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netmums-kids-party-award-winner2Over 2,000 delighted parents (at last count!) loved their Sublime Science Party so much they've written in to say thank you - (that's the most in the country!)

We think our children's parties are the best in the world but don't want you to take our word for it…

We won the Netmums Kids' Party Award (The Oscars of the kids party world)

We're on a mission to make science awesome for one million children. That mission has lead Mad Marc to take on the Dragons in the Den (with smoke rings and slime!) and to win a Queen's Award for Innovation from Her Majesty the Queen.

Most importantly of all along the way we've inspired more than 500,000 children to discover how awesome science can be.

Watch the video testimonials, listen to the audio ones but just promise not to read all 2,000+ thank you notes!

Winning investment on Dragons' Den!

Winning a Queen's Award for Innovation!

Even The Dragons Love Sublime Science!

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

"Congratulations...I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!' " - Deborah Meaden

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Just Promise Not To Read All 2,000+

The wacky Rockets! They are amazing, I think everyone loved them the most! Great, always replied within a couple of hours of a questions which is fantastic. Always helpful and friendly. Fun, education and an original idea. Suzy was lovely with all the children! She had lots of energy and and quickly moved things on when the children started to get distracted. The wacky rockets are a must! They are so much fun so I would recommend this extra because it really is a stand out event when the rockets shoot into the air! Thank you from all the children and the grown ups too!
Christine Peploe, Kids Party in Surrey with Sodium Suzy, July 2017

The whole party was fantastic, every section fascinated all the children. I thought it was pitched at the right level for Children and great that they could take part in party. Aurora was great with the kids. I have and will continue to rave about these parties. James had a super party, thank you so much. Staff very helpful and detailed in explaining everything. Aurora was great contacting me a few days before to introduce herself, the reassured me everything was organised. The name badges and science names were a great touch. nothing for me all was perfect. No, just brilliant, everyone should have a Sublime Science party.
Kate Butterworth, Childrens Birthday Party in Wakefield with Professor Aurora, July 2017

The interaction with all of the children , especially the Birthday Girl. By ensuring that the presenter gets in contact at least a week before the party - I had to send an email and call before this happened - its very nerve wracking as a parent when you are not able to confirm everything with who is coming until a couple of days before. Was looking for something different and hands on that could be held at home. I would like to say that Amy was wonderful with the children, they all had a wonderful time. The experiments were fun yet educational and everyone had a go. Amy was on time, great fun and knew her stuff.
Donna Rooney, Sublime Science Party in Bucks with Atomic Amy, July 2017

The kids really enjoyed the hands on science experiments - especially the wacky rockets outside, very helpful and very accommodating.
Liza Bourne, Sublime Party in Shepperton, with Supersonic Sarah, July 2017

Faultless. Could always speak with someone, telephone lines were never busy. Even if you didn't speak with the same rep, each one knew where the account was up to. They updated you every step of the way with products, services etc. Staff were polite and professional. The site looked professional The party packages meant I was able to worry less about what I needed to provide The You tube Videos helped me also to decide to book the party. You guys are like midwives, with you every step of the journey, resulting in birthing party 😉
Marilyn Powell, Childrens Birthday party in Beds, with Chemical Chris, July 2017

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A very big thank you for such amazing party today.Lesley was terrific and how she managed so many children. They were absolutely transfixed. Rohan and a very very happy Shay.
Rohan Glynn, Childrens Party in Hampshire with Lightening Lesley, July 2017

The children loved the slime and the rockets! Looked like fun (& it was!) Galactic Gabi was great! Brilliant with the children and knew how to engage their interest. Also really helpful (& incredibly tidy!)
Clare Semple, Sublime Kids Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabi, July 2017

Awesome Emma from Stamford, Lincs was great. She kept 11 busy 12 year olds interested even though it was a very hot Saturday evening. She adapted the routines to keep them involved and curious even though they are at the upper end of your intended audiences.
Joanna Chew, Sublime Party in Stamford with Awesome Emma, July 2017

The kids were engaged and well indulged in all the experiments and enjoyed the light humour of the entertainer Sim. They loved making the slime , the mentos Rocket and snow was the most favourite amongst all others. Office team been helpful and understanding. 
Nazish Adil, Childrens Party in East Sussex with Supersonic Sim, July 2017

You’re most welcome – we were so pleased to have such an engaging scientist to keep them entertained! I heard lots of enthusiastic remarks from children and parents, so it definitely went down well.
Anna Malan, Kids Party in Beds with Chemical Chris, July 2017

Atomic Anna was superb. My son enjoyed getting bob the balloon into the flask. Everything was very straightforward.
Angela Rees, Kent Boys Birthday Party with Atomic Anna, July 2017

Whacky rockets and the fact that the children were utterly enthralled! Professor Aurora did a great job! Well done and the party bags were fab!
Emma Wright, Childrens Birthday party in Wetherby, with Professor Aurora, July 2017

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The whole thing. The presenters were fantastic and kept the whole group engaged. They explained science is a fun way and everyone was joining in. Very helpful. From booking to the actual event everyone was there to answer any questions. Hearing from the presenter a few days before also put my mind at ease that they had all the correct information. I don't think you could. Everything was great! I wanted a different party instead of the usual party entertainers. I thought something educational but fun would be really interesting for the children.
Gemma Manninn, Sublime Science Party in Surrey with Magnetic Magda, July 2017

Loved how much the kids were captivated by the whole party.Extremely. Every request or option that I needed to amend was done straight away. I wanted a party for my daughter that was a bit different. I was slightly apprehensive about how the party would be received but I've had nothing but fantastic feedback about how much the kids and even parents loved it. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the sublime science team for giving my daughter an amazing party. She said she had an awesome time so I can't ask for more than that.
Davinia Kimber, Leeds Children's Party with Bonkers Beth, July 2017

That it was a learning and interactive experience for the children and that their attention was held throughout,  New ideas for different parties as some children had been to one before. My son wants to be a scientist and this looked really fun!
Nina Banks, Boys Birthday Party in Eversholt with Sherbet Sharon, July 2017

Dr Adam & Prof Ruth were very helpful and great with the children. For me it was perfect so can't think of anything to improve it. The excitement on my daughters face when I showed her the video
Vikki Bradshaw, Girls Birthday Party in Stockport with Dr Adam, July 2017

Practical demos and hands on stuff for the kids -all engaged fully for 1.5 hours. can't think of a way to improve excellent all round.
Shahid Khan, London Childrens Party with Supersonic Saria, July 2017

Presenter really engaged the kids - they had great fun. Entertainment for kids with some educational value and a bit different.
Elanor Gill, Kids Party in Winchester with Kryptonite Kristy, July 2017

Thank-you for an amazing party, all the kids had a great time and Professor Bug did so well holding their attention with so much distraction of trampoline and climbing frame in our garden. The rockets in particular were incredible!
Holly McLeish, Children's Party in Worcsester with Terrific Tina, July 2017

Bottle rockets, Office? Very helpful, Facebook advert and word of mouth.
Nancy Giesen, Sublime Science Party in Hitchin with Sherbet Sharon, July 2017

Children attention was held for two hours, office very helpful too.
Jane Eayrs, Children's party in Huntingdon with Nuclear Natalie, July 2017

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Ian the scientist was incredibly engaging and involved all of the children. They loved all of the experiments and in particular they enjoyed making sherbet and slime. The website had lots of info on what was involved and my son liked the video. The party was better than I expected. Ian the scientist was fantastic, he had a real rapport with the children and kept them entertained as well as imparting some really useful science info at the same time. I thought it was a different idea for a party than anything we had experienced before.
Laura Murphy, Children's Birthday Party in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, June 2017

The whole experience was positive and just what we hoped for. Jo was really good!!!!
Gabriella Munro, Kids Party in Tunbridge Wells with  H2jo, June 2017

H2Jo was very calm but engaging with the children they had so much fun, I saw it on Facebook book and my daughter loves experimenting she tends to use all my shampoo lol H2Jo was great fun all the children really loved her.
Kelly Fuller, Girls Birthday Party in Kent with H2Jo, July 2017

The rocket launches were super. Children loved it. Just got to work out how to get one of the bottles off my roof! Office? Very helpful and responsive, Wanted a science party and recommended by a friend who had used you before.
James Statham, Kids Party in Oxfordshire with Dr Shaky, June 2017

The experiments that engaged the children, Prof Fission managed the children really well and provided a fantastic experience for them all. Given our son is very shy, he was able to engage him in being his assistant. He was brilliant. All the children had a fabulous time , a real success ! Thank you. My son loves science and the reviews were excellent.
Rekha Parker, Children's Party in Aylesbury with Dr Fission, June 2017

Liked all of it, Office very Helpful, You've got it right!
Val Thornton, Childrens Birthday party in West Yorkshire, with Cosmic Catherine, June 2017

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The kids LOVED the slime. I have had several comments from parents saying how much their child had enjoyed it. We booked, because as Science teachers we know that Science is great! It also makes a fabulous change from other less exciting parties. We re-booked because we had all enjoyed the last one. The presenter was great, was lots of fun and everything worked. Everybody was glued for an hour!
Suzanne Bootyman, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Luminous Laura, June 2017

A very entertaining "science show" for the children, they really enjoyed themselves and Kate made it a great fun filled event. I don't really know what areas you could improve because everything from your side was perfect. As this was the first birthday party that I have ever arranged it was a very stressful time. However that was on my side for the venue and food and all the other things that I wanted to achieve for the party. From Sublime, it was a very easy and smooth event, just choose your flavour of party and pay the money and the rest just happens. The presenter turned up on time and was very friendly and helpful where needed.
Chris Angus, Kids Birthday Party in Cambridge with Calamity Kate, June 2017

We really enjoyed the party/show delivered in West Bromwich on Friday by Cosmic Colette She was brilliant. Several friends said it was the Best Party Ever. Thank you very much.
Joe, Sam and William, Sublime Science Party in West Bromwich with Cosmic Collette, June 2017

Promptness of arrival and independent set up. Rave reviews and a science obsessed child. Experimentation is rarely encouraged at this age and I was keen he get stuck in. He could barely wait for his party.
N Raina, Kids Birthday Party in London with Cosmic Caroline B, June 2017

