward

Mad Marc Signature

Mad Marc, Founder, Sublime Science

P.S. Radical Rockets is literally 100% guaranteed to be awesome. Get your instant access & get your child excited about science right now!

P.P.S. Act now. Invest in helping your child to discover how awesome science can be now. This no-brainer price of £3.99 can't last long... Don't Miss Out - Grab your copy right now!

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