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Wacky Jacky's enthusiasm & ability to keep a group of children aged 5 & above entertained & interested for over 1 hour! Lots of great activities especially with the smoke machine. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very helpful.
Something different & interesting to entertain the children.
Kay Haselden, Kids Party in Wigan with Wacky Jacky, Sept 2014

The children all liked the mentos in the lemonade bottle explosion and the making sweets/slime. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very. We wanted a "different" party for our son - fed up of soft play/laser parties and the science element was fab. This was a fun party - a real alternative to the normal parties 7 year olds go to. Most of the children really enjoyed it - and Tom was great.
Jenny Roberts, Son's Birthday Party in Leeds with Toxic Tom, September 2014

The genuine enjoyment of interacting with the children at our party!! Absolutely brilliant. Cannot fault!! I wanted something unique for my son rather than the same-old soft play party packages. Mitch was absolutely brilliant with our troops! He seemed to genuinely enjoy interacting with the children and he was very patient with them. The children loved every second but seemed to enjoy the rockets and the smoke bubbles the best!
Hannah Conway, Boys Party in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire with Magnetic Mitch, Sept 2014

The slime making, sherbet making and shooting the water filled bottles. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very helpful. It's different to other parties, and it's both fun and educational. Even the more 'lively' kids were quiet and completely engrossed in everything Miranda was doing.
Reshma van der Linden, Kids Party in Oxford with Miranda, Sept 2014

The bits that made us laugh - water magically disappearing from cup, making noise from straw, leaf blower blowing beach ball. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very helpful, thank you. It is so different to other party entertainment, and my son's really interested in science, so perfect for us! We all (including adults) really enjoyed the party, and Grace did very well to keep the boys' attention 🙂
Laura Boura, Kids Party in Loughborough, Leicestershire with Grace, Sept 2014

My son had been to a sublime science party and I thought it would make a refreshing change from the usual bouncy castle and disco.
S Phillips, Boys Birthday Party in Hitchin, Hertfordshire with Lisa, Sept 2014

What did you like best? The smoke ring, was very cool and the smoked bubbles. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very helpful. Generally the party was very good and the presenter was friendly
Baren Shija, Children's Birthday Party in Lancashire with Wacky Jacky, Sept 2014

Fantastically organised! The rockets , slime, team event and sweet making went down a storm. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? Faultless.
Gemma Pace, Kids Birthday Party in Essex with Francesca, Sept 2014

The kids and parents reaction to the brilliance of the event. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? - Very. I guessed right that the children would enjoy a different type of party and inspire in them a love of science… it was brilliant, especially inspiring the girls to lean in to something outside of earlier generations. Kelly was fabulous with the children; they were so attentive to her and got so much out of the party. The rockets went off with a bang, brilliant time was had by all. The parents (including a number of doctors and other medical personnel) were uniformly impressed.
Criona Quentin, Girls Science Party in Southend on Sea with Kelly, September 2014

I'm aware that you will be requesting feedback at some point, however, in the meantime I couldn't wait to e-mail to say what a fabulous time all the children had at my daughters 6th birthday party on Saturday. Adele is a credit to your company.
Karen Bentham, 6 Year Old Girls Birthday Party with Adele, Sept 2014

Goo and smoke bubbles!! Office? fab, very helpful. Didn't see all of the experiments as I was a busy bee, but the bits I saw were amazing. Not sure how you could improve? I was really impressed with the party. Naomi was a great host, I loved the fact it was hands on, and all of the children were completely focused for the entire time, with a good mix of experiments. Well done guys
Kirstie Dunn, Kids Birthday Party in Worcestershire with Naomi, Sept 2014

Interaction with children and encouraging them to take part. Office? mostly done by email, but always replied in a quick and courteous manner. Something different for the children to attend.
Sheila Foster, Sublime Science in Kettering with Elizabeth, September 2014

The children seem to enjoy everything.. Making slime and sweets..Office? Very helpful. For a party with a difference and it was!
Karen Murphy, Science Party in Manchester with Anila, Sept 2014

