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The whole event - it was fun and the kids were all captivated from start to finish. There were laughs all around! We wanted something a little "different" from other parties (magicians, puppets, drama events, etc). This was perfect because it was not only fun but also a little bit educational! All of the kids had a really great time!
Clair Dolphin, Kids Party in Hampstead with Akaash, June 2014

The ability to interact with the kids and keeping their attention. Total kids attended at the party were 25 for a joint party. Joint party - both boys were happy and the best bit is that there were no tears at the end .... Mission accomplished...2 happy 5 year old boys! Different and my son loves doing experiments so an interest in it.
Heena Patel, 5 Year Old Boys Party in Peterborough with Radioactive Rhys, June 2014

The fact that it was a group of 17 five year olds and Anila did her upmost to engage them all in the activities. No mean feat. Well done Anila. A different type of party that looked interesting. Well done to Anila a large group of 5 year olds handled really well. She really did try her best to make it special for Alex, he had a lovely time.
Mark Forrest, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Manchester with Anila, June 2014

The fact that the children enjoyed it so much - was a lot more participative than I thought it might be was more than satisfied. Was looking for something a bit different for a party and came across your website - your website looks very professional. Really liked the quick responses via email and phone to my initial enquiry and subsequent queries. Prof Fox was great and I've had several of the children tell me it was one of the best parties they've been to.
Diane Flood, Kids Party in Maidenhead with Prof Fox, June 2014

What was the number one reason you booked us, Because you wrote a great reply to my request for birthday party ideas! What did you like best? Interaction and engagement
Neil Harris, Kids Party in Walton on Thames with Kryptonite Kieran, June 2014

Its a lot of fun for the kids, very involving, great presenter, slime, rockets! Perfect 5 stars overall! My son is 7 and wanted something a bit more interesting than clowns, puppets and playcentres! Love it and will use again!
Nippy Sachdev, 7 Year Olds Party in Liverpool with Wacky Jacqui, June 2014

Sheema did a fantastic job in managing the 8 year old boys who were boisterous but also managed to include the two five year old girls. I've had fantastic feedback from other parents about how much their child enjoyed the party.
Carol Davis, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in St Albans with Sheema, June 2014

Varsha had all the children engaged and interested. She took the stress away from me and for an hour i was able to mingle with the other parents. Parents are feeding back to me that their children keep talking about the experiments! how fab! I wanted to interest my daughter in science and how exciting it can be.
Sarah Adibi, Girls Birthday Party in Teddington with Varsha, June 2014

Omg!! This was the best party I have ever given Millie. Aimee was fantastic and how she kept those children entertained for an hour and a half, I do not know. Even the parents loved it!! To see all their faces as she did the experiments, watching them wanting to be covered in water to the astonishment as to where it had gone was priceless. The rockets were awesome and I'm so glad I had the extra half hour. The kids were running through the lemonade!!!! Just brilliant. I cannot thank you all enough. Millie loved it that much she wants a Sublime Science party next year! THIS WAS MONEY WELL SPENT!!!! Wanted something different for Millie this year. You made my daughter's day, the kids & parents are still talking about the party so that is testament itself. Brilliant & thank you again xxx
Sara Elias, Girls Birthday in Dudley with Aimee, June 2014

Lou kept the kids captivated from the start. She interacted with them, kept the attention of all the children. They all loved the experiments & getting involved. The parents were impressed too! Liked the slime making, the balls floating in the air & smoke rings. It was perfect so no improvement needed.
Daniel Beardmore, Children's Party in Derbyshire with Loopy Lou, June 2014

