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On the actual day I loved that Gisele explained all the science behind what was happening in such a clear and easy way for the kids (aged 4-5) to understand. Office? Amazing, awesome and wonderful. I am a high maintenance customer (I know this about myself) so I had a LOT of contact with the team.

Extremely professional, very helpful and just lovely to deal with at every point. All emails were answered promptly and callbacks made when they said they would be. My little boy loves to investigate why things do what they do rather than just accepting that something performs a certain action. I looked at a number of different parties but he became so excited looking at the Sublime Science video and picked that. What a truly amazing party experience.

From the very first phone call to the Sublime Science admin team I knew I had picked the right entertainment. Polite, professional and so helpful. The party itself was fantastic, the children loved making sherbet and slime and learning why things happen under different conditions. What was really lovely though was the number of children that came up to me to say "that party was awesome".
Nicola Case, Kids Party in Towcester with Gisele, March 2015

We absolutely loved Rikki! She was gorgeously amazing to handle my 10 hyper twelve year olds! The girls were playing with the gloop for hours after - seemed more interesting than Karaoke and a 'Frozen' movie night planned later! She was extremely professional in her set up and interactions and managed the girls superbly ...knew them by name and got their full attention ! Rikki got on famously with the girls and all I heard was giggles and squeals of delight whilst I was getting tea ready! Thank you so much Sublime Science and Rikki for making it an extremely special and unforgettable birthday bash for Anishka 🙂 she loved it ! She was the best entertainer we have had and all parents have been messaging how much the kids enjoyed the party! Makes it worth the effort..:-) Am sure you have opened a few minds to some creative birthday ideas..and science !
Rakhee Bhargava, Children’s birthday party in Berks with Rikki, March 2015

How engaging she was and how she kept the children captivated. Office? Wonderful!! Very easy to get booked, great follow up! To be honest, nothing! This was one of the BEST customer service experiences I have had in a long time. You were in front of my questions and concerns. I did not have to call and verify because you emailed me. The presenter text the night before. You were on time. Payment was easy!!! WONDERFUL
Felita Moran, Children’s Party in Bedford with Natalie, March 2015

Professor Tom had a great natural, relaxed and enthusiastic manner with the very excited children (20 x 7/8 year olds ). When I was booking the party the thought crossed my mind as to whether the children would get bored during the experiments, and start to fidget and run around, no way! He had them totally enthralled from beginning to end. All the experiments were presented in a fun and energetic way, with science facts told in way that the children could understand and enjoy. There was participation for all the children. Highly recommend. We were looking for something a little different at the right price point that would engage 8 year old boys/girls. Your parties came across not just on your website, but also the independent reviews that I read, as being high energy science fun for kids - our party certainly was!
Eliza Rowe, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Shipley with Tom G, March 2015

Smoke rings and sound making experiments. Office? Very. Excellent service. Because my son loves science and often asks how things work and why. Fabulous party. Children and adults were captivated by the experiments and fully enjoyed the party. Excellent presenter.
Richanah Daly, Boys Birthday Party in Oldbury, with Hannah F, March 2015

Aaron was absolutely fantastic with the girls and kept them completely entertained for the entire time he was there. The experiments were excellent and the girls all said it was their favourite party they had been to! My daughter chose it thinking it would be something different to the other parties she goes to and she also has an interest in all things loud or slimy! She was delighted that the party totally exceeded her wishes, Aaron was mesmerising and naturally engaging with the children. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Nicky Thomson, Girls Birthday Party in Leeds with Atomic Aaron, March 2015

Kept all the children really engaged and focused for the whole hour and a half, the parents didn't need to do anything! Office? Very efficient. Something different, not the normal run of the mill party
Jo Rees, Kids Birthday Party in Crewe with Atomic Tom, March 2015

Loved the rockets and slime! Office? Sublime office were very helpful with queries etc. A different party for the kids and to stimulate the scientists in our future generations.
Bev Skitt, Children’s Birthday Party in Tamworth with Dynamic Dave, March 2015

