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Thank you for a lovely party for 7 year old Lexi this weekend - Daniel was fab and the party was excellent - and really 'different'! My daughter was thrilled, the guests impressed, and I'm sure you'll get some repeat bookings as a result of this! Very best wishes.
Penny Bennison, 7 Year Olds Party with Dynamic Dan, December 2014

My daughter had her Sublime Science party yesterday and I wanted to email you guys to say a huge thank you. I've found dealing with your company a pleasure from the beginning right through to the delivery of the party. Ross, your representative, arrived early, was polite and friendly and even involved Olivia in the setting up which she thought was great! Ross held the attention of all the children throughout the party which is an achievement in itself! He even hung around after he had finishing packing away to lead the verse of Happy Birthday to Olivia! Olivia and her friends absolutely loved the party! I just had to tell you how great I found your company, service and of course "Radical Ross"!! Many thanks for making this a party to remember!
Sophie Wallhead, Kids' Birthday Party in Leeds with Radical Ross, December 2014

I thought the "show" was great - educational, lots of fun and totally different from all the other parties my son and his friends had attended. In particular the kids loved the rockets and making slime - when leaving the party, lots of them commented that the party was really cool. Parents I have met since have said that their kids really enjoyed it and how different it was from the usual kids party entertainment.
Fiona Steele, Birthday party in Bishops Stortford with Seismic Steve, Dec 2014

Just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to my son’s party yesterday, the children loved it, their faces were a picture and they were still raving about it at school this morning. Grace was fantastic, she was lovely with the children, keeping them entertained and fascinated the whole time. I would definitely recommend you to friends and have had lots of compliments from the mums that were there watching. When I put my son to bed last night he said it was best birthday party ever J so obviously I am very happy. Thanks again
Emma Parker, Boys Birthday Party with Gooey Grace, Dec 2014

Everything was brilliant. Really well put together. Fun and exciting party. Clare interacted brilliantly with the children. All the experiments kept the kids entertained and they loved being able to have a go themselves. Really helpful and friendly. Always available to answer any questions I had. No improvements needed. Amazing party. My daughter and her friends loved it and had a brilliant time. Our scientist Clare was brilliant. A massive thank you to you all for making my daughter's birthday so special and exciting.
Melissa Lawrence, Daughter's Birthday Party with Clare R in Newbury, Dec 2014

Faye Asnell, Sublime Science Party with Mike S in North London, Dec 2014

Just to say thankyou to Galactic Giselle! It was fantastic today and the children loved it!!!!
Aimee James, Kids' Birthday Party in Bedfordshire with Galactic Gisele, Dec 2014

Wide range of experiments for the children, very hands on which kept a group of seven and eight years olds totally absorbed for an hour. Adele handled the children really well, and managed to include and engage all of them. There was a good mixture of listening and getting up and joining in for them. The parents who stayed were engrossed as well! I wanted a different sort of party for my son rather than the usual soft play or football etc. Also, he is very interested in science so I thought this would be a great party idea. The info on the website and testimonials clinched it for me.
Kathy Kennedy, 7 & 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Manchester with Atomic Adele, Dec 2014

As the hosts we think it was a well organised Science Party. The variety of activities for the kids were wonderfully spaced out and kids felt very comfortable to participate and communicate with the presenter. Some of the guests also said that it was the best ever Science Party they have been to!! The Party Invites were attractive and of excellent quality. All in all, it was a fun filled educative moment for all of the participants.
Lakshmi Kumarasingha, Sublime Science Party in Birmingham with Sam, Dec 2014

The party was an absolute delight. Well managed and presented and all the children had a fantastic time. Ross (the scientist) was really good with a rowdy bunch and kept them captivated.
Chris Pimlott, Kids Birthday Party in Stockport with Radical Ross B, Dec 2014

Our presenter was fantastic, he was great at engaging the children and pitching things at a level they could all understand. It was clear that he was passionate about science and that came across to the children. I think a number of children were not entirely sure about what would happen but they all had great time and were full of it when they went home. One parent told me her little girl (who was a little reluctant to start) said it was the best party she had ever been to. The presenter was great at getting across his interest to the children and it was great to see that he could inspire them to want to understand more. Office? They were excellent. If someone was not able to answer my query over the phone they took my details and got someone who could to call me back ASAP. I think the kids enjoyed the interactive tasks they could all do best, though it was all great. I wanted something different for my son's party. He is very inquisitive and wants to understand how things work and both myself and my husband are scientists so I thought (rightly) that he would enjoy it.
Polly Simons, Son's Birthday Party with Mitch in Cambridge, Dec 2014