It is very hard to pick a favourite activity as the children enjoyed every one...making sweets, making slime and the relay race at the end. I think the most popular may have been the smoke rings, though. Especially when the boys got to aim at each other!! Elemental Emma was wonderful with the kids and they were fascinated the whole time. Very happy 🙂 I am struggling to make any suggestions for improvement - they kids loved it. The only thing I can think of is more activities they can join in with - they were the most popular. Sitting still at parties doesn't happen much for 7 year olds! But that said it was also great to have a mixture and, again, they all loved it. I want to inspire children with science as I am a scientist myself. My children are always fascinated when we talk about anything scientific and this seemed a perfect idea for a party with a difference! Elemental Emma did not disappoint 🙂
Helena Venables, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Wirral with Elemental Emma, June 2014

Didn't have to lift a finger, the children were entertained for an hour and 15 mins, Andy had them all captivated on what he was showing them. All I had to do was provide a table for Andy to use. Different to other party's i.e. bowling, swimming, it was educational, but fun all at the same time. The 9/10 year olds loved it.
Jane Masterson, 10 Year Olds Birthday Party in Romford with Atomic Andy, June 2014

Fabulous, really different to typical kids party and kept them interested the whole time, (14 kids), even the parents found it interesting and learnt new stuff. Wanted something different than the typical kids party, this is really good and would recommend to anybody. Wouldn't hesitate in booking again, the rockets were brill and went quite high!
Mark Camden-Clarke , Kids Party in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, June 2014

Making the sweets was the best part for me as it allowed all the children to participate in what they had been watching. I thought it was fantastic, only suggestion I would have is that they could be different options for parties e.g. based on different scientific ideas. Based on the awards won and the testimonials. Very professional, well organised and all the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly!!!!
Michelle Edwards, Science Party in London. May 2014

Sorry for delay in reply to your email, all children had a fab time, Rory loved it. All the children even a 2 1/2 year old couldn't take his eyes off Naomi, she was brill. Thanks for a great party.
Eve Jones, Sublime Science Party in Birmingham with Naomi, May 2014

The interaction with the children and how their attention was held. Wanted a different party than what we usually have.
Rebecca Keld, Kids Party in Bolton with Wacky Jacky, May 2014

What did you like best? The hands on interactive activities. For something different and exciting!!! Many thanks James the girls enjoyed the party.
Kim Farrall, Sublime Science Party in Manchester with James L, May 2014

It was all excellent, Lucy did a great job.
Richard Davies, Kids Party in Allesley with Lucy, May 2014

I was desperate for a party that was different, fun, exciting but also educational, and this met all my requirements. Well worth the money.
Maria Loizou, Childrens Birthday Party in Essex with Jodie, May 2014

Hi, just want to say what a brilliant entertainer we had at my grandaughter s birthday party on Sunday 25/5 ! Thank you professor Claire for producing some fascinating science that had the kids experimenting and having so much fun. All the mums thought it was fantastic too!
Carol Malins, Girl's Birthday Party in North London with Prof Claire, May 2014

Varsha kept a group of very active 6 year old children enthralled for the full hour. The children loved the party and many parents have come to me since then to say how much their child enjoyed it and that they are still talking about what they learned. Website looked good and offered something different to the usual clown/magician etc.
Mary Robertson, 6 Year Olds Childrens Party in East Finchley with Varsha, May 2014

Can I just say what an fabulous party we had last Saturday for William's 7th birthday. Varsha was amazing and her ability to inspire (and control!!) 19 of his friends was amazing! William was just the happiest boy! Thank you so much and please pass on our best wishes to Varsha.
Jo Massie, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Teddington with Varsha, May 2014

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Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic party!!! Emma was brilliant & all 17 10year olds thoroughly enjoyed it. I must say it's the quietest party we've ever had or been to, the children were so engrossed in what was happening they just sat so lovely while Emma explained & interacted with them. They had great fun having a go at the experiment themselves & competing against each other. In short it was just brilliant...thank you
Tracy Frost, Boys Birthday Party in Cheshire with Emma S, May 2014

The rocket launch! And wanted something different. Great party - Adele was really friendly and great with the kids - an all round success.
Rachael Dunion, Kids Party in Ramsbottom with Atomic Adele, May 2014