Watching the children enjoy themselves, which they did. I gave my daughter a choice of parties & she went straight for yours out of a selection of about 10.
Sue Tarplee-Williams, Daughter's Birthday Party Nr Chester with Helium Helen, March 2015

Everything! The kids was entertained for the whole hour! I would recommend Sublime Science to all my friends. Office? Brilliant and fast!
Ronel Van Den Bergh, Kids Birthday Party in Northall with Nobiya, March 2015

Snow, rocket launching, slime, sherbet, water bottle racing, blowing into tunnel racing, couldn’t be better
Office? extremely helpful in every way about everything. To entertain our four grandchildren aged from nine to six, four adults and our son on his 50th birthday. It far exceed our expectations. Our eight year old grandson said that he would store it away in part of his brain where he would remember it forever. We shall certainly spread the word around.
Hugh Hollinghurst, Birthday Party in Liverpool with Wacky Jacky, March 2015

I was looking for something completely different, my daughter enjoys . Office staff helpful.
Debbie Dewhirst, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Dali, March 2015

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The rapport that the presenter had with the children and the variety of experiments that involved them all. Office? Extremely helpful. I am very impressed with the communication. Matthew says it is the best party he ever had
Amanda Harris, Kids Birthday Party in Nottingham with Janelle, March 2015

Please say thank you for my behalf to Nicole for a wonderful afternoon - all the children and parents loved the Sublime Science party.
Olga Topol, Children’s birthday party in Kent with Nutty Nicola, March 2015

Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic party. Claire was fantastic! Our final total was 19 children.
Gretta von Schweitzer, Science Party in North London with Clare D, March 2015

Rikki was enthusiastic and it was set just at the right level for the children. My daughter wanted a science party but we were only having a handful of children so it was reasonably priced.
Nicola Beattie, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Hampshire with Rikki, March 2015

He really got the kids involved and they were thoroughly entertained. They loved making the slime. Office? Very helpful, punctual and did a great job. My son really wanted a science party and he absolutely loved it.
Michelle Abrahams, Science Party in London with Mighty Mikey, March 2015

Smoke bubbles and electricity orb. Children enjoyed the slime the most. Was great to see the children very engaged as they sat around Ryan as he explained how it was made - they were soooo quiet at times with concentration! A party experience with a difference that would appeal to a mix of 7-8 year old boys and girls.
Sarah Simpkins, Kids Party in Derbyshire with Ryan, February 2015

That for one hour the children were totally absorbed and entertained by the fantastic presenter. Office? Yes very helpful. A great opportunity to have a different and interesting themed party.
Brenda Desmond, Birthday Party in North London with Dr Shaky (Mike S), February 2015

Originality, Constantly kept the kids attention. Great -booking at very short notice & ordering party bags. Your advertising made it sound fantastic & you take the hassle away from parents.
Helen Bryant, Science Party in Leeds with Tom B & Aaron, February 2015

Well organised, kids loved it. Office? Very helpful Kid’s love science.
Karthik Ramasamy, Kids Party in Reading with Prof Fox, February 2015

Totally engaged ALL the children, of various ages, including those with special needs from beginning to end. Office? Extremely helpful.
Julie Pinker, Sublime Science Party in Leicester with Dynamic Dave, February 2015

I wanted to say 'thank you' for the party today. Professor Lois was great, kept the kids entertained the whole time, I've never seen 20 x 9 year olds so quiet and interested. I've already been asked for your details from one of the parents which is a great endorsement!
Claire Glassborow, Children’s Birthday Party in Warwicks with Lois, February 2015

Hi - just wanted to give feedback on our son Freddie's 6th birthday party on 10th January with Atomic Tom. The children had a great time and the adults did too! A few children didn't want to taste the sherbet sweets, so we persuaded them to make some for the grown ups - who all reminisced about eating it with a lollipop to dip in when they were kids. It was too cold and windy for the outdoor part, so Tom did extra indoor activities instead and the children particularly liked the tornado in a bottle race. Attached are some photos, including a science themed cake made by our friend Georgina. We had asked that the children dress up as scientists (so white shirts and several pairs of swimming goggles were put to good use) and made ID pages for them all. Tom was brilliant and packed in so much that we barely had time to eat before the kids went home. Thanks Tom!
Gwenda & Mark Goodman, Kids' Birthday Party in Cheshire with Atomic Tom, February 2015

Rhys. He was brilliant and could have been doing a talk on types of cardboard, the kids still would have loved it! The science was really good too and us adults were happy with the educational element of that but Rhys was really able to engage the kids and, despite a slight wobble in the middle, kept their attention for the whole time.