We didn't have to do anything, Lightning Laura was excellent, thanks.
Simon Kelly, Kids Party in High Wycombe with Lightening Laura, June 2017

The kids LOVED the whole event - the participation and especially the slime making! The science based concept. 
Peter Turnbull, Kids Party in Turners Hill, West Sussex with Atomic Alex, June 2017

Lizzie was a great host and did amazingly well to keep the kids entertained for an hour. She was absolutely great. Thought it was an interesting and different concept.
Louise Ashley, Childrens Party in London with Loopy Lizzie, June 2017

The ability of the presenter to keep kids interested. My daughter is into science and went to a party which she enjoyed. I thought it was really good, both kids and adults enjoyed it.
Sally Hammond, Girls Birthday Party in Bolton with Helium Hannah June 2017

The children definitely enjoyed making things themselves, the slime especially was a big hit and they loved the wacky rockets. My son loves science.
Alicia Barker, Boys Birthday Party in Hurstpierpoint, with Atomic Alex, June 2017

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Rocket launching! Slime making pretty much the whole party in my sons words 'It was epic' Excellent customer service! My son has an interest in science so I decided to find a party with science being the focus and to invite some of his friends and family. I am very impressed with Sublime Science and Sherbet Charlotte the children were amazed all the way through! She kept there attention all the way through and even the adults had lots of fun.
Kirsty Mitchell, Boys Birthday Party in Bristol with Sherbet Charlotte, June 2017

I loved how Atomic Anna made a point to try and let each child have a go at something and let the birthday boy help with quite a few of the experiments. There have also been a few questions I needed answering and each time I've had a quick and friendly response! I really wanted my son to have an awesome birthday party, something a bit different and one that would be the talk of the playground. He loves science experiments and wants to be a scientist when he's older. It exceeded our expectations, I'd totally recommend this party package! Anna was great, she made the party lots of fun!
Hayley Webb, Son's Birthday Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, June 2017

Our scientist Dom kept the kids so busy and entertained all the adults had to do was enjoy the sun! office? Very helpful.
Helen Carson, Childrens Party in Cheshire, with Dynamite Dom, June 2017

Just seeing all of the children enjoying and joining in the party , party bags were great, Wanted something different to the normal parties that other parents and myself have done before.
Fiona Willetts, Kids Party in Bewdley with Boz the Boffin ( Hugh), June 2017

Magda. She was a lovely lady. The 'show' was fun... loved the rocket in the garden (and the sherbet!) Because I am bored of soft play parties and cannot distinguish one party from the other - I wanted Harvey to be able to remember his party and not have it blurred in with other parties he has been to!
Holly Huelin, Childrens Birthday Party in Berkshire with Magnetic Magda, June 2017

Such a wide variety of experiments and activities, to keep kids of a broad range of ages occupied. Added bonus that they were learning too but didn't even realise! Daughter and her friends love wanted to a gender neutral theme.
Mrs Gowland, Girls Birthday Party in Hertfordshire with Sciesmic Steve, June 2017 

It was unique and something that I hadn't seen before. James was great and held everyone's attention.
Joanne Smith, Sublime Science Party in Loughborough with Atomic Todd, June 2017

Children loved the experiments, specially the slime making, sweet sherbet and rocket explosions.
Anna Darling, Childrens Party in Sollihul with Radioactive Rhuki, June 2017

How Becca managed to keep 25 kids enthralled - and her sense of humour! recommendations on line, Becca really went the extra mile and even helped afterwards with the party bags etc.
Amanda Stickland, Sublime Science Party in Milton Keynes with Becca Blastoff, June 2017 

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The Presenters held the attention of 13 7 & 8 year old for the full 1.5 hours and made science so much fun. Nothing to improve  in my eyes. I think that the Company is great as it is . I had a party two years ago for my other Daughters birthday, I was so impressed that I booked another for my youngest daughter. The Presenters are very knowledgeable and also make easy work of explaining quote complex science to the kids. Totally awesome.
Sally Knights, Girls Birthday Party in Northampton with Nuclear Natalie, June 2017

Loved making the slime, looked fun and different and make slime, Presenter was very tidy, friendly and good with the girls.
Tiffany Purves, Sublime Science Party in Surrey with Supernova Sadie, June 2017

I like the variety of experiments, My daughter like science, and this is the only party related to her interest. Children enjoyed the party 100%.
Mrs Henevska, Girls Birthday Party in Eastbourne with Supersonic Sim, June 2017

Loved the rocket and coke bottle, Steve was wonderful very patient and calming. Kids loved it maybe a second person would of helped organised stuff as we tried to help organise kids for him.
Laura Webb, Sublime Science Party in Surrey with Sciency Steve, June 2017

The kids attention was held transfixed for the full 75 mins. Not bad for a group of 5 year olds! The testimonials and the fact that it seemed like fun for the children. It was! They have been talking about it all week and one of the children took their slime into school on Monday to show the teacher! Sarah was fantastic right from the start keeping the kids entertained and watching to make sure they were all involved. Also the party girl was made to feel special by Sarah. Thank you so much.
Tim Leak, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Kingston Upon Thames with Sarah Supersonic, June 2017

Great engagement with kids. Fun experiments and well controlled audience. Louisa was awesome!!! Everything was great. Really well organised.
Mark Simmonds, Kids Party in Nottingham with Lightening Louisa, June 2017

The content was brilliant! A lot of information, different fields of science covered, scientific language and fun experiments were well thought through and well organised. It was good that the kids got something to take home. The team were very helpful. Excellent job. My daughter loves science. I read reviews on the web. I thought the content was very promising. The testimonials were encouraging and the fact that it was on Dragon'd Den helped. We all enjoyed the party. Some children said it was the best science party ever ;-). The parents who were present thought it was a very good quality event.
Oksana Kornilova, Sublime Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, May 2017

Lightening Louise presented the information age based (ages 4-5), in a simply lovely way. Pictures of the time during the party show smiling and amazed faces. No child was left out. I also liked that contact was sought with every child prior to the party and name sticker ensured every child was talked to by his/her name. Emails and information sent prior the party were very helpful.
Christine Westphal, 4 & 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Oxford with Lightening Louise, May 2017

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My son Dominic loved all of the activities but his favourite was shooting air with smoke and a cup off my head! As a Dad, I enjoyed how organised the event was and found that I was able to take part alongside the children.  All of the children have told us and their parents how much they enjoyed the party and loved making the sweets and the goo! The team were very helpful as we had to re-arrange the date of the party twice due to personal family issues. We wanted a fully interactive party for my son who is interested in science and this has indeed kept his passion for science alive! We would like to thank the sublime science party team, they made our event a memorable experience and the children are still talking about it!
Stuart Johnson, Sublime Birthday Party in Lutterworth with Mercury Martin, May 2017

The slime making and sweet making as the kids enjoyed this a lot. Was looking for party ideas with my son and he saw your website and he liked the idea, plus it had good reviews.
Emily Smythies, Sublime Science Party in Preston with Dr Ianstein, May 2017

The experiments were brilliant, especially the rockets in the garden and the sweets, the children loved it. Super Sonic Sophia was fantastic, very engaging and lively and kept the children thoroughly entertained all the way through. I cannot think of anything you could do to improve it, the party was a hit with my son and all his friends and I can honestly say it's the best birthday party I've been to! I wanted something completely different for my son's party and by coincidence he had just finished Science Week at school and had really enjoyed it. I'd also seen you on Dragon's Den a while ago and was very impressed by the idea and all the great reviews from parents on your website. I really liked your emails in the run up to the event prompting about party bags (which I bought and the kids loved), party decorations (which I also bought and looked fantastic), check lists etc, it saved me time trawling through the internet for science themed items and made me feel that my son's party was as important to you as it was to me.
Wendy Moody, Childrens Party in Stevenage with Supersonic Sophia, May 2017

Dr Ianstein was absolutely brilliant I can't pick out 1 best thing. I contacted you the day after of the party to say how amazing the party was cause I was very impressed lots of my parent friends said it was fantastic and I few said they might book sublime.
Zoe Lees, Kids Party in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, May 2017 

Mad Ian was amazing! Engaging, funny and excellent with children. I don't know how he sustained his level of energy! Well marketed and recommended. Also the reviews were fantastic. Just a big thank you to Ian for making my daughter's birthday so special. It was great to speak to him in advance to get prepared. He was flexible about everything.
Grace Dutt, Girls Birthday Party in Cheshire with Dr Ianstein, May 2017

Professor Aurora was awesome! The presenters kept the kids entertained and enthralled. They thoroughly enjoyed the event. We had read the reviews and had a good understanding of what Sublime Science could offer.
Kully Johal, Kids Birthday Party in Leeds with Professor Aurora, May 2017

Natalie was very good she had a hard crowd as it was mostly boys who were very lively. Loved making sweets and slime!
Naomi Tzirkislime. Boys Birthday Party in Market Harborough with Nuclear Natalie, May 2017

The way Dr Ion kept the party moving and showed the kids a variety of different experiments. They all got the chance to be hands-on and the party was run with great enthusiasm. There were 18 6 and 7-year olds present, and they all had a huge amount of fun (and hopefully learnt a few things along the way....) very helpful - booking was easy and the information updates came regularly. The party bags were also fab! To give my son a party that was both different and fun!
Claire Douglass, Boys Birthday Party in Manchester with Dr Ion, May 2017

The great mix of scientific information and just plain fun for the kids. The kids loved everything. The thunder box and having airwaves blown in their face caused lots of laughter. Of course loved making sweets and slime .Our Sublime Scientist, magnetic Michéle was brilliant . The office team were excellent. They were very helpful and answered all questions directly. Also very friendly and reassuring. Magnetic Michéle was fabulous, she made the whole party interesting and exciting for the children. She kept their attention all through and there were lots of laughs and oohs and ahhhs, We were lucky with the weather and the rockets were fantastic.
Helen Barber, Kids Birthday Party in London with Magnetc Michele, May 2017