All the children (from 4 - 9) were fully entertained and engaged throughout. A party with a difference. Would recommend 🙂
Amanda Smallman, Kids Birthday Party in Solihull with Radioactive Rukhsar, May 2014

The interaction with the children and their faces during all the experiments. Loved it just the way it was!!! My son loves science and this party looked just perfect. Mike was brilliant with both the science and with the interaction with the children.
Jane Thorpe, Son's Birthday Party in Thornton with Mike D, May 2014

The way in which Emily engaged the children. All of the activities were fun but balanced with educational elements. The outdoor activities were great fun for the kids and she captured their imaginations and built up the excitement perfectly. The party theme was ideal for our 7 year old boys -something different to the usual party themes.
Liz Jackson, 7 Year Old Boys Party in Cheshire with Electric Emily, May 2014

Just a quick note to say that we totally loved our Science party on Saturday. All the children have been talking about how much fun they had and William just beams when he talks about it. Mike was brilliant and we cannot thank you enough!!! Thank you!
Jane Thorpe, Children's Birthday Party in Liverpool with Michael D, May 2014

After we had cleaned up and packed everything away, I asked my son this very question. His answer sums it up nicely,"All the parts of it put together were the best Mom; I loved everything!" The presenter was TOP NOTCH and with just 7 active children creating the same amount of energy and noise as 20, he managed them REALLY well. He was funny and entertaining for the adults too. Even my teenage helpers were rolling on the floor laughing during the presentation. It would take me a while to figure out how to improve on perfection! I wanted an entertaining yet educational party to remind the children that learning is always fun. Science is such an important aspect of our lives and it does not belong exclusively in the hands of the super-smart, but to everyone. Sublime Science takes all the fun and excitement and discovery of science and packs it into an hour and it motivates everyone within earshot! This was such a great party because of the presenter; everyone was talking to him well after the presentation concluded. The booking team was really helpful as well, as my party numbers dwindled rapidly down to a trickle. They offered to discount the party because of the small numbers AND throw in the rocket launch as a bonus. Everyone gets an A-star for excellent customer service!
Danielle An'Mai, Children's Birthday Party in Staffordshire with Atomic Tom, May 2014

My son loved the whole thing - action packed, many & varied activities - lots of new things & a very professional & polished presenter / presentation. Slime & rockets & smoke machine probably the best! Ellie was very good & would definitely recommend her to others. Many thanks Ellie!
Paul Hallam, Son's Birthday Party in Kennington with Electric Ellie, May 2014

The rockets and the slime making. I've had lots of lovely comments from my friends saying how blown away the kiddies were. The rockets were brilliant, such good fun. The whole party was educational too.
Sam Gilmore, Kids Birthday Party in Leeds with Chaotic Chem, May 2014

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic party for Isabel on Sunday. She had a brilliant time, and her friends loved it too. It was a great way to entertain a bunch of 9 year olds. A highlight was making slime and also doing the tornado race. Rocket Ryan did an excellent job and managed to hold the children's attention for the whole hour which was pretty impressive. Thanks too to the rest of the team. The whole process of booking the party was very efficient and those I spoke to on the phone were incredibly helpful. Jeannette in particular was great at suggesting a way the party would work best after we discovered that a girl in the year below Isabel at school was having a Sublime Science party only 3 weeks before Isabel's. I was very impressed both with the party itself and the service I received so thank you. I'll be recommending Sublime Science parties to others looking for a fun and informative style party.
Clare Stevenson, 9 Year Olds Party in Birmingham with Ryan, April 2014

Emily had very good control over a dozen rather rowdy boys. She was organised and clear and the children really enjoyed it. The children particularly seemed to like chasing the smoke rings. Honestly cannot think of anything that would make it better. Others had seen Sublime Science in schools and said it was very good. It allowed me to book the party very easily well in advance which was a bonus for me as then I didn't have to think about it in the interim. It was also good value for money compared to the other party options I was considering. I can't really pick 1 reason!
Jenna Glossop, Boys Birthday Party in Sheffield with Emily F, April 2014