The 'too cool to join in' older boys that were hovering on the edges at the start, and then next time I looked they were all getting stuck in! We wanted something different from a crappy magician / balloon act....Office? Very helpful. No issues. Emma did a great job despite the room being quite noisy with adults chatting
Rachael Parry, Boys Birthday Party in Manchester with Emma, August 2014

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it all. Office? Really helpful, well organised, flexible to individual needs. James is fantastic!
Joanne Greenhalgh, Birthday Party in Crawshawbooth with James L, August 2014

The way Radioactive Rhys made all the experiments look awesome to the children, and he was 100% in charge and they listened... All the time! We had 2 five years olds who really like frozen and magic! Radioactive Rhys did an amazing job of making the girls and their friends enjoy the magic of science. the children's thought the party was awesome.
Abi Whittles, Girls Birthday Party in Peterborough with Radioactive Rhys, August 2014

Everything!! The balloon experiment was my son's favourite. Office? Good. Tom was brilliant with the kids and it was the best party my son has had so far, everyone had a great time!
Mel Webb, Boys Birthday Party in Harrogate with Tom G, August 2014

The kids loved making sherbet and the slime. My daughter is one of the youngest in her year and all the other party idea's had been used up. She wanted something different and loves science so we searched the internet and came up with Sublime Science. She was so excited when we suggested it and her friends couldn't wait to come either.
Stride Natasha, Girls Birthday Party in Sawbridgeworth with Mighty Mitchell, August 2014

Tom was a great host and kept the children entertained; he pitched it at the right level for the age group too. Office? Very helpful; booking was very straightforward. My son requested a science party and your testimonials sold it to me.
Alison Shaw, Sons Birthday Party in Newark with Rhys, August 2014

I just want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the show that your very talented team put on for us at our summer bbq on Friday afternoon. The children were enthralled and interested and loved the rockets, happy children = happy and relaxed parents, so that was all good.
Anne M Conway, Sublime Science in Leamington Spa with Komal, August 2014

My son and his friends had a fantastic time and especially enjoyed the rocket launch. Varsha had them entertained for the entire hour and she was great with them involving each and every one of them in the experiments. Office? They were great. I read reviews and sounded great.
Anna Anstasi, Children's Party in London with Varsha, August 2014

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

How easy it was for me!! Rachel took care of everything. There was a group of 17 mainly 6 year old boys and they were so engaged and well-behaved as a result. Office?? Extremely, spoke to two lovely ladies. Very efficient - did exactly what they said they would. Please pass along my thanks to Rachel, who was great!
Stephanie Hewson, Boys Birthday Party in Bucks with Rachel G, August 2014

The fantastic presenter - Magnetic Mitch - he captivated and maintained the children's attention throughout the 90 minutes. No mean feat with a group of 20 7 year olds. Office?? Brilliant. Efficient and reassuring. Perfect for the stressful business of organising children's parties.
Cathy Jones, 7 Year Olds Party in Cambridge with Mitchell, August 2014

Kids loved it and kept them entertained and interested. Jackie was great and fabulous with them. Not strict but kept them in hand without it getting out of control. I definitely think I got my money's worth. Office team great. How could we improve? Can't think of anything. Great idea and great price.
Suzanne Allison, Children's Birthday Party in Liverpool with Wacky Jackie, August 2014

The fact the kids had a great time. Something different that the kids would remember and interact.
Carla Diton, Kids Party in Ashford, Surrey with Kyrtonite Kieran, August 2014

The whole event was jam packed with exciting things that kept the kids really engaged. Nobiya was great at letting the children have fun, very loudly at times and didn't get phased by the very enthusiastic ones. She singled out my twins a few times especially for their birthday which was nice. The team competitions went down really well. Office Staff? The lady who gave me lots of information (Jeanette I think) was fabulous. She was really helpful about timings and her recommendations were spot on. Professional, fun and a great standard package. Pricey but you definitely get a great service and more than expected in terms of activities.
Jannine Smith, Children’s Birthday Party in High Wycombe with Nobiya, July 2014