Nuclear Niki was fantastic, and really kept the children's attention. It was great that they got to take part in lots of the experiments and got things to take away with them. Oh and the signed certificate for the birthday boy was a really nice touch. I think our favourite parts were the rocket launch and the smoke rings. They were great, especially as we had a few dates to choose from and they were able to tell us very quickly which dates were available. Possibly providing a catered 'all in' option? But I know that'd be really difficult to arrange! We wanted something they hadn't seen/done before, as quite a few parties end up using the same entertainers and the children know all the tricks. Great service from start to finish, from first enquiries with your office team to the day itself. Our presenter was fabulous, very engaging and the children loved her. Best party ever 🙂
Suzanne Waugh, Childrens Birthday Party in Wigan, with Nuclear Nikki, May 2017              

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The kids loved everything but especially the slime making and electricity experiments and they are all still singing the de-de-daaahhhs now every time someone says the word disaster!! Amazing!! Everyone was really helpful and accommodating especially when I was having trouble with securing a venue. My son is a keen scientist and is a sponge when it comes to taking in information so this was perfect for him! He learnt a lot on the day as did his friends. Many of his friends are having the same type of parties like bowling, football and trampolining and everyone welcomed something different from the norm especially the parents that have to sit through kids parties week in week out!! Our presenter was amazing!! He kept all the kids engaged throughout the entire party and could not have been more helpful. Even the other parents were asking him science questions which he was very willing to help with. He made Callum feel very special on his birthday and has increased his thirst for knowledge even more!! I have been inundated with messages from parents after the party telling me how much their children enjoyed themselves.
Karen Barber, Boys Birthday Party in Stockport with Dr Ianstein, May 2017

Hi my son has just had his party today I just want to say it was absolutely amazing Dr Ianstein had the kids amazed and kept there attention on him all the time. All the parents said how great it was and people have shown interest in booking him for there children Please could you pass on our greatest thank you's and he truly made Thomas's day.
Zoe Lees (a very happy parent), Sublime Kids Party in Manchester, May 2017

Pranav and Janhavi had their sublime science party today. Becky Blast-off and her assistant were wonderful. Children had a great time. Thank you.
Beena Chitnis, Kids Birthday Party in Bedfordshire with Beccy Balstoff, May 2017

The presenter did a brilliant job of keeping 20 six-year-olds engaged for over an hour. Everyone really enjoyed it. Great, they responded to my initial enquiry very quickly and made everything easy to arrange. We just wanted a different kind of party and this sounded very interesting. Just want to reiterate how pleased we were with the whole experience.
Stephen Mayhew, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Worcester, with Boz the Boffin, May 2017

Supersonic Sarah had a good range of experiments. The kids seemed really engaged and particularly enjoyed the experiments that involved competition. It's a good theme for a party where boys and girls are invited. Perfectly pitched for an inquisitive 6 year old audience.
Julia Derbyshire, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Supersonic Sarah, May 2017

Well organised. Good variety of experiments. Adapted the event with harry Potter Magic spells. Very helpful.Good communication.
David Knowles, Sublime Kids Party in Redditch with Tina K, May 2017 

Isabella's energy and the variety of things shown to the kids. Something different.
Katie Marney, Sublime Childrens Party in London with Fizz abella, May 2017

Isaac enjoyed coming out to the front and doing the experiment himself in front of his friends. Isaac loves science probably because his mum teaches science.
Leon Pratt, Sublime Science Party in Radford Semele, Leamington Spa with Atomic Todd, May 2017

The entertainer was fun and full of energy . Strict enough with boys to keep them safe and engaged with them well. The experiment were fun and good variety and plenty . Was famous on TV good reputation.
Sonia Bello, Childrens Birthday party in  London, with Magnetic Michele, May 2017 

Sarah Supernova's rockets, Fun, educational and something different, Sarah Supernova had the girls in the palm of her hand, was so engaging and totally ignited their imagination. Warm, bubbly and full of fun!
Angela Phipps, Sublime Science Party in London with Sarah Supernova, May 2017 

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Everything!! There was not one part that I thought was better really everything was done brilliantly! The rockets outside had both parents and children screaming. Really helpful. Went above and beyond. I work shifts so booking the party was done between work demands and they were so flexible.. even when I had to abandon a conversation half way though to deliver a baby !!! My son wanted something different. He asked for a science party and I found you guys on the net!  Have to be honest had never heard of you till I hit google. The service from the office was outstanding.  But the presenter and helper we had. Think is was nuclear Natalie was outstanding.. she was friendly professional funny and keen. She kept a group that I thought would be like herding cats interested laughing and keen. My son cried happy tears after it was over as he had so much fun. Thank you sublime science!
Elaine Gilbert, Boys Birthday Party in Barton le clay with Nuclear Natalie, May 2017

Professor Chemikel kept everyone's attention for the whole time. I saw it on Dragons Den and it looked great. The children all loved the party and said it was the best party they had ever been to!
Sharon Wallace, Sublime Childrens Party in The Wirral with Chemikel, May 2017

The rocket was brilliant. The kids loved it. It wasn't a bit like a lesson, or like school. Great party atmosphere - my daughter had an amazing birthday, and her friends really enjoyed it. Very helpful. Great communication from everyone. Dom was in touch a couple of days before and let me know his eta on the day. Very good customer service. I wanted something different. Something we could do in the house. I wanted my daughter to get excited about the possibilities of science, outside of the classroom. Really pleased -thanks for a wonderfully memorable party!
Gemma Lynch, Girls’ Birthday Party in Liverpool with Dynamic Dom, May 2017

For me the fact he kept a large group of kids transfixed throughout. For my son: everything! Something different and my son loves science and experiments.
Vicki Watson, Boys Birthday Party in Chalford Hill, Gloucestershire with Teriffic Trym, May 2017

Besides Grace's leggings, I think the rockets were most exciting. My son loves a bit of science.
Simon Hiscocks, Boys Birthday Party in  Surrey with Amazing Grace, May 2017

I would just like to express my gratitude to Sophia who conducted Rosie's 7th birthday party on May 20th. Rosie was SO excited about having a science party and she, and her friends, were not disappointed. Sophia engaged fantastically with the children and kept those in check who needed to be so! The level of interest never dropped and she was just (I can think of no better way of describing her than this) fun. I know from the feedback from the mum's network that all the other children really enjoyed it, so some excellent PR work was done too! With many, many thanks for making Rosie's birthday.
Mary Loram, Sublime Science Party in Bedfordshire  with Supernova Sophia, May 2017

The whaky rocket and bubbles. Caroline is a lovely lady and was very patient with the large group of children. For a large group of children it would have been better to have 2 staff so that there is continuity with the entertainment. It sometimes came across as a science lesson than entertainment. The kids were very entertained with the experiments.
Natasha De Silva, Sublime Kids Party in Enfield, with Cosmic Caroline, May 2017

I liked how steve kept all the children's attention and was getting them involved which they really enjoyed. I wanted to have a 'different and exciting' birthday party that the kids could all get involved in. Even though the word 'science' was a little misleading to some of the parents that i was explaining the party too, they all thought the same that it was different and interesting and they were really keen on what there children thought of it afterwards.   I would just like to thank steve for doing an excellent job. I would definitely consider using you guys again in the future.
Dee Fatima, Kids Birthday party in London with Siesmic Steve, May 2017

The smoke ball was my favourite. I think the children loved making slime and sweets!!! We wanted the children to have fun but also learn that nature and science are incredibly interesting and rather cool.              
Corretta Lamarque, Sublime Science Party in London with Prof Jeremy, May 2017

Becky did a great job of keeping the kids engaged throughout and they thoroughly enjoyed the party. The outside rockets and static electricity experiments went down particularly well. The team were very helpful and efficient. They explained what facilities were needed and how timings would work. I liked the idea of doing something a bit different for my son's party. Also I thought it might get my son and his friends interested in science in a fun way.            
Emma Giddings, Boys Birthday Party in Gamlingay with Beccy Blastoff, May 2017

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The host, Lightning Laura was fantastic. She had her work cut out for her. 10 year old boys are not the easiest of audiences. She kept her cool and kept it interesting. Can not recommend her highly enough. Really helpful. I had to change the time of the party a week or so before and this was dealt with extremely well.  Don't see how you can improve. Unless you can actually start teleporting people. That would be extremely cool.  Because we'd had a sublime science party before and it was excellent. Adults and children had fun and learnt loads.
Joanna Wallace, 10 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Chalfont St Peter with Lightening Laura ,May 2017

Loved making the slime and the smoke bubbles. Leah was brilliant. The children we engaged and her presentation style was brilliant. She had 20 five year olds captivated.
Charlotte Robinson, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Wiltshire with Lightening Leah, May 2017

Many thanks to Professor Perfect for a wonderful party last Saturday. There were lots of 'wows' from the kids and adults as we watched. Totally hassle free from booking to the actual day. Well done sublime've nailed it! Entertainers who bring awe and wonder into children's lives. xx Credit where credits due...I teach the age group the party was for and know how difficult it can be. Have been recommending you.
Sublime Science Party in Essex with Electric Eamonn, May 2017

Presenter was informative and involved all kids as was engaging. Very helpful. I left them to it as I was greeting the kids. Didn't need any help setting up or packing away. Wasn't messy. Dealt with a loud kid very well.
Joanne Thompson, Kids Party in Leeds with Professor Aurora, May 2017

The enthusiasm that Ian brought to the party. He had the attention of all the children & was excellent at keeping them all interested. Very helpful & very pleasant to deal with. My daughter really wanted to have a sublime science party after we looked at your website. Just wanted to say that Ian went above & beyond what we expected, he made Arabella's party really enjoyable for everyone, even the parents said they enjoyed it too!
Gail Heywood, Girls Birthday Party in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, May 2017

The party was fantastic. So well organised and Dr shakey kept the attention of all the children brilliantly. Loved the party bags too. Excellent communication.
Sally Saunders, Sublime Childrens Party in Windsor with  Dr Shaky, May 2017

Laura was superb, very efficient and kept the kids attention in the most fun and engaging way. Everything ran smoothly. Everything ran smoothly.
Jacqui Boyle, Sublime Science Party in Hazlemere with Lightening Laura, May 2017

The organisation of the whole process. Grace was really confident, great with the kids and kept their attention! My son loves science and I was looking for a different type of party.
Sammy Lovelock, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey, with Amazing Grace, May 2017

It was all amazing! The kids loved it all, and were engrossed throughout. We liked the rocket stuff best, and making slime and sweets was so fun. Office? They were great. Always willing to help and answer and queries. As it seemed so much more different than any other party. Fun and educational at the same time. Also my daughter attended a sublime party and loved it, so she asked if she could have it too.
Naila Shah, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Surrey with Atomic Alans, May 2017