I have a girl and a boy which happen to have the same birthday but a year apart so I didn't want a party that was gender specific but needed to cater for an 8 and a 9 year old. Neither of them like traditional parties with dancing etc so Sublime Science was the perfect option. Emily was fabulous, she kept all the children engaged, even the cheeky ones. She explained everything that she was doing and made it really interesting and educational as well as lots of fun. We are all really impressed and will definitely recommend Sublime Science to all of our friends and family looking at party options.
Jayne Sibson, Girls & Boys Birthday Party in Oldham with Emily G, April 2014

Mitch was great at holding 20 7 year old's attention for 1 hr 20 minutes and had a friendly but calm manner with them. He got into character as the party was harry potter themed and had a great potions class. The kids loved all the different experiments and making their own sweets and slime. As a parent, I had nothing to do whilst Mitch was in control so it was fairly relaxed from my point of view. The rockets outside was perhaps the highlight though as it was great fun. My daughter got soaked (her choice!) and though the whole party was awesome (her words, not mine!). It looked different and the testimonials were great. We will happily recommend you and use you again.
Jo Scally, Daughter's Birthday Party in Cambridge with Magnetic Mitch, April 2014

Nobiya was fantasic! All the kids really enjoyed themselves and were really interested in what she was doing as she made it fun for them. I also liked the way she kept in touch before the party and whilst there. I wanted something different for my sons party, and found Sublime Science on the Internet. I read the fantasic reviews and knew my son would love it
Carrie Kemal, Son's Birthday Party in Luton with Nobiya, April 2014

Chloe did a great job of keeping 20 very lively and excited in line with some really interesting and fun experiments, which left them totally hyped and intrigued. Highly recommended. Something different for a party.
Juliet Osborne, Sublime Science Party in Amersham with Chloe, April 2014

Since the Sublime Science party was well received (as booked for the 19th April) – your Andy fully engaging the attention and interest of the kids – and Leigh of Special Additions doing a great job in getting their Super Science party bags over in time, I just wanted to compliment you upon the service provided. Hopefully other parents that were present will follow up their interest in your organisation, as many had never seen such a party entertainment with most commenting that it looked like something from one of the CBBC, kids TV science shows!
David Charles, Kids Birthday Party in East London with Atomic Andy, April 2014

All of it but the kids liked the sweets and slime. I don't think you could James arrived on time complete with all his equipment and right from the word go he held the children's interest. He was brilliant with them letting them have fun but bring try organised about it. Well Done James !!! Just Thanks to James & Sublime Science for making Dexter's birthday much more memorable.
Sue Lees-Wolfenden, Dexter's Birthday Party in Halifax with James B, April 2014

Magnetic Mitch was amazing - can't think of anything he could have done better! The children thoroughly enjoyed the party. Can't thank you enough for the fun and excitement you created with this party for both the children and adults.
Anne Froggett, Kids Birthday Party in Cambridge with Magnetic Mitch, April 2014

Hello. I would like to say that the two scientists who ran the Wacky Rockets event at my kids’ party on 6 April were brilliant. All the kids really enjoyed it and we loved having an event that was original.
Jane Jacklin, Kids Birthday Party in Tewin with Pippa, April 2014

All of it. James really engaged with the children and made it so entertaining. Outside rocket launches went down really well. The children were engrossed for the full time, money well spent. A special thank you to James as he was brilliant!! FANTASTIC!
Donna Whorley, Kids Party in Harrogate with James B, April 2014

What did you like best? Exploding lemonade fountain, making sherbert, making slime. The children enjoyed participating and the parents found it entertaining and relaxing.
Susan Grant, Sublime Science Party in Leicester with Sophie, April 2014