As a mum I loved the way she engaged the children and kept them interested including the very boisterous boys. The children loved it all but the rockets with bottles landing in the church roof was Tara's favourite! The office team were really helpful and friendly. Wanted something different for a tomboy. We just loved it and we've had loads of good feedback from parents.
Lisa Fitzgerald, Kids Birthday Party with Ayiesha in Berkshire, Dec 2014

Bottle rockets, Sherbet, Smoke bubbles & smoke rings. The way Dr Weirdstein interacted with the children and keep them engaged throughout the party. Brilliant party bags. Office? Very helpful and well organised. Thank you to the entire Sublime Science team. Seamless organisation, great entertainment, brilliant party host all culminating in a fantastic party. We've already had several queries from the parents of the children that attended for your details.
Marc Payne, Children’s birthday party with Prof Weirdstein (Jake) in Oxfordshire, Dec 2014

The kids loved every minute of my sons science birthday party but I think my best part was watching all their faces when they tried their sour sweet creations. Office? Very helpful. As my son has just turned 9 so he’s getting to an age where kids parties will be replaced by cinema trips and sleep over’s so we decided that if this was likely to be his last birthday party we would do something different and I came across Sublime Science whilst searching the internet keep doing what you’re doing, the kids all wanted to be scientists by the end of the party
Laura Kenyon, 9 Year Olds Birthday Party with Tom B in Rochdale, Nov 2014

Looking out over an audience of 24 kids ranging from 4-13, all quiet and engaged for an hour. And a semi-circle of parents just as riveted behind them. Sister-in-law putting her hand up, so keen to be asked for the answer... If only all science classes were as riveting! Office? Very helpful. All questions answered. Needed a non-gender specific theme that would appeal to a wide range of ages (I have boy/girl twins and we live in a small village). Entrepreneur of the Year also a hook. Loved it. Kids loved it. Parents loved it
Claudine Pearson, Children’s Party with Lois in Stratford Upon Avon, Nov 2014

The kids were fully entertained and loved every minute of it. James was just fabulous. Loads of mums have text me to say their kids have said it was the best birthday party they have ever been to. Office? Really helpful. No improvements it was first class
Rachel Sheridan, Kid's Birthday Party with James B in Leeds, Nov 2014

The rocket and slim making, Mighty Mike was absolutely amazing he kept 30 children and they're little siblings engaged for the whole time... he was the talk of the playground yesterday. Thank you Mike. Office? Very helpful, I think I called them 3 times with questions and they couldn't help me enough. Just keep doing what you're doing, it works....Thank you very much Mighty Mike for Making my little girl's 7th birthday a great one!
Elena Bryant, Sublime Science Party with Mighty Mike in Epping, Nov 2014

We loved that Mike came and grabbed the children's , all 30 7 year olds!!, attention with his first experiment. They were quiet and attentive. The best part was the Rockets which obviously all the children thought was "super cool". Office? Extremely helpful. Keep evolving your experiments. Maybe if it is a party with 30 children they may need an assistant? It was different to every other party and my son loves finding out how things work.
Kym Grant, 7 Year Olds birthday party with Mike S in North London, Nov 2014

The kids loved making slime! Mostly because you had been endorsed and had some great feedback. Office? Extremely efficient. Thank you so much for the fantastic kids party entertainment. All the kids loved it and so did the parents who stayed to watch. I have had several comments from mums and dads this week on how much their children enjoyed it so thank you very much. Well done to Prof. Fox who captured the attention of at least twenty 5-6yr olds for a whole hour!
Jess Lloyd, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party with Prof Fox in Maidenhead Nov 2014

The children were captivated from the start and loved all the experiments. Katie struck a good balance between keeping everyone in control (19 x 5-6yrs) and making it fun. The girls thought Katie looked like a princess so science is now a good thing! but best of all my son had a fantastic day that all his friends were talking about. Office? Very helpful and pleasant to deal with. My son is fascinated by Science and experiments. I would recommend this to anyone with a child who has an interest in science - it really is worth the money.
Kerry Walter, Kids Birthday Party with Katie in Tunbridge Wells, Nov 2014