Informative, different, interesting for both children and parents! I wanted something a bit different from all the other 5 year old parties we had been to.
Christina Christou, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Essex, with Electric Elle, May 2017

It is different. All the children loved it. It is entertaining as well as fun. Great for both boys and girls.
Victoria Haines, Boys & Girls Birthday Party in Fleet with Electric Emily, May 2017

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I had to write and thank you so much for entertaining the children at David and Isobel's party yesterday!Never have we seen so many quiet children, you mesmerised them all Science, and your delivery!!Please accept my sincerest thanks, and apologies for the chaos and the overwhelmed mother (me!) Your kindness in doing the outside game was greatly appreciated also!!!
Shirley Cottam, Sublime Science Party in Milton Keynes with Becca Blastoff, May 2017

Different experiments, range of activities. Presenter kept the attention of the children too.  Wanted something different and magical. As well as sons interest in making potions and science in general.
Georgina Clayton, Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with Proffesor Aurora, April 2017

I would just like to thank you and Prof Bunsen Turner (!) for the entertainment for Charlie’s party on Saturday – he had such a fantastic time, it was a real success!
Danielle Tod, Sublime Kids Party in Manchester with Helen Bunsen Turner, May 2017       

The birthday boy and all his friends had a fantastic time, nothing could be better than that.scientists interaction with the kids and his ability to hold there attention for nearly 2 hours. The website, testimonials and awards you have received, and the fact my son loves science experiments so this was just right.
Lisa Smith, Boys Birthday Party in Hertfordshire with Seismic Steve, May 2017    

The kids were engaged throughout the whole session. The Rocket Launch was enjoyed by all, adults and children. My son has a very keen interest in Science. My youngest son (5) was quite adamant that the presenter was a fake scientist, as she was a girl and couldn't be real! He was soon eating his words when the experiments started! I think it opened his eyes to diversity at a young age and he was truly impressed. He can grasp the meaning and excitement of how things work!
Lisa Fraser,  Boys Birthday Party in Stoke on Trent with Mercury Maile, May 2017

Alex was a wonderful host. He arrived with plenty of time to set up and prepare, and we had a chance to discuss the party and what was going to happen. From the off, he was friendly and a lot of fun. The children really took to him and he had them mesmerised from the start. The experiments were a lot of fun and the children loved them, especially when they got to make their own sherbet and slime. The party flowed wonderfully. The order in which Alex did the experiments , ensured the children didn't lose interest. The rockets outside were a big hit too. I can't praise Alex enough. He was very enthusiastic and looked like he thoroughly enjoyed being at the party too. We had a group of loud energetic kids, he was patient and calm wth them all. Thank you again Alex ;o) I really liked having a different type of party for my son - so much better than the usual football parties boys tend to have.
Tina Alfieri, Sublime Party in Brighton with Alex KT, May 2017

I liked the way Isabella kept the children entertained and under control them despite their high energy. The children loved it all but I think they liked the rocket and the air blaster best. They were very helpful and proactive in getting back to me quickly and sending replacement invitations when the first batch didn't arrive. The subject matter looked fun and entertaining for a group of 7 year olds and the Sublime Science Team came highly recommended through testimonials and awards.
Julia Elliott, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in West Sussex with Fizz Abella, May 2017

Isabella the presenter was wonderful. She managed to keep the kids engaged and entertained. Having to deal with 4-5 yr olds +sugar rush can be such a scary thought but somehow she had all this magic control on them which was amazing  Absolutely brilliant the kids loved it. A party with a difference/ fun and educational at the same time.
Ona Tambula, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Brighton with Fizz Abella, May 2017

Rosie and her friends loved it, Office Very helpful.
Angela White, Sublime Science Party in Portsmouth with Kryptonite Kristy, May 2017

It is different. All the children loved it. It is entertaining as well as fun. Great for both boys and girls.
Victoria Haines, Boys & Girls Birthday Party in Fleet with Electric Emily, May 2017

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We had a wonderful feed-back from the parents, both kids and adults have been fascinated by  the experiments they witnessed. Rich was fascinated by many things, as you know, Tim Gowers loved the smoke rings experiments, while his daughter, clever Esther, loved everything and in particular the slime making. So, ``one small hour for us (more like two hours in fact), one giant leap for science'' considering how many clever kids have been dazzled by all these mysterious phenomena.
Cornelia Drutu, Sublime Science Party in Bedfordshire with Chemical Chris, May 2017

I liked how hands on it was. Even though the children were only 5 it really kept their attention. My son asked specifically for a science party.
Rachael Dagnall, 5 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in the Wirral with Dynamic Dom, May 2017

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for a fantastic party! Leah was brilliant and the children were captivated! Jacob and his friends had a brilliant time.
Charlotte Robinson, Boys Birthday Party in Swindon with Loopy Leah, May 2017

Anna was the best. She was so funny and interesting. The children laughed loads, so did the adults. She was the best children's party entertainer I've ever seen. I have no idea what she's paid, but I think she should get a pay rise as she's such a good ambassador for your firm. The person attending makes the party. If they aren't given flex to get kids to queue or tell them things, that must make it hard. I'm quite use to telling groups of people what to do, so perhaps chipped into much!
Laura Smith, Sublime Kids Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, May 2017

The entertainer (Magnetic Michelle) was outstanding. She was funny, a bit mad, very clever and totally in control. She made my son feel so special! 25 children were enthralled and the science experiments were brilliant. I would wholeheartedly recommend a Sublime Science party to anyone!!!! It was something different and my son loved the idea of making slime! Can't think of anything. I thought it was genius!
Elisabeth Wickham, Boys Birthday Party in West London with Magnetic Michele, May 2017

Chris was superb throughout. He kept in regular contact before the event. He arrived early to explain the format, interacted and controlled the children by keeping them engaged and stayed late to speak to some of the parents who were interested in his presentation. To provide something different for my child's party. We wanted a party that would be engaging, fun and something that they will remember.
Andrew Childerley, Kids Birthday Party in Royston  with Chemical Chris, May 2017

Everything to be honest! Su Pernova was fantastic with everyone. She appeared to be enjoying herself as much as the kids, and kept them tactfully in line. Our son's favourite part was making the slime. I honestly don't think you could possibly improve! The kids and adults all loved every minute. We wanted to give our son a brilliant birthday party, but something a bit different. On reading on the Internet about Sublime Science, I liked how the Prince's Trust had been involved. Another of our sons is with the Fairbridge Project, so we know the good work they do. Sublime Science's advertising is awesome! We were very excited to book.  We'd just like to thank you all for an excellent experience, from reading the advert through to the end of the party. And wish you the best of luck in the future.
Rachel Tyler, Children's Birthday party in Birmingham, with Supersonic Su, May 2017

The experiments were great and kept all the kids busy. My 5 year old daughter told me afterwards she wants to be a scientist which is great! Alan was great he kept the kids entertained while we waited for all of them to arrive, he kept their interest and control of their focus which was great for 20 kids.
Tabitha Appleby, 5 Year Old Girls Birthday Party in London with Atomic Alan, May 2017

Our presenter Atomic Anna was smashing - the kids roared with laughter and she handled a group of rather feisty boys extremely well - managing to assert her authority while keeping them engaged all throughout the show. Even if there was a slight glitch with an odd experiment she managed it so well that kids haven't even noticed and just had even more fun when she turned such situations into more giggles! My only regret is for not being a better organised host myself and having the time and extra pair of hands to offer Anna a cuppa and a cake - sincere apologies to Atomic Anna! You've nailed this to perfection - just keep it up.
Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic, Children's Birthday party in Kent with Atomic Anna, May 2017

This was a brilliant entertainment for a varied group of children aged between 5 and 15. They all got involved - even the teenagers who initially thought they were too cool for it! It kept them completely enthralled for the whole time and worked really well. Jack, who ran the session, was excellent with the children - he noticed when they came in that one was upset and immediately brought him forward & got him involved so he forgot all about it and joined in. Can't recommend it enough. To entertain a group of children with a 10 year spread in ages, which I thought would be tricky, but this fitted the bill perfectly.
Penny Uglow, Kids Party in Harrogate with Jupiter Jack May 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful party for my son yesterday, he and all his friends absolutely loved it and had great fun, calling it ‘Epic’ and ‘awesome’. Seismic Steve was great with the kids, a great time was had by all!
Lisa Smith, Sublime Boys Party in North London with Sciesmic Steve, May 2017

Well what can I say, what an awesome party! Elizabeth had a very excitable crowd of 5/6 year olds to contend with and the only word I can think of is awesome. She totally rocked In the words of my son Harry, "it was the best party ever!I can't thank you enough for such a different, educational idea for a party I will be recommending you to everyone who wants to do something other than balloons, disco and the usual party entertainer Please pass on my Thanks to Elizabeth.
Sam Ben-Shir , 5 &  6 Year Olds Birthday party in East London with Elizabeth Element, May 2017

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We loved all of it! The presenter turned up as planned and set up without any problems. She kept the children engaged for the full hour (despite having chatting parents to contend with). The children absolutely loved the entire thing and I received lots of thank you texts from parents reporting that their child kept talking about the party afterwards! I also loved how my son (the birthday boy) was made a fuss of and was constantly asked to help the presenter. This made him feel extra special! Really helpful. Quick responses. I always got my call answered immediately and my questions were also answered immediately. I saw the Dragons Den connection and then saw all of the positive reviews - this swayed me to use Sublime Science rather than competitors.
Sharon Hundal, Sublime Science Party in Kettering with Chaotic Claire, April 2017

Grace the presenter was fantastic - enthusiastic, motivating - she even got the 16 year old big brother involved! The girls at the party loved the rockets, and the sherbet, and the slime, and the smoke bubbles - in fact they were raving about all of it! Office? Very helpful when I had to change the date.
Catherine du Preez Gale, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey with Amazing Grace, April 2017

The slime and the Arizona were big hits, the fact that it is so different to everything else and educational was what I liked and what led me to book. Very, everything required was provided. Because it was different and looked like fun.
Jeanette Kuryliw, Kids Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabi, April 2017