Emily was fantastic she really got the kids excited and was very professional. Thank you 🙂
Richard Talbot, Science Party in Sheffield with Emily F April 2014

The energy & enthusiasm of Tom & his ability to keep 18 children occupied for 1 & 1/2 hours. They loved it! We all loved the rockets too
Jill Jones, Kids Science Party in Cheshire with Tom G, April 2014

The whole party was great. The kids stayed interested the whole tome. It was nice the way Mike split the inside experiments up by doing the Wacky Rockets in the middle. He was fantastic with the kids. I wanted to try something different, I gave my son a number of options and he was adamant he wanted you guys. Thank you for making James' birthday an amazing and unforgettable one. The parents enjoyed it as much as the children!
Lyndsay Dodds, Boys Birthday Party in Peterborough with Magnetic Mike, April 2014

Just to let you know that the birthday party was fabulous (12th April). Our scientist - Lisa, was brilliant! She kept the children fully engaged and captured them completely. The experiments were perfect for a mixed group of 7 year olds. We did thank Lisa on the day, but wanted to make sure the company is aware of her brilliance too! I gather the company has just branched in to Cambridgeshire….. I anticipate you will do well here. Thank you again for a innovative, engaging and fun children’s party.
Rosaline Van de Weyer, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Cambridge, with Lisa, April 2014

It was all great kids loved it, Cat was fab we loved it all. Because of reviews and having a non girly girl.
Sarah Carson, Girls Birthday Party in Sheffield with Cat, April 2014

It's really hard to pick out a favourite part of what Lucy provided. The children were delighted with each and every activity they undertook with her! The adults were also very impressed with the activities and especially with how Lucy kept them entertained having fun, but also kept it safe at times when the children got a little excited! I had excellent feedback from all the parents - mostly saying how impressed they were with Lucy and how they loved the original idea for a children's party! The children had a really fun packed couple of hours and the adults were able to relax and enjoy! We couldn't have asked for more! I took Sublime Science details into my son's primary school as they were having a Science week the week commencing 11th March. I feel quite sure they had your wonderful team in as the reception children came out with a tub of green slime one day! Lucy was really professional and my husband was a little ups et he never saw her leave as he wanted to thank her personally for making such a memorable party for everyone! The experiments were a blast with the children (and adults alike)! I wanted something different from 'the norm'. Something more controlled than a lot of parties we have been to, but also having lots of fun was a priority to us - after all it's a children's party! I searched the net and your feedback was amazing! Your company sells itself!
Gail Smith, Children’s Birthday Party in Warton, Warwicks, with Lightening Lucy, April 2014

The experiments were amazing! The presenter was knowledgeable and presented in an engaging manner suitable for the children (and us parents who were equally hooked). Akber was great! He was very patient with the children and kept them excited and entertained at all times. They were hooked to the extent that they didn't want to eat! It was the first time I have ever seen kids not bothered about party food and cake. My son now wants the same party for his next birthday.
Karline Bowen, Son's Birthday Party in Ealing with Akber, April 2014

I thought it was all fantastic, the variety of experiments was excellent, the kids were engaged throughout and it was the talk of the playground on Monday morning. It was something I had never seen before and I knew my son would love it as he really enjoys science at school. Keep up the good work 🙂
Claire Woodman, Kids Birthday Party in Birmingham with Lightening Lucy, March 2014

The kids all really enjoyed the party as it was unusual, fun and unlike any other party they'd ever been to. They especially enjoyed the rocket launches outside, making the sherbet (and eating it), and making the slime of varying different colours. Even the adults enjoyed having their hair blasted. All the children were treated equally in that they ALL had a turn at participating in different events throughout the party, which was very important to us. James was brilliant, he was an excellent scientist and teacher with a brilliant sense of humour and presentation. I'm so very pleased I booked this party, it couldn't have been better or gone better! Because it was different from the usual parties that kids had, looked real fun and interesting, with a learning aspect thrown in. Also because it was suitable for both boys and girls, which was the mix at my daughters party. It was targeted just right for their age group! But EVERYBODY HAD FUN AND ENJOYED THEMSELVES ENORMOUSLY! It was BRILLIANT!  Please pass on our thanks once again to James the presenter who was absolutely brilliant and made the party a roaring success. He was very professional, punctual, and organised, with a wicked sense of humour. Couldnt have gone better.
Angela Jones, children’s birthday party in Bolton with James L, March 2014