The kids loved the rockets. I loved how laid back Tom's presenting style was. Office Staff? Extremely helpful on every occasion I called.
Jo Harris, Children’s Party in Leeds with Prof Tom, July 2014

All experiments were fantastic and captured all the children totally. All flowed from one experiment to the next. Everyone had a turn. scientist controlled it perfectly. office staff? yes totally answered every question and query I had. I honestly cannot think of any improvements. I was concerned that 7 x 12 year old girls would not find all of it gripping but they absolutely loved it and said it was the best party they ever have been to.
Louise Hollings, Girls Birthday Party in Bucks with Miranda, July 2014.

Having a female presenter on the day was wonderful, because our daughter got to see a "lady scientist" in action. Our daughter who has just turned 5 is obsessed with science and wants to be a scientist when she's older and we thought it would be a fun thing for her and the other children to witness and take part in. And they all loved it! Nothing beyond another thank you for the great day you provided for our daughter and her class. Thank you!!!
Tony Fowles, Daughter's Birthday Party in Oxfordshire with Gisele, July 2014

The kids were immediately engrossed and there were so many things packed in. Even though a few things went wrong, Fazila moved seamlessly on to the next thing and made sure the kids were entertained. They loved it. It was great for the birthday boy to be picked every time. Amount of things included for the price - you included the rocket, slime and sweets for our party which other companies I rang didn't. If I'm allowed a number 2 reason, it was how helpful people were in the initial phone enquiry.
Sarah Dowling, Kids Science Party in East London with Fazila, July 2014

Entertaining experiments that the children were excited about. My child enjoys science and had heard good reports about Sublime Science. Children really enjoyed the party and were really excited about it.
Claire Cooper, Children’s Birthday Party in Nottingham with Dino Dave, July 2014

The children loved everything. James was entertaining and kept the children's attention throughout. They where helpful and informative when making the booking. James was fantastic, professional, entertaining. The children loved everything and were all still talking about the party on Monday at school.
Angela Bate, Kids Party in Wigan with James L, July 2014

There wasn't much we didn't like the kids were really captured and had a great time. I think their best parts were the rockets making slime and throwing the snow! Office staff? Excellent, all questions answered and they all had a lovely manner. My son loves science and the information and testimonials said it all.
Simone Jones, Children’s Party in Sutton Coldfield with Naomi, July 2014

Emma really kept the kids entertained (and under control!) and they loved every minute of it! Office Staff? Extremely, to be honest it was really easy to book that I didn't really need to speak to them much! They are a fab team and I've enjoyed the whole experience with you all. It was all perfect. The originality of it. I always try to do something different for my sons parties, and this one really came up trumps! Just to say a huge thank you again for making Joshua's 6th birthday extra special
Lisa Macardy, Boys 6th Birthday Party in Bolton with Emma, July 2014

The presenter was happy held kids attention patient - arrived early, educational and fun! am sure other friends would use.
Penni Coe, Children’s Birthday Party in London with Prof Stacy, July 2014

James was great with the children and kept children and adults entertained and intrigued throughout. It was a really great party and all the children enjoyed it; learning as well as having fun. The slime was a big hit and is still being talked about.
Ann Taylor, Sublime Science Party in Stockport with James L, July 2014

Me personally the smoke in the bubbles, but I think the kids liked the sweets. Office staff? When I spoke to them they were exceptionally polite and helpful with a very friendly phone manner. It was different to other parties and was more my kids cup of tea than anything involving games or loud music. My son really enjoyed the party and the presenters did very well even though my son can be somewhat hyperactive.
Catherine Toms, Boys Birthday Party in Peterborough with Rhys, July 2014

The kids loved the rocket launching module. Office staff? Very helpful and friendly. It's a different and new innovation for a children's party that helps them to learn and play at the same time. Thank you for a fantastic afternoon.
Michelle Heald, Children’s Party in Notts with Dave and Kristy, July 2014