The fact that the kids were gripped from start to finish and the variety of experiments. Office? Very helpful with planning a great party. First to respond to my enquiry!! Would recommend Sublime Science to anyone wanting a well planned, well organised, fun and interesting party. The parents were equally impressed so it was a bit hit all round and of course, most importantly, my daughter was thrilled.
Claire Jackson, Daughter's Birthday Party with Shauna in Grayswood, Nov 2014

The children loved the experiments and the way Mike presented the science was great for them, easy to grasp and still interesting. My son loves science and you guys were the only ones that do anything like this and have a good track record.
Clare Moore, Son's Birthday Party with Mike S in Henley on Thames, Nov 2014

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The way the kids had interaction all the way through. Had no issues at all. To suit the age of my child as he has turned 8 and wants more grown up parties.
Emma Harmer, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party with Ruth in Doncaster, November 2014

Thanks for offering a unique fun learning experience. Everyone loved it, especially birthday boy Ben. James was fantastic and did everything he could to make Ben feel special. He also handled the really boisterous children really well. We have no problem with recommending Sublime Science parties to our friends and families & would definitely use you in the future. Thanks again.
Dilly, Dan & Ben, Sublime Science Party with James L in Leeds, Nov 2014

The amazing enthusiasm, showmanship and joy in Tom's show! Kids were wide-eyed/grinning and glued to him including K's 3.5 year old brother - if only I'd caught that picture I could have sent it to you! We'll definitely be booking another one in a couple of years for no. 2 when we can do the outdoor stuff in summer. 🙂 All the parents were very impressed and a couple were talking about their next party! As well as the great Science show your recommended party bags were a great success too. One mum said it was the best drive home from a party with her son saying Wow! when they passed every streetlight - yes it was the diffraction glasses! I wanted something different for my 6 year old daughter, I couldn't stand one more fairy or play area party! Well done to the Sublime Science team - a great job and I will be recommending you to everybody!
Suzanne Bootyman, Daughter's Party with Tom G in South Leeds, November 2014

The children loved the rockets and slime. Office? Extremely helpful. My son loves science and your other reviews were excellent . My son had an excellent party and so did all his friends. His friends parents sent text messages to say what an excellent party it was and their children had not stopped talking about it. The party bags were I quote another child "epic". The children's attention was held for the whole party and some parents said they wished science was that interesting and fun when they were young. Thank you very much one very happy seven year old and two very happy parents. Would recommend this party to everyone!
Janine Wallis-Hedges, Boys Birthday Party with Wacky Jacqui in Cheshire, November 2014

Tom was very organised and lots of fun! Office? Very helpful, always ring when they say they will and keep in touch before the day. A party with a difference, educational but fun.
Tom was great with the children, he kept their attention throughout and was very patient!
Claire Gautam, Kids Birthday Party with Tom G in Bradford, Nov 2014

Shooting the rockets in the air, it's all been talked about the kids loved it and hopefully lovely Lloyd has shown the kids how fun science can be and planted a seed for there bright futures. Thankyou guys. Office? very lovely I don't go to anyone who doesn't have a uplifting and polite helpful manner they were all great and I'm so not good at organising and they made it so easy for me. Hopefully to let them see that science can be fun.
Mrs Core-Venn, Children’s Party with Ludicrous Lloyd in Surrey, November 2014

Hearing the 'wow!'s from the children. The invites and decoration pack was also very impressive. I wanted something different for my son's 6th bday as it will be the last 'big' one with lots of children invited and we had ticked off the soft play party, the bouncy castle party etc in previous years. In my school we have had similar science based visitors and I liked the high level of positive feedback on your website.
Claire Jacobs, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Kent with Loopy Lu, November 2014

All of it the rocket was awesome though. I googled it as sick of rubbish expensive parties so via other people's recommendations on your website. Mitch was really very good
Mrs Abell, Children’s Birthday Party with Mitch, in St Neots, Nov 2014

The presenter was amazing . He was funny engaging and kept the children under control!! Office? Very good service through regular emails. I honestly can't think of anything. The party really was perfect . My daughter and her friends had a fantastic time. I would highly recommend a sublime science to anyone . Great value as my 13 guests were entertained for an hour and a half. The activities were well planned and happened just at the right time. Thank you professor fox and electric Emma !!
Catherine Booth, Kids Birthday Party with Prof Fox in Maidenhead, November 2014