I just had to let you know that Edward's party today was" totally awesome" (quote from Edward). All the kids thoroughly enjoyed all the experiments and tricks and the overall opinion was that it was a huge success. I cannot thank Tina enough she was brilliant and got down to the kids level and explained what was happening with the experiments and why. Thank you for making Edward's party a resounding success!!!!
Edward's Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Tina, March 2014

Everything about my son's party was fantastic. All the experiments was really hands-on, and Dawn was brilliant with the children. It was even educational too! The rockets were the icing on the cake - well worth a few extra pounds. I was recommended Sublime Science by a friend who had used you for her 6-year-old's party so, after reading all the positive reviews online too, went ahead and booked it for my 6-year-old son too!
Lauren, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Hertford, with Dynamic dawn, March 2014

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for Niamh's party. A great time was had by all and more importantly, I came home less stressed than I was when I went! Laura was a star 🙂 the hands on experiments - making the sherbet and goo were definitely the highlight of the party, although Niamh did enjoy making me look silly with the leaf blower! It's very difficult to find something to do for a party that is a bit different from everyone else. I'd heard of science parties before, and after a bit of research on google, discovered Sublime Science. From the very first point of contact, you were friendly, enthusiastic about both science and the children having fun and very helpful. I particularly liked the emails from Mad Marc with the handy hints and tips which were very, well, handy!
Katie Enright, Science Birthday Party in Derby with Laura, March 2014

The variety of the experiments and the way in which Fraser was involved with everything. Thank you for all your excellent hard work in booking and presenting Fraser's 8th Birthday Party, he had a wonderful time and to quote it is was "awesome". Thanks for everything, we would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a science-themed party.
Vickie Eadie, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Lichfield with Naomi, March 2014

Andi was Very calm, kept all the children interested and the adults learnt some new science facts as well!!
Jo Mackin, Kids Birthday Party in Bishops Wood village hall with Atomic Andi, March 2014

I don't know where to start......James arrived to set up, from the moment he got there he involved my son straight away! The kids arrived and James started to entertain them. Every child was engaged with him, he got them all involved and they were full of enthusiasm. He was fantastic! I sat back and watched while he did everything! Not one child lost interest, they sat and listened to him for the whole 1hr 15 mins I'd booked. I felt that I'd truly got value for money! My son said it was the best party he'd ever had! Every child enjoyed it, even the parents who stayed. The children learnt so much whilst having so much fun. We went outside to launch rockets, the children where full of excitement. I'm so pleased James did my sons 6th birthday party, he made it so memorable for him. He truly is an asset to the company! Thank you to James for everything! I honestly couldn't think of any way you can improve something when it's so perfect already! Best party ever! I didn't have to worry about anything! Alfie wanted something different. I'd read the reviews and liked what I'd read. I wasn't let down!
Rachel Court, Son's 6th Birthday Party in Riddlesden, West Yorkshire with James B, March 2014

Thanks for a great party, Atomic Tom arrived in plenty of time to set up and then did a brilliant job entertaining 12 kids plus mums and dads! The Rocket launch finale ended with the kids screaming with laughter, fantastic time was had by all. Science is my daughter's favourite subject at school, so when I found Sublime Science on the internet, it seemed like the perfect party for her.
Jackie Hankin, Science Party in Stafford with ATomic Tom, March 2014