As expected really, everything with the enquiry/booking went smoothly to plan so it's all good. We wanted a quality party which was different, educational and above all FUN. As far as we are concerned we got that and a little extra, as more than a few of the kids said to us on the day "this is the best party ever, I don't want it to end"

Can you please pass our thanks again to Rhys - we did thank him on the day but I just want to emphasise that parents of several of our guests who stayed to watch have commented how good he was. A real asset to your team.
Rob De La Porte, Children's Party in Oakham with Radioactive Rhys, February 2015

Great experiments, loads of hands on activity, the girls just loved the party. On the mummy front, no slime went on my carpet (Dr Dee sensibly took us into the kitchen) and the mess was very manageable (that stuff really sticks to little hands!!!!). Looked online, they were able to meet my party expectations, at home at the time and on the date that was most convenient to me. Good feedback online etc. We were not disappointed... The girls' just had a ball - many saying it was the best party ever! It was great to have moved up from the traditional "princess party" held in other years and brilliant that the girls get to see science as something which is not just for boys.
Catriona Clark, Girl's Birthday Party with Dr D (Derri) in Hitchin, February 2015

The way Adele captured the attention of the children and kept that for the entire party, to do this with 13 5 year olds is something that is not easily done so congratulations Adele. I booked Sublime Science as it was a change from all the other parties that we have held or been to, it was also educational. Speaking to all the other parents after the party every single one of the children said it was the best party they had ever been to. I was so impressed with Adele, she really engaged the children and kept their attention and involved them for the whole time.
Pete Buchanan, Kids' Birthday Party in Stockport with Atomic Adele, Febraury 2015

The whole party was fantastic, apart from the great entertainment I loved seeing how much fun and enjoyment the kids were having. Great they dealt with everything very professionally and kept in touch regularly prior to the party to ensure it all ran smoothly for us definitely a 10 out of 10. It looked and sounded really cool and exciting completely different from any other party we had previous and we were not disappointed, it was cool and exciting. It's easily the best party we could have chosen for our daughters 9th birthday with her friends they all loved it.
Jennifer Locke, Daughter's Birthday Party in High Wycombe with Mighty Mike Slade, January 2015

Helen was great - very confident and capable and professional. She was approachable and in charge of the event. She managed to keep 25 excited kids focused for 90 minutes, which is no mean feat. She checked in with me the day before the event, turned up on time, set up and kept to the agreed schedule. She kept things simple, which is great on the day when things get so busy. The children had a great time and my daughter Isabelle felt very special as Helen's assistant for the day. We had a great time and Isabelle has a wonderful memory of her seventh birthday as a result. Thank you.

I love science and I am doing my best to get my daughter interested in it, too. It is great to have a theme for a party that isn't gendered and girly and something that the children can get involved in. Seven is too old for play areas and January is too cold for outdoors so this was just a great way to have something cool to do - and indoors! If there was a way of booking you for a repeat party at a later stage (i.e. a different offering for an older audience), I would probably do it. The website was well set up and I think it's great to see the testimonials and have so much information available before the booking. The speed of information is good (confirmation emails, etc.) and my calls were handled well. It all helped!
Sylvie Ball, Science Party in Warrington with Helium Helen, January 2015