The rockets - everyone thought getting soaked in lemonade was great!! The office team? Very good - I had to change dates after struggling to get a venue & it was no problem. Wanted something a bit different that would appeal to 2 age groups (10's boys & 12's girls) & though the older girls were a bit sceptical they really enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Sophie for managing to cope admirably with loud boys & more reserved girls so that they all had a fab time.
Claireinda Fish, Party For Boys and Girls in Leicester with Sophie, July 2014

Emily was really flexible on the day, and tailored her experiments to the audience of 13 boys...she handled them really well. Something different to normal party options. Everything was great.
Stacey Chapman, Boys Birthday Party in West Yorkshire with Emily G, July 2014

What did you like best? That they came in and got on with it. I didn't need to do anything
R Leah, Kids Birthday Party in Birmingham with Rukhsar, July 2014

Everything was fabulous, the experiments were fantastic - wonderful to see the children spellbound. Mike was so organised and held the attention of 20 x 7 years olds with ease. It was great for the adults that were there too as I think we all learnt something new - science was never as much fun when I was at school. Office staff? Very friendly & helpful in explaining everything and sending prompt email updates. I love the fact that you are fair and if you book for more than the standard 20 children and then you have a people dropping out that you don't get charged for non-shows over the 20. I really don't think there was anything that I would change - so well organised. Carry on doing what you're doing – fantastic
Emma Sugg, Kids Party in Welwyn Garden City with Mighty Mike, June 2014

Jacky was very entertaining and kept all the 11 year olds entertained throughout even when they claimed to be in the know. There was plenty for them to do. From the minute Jacky pulled onto the drive she interacted with them. Just wanted to say Ben and his friends had a brilliant time yesterday. Your scientist was fantastic and very entertaining, I wasn't sure how 11 year olds would be but they loved it. Thank you very much to you and your team
Elizabeth Madeley, 11 Year Olds Birthday Party in Oldham with Wacky Jacky, June 2014

We own a microbiology lab and our son is very interested in what we do, so we thought other kids would love to do something "sciency" too - how right we were! The party was absolutely brilliant. Unbeknown to Mark there were two people with PhD's and a one with a BSc in the room and we were just as fascinated as the kids. One of the girls said "this is an awesome party", doesn't get better than that at 6!
Vicki Whittaker, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Leeds with Molecular Mark, June 2014

Slime making and rockets. The way Lou & Dave kept the children engrossed in the party throughout. Nothing to improve - all excellent. The party was excellent. Beth and all her friends loved it. The children were entertained throughout and Lou was excellent in her delivery. The rockets and slime making was a real hit !! Excellent party will definitely use again for Beth's younger brother in a couple years. We as parents enjoyed it just as much as the children !!
Vicky Watts, Girls Birthday Party in Loughborough with Lou and Dave, June 2014

Toxic Tahera was excellent with the children, involved them and captured their enthusiasm and imagination for the whole hour! They loved the smoke rings and making the sweets and slime! Great fun and lovely involvement of the birthday boy!! Certificate was a lovely momento. Recommendation from mumsnet and website. Very helpful on the phone on enquiry.
Lucy De bono, Boys Birthday Party in Birmingham with Toxic Tahera, June 2014

First of all BIG thanks to Professor Tom who was amazing! He was cool, knowledgeable, engaging, and he has crazy hair...what more do you need from a mad scientist!? He had everyone (kids and adults) entertained and laughing. He did a great job of keeping the kids interested with just the right combination of humour, learning and getting involved. I've had lovely feedback from the other parents, who all said they enjoyed it and learnt just as much as the kids. The kids did get more excited and boisterous as the party went on and Tom did a great job of keeping control and keeping their attention. Woody (the birthday boy) said that his favourite parts of the party were making sweets and slime and he LOVED getting to shoot his mum with the smoke gun! You're all doing a great job and I've already recommended Sublime Science to other parents who didn't attend the party.
Catherine Pearson, Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with Tom G, June 2014