Toby and his pals had a brilliant time. Professor Bunsen Turner (Helen) was fantastic! The children where captivated and so were the parents, who all commented on how good Helen was.  A special 7th birthday that Toby will be sure to remember. A super day had by all.
Kerry Langton, 7 Year Olds Childrens Party in Manchester with Helen Busen Turner April 2017

Making tornadoes and colouring the slime! Said Heidi, but we loved the whole thing, especially not having to do any preparation from an adults point of view! Very prompt in replying, efficient and helpful! Couldn't improve it was perfect from our point of view! My daughter insisted ! I mentioned a friend had a science party a couple of years. Ago! She has wanted one since, Sodium Sam is awesome! Thanks again for making 2 little girls 8th birthday extra special! Corrine Anderson, Childrens birthday party in Melton Mowbray, with Sodium Sam, April 2017 My daughter really likes science. I like a theme party for older children, and this one is suitable. The reviews are good, too.
Ha Nguyen, Girls Birthday Party in Southampton with Kristy Kryptonite, April 2017

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Children were engaged throughout, Sue 'read' them well and switched activity when they became distracted. Organised indoor activities. Reinforced rules about participation and listening. Very - I loved the hints and party guidance. Excellent contact from Sue to get children's names, update guest list and discuss parking/access, which I was worried about. Sick of bouncy castles at every party. Really engaging for the 5 year old 'sponges' Great reviews online. Took pressure from us to entertain! A few parents have commented on how good it was, how I came across your service and now I'm wondering how to top this success next year!
Lisa Forbes, 5 Year Olds Party in Worcester with Sue-pernova, April 2017

Everything! Dr Ion was fabulous- 14 kids were mesmerised, loved it all. Great value for money and my son now says yay when I say science!! Very. Quick responses and accurate recording of info. Something different, plus I always disliked science at school as it was dull, tedious and text-booky. It was only as I got older and 'adulted' that I realised how epic science is. Now it astounds me how an epic topic of science can be routinely stripped of interest and excitement with our schools and curriculum. Sublime Science was a hope that this could change it for my son...and it did. For now...hope the schools/curriculum keep up! It would be a shame to spark excitement in the kids, then hollow it out with the text booky ways I endured...
Julia Ford, Sublime Science Party in Loughborough with Dr Ion April 2017

How accommodation Seismic Steve was for our party! He was incredible with all the children of various ages. The touch part of the party was definitely the best part. Really helpful and informative. I thought it would educational and fun and it was!
Carly Sparkes, North London Childrens Birthday Party with Seismic Steve, April 2017

Thank you very much, it was an amazing party, all kids and adults had really good fun. Steve was very good  and very patient with all kids. You can be sure we will recommend your company.
Jolanta Tanas, Sublime Science Party in North London with Seismic Steve April 2017

The sweets got the kids to pay attention, the smoke rings were well liked but bottle rockets were excellent and really "hit the mark". Feedback afterwards was "Sams party, best one ever"
Nick Rossiter, Kids Party in Colsterworth with Sodium Sam, April 2017

Just a quick email to say that Kevin and assistant were excellent. Everyone had a fantastic time!
Louise Pepperdine, Sublime Science Party in Lincs with Kryptonite Kevin, April 2017

He kept the children entertained all the way through. He involved lots of the children in the experiments and was particularly good at ensuring the birthday girl was made to feel special by letting her pick the people to do the experiments. All the children loved it both boys and girls. Really good would certainly recommend. Great - I didn't need to contact them much. Different to the other parties I had done and all kids love slime! My party host was very good.
Jill Melvin, Kids Party in Liverpool with Dynamic Dom, April 2017

The variety of experiment. Magda held the attention of 16 6 year olds perfectly. The kids faces were a picture of absolute amazement at some of the experiments. I even learnt some things. Very professional and efficient. The kids loved it when they got to participate. Anything where they can participate a little more. The party's looked so much fun and educational
Sarah Welch, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Hampshire with Magnetic Magda, April 2017

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Atomic Anna was great she kept them engaged for the whole time and she made sure they all got a go at something, it was so good can't pick one thing. Office? Very helpful. My daughter loves science and it seemed a really cool approach.
Wendy Griffiths, Girls Birthday Party in Gravesend with Atomic Anna, April 2017

Just wanted to write to say a big thank you for my daughters party on the 1st April. I didn't think it possible to keep 20 hyper children quiet and obedient for an hour, but you guys know how to do it!  Everyone commented on what a great party it was and how good the 'Professor' was. The party bags didn't disappoint either. Thanks again for making Emily's birthday a truly fab day to remember.
Alison Hamilton, Daughter's Party in Manchester with Helen Busen Turner, April 2017

Hard to say, obviously the slime making and the sherbet was very popular. The bucket that blew smoke rings was great. And to top that, there was very little mess to clear up. Very accommodating and helpful, from every point of contact - phone, email and in person. We wanted something a little different, something interesting, fun and interactive for my son's birthday party. And how many children can resist slime? Our presenters were fantastic, they engaged with and held the attention of 20 five year olds! Which is no easy task. Friendly, punctual and passionate about what they do.
Yvette Weir, 5 Year Olds Party in Sheffield with Toxic Tina, April 2017

The scientist kept the children engaged through the party. The experiments and games were age appropriate. There was something for everyone to take home with them. Very helpful considering the short notice for the party date. If the Sublime Science team has their own venues for families who may not have the space to accommodate the party. My daughter currently has an avid interest in all things scientific especially slime!
Victoria Changa, Gilrs Birthday Party in Luton with Lightening Laura, April 2017

Thank you for coming. All children had a great time. Harrison has told me in a lot of detail about the different experiments. A successful couple of hours!
Helen Castle, Sublime Science Party in Milton Keynes with Chemical Chris, April 2017

I like the fact that there was structured fun that kept the children entertained. The office team were very helpful and explained everything. I wanted to give my son and his friends a great time at my son's birthday party. I booked an extra 15 minute session but in retrospect I would not do that again. This is only because of the logistics of getting the kids into the village hall and out again in the time I was given, because the time needed to get through everything takes longer with more children.
Maureen Rankine, Boys Birthday Party in Bramhall with Genetic Gemma, April 2017

Adam has just left and the children had a fantastic time! What a great event. Will definitely call upon you again next year.
Catherine Taylor, Sublime Science Party in Manchester with Atomic Adam, April 2017

It's hard to choose, it was brilliant! Dr Ianstein's energy & enthusiasm were very infectious. I honestly don't think you should change a thing in terms of the event itself. It was something completely different! A huge thank you to Dr Ianstein for making our son's day extra special.
Debi Petch, Kids Birthday Party in Stockport with Dr Ian stein, April 2017

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The rockets and lemonade explosions where great but the whole party was fantastic. Really helpful and informative and very quick to respond to queries. Looked fun and different and my little boys absolutely love science. The presenter was great really friendly and enthusiastic she was fabulous with the children and done lots an lots of experiments just brilliant. All the experiments where great we booked the rockets and so glad we did they where a real success.
Rachel Duff, Liverpool Kids Birthday Party with Dynamic Dina, April 2017

My daughters liked the sweet making and mini competitions - tornado chasing and blowing air into the long bag. I liked the atmosphere created by the presenter and the constant interaction with the children. It was just as much fun for the adults watching as for the children themselves. Very Helpful. From my initial enquiry to the speedy response from my request to increase my party number. We wanted something different and this looked fun. The party was a success, my daughter thoroughly loved helping the presenter and interacting with her friends. Isabella was great at keeping the kids focused and the science fun.
Simone Roberts, Daughter's Birthday Party in Crawley with Boom Bella, April 2017

The best experiments were the sherbet and slime making, water cup trick, noise from tubes and without a doubt the rockets. Sadie was a great presenter who kept the children engaged. I would definitely recommend her.
Maria Steven, Childrens Party in Surrey with Sciencey Sadie, April 2017

Everything. Party was fantastic. Worth every penny. Communication was excellent. Don't need to improve. Wanted something different for our daughters party and had seen on dragons den.
Paula Bartram, Girls Birthday Party in Nuneaton with Atomic Todd, April 2017

I loved how engaged and excited the kids were. Steve was great with them and it was so interactive. My son was very proud of the scientist certificate he received at the end of the session. Very helpful on initial booking and follow up emails were helpful too. My son asked specifically for a science party and I was impressed by sublime science's honest website and professionalism.
Liz Pearson, Boys Party in Berkshire with Sciency Steve, April 2017

I loved the fact that the whole party was arranged with just a few phone calls. The team in the office were great! Any questions I had were efficiently dealt with and nothing was too much trouble. Very patient and friendly too! Grace, my daughter, hadn't had a big party for a couple of years and we really wanted to invite the girls and boys from her class for her 10th birthday party. I love the fact that Marc is really keen on science and thought this would appeal to both the girls and boys. And it did! The children really enjoyed the party and it was great! The parents were pretty impressed too..... Our scientist Colette was a true star and she was great 🙂 Well done Marc, you've done yourself proud, I had a stress free time organising the party and a very happy Grace and classmates at the finale!
Bena Kansara, Girls Party in Coventry with Cosmic Colette, April 2017

Professor Bunson Turner made my daughter feel really special on her day. She had the children's attention throughout which is not easy with 20 children between age 2 to 7. Extremely helpful. Always polite and had great suggestions on the order of the day.Carry on doing what your doing. It looked fun and different. Will recommend to anyone.
Jannette Briscoe, Girls Party in Manchester with Helen Bunen Turner, April 2017

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Organising a children's party may seem very straightforward to some. Ultimately various elements need to be brought together to ensure everything runs smoothly. The guys from Sublime Science came along and played their part without any fuss or unnecessary drama. This is what stood out for me and made the whole afternoon stress free and enjoyable.It was something different, I simply couldn't ask for more!
David Allen, Sublime Science Party in London with Atomic Ali, March 2017

H2Jo. Was fun and very engaging. She took the time to speak to the kids before the party and after. Very personal touch. Very helpful. From first contact, any questions i had were answered promptly and with a smile. I wanted something different from the usual party entertainment fair. Sublime Science was a great choice. Parents and kids were raving about it and were impressed at the fact that the kids were learning and having fun at the same time. Sound, sweets and slime... What's not to like!
Ashar Boyle, Kids Birthday Party in Tunbridge Wells with H2Jo, March 2017