I enjoyed seeing the 5/6 years old transfixed on the presenter. The sweets and slime were the best! I spoke to Kim and she was very helpful, she was able to build a good rapport over the phone and via email which was very reassuring. Something different that was entertaining yet had an educational element to it...We have 20 boys age 5/6 and they loved it....thanks Physics Phil......
Emma Chatfield, Boys Birthday Party with Physics Phil in Farnham, November 2014

Amy Williams, Children’s Birthday Party with Wacky Jacqui in the Wirral, November 2014

Just a quick message to say thank you for a lovely party yesterday, Poppy and her friends really enjoyed it and James was an excellent presenter. I called the office yesterday thinking James hadn't text me, my apologies, he had, it was just hidden on my phone for some reason! Thanks so much again.
Lanette Robinson Kids Party with James L in Manchester, November 2014

My son likes the concept of Science and I googled 'Science party for kids' and Sublime Science came up. Nobiya did a good job of interacting with a very lively bunch of kids. The birthday boys enjoyed it immensely - thank you Nobiya 🙂
Katerina Finnis, Boys Birthday Party with Nobiya in Herts, November 2014

Some of the modules were fascinating and excellently delivered by Yasmin....I especially loved the tornado module and the smoke rings. Yasmin was able to engage a group of 5 year olds who would normally be fidgeting and running around, and had them all mesmerized. Office? they were always very polite and helpful and always able to help me with any queries whenever I called, there was never a problem getting through to someone I wanted a party that was totally different to the norm which was educational and fun and not your usual clown or princess entertainer with a bouncy castle. The children were still mentioning to my daughter on Monday after the party at school how much they enjoyed the party. Really really liked Yasmin please tell her we loved her chilled out and very amenable approach and way that she handled the children. I actually searched for something different online and found Sublime Science and got exactly what I wanted from the party
Mrs Sharma Chan, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party with Yasmin in Surrey, November 2014

Everything from start to finish was great. Liked how Lucy asked the children questions to get them thinking about how the experiments might turn out and then again when the experiment was finished. The children were occupied from beginning to end. Office? Very, from the initial enquiry and all the helpful emails. Wanted something different for my daughter. Had heard of you and even my 24 year old and 22 year old sons wanted to come and watch the experiments as they had heard of you from the TV. Was very reassuring to have a txt the night before from the presenter in case of any last minute questions or problems!
Teresa Goode, Science Party with Lucy M in Leicester, November 2014

The variety and quality of experiments. You can't please everyone 🙂 it was all great. Office – excellent. I really liked the package offer and reviews online. There were lots of experiments and one mum said when she got home her children wanted to do more experiments from the free book!
Liz Sloan, Sublime Science Party with Yasmin, in Surrey, November 2014

The presenter - extremely engaging + entertaining but also brilliant at calling 12 boisterous 7-year-old boys to heel. He was absolutely excellent. Also, he packed in a phenomenal number of experiments and demonstrations, all of which worked beautifully. You sounded fun and also friendly and also the testimonials on your website were quite compelling. Just that we were very impressed and our birthday boy and his mates delighted. Thank you very much!
Kate Woodford, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party with Mitch in Cambridge, November 2014

Very nice and helpful. Was extremely accommodating when it came to late guests. Had excellent skills in controlling the children. Noah wanted a science party and your feedback was good. We will be booking with you again!
Emma Casey, Kids Birthday Party with James L in Manchester, November 2014

Naomi kept the attention of 16 five year olds, as well as all the parents. The smoke cannon was very popular. Along with the slime! Office - Always polite and helpful. Educational, reviews and it was a different party. Thank you for making our party ace, my son loved it. And it was spoken about for days after at the school gate!
George Walters, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party with Naomi in West Mids, November 2014

The kids loved it - we heard them saying it was the best party they'd been to! Office - really helpful
Jenna Chapman, Kids Birthday Party with Yasmin in Chiswick, November 2014

Loved everything, but especially Rocket Launching. Office-Very Helpful indeed. If the wheel isn't broke, don't try to fix it, the party, the scientist the games were all fab. Maybe for a small extra charge a sublime science tee shirt for the birthday child. Something fun and educational, and not anything to do with a wacky warehouse! All the children loved every minute, so much fun and educational, James our scientist, was great and had loads of time and communicated with the kids on their level. They all left the party raving about how much they had all enjoyed themselves. It was great fun for the adults too!
Julie Butler, Children’s Party with James L in Manchester, November 2014