James was excellent and the children were enthralled. Good reviews on website. Overall very pleased with it
Julie Columbine, Kids Birthday Party in Holmes Chapel with James L, June 2014

The 'big' experiments like the slime making, the tornado game and the sweet making went down really well. It was brilliantly different. Had a lot of parents saying how great it was and how it made a change from all the 'Frozen' parents of late!
Catherine Toomer, Children's Party in Berkhamsted with Tim, June 2014

The children were kept entertained and their minds challenged throughout. They all had fun and where all kept included. Lots of variety ensuring they didn't get bored. All were thrilled to be able to take slime home with them. I wanted something different that none of the other children in school had had for their party yet.
Joanne Kehoe, Kids Party in Dovedale with Emma, June 2014

Everything!!! Both adults and kids had an amazing time. A week later everyone is still talking about it, a number if the kids have even decided they want to be scientist when they grow up. Even their teacher has said they all came to school on Monday with a thirst for science, she's never had a class pay so much attention!! The presenters were fantastic at keeping the kids engaged. 1 little girl at the party has always been painfully shy and has never left her mums side at parties but at the sublime science party the was right at the front (without mum!!) and got involved in everything (her mum cried many happy tears) Thank you so much for such a fantastic day, you might be hearing from us again the same time next year!! My son loved science and wants to be a science like grampa, after reading reviews of a few science party hosts, we thought sublime science sounded the best be far, and I think we we're right!!
Jennifer Casey, Birthday Party in Alsager with James L, June 2014

Children very engaged, very interactive, very age appropriate. Wanted to enhance my daughters love of science, and do something a little different from the other parties her friends have. Nobiya was a very good representative, well organised and would like to thank her for giving my daughter and her friends a great time .
Carol Thorniley, Girls Birthday Party in Milton Keynes with Nobiya, June 2014

I honestly loved it all. It kept the kids amused and Lucy was making them laugh with her great personality. FAB. You were the best price and highly recommend by reading your testimonials. I'm glad we used you. My sons rather popular at the moment with his friends telling him what an epic party he had.
Alicia Lowe, Children's Party in Northants with Lighting Lucy, June 2014

The presenter managed the group of 15 children in a very skilled manner and not one of them was seen bored. Girls at the age of 8 are very restless but everyone enjoyed the experiments and the outdoor rocket launches. Their parents have come back to us saying the girls were talking about sublime science experiments in school and dinner time for next 3-4 days continuously. A great thank you on behalf of my daughter and the class at High March school. Girls were interested in science in my daughter's school and engage them for 2 hours on something which is educational always help!
Som Ghosh, 8 Year Old Girls Party in Amersham with Stacy, June 2014

It was all so good it is hard to pinpoint a best bit! I suppose the children's faces throughout the party, was the best bit. The children absolutely loved everything. I think the adults did too!! I got the free book download and then noticed there were science parties. I thought it would be different to all of the other parties and it definitely was. Thanks for such a great party. I am sure my son will be remembering it for a long time.
Elaine Warwick, Birthday Party in Hertford with Mighty Mike, June 2014

Nobiya was great, and the children had such fun. There were 19 children and Nobiya had them engaged for the whole hour. They loved her and really had a lot of fun. We had the food first & science after, and so we ended on rockets just as the parents came to pick up. They loved watching the rockets too! Thank you very much, it was a party to remember.
Mandy Miller, Children's party in Oxfordshire with Nobiya, June 2014

Everything was very professional. The kids were engaged throughout and Varsha was really fun and kept all the kids on their feet with the experiments. No improvement needed! It was a fantastic party and the kids are still talking about it one week on! Thank you all for making Amelia's birthday really special and fun. It was really different, but all the kids absolutely loved it! I will definitely recommend sublime science as a party and Varsha made it even better.
Caroline Green, Science Party in Hanwell with Varsha, June 2014

Varsha managed to captivate a large group of girls with her assortment of experiments. There was lots of things to learn and we were really pleased with the coke rocket at the end. A real wow factor. Thank you, a really enjoyable party. I was looking for a science experiment party with a difference.
Salina Hutchinson, Girls Birthday Party in Brentford with Varsha, June 2014