It was perfect. Wanted something different and my daughter had enjoyed science at school so much we wanted to surprise her! We just want to say a heartfelt thank you to the terrific Tom! Putting on such a show for 30 boisterous and inquisitive kids aged 4 - 10 (and some interested parents!) he was warm, engaging and had everyone enthralled throughout. Tom arrived in plenty of time to set up and meet all the children before the show and we can't praise him enough. All the children are still talking about the experiments today and how much fun they had. The only problem is that Ailsa Iona has given her slime pride of place in the sitting room and won't hear of parting with it! Thanks so very much again!
Zituka Volford-McAuley, Birthday Party in Leeds with Atomic Tom B, January 2015

My 5 year old son and his friends loved the rocket launch best! Watching their faces and hearing the words "awesome" several times was fantastic. A great party for the boys. From the contact we had with them everything was perfect. Helpful and friendly. Something out of the ordinary for our sons party.
Rachel Becket, Son’s Birthday Party with Mercury Mark, January 2015

The kids absolutely loved it! Since the party all they have talked about is making their own sherbet and slime. They also liked the noisy experiments. The team have been fantastic with their great communication, keeping me informed at all times. I was wanting something different and interesting for both boys and girls.
Marie Dodsworth, Boys and Girls Party in York with Prof Gooey Graham, January 2015

I would just like to give some feedback on Jacob's birthday party. The children all had a fantastic time as did the adults. A big THANK YOU to Tom who did a great job with the children!
Lorraine Stordy, Boys Birthday Party in Stoke on Trent with AtomicTom , January 2015

Tom was very professional, enthusiastic and good with the kids. My grandson specifically asked for a Science Party for his 7th birthday party
Jacqui Mcintyre, 7 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Halifax, January 2015

All of it, he was amazing, every child engaged with him. It's perfect..... Not often you can say that. Please thank the lovely guy who turned up, he went the extra mile to make it a special memory.
Kate White, Children’s Birthday party in Risborough with Jupiter Jake, January 2015

We had our science party this afternoon and our sublime scientist was Rikki. I just wanted to say that my son absolutely loved the party and he had a blast ! We had 20 boys ! and Rikki handled all of them without any problems and I was very impressed how she managed to keep 5 years old boys focused for an hour ! All these boys had fantastic time and of course the highlight of the party was slime making 🙂 I got also lots of compliments from parents -they also loved the whole idea of science party and I got a comment that it was 10 out of 10 party ! Thanks again!
Denisa Svarcova, 5 Year Old Boys Party with Radical Rikki in Berkshire, January 2015

Really helpful, nothing was too much trouble. Communication was fantastic even a text from Jess on Friday to provide her details before the party. Something different for the children. Cannot thank you enough for a fantastic party that will be remembered for a long time to come.
Jenny Leach, Kids Party with Jupiter Jess in Warrington, January 2015

How interactive the show was for the children. They got involved much more than I thought they were. My son wanted a science party. Naomi was really fantastic. I've had so many positive comments about how good she was with the children!
Rebecca Riddell, Boys Birthday Party in Birmingham with Nitrogen Naomi, January 2015

All was very good, especially the rocket display and all of the children enjoyed it.
Kelly Schonhage, Children’s Birthday Party in Milton Keynes with Galactic Gisele, January 2015

To be honest there wasn't one thing in particular, the whole party went down a treat with the children. The mothers were impressed how entertained the children were. Professor Tom was very good, the children loved him and he held their attention. They were helpful and answered my questions when asked. I would recommend a sublime science party. Professor Tom was a top bloke.
Alysia Morgan, Kids Birthday Party in Castleford with Prof Tom G, January 2015

My son loved the sweet making and joining in with all the experiments. Very helpful, can't fault the service. The excellent reviews and testimonials and also the science theme was different from all the other parties I have been to. Can't suggest anything, it was excellent and all the children had a great time. Mark was great and really good with the kids. I would definitely recommend this to friends.
Rosanna Sammut, Children’s Birthday Party in York with Molecular Mark, January 2015

Lots of practical experiments. The kids got to make some cool stuff and Lilly (party girl) was made to feel incredibly special. Lilly loved the signed certificate by all her friends Helen organised in secret. Brilliant! Explained what we needed to do - couldn't have been easier to pay for the party either. Lilly loves science and this party was just that little bit different.
Heather Cook, Girls' Birthday Party in Stockport with Helium Helen T, January 2015

What I liked best about Sublime Science was the way it grabbed the attention of the group of children. They all enjoyed the content so much and thought it was really good fun. I also liked the fact that it was a really different party experience when compared to the usual party entertainers. The Sublime Science office team were exceptionally friendly, helpful and efficient on all occasions when I contacted them. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I wanted something different to the normal children's entertainers.