The party from start to finish was amazing. It was for my sons 6th birthday and there were 13 5 and 6 year olds. Professor Tom held their attention the whole time. The children were fascinated and were encouraged to join in. But not only did the children love it the parents did do. We especially loved the rocket section, lots off whoops of joy and laughter. I would recommend Sublime Science to anyone. We had a mixed group of girls and boys and they All loved it. Thank you for making the party so successful Professor Tom!! Office - Extremely helpful I hope someone else has a party so I can attend 🙂
Rachel Hooper, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party with Prof Tom G in Wakefield, Nov 2014

The rockets! (Especially when they landed on the flat roof). Value for money, and all inclusive price. Our son had a lovely party. He had a great time helping. He got to make a friend's hair move with shock waves, see smoke filled bubbles, and help blast off rockets in the garden. Equally important was that the other kids enjoyed it too. The presenter was lovely. She was very engaging and patient. Our son thinks she's magic.
Nicole Went, Son's Birthday Party in Cambridge with Nutty Nirmala, November 2014

The whole experience was great. Daniel and his assistant kept the whole party completely engrossed the whole time. It was funny and informative and the kids loved the hands on approach. Throughout the whole party they were continuously asked questions and it really made them feel part of the experience rather than just watching and doing nothing. There was quite a large age range and every child left with a smile (and the adults!!!). Well done to you all. Whatever formula you are working to, I would stick to it. From beginning to end everyone was great. Very simply........this is what my daughter wanted! she loves science.
Anna Pishiri, Kids Party in London with Danny K, October 2014

Amazing rapport with the children, all activities a huge success, especially the rockets, which Janelle encouraged us to do! Office? Incredibly helpful! perfect party advice. Excellent reviews, we had a party of about 15 five year olds and didn't want to do pass the parcel, we wanted the adults to enjoy it too. Thank you Janelle, we were told it was the best children's party they had been to by the parents! You made our little boys birthday very special.
Gareth Ireland, 5 Year Olds Party in Lincs with Janelle, October 2014

The way the children's attention was kept. Office? Very helpful couldn't fault them.
Rebecca Hughes, Children’s Party with Sam in Worcester, October 2014

My husband found you on the internet. Nobody had seen or had a science party for any birthdays in our area. Seemed like a lot of fun!! And it was!!! Office? Very helpful. We would just like to say Thank You for a fabulous party!! Lily was a very happy and excited birthday girl and her friends were amazed at James's experiments. Not just one or two but all of the experiments and we have never heard 25 children sit in silence listening to everything being said!! They were mesmerised!!! The parents who stayed for the party enjoyed it too learning some fun things to try with the kids at home. The books and slime that the kids took home went down a treat too!!!! For any parent who asks us about an idea for their child's party , the first thing we will say is Sublime Science!!!! We will recommend you to everyone!!!  This is going to be the talk of the playground for weeks to come!!!
Michelle Wilkinson, Science Party For 25 Children near Preston with James L, October 2014

Children kept busy throughout - excited faces and happy shouts. One thing moved on to the next very quickly - children didn't have chance to stop & potentially become bored. Office? Marvellous! Saw the facebook ad and was hooked by promise of stress free party! But it turned out to be better than I had hoped - children overheard excitedly discussing party at school on Monday following party. 🙂
Laura Rowe, Science Party in Maidenhead with Danny K, October 2014

Sweets, slime and snow, what more could I ask for! Office? Excellent! Dave was organised, lovely with the children and made science fun.
Rebecca Vardy, Sublime Science Party with Dyno Dave, October 2014

Wacky Jacky was amazing! I loved the fact my daughter's friends were having a superb time & they were learning at the same time! I had lots of texts & comments after the party saying how much the children had enjoyed it. The thing I liked the most was seeing my daughter smiling, laughing & throwing around the fake snow they had made singing 'Let it go' from Frozen! Extremely helpful & always got back to me if I asked them too. My daughter wanted a party ' no one else had had'!! Huge thank you . It was amazing 🙂
Yvonne Drake, Daughter's Birthday Party in Merseyside with Wacky Jacqui, October 2014

It was educational, different, organised, kept well informed. Office? When I had to contact them they were able to help with my queries, I was kept informed via email and was contacted when they said they would. Leighann was very good and kept the children's attention most of the time.
Joanne Goldstraw, Kids Birthday Party in Stoke on Trent with Leighann, October 2014