The Wacky rocket module was excellent and the exploding lemonade was really cool too, the boys loved it. Magical Maddie was brilliant at keeping 14 boys under control and interested in what she was doing. The science information was delivered in a fun way so they would have learnt something new even if they didn't realise it! I even learnt something new myself ! Everyone really enjoyed it and loved eating the sweets they have made and taking home their slime. Something different to other parties out there.
Kerry Preston, Childrens Party in Wokingham with Magical Maddie, March 2017

They loved all of it !! Grace was brilliant and fun and mad the kids relax and giggle !! Their faces were brilliant when they saw and felt the experiments !! Totally amazed. Because we wanted something different and the fact that they are learning at the same time was brilliant plus it's like a magic show in itself and it's fun !! My daughter and friends haven't stopped talking about it and I've had people ask for your website so good luck! 
Fleur Shave, Girls Birthday Party in Surrey, Amazing Grace, March 2017

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We liked everything! Kids were enthralled by the whole thing and Louis was brilliant at keeping them interested and focused. We enjoyed what was on offer and it was suitably interesting and entertaining for 7 year olds (and my husband!) who walked away with some new knowledge as well. Science can be so exciting and what better way to encourage children to develop interest in science than to have them take part in fun experiments! Thank you very much Sublime Science, you have certainly delivered what you have promised and more.
Marsha Gosling, Sublime Science Party in London with Lightening Louis, March 2017

Loved, The range of experiments, the educational undertone, the hands on elements, the wow factor. The promise of captivating the kids for the entire party and us not having to do much during that time, for a change! Kenton was fantastic. He kept the kids (and my 70 year old Dad) entertained, enthralled, amazed and captivated throughout. The range of experiments, opportunities to get hands on and involved were brilliant. The sherbet making, the slime making, tornado in a bottle races and everything he wowed the kids with was just great. It was all senses themed so un beknown to the kids they were also being educated! Many thanks for a fabulous party.
Louise Evans, Kids Party in Rugby, Warwickshire, with Kinetic Kenton, March 2017

We loved the Sherbet, the slime and the rocket. Different and looked like it would be a good show. Everyone enjoyed the presentation, children of various ages and adults alike.
John Crooks, Sublime Science Party in West Midlands with Radioactive Rukhsar, March 2017

The sherbet making was a big success. My daughter wanted a science party and I read your reviews. The length of the entertainment was perfect and the kids were engaged throughout.
 Mardas, Daughters Birthday Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, March 2017

I had initially seen them on Dragons Den & thought it was an interesting educational concept. When I searched the internet for party entertainment Sublime science came up and the reviews were excellent.
Hayley Pereira, Childrens Birthday party in Manchester, with Helen bunson Turner, March 2017

The kids were engaged and loved the science experiments and being able to get hands on. Parents loved that it was educational and not 'disney'; and that the correct scientific terms were shared with the children. The experience had a big impact on the children, with reports of kids that had joined the party discussing how to actively form science clubs, and how they could lead the science experiments
Emma Blewitt, Kids Party in Gloucestershire with Titanium Tina, March 2017

The way the children were engaged during the experiments, we loved the ooo's and ahhh's and that I had to tell some parents off for shouting out the answers! Office? Very helpful, I had quite a few questions and they always responded quickly. It looked fun and as soon as our daughter saw the website she wanted a sublime science party.
Paula Easton, Kids Birthday party in Kent with Lightening Lucy, March 2017

The scientist was very personable and friendly. He was also very patient. The fact that the party was a unique concept for the other parents attending was a bonus and so set my son's party apart from the "norm". It was educational as well as entertaining.
Emma Sinclair, Childrens Party in Surrey with Sciency Steve, March 2017

Galactic Gabi was totally amazing!! She held the audience and was awesome with the way she engaged all the children - we LOVED her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the sublime science team to friends and family! Thank you so much. I was looking for something more original and found sublime science online.
Helen Clarke, Childrens Birthday party in Monks Fryson, with Galactic Gabi, March 2017

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The variety of experiments and all had good visual impact. Jack also didn't overload the children with too much information. He was enthusiastic and did well with a rather loud lively crowd. All the feedback I have had from guests has been positive. I would recommend Sublime Science to others whole heartedly. My son loves science and this was a good fit for him. It is also something slightly different.
Shelley Hargreaves, Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with Jupiter Jack, March 2017

The experiments were amazing really educational and fun. Office? Fantastic so helpful and easy to reach. Your website and information were the best and your testimonials were amazing.
Heidi Beattie, Kids party in London with Lightening Louis, March 2017

Good communication throughout, easy and flexible booking process and great to have free ebook for guests. Love the concept of accessible and fun science party for kids. Very helpful, prompt to respond to emails and very personable on the phone. Great flexibility with the options for the party package. Overall, feedback from parents was very good and the children enjoyed it too. At the end of the day, it's fantastic if they can be inspired by the experiments and understand more about the world in a fun and relaxed way and this is where the presenters have to adapt to their audience.
Djami Djeddour, Childrens Birthday Party in Berks with Magnetic Magda, March 2017

Everything was great. The kids loved it and were completely enthralled throughout. Mel was fantastic. We couldn't have asked for more. My daughter and her friends had an amazing time two years ago and they all asked for another party.
Lisa Carter, Girls Birthday Party in Essex with Mercury Mel, March 2017

Rocket Ren was fantastic with the children and they loved every minute. Totally engaging and they loved the rocket making the most and the slime. Office? Very helpful and easy to deal with. Thank you so much for a fabulous party, Rocket Ren was wonderful with the children and they all loved it. Freya thought the party was awesome and they learnt so much at the same time whilst having fun!
Katie Jaye-Lipton, Girls Party in London with Rocket Ren, March 2017

We had my son's 8th birthday party today at Iffley Church Hall. Prof Fission and he did an amazing job! The children were all so excited and he managed to keep them full engrossed for 1.5 hours.  The experiments were amazing, especially smoke rings and rockets. Please pass on our big thanks to him.
Ruth Tate, Childrens Party in Oxford with Professor Fission, March 2017

The presenter Atomic Ali was absolutely brilliant he captivated all the children with engaging experiments and activities. A number of them came up to me to say it was the best party they had ever been to. The whole show was fantastic the children and adults were enthralled. Office? Extremely helpful - I couldn't fault them. I wanted my son to have a science party and I tried for three years to get sublime science - so pleased you now cover Hammersmith and Fulham.
Frances Southerden, Boys Birthday Party in Fulham, with Atomic Ali, March 2017

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We thought the whole party, so many experiments! My son loved making the slime the most. I liked the rockets. The office team were very helpful. My only recommendation is that it would have been useful to know the size of the table required. There was much more equipment/materials than expected. It was an excellent party. All the children had lots of fun and the parents that stayed were just as impressed by the experiments. My son enjoys science. I also received a prompt reply when other (non-science related) party companys didn't even bother to get back to me. Jo did a wonderful job keeping the children attentive. I was doubtful it would be possible to engage a group of 6 and 7 year olds for an hour and a half but iI was proved wrong. Many thanks to Jo and "fuzzy feet"
Lisa Dunnett, 6 & 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Tunbridge Wells with H2Jo, March 2017

Adam was fantastic at keeping he children entertained. I was amazed how many experiments they did. The rockets were the best!! Office were very helpful and efficient. My daughter loves science and this was the best party I could find, it had great reviews as well. I would like to say a special thanks to Adam who really made the party a success. He was great with the children.
Catherine Bradshaw, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Stockport with Atomic Adam, March 2017

The science content - experiments, the entertainment aspect, loved the learning aspect.
Adisa Khan, Childrens Party in Crawley with Isabella, March 2017

It was what my daughter really wanted for her birthday as she loves science and the good reviews made me choose Sublime Science. I have made the best decision and we received great feedback from the other parents and children! Chris was great with the kids and he got them all so engaged!
Ana Ros, Daughter’s Party in Hinxton Hall, Cambs with Chemical Chris, March 2017

The engagement level of the kids was amazing - they were virtually entranced! It was a wonderful thing to behold all so excited about Science and wanting to take part and share their thoughts and knowledge - they found it fun, entertaining and interesting! No ideas for improvement it was perfect! Different and engaging party - I don't mind spending money for kids to be entertained/educated and engaged in a fun, safe and interesting environment 🙂 I love the certificate - not sure if it was the presenters idea but my daughter got everyone at the party to sign the certificate as a reminder of the day - she would have another sublime science party tomorrow if she could!
Natalie Summers, London Sublime Science Party with Cosmic Caroline, March 2017

We like absolutely everything! Many thanks! Thanks! Everything is perfect. We have 26 children. They were all very happy and the parents who stayed in the hall absolutely liked the party. They can not wait to have their children's sublime science party. We are all very pleased of the presenter. Thank you very much Louis! You were amazing!
Armine Oscan, Sublime Science Party in London with Lightening Louis, March 2017

I loved how engaged the children were. We had an age range from 4-12 years and all the children participated for the whole hour. It seemed the best science party company from all the reviews I read. My 8 year old and her friends absolutely loved the party. Think we will be talking it about for weeks!
Rachel Pierce, 8 Year Olds Kids Party in Leics with Magnetic Mollie, March 2017

Loved it sherbet Charlotte was lovely she was fun and happy but stern when needed. We loved shooting the rockets.
Laura Evans, Sublime Science Party in Bristol with Sherbet Charlotte, March 2017

The way helium Hanna was with the children was ace she kept everyones attention as and they had lots of fun especially the slime making. It is exactly what my son is into at the moment.
Nicola MacDonald,  Salford, Sublime Science party with Helium Hannah, March 2017

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My son and everyone at the party enjoyed the wacky rockets. The staff kept the children entertained at all times and were really energetic which is what the children needed. The office team were really helpful. They answered any questions I had and called me back when needed. It was looking for a different birthday party and Sublime science lived up to it.
Shaheena Khodsee, London Boys Birthday Party with Sarah Supernova, March 2017

Loved all of it All the children came up to me afterwards and said it was the best party ever!
Suzanne Cummings, Sublime Science Party in Marlow with Dr Shaky, March 2017