My child is very interested in science and this seemed the ideal party to book. There were competitors to Sublime Science out there but you provided exceptional customer service, were reasonably priced, did not charge mileage and provided good add ons, e.g. climate chaos. The parents that attended the party have commented that it was one of the best they have ever been to. The content of a Sublime Science party was excellent, the presenter really grabbed the children's attention and everyone had so much fun learning and participating. I would recommend Sublime Science in a heartbeat and would definitely use them in future.
Laura Williams, Kids Birthday Party in Milton Keynes with Galactic Gisele, January 2015

Her enthusiasm, how interested and calm the children were. The great demonstrations. Wanted a science party and after a web search you seemed to be the best.
Helen Williams, Children’s Birthday Party with Atomic Adele in Hayfield High Peak, January 2015

All of the party was great, the kids haven't stopped talking about it. Mike was fantastic with the kids. Very helpful, easy to book. Highly recommended!! We really enjoyed it, nothing further to improve it.
Ritu Jain, Science Party in North London with Mighty Mikey, January 2015

The way he talk to the children, lots of information, he looked the part, he looked like he was enjoying himself, my little boy thought he was so cool and he was talking to him as he was setting up, that he contacted me to check all the details was right. Office? Lots of information and helpful with any help that was needed, the information was clear and no extra cost without you knowing, was easy to talk to not rude. When I contact Sublime Science the amount of information that was send to me was great I had everything that I needed to make my mind up about the party and I did not feel any pressure to book with them. Children did not want the party to stop as was having so much fun
Melissa Hanks, Kids Birthday Party in Enfield with Mighty Mikey, Jan 2015

Loved all experiments and Nirmala`s patience to explain, to answer all the kids questions. There were a lot so clever things and all 6 years old children were listening with so big interest. Even all parents who stayed to help, were amazed with science things. Kids are still talking about science party. Some kids said it was the best party ever. My daughter was so happy as it was her first party for all class. She is so proud about certificate.

Lemonade rockets were amazing too. Kids screamed so laud from excitement, that I lost my hearing for about half an hour. 😀 Really great experience, would book another party soon, but next birthday in my family is mine in November. 😀 Office? Yes, very polite and gave all information I needed. Very easy and clear communication. My daughter loves science. She makes experiments at home, she mixes everything etc. So I saw Sublime Science on Internet and couldn`t desist to find out more.
Liene Folmane, Girls Birthday Party in Cambridgeshire with Nutty Nirmala, Jan 2015

All the children were really engaged and paid a lot of attention. The grownups were taken in as well. The children loved doing their own experiments. Wanted something different that the children would actually engage with and be interesting for them instead of just going wild in a play centre
Erica Livermore, Kids Birthday Party in Church Langton with Nutty Natalie G, Jan 2015

It was fun and interesting for all of the children, Laura was great and the children aged 10-14 were all engaged for the whole party and all really enjoyed it. There were 18 at the party, my daughter wanted to do something different to what she had done in the past.
Rachel Reilly, Daughter's Birthday Party in Rolleston On Dove with Litmus Laura, Jan 2015

Mike was really organised and set up everything up quickly. He contacted me the day before to let me know what time he was coming. He kept the children's attention throughout the whole party and the children said it was the best party they had ever been to! Everything was very straightforward and the office staff were very helpful.
Sheena Carr, Science Party in Enfield with Mighty Mikey, January 2015