Wacky Jackie held the attention of the children for the whole time they where engaged and having lots of fun. They loved making things and loved the interactiveness of the games. Looking for science show and your were recommended by Netmums. And the reviews on your website sealed the deal. Wacky Jackie was excellent and Alex loved it so a big thank you for making his birthday so great. We have had many comments and thank you messages from parents who thought it was brilliant.
Jenni West, Science Party in Liverpool Wacky Jacqui, March 2014

The Children loved the slime and blowing the smoke rings. It sounded different and would possibly calm rather rowdy children. Was slightly worried how the scientist would cope with 21 screaming 7 year olds who are more used to running riot at parties - I shouldn't have worried, Adele was amazing and kept them all entertained throughout. Had booked the 'Wacky Rockets', unfortunately the weather was terrible but Adele came prepared with the 'Climate Change' module as an alternative. Thank you for a great party.
Sharon Johnson, Children’s Birthday Party in Manchester with Adele, March 2014

The experiments were fantastic, really interesting but great fun too. They kept 12 kids entertained and amazed. I wanted something different for Danny's party and thought 7 was a good age to do this type of party especially has he has been getting more involved in science at school and really enjoying it. James the presenter was fantastic, he really kept the kids in check and kept them interested. He did a great job.
Vicks Sofield, Kids Birthday Party in Wigan with James L, March 2014

Anila was great, she really got the children involved and held their attention. The kids really enjoyed the experiments and Anila made it a lot of fun. I googled top children's party UK and Sublime Science was top pick, so I read the reviews and they were all so positive and on researching the party I thought what a great and unusual idea for a kids party! It didn't disappoint and all 18 10 year old boys and girls had a brilliant time, so thank you 🙂
Sarah Miles, 10 year old boys birthday party in Manchester with Anila, March 2014

It was all fab! Samia was engaging and effective. The kids loved the rockets! Highly recommended.
Howell Lovell, Kids birthday party in Nottingham with Samiah, March 2014

Miranda was super with the children, so patient, especially with some of the boisterous boys and kept them all absolutely engaged in the party. They all loved the slime and sherbet making and the rockets were a huge hit! A fun and different party that took the pressure of the parents! It worked, we were able to get on with getting the party tea ready knowing the children were all in good hands.
Steph Coles, children’s birthday party in Oxford with Miranda, March 2014

Varsha was brilliant!! All the kids (from 4-10 years old) were fascinated by her. They loved making the sweet powder and slime thing... we had lots of fun and got great comments from parents and children. We would like to try something different...and it was great fun! Thank you!
Silia Tung, Kids Birthday Party in North London with Varsha, March 2014

The whole party was great! The children really enjoyed it and we have had some great feedback from them! I have never seen so many kids sit, listen and watch so intently! Taherah was brilliant and kept everyone involved and interested, even the adults! She obviously enjoys her job and takes pride in it, a real credit to you! The rockets were fabulous and the children enjoyed making the sour sweets. Its going to be hard to beat this party! Thank you, and special thanks to Taherah! My daughter enjoys science and we thought this was something different to the usual kids birthday parties, and we were right! Just give us more, more, more!!!
Kim Eyre, Kids birthday party in Birmingham with Tahera, March 2014

How well the presenter engaged the children & the experiments. I learnt lots too! No improvements the party was great. Something different to normal parties. Looked fab & good reviews!
Tiffany Berridge, Sublime Science Party in Nottingham with Loopy Lou, March 2014

Loved the fact that Lucy texted me the day before; she was superb at engaging the children, having excellent communication skills; all of her experiments were excellently delivered and fully explained to the children; she wasn't in a hurry to leave and happily stayed longer at her suggestion to finish with the very popular slime! Couldn't say which of the experiments were most loved - every one bewitched the kids and they were entranced throughout. My son's favourite subject is Science and none of his peers had ever had a party of this nature.
Janet Russell, Boys Birthday Party in Warwickshire with Lucy, March 2014

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