The Boys really loved it. Office? They were very helpful and approachable. I liked the idea and thought the children would enjoy it and learn something as well.
Devjani Das, Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with Mark S, October 2014

Great show for the kids, no complaints. Office? Very helpful.
Nick Whitworth, Science Birthday Party in Wilmslow with Bass, October 2014

The fun and funny way that Tom presented all of the Science bits. Really engaging. Funny. Educational. Talented actors as well as scientists. Tom was brilliant. Awesome!!
Erica Hill, Science Birthday Party with Prof Tom G In Harrogate, October 2014

I loved that the kids were completely captivated by the science. The experiments were all explained in a very child friendly fashion .We provided the kids with mini lab coats (over sized white school shirts!) which we drew their names on and let them personalise them beforehand. We also gave them child safety goggles so they all looked like Ross! The kids loved the experience so much that several of them kept their shirts on all weekend! Office? The team were extremely helpful and. very professional. My booking was handled very quickly and the following correspondence was brilliant. I wanted to book a party that was different but fun. I thought that science would be captivating for the kids and I thought all children like slime and sweets and rockets, even the girls !
Simone Fox, Kids Birthday Party in York with Ross, October 2014

My daughter's response to the above is, "Everything! Everything was awesome!" - Sam was funny and amusing. -Us parents found her to be great with the kids and very professional. Office? Very helpful, friendly and informative. We wanted an interesting theme for our daughter's 12th birthday party and Sublime Science came highly recommended by other parents. There have been no complaints whatsoever from my daughter or her friends. We will definitely be recommending you to their parents.
Nyarayi King, Girls Birthday Party in Redditch with Sam, October 2014

Prof Tom was wacky and could easily relate to the age group, ages 7 and 8. I think a less flamboyant presenter doing the same experiments would not be the same. So I would say the presenter was key here. There were also a lot of different experiments, done in a fun way. It was good to break it up and go outdoors for the rockets and mentos fountain. Office? Easily accessible and answered all questions. I also requested a good presenter, which we got! My son actually wanted a football party. He had been to lots, so I wanted something a bit different, with this was.
Sarah Hill, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in York With Prof Tom G, October 2014

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic James was on Saturday! Cordelia and her friends had the most amazing time and James was utterly outstanding! All the parents have contacted me to say what a wonderful time their children had.
Kirsty Macey, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with James L, October 2014

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making our daughters party such fun and so memorable. All 19 children ( aged 5-8) were totally engaged and transfixed for over 75 mins solid - Ayeisha Atom was fantastic! Thank you once again!
Penny Young, Science Party in Berks with Ayiesha, October 2014

Everybody had such a great time. It was pitched a perfect level for their age, and they had so much fun, with all the experiments. Phil was just GREAT with the kids, they loved every minute of it. We had lots of comments afterwards, that it was brilliant party, the kids came home raving about it apparently. Office? Extremely helpful. Really great, really efficient, very helpful.
Claire Hammond, Children’s Science Party in Woking with Phil, October 2014

It was all amazing. Every parent and child told us it was the best party they had ever been to. The presenter was amazing! He kept 26 kids aged between 4 and 9 completely engaged for the whole hour. Office? Brilliant. So friendly and informative. My kids love science and net mums gave you 5 stars. Just a massive thank you for giving my kids a party to remember.
Lianne McGregor, Kids Birthday Party in Leeds with Mark, October 2014

The whole party was great - the kids thought it was the best party ever (including the birthday boy he loved it) and Stacey had the children transfixed with everything. He even dealt with the naughty ones very calmly and well. Couldn't thank Stacey enough for everything he did. Absolutely brilliant. Office? Brilliant - answered all my questions, sent everything as promised. I wanted something different for my son's birthday as he wasn't able to have the normal football, softplay or activity party due to a broken arm. Also keen to get my children interested in science. Kids went a bit nuts after the sherbet making/eating but hey kids and sugar - great mix right!!!!!!
Maria Hartzenberg, Children’s Birthday Party in London with Stacy aka Prof Fox October 2014

The outdoor rocket experiment was awesome - the kids loved it. Office? Super helpful - thanks for the lovely booklet, pipettes and decorations - it was so handy and it looked stunning. Both girls and boys alike loved all the experiments and their parents tell me that the kids have not stopped doing their own experiments at home. We wanted something different and something you can do indoors
Aliza Dunsmore, Girls & Boys Birthday Party in High Wycombe with Danny, October 2014