The variety of experiments and fun of them.. The kids were in hysterics. Lauren did a great job of entertaining and managing 14 little boys! Party bags were a hit too. Gave so much information so knew exactly what I was getting.
Kim Chandler, Boys Birthday Party in Fleet with Lauren, January 2015

The children were kept engaged and interested throughout the party without the need for flashing lights and loud music. The entertainment felt illuminating as well as fun. Office? Very - I had to change the time of the party just after I booked and the Tram were great in accommodating this. Website seemed interesting and professional. Feedback seemed positive from previous customers.
Pauline Hill, Kids' Birthday Party in London with Fabulous Fariba, January 2015

How hands on it was for the children and that they all had a chance to do virtually everything. Also the outdoor experiments for the excitement and awe it caused the children. Also v easy for me, just stand back and take photos whilst excellent scientist does the experiments. The variety of experiments within the party package, it didn't limit it to electrical. or just slime. The fact the children got to make sherbet and slime to take home in the same package and that you offered the rocket launch for free as a deal. Office? very - couldn't be more helpful, informative and friendly. Many thanks- a very happy birthday boy and happy guests. Great running and presenting by Ayeisha against stiff volume competition from the noisy boys!
Nicky Chester, Childrens Party in Newbury with Atomic Ayeisha, January 2015

The whole thing was excellent, Helen had the kids enthralled from start to finish, they laughed, they jumped about and they said WOW ....a lot! As the kids were only five it was magical to them and the parents who stayed loved it too.Helen was brilliant, friendly, wonderful with the kids and even led the singing of happy birthday with the cake for us. Something different that the kids would enjoy and science fascinates my son.
Elaine Laverty, Boy's Birthday Party with Helium Helen in Warrington, January 2015

Seismic Steve was brilliant and kept our young audience captivated. He not only did the science party but he was funny, the children were thoroughly excited and did so much. Even after he was finished he was still engaging with the children and they were having fun! Erin wants another science party next year! It was the talk of all the parents! Thank you so much!!! Brilliant!!! Crazy hair! Loved it!! A very helpful office team-I was totally calm and confident it was going to be great! Sublime Science had some very good publicly known recommendations. With well recognised newspapers and media giving Sublime Science the thumbs up I knew it was going to be brilliant! It's been the talk of all my daughters friends, family and parents. Everyone enjoyed Sublime Science and are still saying thank you for the party invites now after! I'm so glad we had the experience it was excellent. Yay!! 🙂
Elly Ratcliff, Science Birthday Party in Hertford with Seismic Steve M, January 2015

Anna had an amazing 7th birthday party with Mad Mike!!! It was absolutely fantastic and all the children had a great time.
James Winterbottom, 7 Year Olds Kids Party in Manchester with Mike Di, January 2015

I couldn't believe how high the rocket flew! Sherbet was good until the icing sugar and bicarb got confused! Everybody should blow out their birthday cake candles with the airgun! The presenters were clear and energetic, explaining enough of the science behind their 'tricks' without overwhelming younger members of the audience.
Cathy Wilkinson, Children's Party in Newark with Helium Helen, January 2015

That fact that although the children were entertained they actually learnt something, as soon as Mark walked in the hall they were all completely captivated and sat watching him. Office? Very helpful I received many e-mails in the run up to the party with ideas and helpful advice. I was very impressed with the website and the testimonials, and the fact that the science theme was so original for a party. Thank you so much for such a wonderful party, several parents have taken your details to look into organising their own Sublime Science party.
Andrew Bradburn, Kids Party in Chesham with Mercury Mark, January 2015

Everything! The whole party was fun, entertaining yet very educational! Sounded like a great party idea after a friend had booked you and had positive feedback from her party. Extremely helpful, polite and professional.
Elizabeth Gydgeon, Sublime Science Party in Rochdale with Atomic Adele, January 2015

Dynamic Dan was really personable and interacted with the children extremely well, knowing when to keep the children in line when they were bursting with excitement. It was different to all the other parties that we've had or attended.
Andrea Elsworth, Kids' Birthday Party in Essex with Dynamic Dan, January 2015

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