The range of experiments, the engaging style of the presenter and the fact there was no mess! My daughter likes science and I heard this was a good party!
Vaan Livermore-hardy, Girls Science Party in Kings Langley with Lightneng Laura, March 2017

This was an excellent party. 25 6 and 7 year olds in rapt attention for over an hour; teachers dream about that level of engagement! Fantastic presenter and ideas. We loved it. Daughter loves science, want to keep it fun for her.
Melissa Autorino, Coventry Sublime Science party with Raioactive Rich March 2017

Thank you, Laura, for hosting a fab party. I think some of the adults had as much fun as the children 😉 Elaina had a lovely time and I think you did a great job keeping the children so well engaged with so many exciting experiments. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.
Emma Smart, Sublime Science Party in London with Lightening Laura, March 2017

The children were totally engaged by the presenter, who was knowledgeable and funny. Very helpful, no issues whatsoever. My daughter enjoys when we do science at home and was very excited about having a science party. Although more expensive, Sublime Science does seem to stand above other similar companies. I think most kids are literally scared of science and other STEM subjects, and making it into a fun activity and party theme is really awesome, so thank you! (I'm a chemical engineer and STEM Ambassador).
Claudia Bakeev, Sublime Science Party in Swindon with Professor Benjamin, March 2017

The children were so entertained, they loved getting hands on and our mad scientist was great. Many thanks for a great party.
Susan Eaton, Nottingham Kids Birthday Party with Dynamite Dave, March 2017

Bethany held 20 very unruly children's attention the whole time and was amazing!! All of the kids said how amazing the party was and had a fab time! Reasonable pricing and looked amazing.
Sarah Chandler, Sublime Science Party in Havant with Bonkers Bethany, February 2017

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It was so engaging. I think the kids got more out of it than they would have at a younger age (they're 9-11) because they know something about the topics and could participate and feel good about what they know. They liked the slime best I think. My daughter said she wanted a science party and my sister had used sublime science and recommended it.
Sarah Green, Girls Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, March 2017

I liked the idea of not doing anything, all kids enjoyed it. Office were great, they explained everything they would do on the party day. It was something the boys had never done before.
Karen Moorhouse, Newark Kids Birthday Party with Jupiter Jade, February 2017

Great host, she was funny, interesting, kept the children totally captivated. Made my son feel special. No negative points at all. Easy process of booking.great invites. Haven't looked on your site yet but do you do different science parties to choose from, as would defo have another xx To be honest was let down by a cheaper competitor and went with you as our son would have been Really upset not having a science party. Was more than I wanted to pay but was worth it xx
Jeanette Smith, Children’s Party in Solihull with Bonkers Bev, February 2017

The whole event was brilliant she had all the children fully engaged and very intrigued. Very helpful and replied very quickly to and emails I had sent. Possibly where you have larger groups of children then possibly have two scientists or an assistant to help as we had a group of 20 children and it seems a lot for 1 person to manage but the presenter we had did a great job considering the size of the group. Very interested to see what the party was like and seemed like something different to do. Very pleased we chose to do the science party.
Charlotte Searle, Sublime Science Party in Bracknel with Bubbly Belle, February 2017

Galactic Gabi was amazing with the kids and the range of experiments was excellent...they loved it! The team was great. I read so many great reviews and they were accurate! I am so glad I picked Sublime Science... You did not disappoint!
Amy Keen, Children’s Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabi, February 2017

Just wanted to say thank you to Sublime Science and Professor Benjamin for a really awesome party on Sunday. It was interesting, informative and funny at the same time, and all the kids were thoroughly engaged. Most importantly, my daughter absolutely loved her special day and said it was the best party ever!
Claudia Bakeev, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Swidnon with Proff Benjamin, February 2017

Please extend a huge thank you to Sarah Supernova for attending Aisla & Logan's party yesterday. She was absolutely fantastic! She totally captivated the children with her enthusiasm for science. The children all had a brilliant time and were still talking about the party long after they had left according to parents. I will highly recommend your company to my friends. You have all been so professional and helpful.
Andrea Connor, North London Science Party with Sarah Supernova, February 2017

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you and just let you know how great our presenter bubbly belle was yesterday. My son and his friends had a great time and belle did a fantastic job in keeping them all entertained. We had been so excited to see what the party was going to be like and belle definitely did not disappoint it was fantastic.
Charlotte Searle, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey with Bubbly Belle, February 2017

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The children we're engrossed for a full hour and this was helped by a great balance of demonstration and activities. It was also a very original idea - many of the children said it was a great party and the parents enjoyed it too as the ones who stayed were able to relax because there children were being entertained. Bonus was they learned a little bit of science! Rocket Ren's enthusiasm was infection and she was very prepared and kept the children entertained. A lot of the parents were very impressed and asked for her details. It might be good if you had more of a portfolio of parties - for example I think this party set a very high bar for my son and he'll expect something just as good next year (not sure how I'm going to match it!) but I wouldn't want to do exactly the same party again and it seems the only options is to add modules rather than having the same theme but different experiments for example. It is probably a tie between 1) Guaranteed low maintenance for us as parents and 2) It was a very original idea that hadn't yet been done for a birthdays in our areas and peer group.
Nicky Drake, Sublime Science Party in London with Rocket Ren, February 2017

Mimi was incredibly good with the children. She made it interesting and enjoyable throughout. Unique birthday experience.
Jenny Boldrin, Children’s Party in Leicester with Magnetic Mimi, February 2017

He was good at keeping kids Attention, kids loved it and he made it fun, even the adults loved it, learnt something new too. Something different for kids party and a bit of education without them realising they were learning. It was great party, dr ion was fab and very good at his job and kids and adults thought it was epic!!!
Sue Hughes, Kids Party in Derbyshir with Dr Ion, February 2017

All of it was great but the definite highlight was the 15 mins wacky rockets outside. All the boys had an amazing time. Very helpful and clear loved all of it.
Erica Lang, Birthday Party in Hitchin with Chemical Chris, February 2017

Elizabeth was fantastic!  We had 30 children and a few younger siblings watching and she managed to engage and keep their attention for the entire time. She was calm, approachable and very warm and easy going despite changes and delays. Everyone was thrilled with the party.
Roz Flett, Children’s Party in Essex with Electric Elizabeth, February 2017

Just to say thanks for your fantastic science demonstration for Danny's party. It was like all the highlights of a well pitched Royal Institution Christmas Lecture with audience participation! The children (and adults) loved it, as you may have been able to tell.
Rosie Smythe, South London
Sublime Science Party with Jupiter Jeremy, February 2017

I am just e-mailing to say thank you for a wonderful party. My son and his friends really enjoyed it. In the end we had a total of 11 children but that was great as all the kids were involved and engaged in what was going on. Professor Perfect was perfect and made everyone feel involved.
Rani Jouglah-Shields, Sublime Science Party in Essex with Prof Perfect aka Eamonn, February 2017

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The children (10 x 5-6 year olds) were thrilled with the whole science presentation. The wacky rockets module was the favourite. Orgainisationally excellent. Made the party very easy and everyone enjoyed it, so not much to improve big-picture-wise. My son LOVES science and doesn't like party games.
Kerstin Bowsher, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Oxford with Quantum Camille, February 2017

Loved the Outdoor rocket launch. Was impressed by the website and testimonials and felt it would be something a bit different.
Lesley North-Smith, Sublime Science Party in Kent with Lucy Lu, February 2017

For my first party,couldn't have expected any more. Saw an advert,so phone to enquire and the lady was so friendly,an didn't give the sell, that I liked her, most important she listened to me wow.
Kelly Payne, Sublime Science Party in Yorkshire with Jupiter Jack, February 2017

The activities were varied and the kids were amazed and excited (as were the adults). Very helpful and offered response out of hours which you usually wouldn't get when organising a party. It was really interesting for the kids, different to the usual boring parties and they had bits to take home (slime). Was great!
Maria Colarusso, Sublime Science Party in Surrey with Magnetic Mathieu February 2017

It was pretty near perfect. I wanted something educational and fun.
Phil Verdemato, Kids Birthday Party in Sevenoaks with Loopy Lu, February 2017

Response from birthday boy: "Everything". From parents: the team competitions and demonstrations, the entertainer Steve's ability in keeping the kids' attention.
Johanna Hyttinen, Sublime Science Party in North London with Sciency Steve, February 2017

The sublime science party I had for my niece last year was fantastic. The children ranged from 5 years to 11years and it suited all of them. There was something for everyone. Even the adults enjoyed it.
Diane Saxton, West Midlands Science Party with Cosmic Colette, February 2017

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Every second of the sublime science experience was awesome. The children were totally engaged and loved every second of the party. Ian was amazing and had the children totally fixed on what was happening. The office team were very informative and very polite. Our daughter was 9 on the 9th of February and she absolutely loved science. This was the perfect party experience for her. Ian the scientist who came round to our home was amazing. He was very friendly and the children loved him.
Collette Moonie, Sublime Science Party with Ianstein, February 2017

The girls all really enjoyed the party. They loved making sherbert and eating it. They also loved running into the exploding lemonade and watching the rockets. They were actually quiet. They were very helpful and were able to answer all questions. My daughter loves science. Something different that hasn't been done 100's of times before.
Karen Gudgeon, Childrens Science Party in Manchester with Helium Hannah, February 2017

The entire event was outstanding the children were absolutely engaged. I loved the way they were encouraged to get messy let go and enjoy it. I wanted something different that Louis would never forget!
Nadya Cleal, Sublime Science Party in Maidstone with Genetic Jan, February 2017

All the tricks were good and really captured the kids. The whole thing was very slick and the presenter was organised and handled 7 year old boys very well! Very helpful and informative. Thank you Dr Shaky and Sublime for giving my little boy an excellent party! Everyone enjoyed it!
Janice Sorel-Cameron, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Beaconsfield with Dr Shaky, February 2017

My son and his friends (most of them 10 years old) had a fantastic time. I had told Lightening Louis that some of the kids had already been to a Sublime Science Party so may know some of the experiments, and he brilliantly presented the experiments so that even they saw some new things. That, together with the additional modules had the kids suitably wowed! Thank you for a brilliant party. Such a fun way to learn science! My son loves science.
Bansi Martins, Childrens Birthday Party in North London with Lightening Louis, February 2017