I booked Sublime Science for my daughter's 9th birthday party. Miranda was fantastic - very professional and managed excited children brilliantly. They were engaged and it was interactive and great fun. A hugely successful party. Booking was straight forward, quick and easy. Weather can be dodgy in October so I was looking for something for something fun, interactive and different that would keep 20 children entertained indoors and not be stressful to organise. Ticked all the boxes. I just provided food!
Vanessa Emmett, Daughter’s birthday party in Oxford with Miranda, October 2014

Thank you Sublime team for making my Son and his friends extremely excited. It was a fabulous day. I would like to say a special thanks to Professor clumsy who present our party. Indeed, The team are very professional and know how to keep the kids very interactive with all experiments. I wanted to have something different that make my son feel happy in his 10th Birthday. Well, everything were fantastic!! My son told me all his friends keep talking about some experiments in the next day when he met them at school.
Bader Dahlan, Boys Birthday Party with Claire D (AKA Prof clumsy), October 2014

The whole service from printable invitations to final payment collection, totally hassle free. Didn't have much reason to contact after initial call thanks to being kept up to date by email. The fact it was science based fun, perfect for my son, a real change from playgym parties.
Caroline Goodwin, birthday party in Huddersfield with Adele October 2014

That it was so 'hands on' for the children and Naomi was fantastic with all of them! Office? Very helpful, Answered all my questions and we're very friendly too. Something different to the usual birthday parties. Very unique and educational at the same time. None of my friends had even heard of you! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves - parents too! Would highly recommend to anyone.
Nicola Thompson, Birthday Party in Tipton with Nuclear Naomi, October 2014

Tom was fantastic from the very beginning - he captivated the group of 30! - yes 30 children between the ages of 6 and 7 and kept their interest for the whole one and a half hours - the children enjoyed every moment. The office team were brilliant and made sure all the invites and my ultimate pack arrived promptly giving me plenty of time to get them sent out. I don't think you could improve - it all went smoothly from start to finish - well done <3. I wanted my sons party to stand out from all his other friends parties and for them all to have a great time and remember it for a long time and you definitely achieved that - all the children (I have feedback from most parents) just wanted to do more whacky experiments when they got home and the day after that if you want something different that the children will still be talking about weeks after then book a Sublime Science Party - you won't be disappointed - we had people from outside the event watching through the open doors coming in and asking us where we had booked you and what you were called (we were using the room of a football club and matches were going on outside)
Tracey Fawcett, Science Party in Huddersfield with Tom G, October 2014

Janine Kenny, Kids Birthday Party in St Helens with Wacky Jacqui, October 2014

The children were all engrossed and focused. Good reviews and son wants to be a scientist. Office? Very helpful
Nikkie Marshall, Children’s Science Party in Essex with Daniel, October 2014

Great organisation and captivating activities. Really nice to leave the entertainments to somebody else - My son liked the wacky rockets the best. Office? Incredibly helpful. I called a number of times, and each time the team were polite, informative and flexible. My son is science-mad and is the perfect age (7) to enjoy this event. Kieran was great - really polite, approachable and in control of the audience.
Sylvie Waudby, Children’s Birthday Party in London with Keiran, Oct 2014

Interactive science experiments and the rockets! Daughter so into science! Stacy was great thank you
Sharon Brookes, Science Birthday party in Hampton with Stacy, October 2014

I loved seeing all the children's faces beaming with delight throughout the entire party. Think the smoke bubbles & slime making were a massive hits with all the little ones. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? Extremely helpful. I needed to alter the time of my party & it wasn't a problem, they sent me an updated invoice & reassured me throughout the whole process. I can't think of anything you could do better. I wanted something different & the netmums recommendation & award really sold it for me. (Plus I loved how easy it was to speak with someone & book my sons party). I knew my son would love this party, but I was a little worried about how the other children would respond. However I needn't have been concerned as it was huge hit. All the children got involved, & there was lots of smiles, laughter & gasps of amazement throughout the entire party. Even the grown ups enjoyed it! Thank you so much for making the entire process from booking to party as easy as possible, will be highly recommending you to other parents.
Sian McGarrigle, Boys Birthday Party in West Lancashire, Sept 2014

