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1. How to Make Slime
2. An Exploding Fountain
3. Let’s Make Some Lava!
4. The Legendary Volcano!
5. Magical Cup drop!
6. Make Your Own Flute
7. The Sachet Submarine!
8. Milktastic Fun!
9. A Balloon Kebab Please!
10. Magical Movement?

11. Blowing up Balloons with Chemical Reactions
12. How to Make a Lava lamp
13. How to Make a CD Hovercraft
14. A Nutty Experiment
15. Screeching Science In A Cup
16. How to Make an Egg Float In Water!
17. How to Put A Candle Out with a Balloon!
18. How to Float a Paperclip in Water Experiment
19. How to Make a Soap Powered Boat!
20. The Standing On Eggs Experiment

21. Exploding Sandwich Bag Experiment
22. Let's Launch a Rocket!
23. The Balancing Can Experiment
24. A Cracking Eggs Experiment!
25. How to Suck Up An Egg!
26. The Mighty Can Experiment!
27. An Indestructible Sandwich Bag?
28. The Sticky Rice Experiment!
29. The Balloon Rocket Experiment
30. Clanging Coathanger Sounds!

31. Flying Ping Pong Balls?
32. The Impossible Balloon Experiment!
33. The Magic Water Trick!
34. The Infamous Hairdryer and Ping Pong Ball Experiment!
35. How To Make A Tornado In A Bottle!
36. The Drowning Orange Experiment!
37. The Screeching Wine Glass Experiment!
38. The Homemade Hot Air Balloon!
39. Scientific Suction!
40. How To Put Out A Candle With Science

41. The Empty Bottle?
42. How To Make A Paper Helicopter?
43. The Naked Egg Experiment!
44. 'You're In Hot Water' Experiment!
45. The Bouncing Ball Experiment!
46. Bridge Over Untroubled Water!
47. Kitchen Chemistry & Smelly Red Cabbages!
48. Bouncing Bubbles Experiment!
49. Egg/Water Balloon in a Bottle!
50. The Unravelling Cup!

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3 crucial things not to get wrong if you want the perfect party
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How To Make Slime - Free Science Experiments
Mentos and Coke/Cola - Free Science Experiments
How to Make Lava - Free Science Experiments
How To Make a Volcano - Free Science Experiments
Magic Trick Experiment - Free Science Experiments
Straw Flute Experiment - Free Science Experiments
Sachet Submarine Experiment - Free Science Experiments
Milktastic fun! - Free Science Experiments
Balloon Kebab - Free Science Experiments
Magical Movement Experiment - Free Science Experiments