The wacky rocket launchers were by far the most well received by all the boys! Looked really different and interesting - and great fun for little boys! Our presenter Tim was really nice. He put our 6 yr old at ease (he is very shy) and looked out for the quieter children to make sure they had a go at everything (and made sure the louder, more confident children didn't take over!) Rebecca Hadley, Boys Birthday Party in Wingrave with Tim, June 2014

The way Mike captured the attention of the children, and they loved joining in with the experiments. My child loves science.
Maria Killick, Kids Birthday Party in Liverpool with Michael Dickaty, June 2014

Thank you for a great party, the children all loved it, from the slime to the amazing rockets which were the birthday girls favourite. One of the younger ones was still taking about circles in the air at bed time. Very good presenter, brilliant with the children, and such a different thing to do for a party. Lot of the mums at school have said what a great time their children had. I had one very happy six year old last night. Thank you.
Caroline Hunt, Children's Birthday Party in Liverpool with Michael Dickaty, June 2014

Naomi had great engagement and rapport with all the children. She delivered exactly what we wanted - a party in which every child got to join in and feel involved. The children absolutely loved the experiments - we constantly heard "Wow" "brilliant" "amazing" and "yeahhh.." It was a joy to participate. The rocket went down a treat, slime was great - especially as they got to take their own ones home. The competition between the two teams with the tornado bottle has given us loads of ideas for future entertainment. We discovered it last year but only managed to sort ourselves and a venue this year. The main reason was that we had been to 5 parties in a row which were identical and the children could not recall anything special about any one of them. We were also keen to have a more 'traditional' approach to a party where all the guests had a chance to join in the fun and games. Loved it and would definitely recommend. In fact two families and one summer school have already asked for your details. Thank you for making our son's day 'the best birthday ever'.
Paulette Francis, Boys Birthday Party in Walsall with Naomi, June 2014

Just a quick message about our party today, James was indeed fantastic so enthusiastic and managed to keep my rabble under control! Really can't thank him and sublime science enough, all the children were thoroughly entertained. Henry has said he had a "super and too awesome party"! Apparently the best bits were the smoke machine, mentos experiment and the rocket that went to space! We have another son so look out for our booking in the future. Amazing day had by all!!
Victoria Jones, Boys Birthday Party in Manchester with James L, June 2014

I loved the structure of the whole event the Nobiya's patience with the children - she was really fantastic!!! All the mums caught up with me this week, to tell me what a great time the kids have had and how they all enjoyed the rockets!!!! I could find no areas for improvement! Again Nobiya txt me the day before the party, we called her and had a chat to make sure that we have everything she would need. She was very friendly and amazingly organised! I had heard about these types of parties from other mums and I had contacted a couple of companies that do these. For me, and the reason I went with your company, was mainly the telephone manner of a few people I spoke to. Everyone was friendly and re-assuring and they made me feel like a valued customer. Nothing was too much trouble!!! The presenter, Nobiya, was excellent, friendly, and in control of the kids!!!! The lady I first spoke to, Kim, was very helpful and answered all of my questions and was not trying to get me of the phone, as I experienced with some of the other companies.
Amy Triantou, Children's Party in Milton Keynes with Nobiya, June 2014

The children all had a wonderful time and I have had parents telling me all week how much their children enjoyed the party. They all had a lot of fun, but I think they actually picked up a lot of the "science" at the same time. The slime, the smoke rings and the water rockets were all a great hit. The presenters were able to keep the children listening and focused, which is not easy with a room full of very excited and lively 7-year-olds. They were entranced and enthused by the whole experience. The other children in his year had football, swimming and soft play parties. I wanted something a little different for my 7-year-old son. He loves science and I wanted something he could really enjoy. Thank you very much. The whole experience took a lot of the stress out of party planning.
Samantha Fryer Ward, 7 Year Olds Party in Risborough with Pippa, June 2014

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