Best? Difficult to answer. Probably the whole package which worked as promised. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? The team were very helpful and answered emails quickly. The tip list was welcome. My 7 yr old daughter was very worried that her friends wouldn't enjoy a 'learning' party, so having the video on the website with the kids testimonials and seeing what they would be doing helped her to decide to have this type of party as well as choosing who would do it. The slime making clinched it for her. The presenter was wonderful: he was on time, organised, enthralled the kids (even one boy who didn't want to come as he thought that he was going to be learning something like school), no mess (or easily sorted mess) and he managed the kids behaviour beautifully.  The children laughed when they were supposed, cries of excitement when the were supposed to and a pin-drop silence when they were supposed to! The office team were efficient, friendly and helpful before the event with queries and giving tips. The feedback from the parents is that the children all thoroughly enjoyed it and my daughter loved it. Thank you! She is also going to really enjoy doing the experiments from your book for which you sent a link.
Jane Eastwick, 7 Year Old Girls Party in Letchworth with Magnetic Mitch, Sept 2014

The fun interaction between Rhys and the kids. They loved it - totally engaged and couldn't stop laughing. Hard to imagine how it could better - I really can't think of any improvements - a great mix between watching and interaction. Our daughter has been showing a lot of interest in science and we wanted a different kind of birthday party than the usual swimming or princess theme party. Sublime Science ticked all the boxes that we were looking for.The event was just brilliant - we couldn't have hoped for it to have gone so well. We were nervous as to how science would fit in with a birthday party theme but it was just perfect. Couldn't have wished for anything better and our daughter is still buzzing about it. And the kids are enjoying the bouncy slime!!!
Colin Morgan, Daughter's Birthday Party in Stamford with Radioactive Rhys, September 2014

Thank you for a brilliant party yesterday. The kids loved it and had an awesome time. At past birthdays we've generally had about a 70% attendance from invites so, given we invited 25 kids, this was an unprecedented turnout. Everyone wanted to come to the 'Science' party and left very happy they did!
Cindy Ives, Kids Birthday Party in Bromley with Fazila, September 2014

Natalie came to do our sublime science at East Haddon Village hall last Saturday. I just wanted to say that Natalie was absolutely brilliant at engaging the children and they were totally enthralled with the wonderful science experiments which were perfectly suited to their age range. Natalie had the perfect mix of being a fun, bubbly and interesting presenter whilst gently controlling the rowdier kids - including the birthday boy! Please pass on my many thanks again to Natalie, I will definitely be recommending the sublime science party to other parents.
Deborah Corking, Sublime Science Party in East Haddon with Natalie, Sept 2014

Fazila gave our younger guests a truly excellent display - we had lots of happy, sherbet-spattered, slime-wielding children at the end of it!
Nick Affleck, Sublime Science Party in North London with Fazila, Sept 2014

Another happy mum, thank you :-). All parents have texted me to say what a fantastic party they had. Josh and Kim were amazing. They turned up extra early to set themselves up and fully entertained the kids. Best party ever from the Beecher household. BIG THANKYOU xxx
Sarah Beecher, Children's Birthday Party in Kent with Josh and Kim, Sept 2014

The whole experience was fun and the children had an amazing time. They were very helpful and answered my questions promptly and explained the plan for the day. I found the planning and delivery of the session perfect so could not suggest any improvement. Keep up the good work. The concept of the session sounded amazing and fun and I knew the children would love it. They did 100%
Sheila Davenport, Sublime Science in Bedfordshire with Loopy Liz, Sept 2014

The kids loved it all.... The smoke rings, rockets, sweets and of course the slime!!!! How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Great. My son is mad about inventions!
Rachel Persona , Kids Party in Lincolnshire with Janelle, Sept 2014

The children were very engaged and Claire really held the audience. They had great fun with the rockets and the exploding fountains and all the kids really enjoyed the party. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very
Kim Dinan, Children's Birthday Party in London with Chaotic Claire, September 2014

The sweet making went down very well. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? Very helpful. It all went very well. Was very pleased with the presenter and the service in general.
Mark Hopkins, Sublime Science Party in Birmingham with Sam, Sept 2014

What did you like best? - How much the kids loved it,
What did they like the best? - All of it!
How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Perfect
Presenter was very helpful and thoughtful
Rajesh Patel, Birthday Party in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Sept 2014

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