The experiments were very interesting, the presenter was was very good and engaging, children and parents really had a good time. To do something different.
Alberto Zanni, Kids Birthday Party in Hove with Supersonic Simeon, February 2017

All of the event was excellent. Stephanie and her colleague were amazing. Stephanie engaged really well with all of the children, friendly and flexible. My daughter and her friends absolutely loved every minute of it.
Denise Davies, Sublime Science party in Tipton with Supernova Steph, February 2017

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The whole thing! I couldn't pinpoint one specific element of the party that was the 'best'. The kids enjoyed it so much and Atomic Tom was fantastic - he had such a way of engaging with the kids, he managed to keep their attention 100% of the time which must be hard with 15 excited hyper 5 year olds - I couldn't fault Tom one bit. The parents also commented on how well he engaged with them and what a diverse idea the party was. Would highly recommend to others. Wanted something different, a little out of the ordinary - something that none of my sons friends had already had, this certainly fitted the bill.
Mika Lord, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Atomic Tom, February 2017

Very different to any other party the children had attended. Parents were very engaged too. Educational, fun, unique. Sorry, 3 reasons! Saw you on Dragon's Den!
Chris Michael, Children’s Science Party in London with Dr Shaky, February 2017

Great sent out all necessary books etc on time. The whole experience was amazing far better than I could have imagined. The kids and adults alike were totally engaged from the second Anna spoke. She was amazing. Her love for science clearly shone through as did her bubbly personality. I gave organised quite a few party's over the years and this was most definitely the best one yet.
Chel Axam, Childrens Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, February 2017

Making the kids Focus, scream and happy. Kids love it, good to have this.
Kiki Zeng, Kids Birthday Party in Brighton with Super Simeon, February 2017

I just wanted to thankyou for your fantastic science party. Victoria had a wonderful time and I have already had so many lovely messages saying how much her friends enjoyed it too. Your enthusiasm and love of science shone through. I can't thank you enough for the overall experience. A huge thank you and well done. 
Cherilee Axam, Children’s Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, January 2017

The kids enjoyed all the experiments! I have one child who loved the Slime and another who loved the sugar one! He was fantastic at entertaining 30 six year olds but think another person would have made it perfect!I have twins (a boy and a girl) and it was perfect in appealing to both. Plus they love science experiments.
Caren Rowley, Boys and Girls Birthday Party in Epsom with Atomic Tim, January 2017

Caroline was an absolute delight. She was prompt, efficient, friendly and brilliant! She was fun and engaging with the kids from the start and they were absolutely transfixed from start to finish. In fact, the adults were too and we all had a wonderful time. It made the party absolutely stress free for me and I really enjoyed Caroline's company too. The experiments were very clever and very dramatic - exactly what was needed! We saw it on Dragons den a few years ago and we wanted something engaging, educational and fun.
Hannah Cadwallader, Sublime Science Party in London with Cosmic Caroline, January 2017

How engaged the kids were for the whole party! The wacky rockets were fab! Booking the party, contact before with the scientist and the running on the day of the party were absolutely faultless. Sons request! He says he wants to be a scientist when he's older! The party was by far the best we've had yet! We would definitely recommend sublime science party. The party is still the talk of the playground!! That's kids and parents!! Enjoyed by all. Thank you to Galactic Gabby she was amazing! 19 lively 7 year old boys are not the easiest to control but she kept them engaged from start to finish!
Claire Ledger, Boys Birthday Party in Barnsley with Galactic Gabi, January 2017

All experiments well excellent, kids loved them all. Each kid had a different favourite, conducting electrical globe was one of the favourites. Not sure.. to us, you were really good. Good feedback online and on Facebook, also the fact that you won dragons Den. I ordered the party bags online. They were super and very apt with the party theam: in very cute green bags. Would definitely be coming back to you for more parties and recommending you to others.
Litty Koshy, Kids Party in Kent with Loopy Lu, January 2017

The making of slime. Parents were very impressed at this alternative party. The children were engrossed with playing with the slime for days after. Gabie was an excellent scientist and was very child orientated. She managed to entertain and keep the 21 children enthused I wanted a party that was inspiring for the children that held all their attention and was interactive.
Tracey Hardy, Childrens Party in West Yorkshire with Galactic Gabi January 2017

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The party!!! Kids were captivated from the start! Very professional and helpful. All questions answered efficiently. There was nothing negative about this experience. I read the amazing testimonials and the website was spot on!! Lightening Louis was brilliant!! The kids loved him and he held the party together brilliantly!!
Zoe Bloch, childrens birthday party in Herts with Lighting Louis, January 2017

The children had lots of fun - they enjoyed making sweets and bubbles and smoke experiment! Slime was also great!! Good reviews and publicity.
Justyna Sierant, Childrens Party in London with Magnetic Michele, January 2017

The whole event was Fantastic thank you. Looked like a great idea for 11 year olds and it was. Would highly recommend you.
Maxine Seddon, 11 Year Olds Birthday Party in Stoke On Trent with Sherbet Charlotte, January 2017

Keeping the kids absolute attention for the whole 75 minutes! Very, emails, phone calls EE all friendly and efficient. It put me at ease and I felt confident it would all go to plan. Can't think of anything. It was all great. The fact it was something different and the promise of slime!
Leah Raper, Kids Party in Marlow with Lightening Laura, January 2017

Presenter was brilliant with the kids and made it really good. Very. Easy to deal with and all information provided..
Richard Smith, Childrens Party in Leeds with Atomic Tom, January 2017

Well organised and very helpful, Good reviews.
Hetal Sheth-Pathak, Sublime Science Party in Radlett with Kinetic Kate, January 2017

Absolutely superbly presented. Ren had all the girls enthralled. You have some great testimonials. My partner was Googling something completely unrelated and she came upon Sublime Science just when we were starting to plan our daughter's party, so serendipity. But then again she often does that kind of thing, so maybe not.
Tony Mead, Girls Birthday Party in London with Rocket Renin, January 2017

Beryl was very appropriate for the type of party that it was - outfit and personality. Office? They were efficient and answered all my questions.
Threasa Smith, Solihull Childrens Party with Bonkers Bez January 2017

That it kept the children engaged for quite some time without them getting distracted.
David Hall, Havant Kids Party with Radioactive Rebecca, January 2017

When the birthday girl had a bucket blown off her head! Alan controlled the party well, dealing with noisy and over excited behaviour in a really positive way.
Katharine, Childrens Party in Henley with Atomic Alan, January 2017

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The whole session was excellent, really engaged our children, its was lots of fun, they all really enjoyed themselves, as did the accompanying adults - well organised, enthusiastic and great presenter who had authority with the children and really encouraged their participation and made the session real fun. Very helpful, good communication and updates since first booking the session. I have no suggestions as everything went smoothly from first contact and we were delighted with the session. I would recommend highly. Professional at all stages and great entertainment which involved and engaged our party of 25 children (and the adults) fully.
Anne Griffin, Warrington Childrens Birthday Party with Helen Busen Turner, January 2017

Her interaction with the children was fantastic and so where the experiments. It was very educational and fun. The children had a superb time and Lightning Laura made my daughter's birthday extra special. The office team where very helpful and provided good updates regarding the event. Party was well planned and executed and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. I will recommend your service to others. The party was the talk of the playground. Thank you to Sublime Science for the best party ever. You made my daughter's 10th birthday even more special. Lightning Laura was fantastic, her interaction with the children and joy of science was infectious.
Elaine Moore, 10 Year Olds Birthday Party in North London with Lightning Laura, January 2017

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for an amazing party, they all had a great time and many parents have been texting me telling me how much the children enjoyed it. I am sure you have inspired many future scientists. We shall spread the word.
Dawn Kirenli, Childrens Birthday Party in Kent with Atomic Anna GS, January 2017

Learning about science with lots of practical demonstrations kept children interested. My favorite was bubbles with white inside, making slime, fizzy powder to eat and rockets. Office? Very Helpful explained the price and about the event. Daughter likes science and also looked fun and entertaining to watch. Wanted it to be memorable and extra special for her 8th birthday party. Would recommend for a Birthday Party was not disappointing and very enjoyable to watch. Very good performance, nice lady and good with the children and very easy to understand.
Siama Riaz, Sublime Science Party in High Wycombe with Lightning Laura, January 2017

Thank you so much for a wonderful party on Saturday. Rocket Ren was nothing less than heroic, taking on a room of fifteen very boisterous seven/eight-year-olds (fourteen boys and one girl), and giving them a show that was as fantastic as it was different. The tornado race was a sensation, as was getting them to fire smoke rings at each other. The slime making of course was the highlight, but by that time they'd had a real range of experiences - enough to satisfy the most hyperactive mind! I was particularly impressed that she arrived early to spend time with my son, so that he really felt that they were collaborating. Congratulations on making such an inspired concept work.
Rachel Halliburton, 8 Year Olds Birthday party in North London with Rocket Renin, January 2017

Many thanks for Henry’s party on Saturday – all had a great time. Please pass on my thanks to Tim – he was great.  I have had lots of parents say how much they and the children enjoyed the party and how good Tim was.
Emma Steer, Kids Party in Surrey with Atomic Tim, January 2017

I would just like to say a big thank you to Caroline for her fantastic work! She was truly fun, informative and very good at crowd control. My daughter and her friends had a great time. Well done Caroline!
Stefanie Nagel, Girls Birthday Party in North London with Cosmic Caroline A, January 2017

Sublime science came recommended so I had high hopes, and these were well and truly surpassed. Nearly 20 kids mesmerized for the whole party and the parents that stayed wanted their own party too! From smoke bubbles to slime it was awesome! Sherbet Sharon is fantastic!
Helen Rosendale, Childrens Birthday Party in Leicester with Sherbet Sharon, January 2017

We liked "science" equipment and that the presenter did look like a real scientist. :))
Irina Inayat, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Sheffield with Professor Will Weird, January 2017

Carolines ability to keep 25 children enthralled all the while having to shout above chatty parents. Brilliant job. The original and the best!
Dominic Valente, Kids Party in Watford with Cosmic Caroline B, January 2017

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Presenter Michelle was very funny , the air experiments , sweet making. Xavier loves experiments. Awesome party, the talk of the school.
Patricia Dowling, London Science Party with Magnetic Michelle, January 2017

Completely different from another parties my child went to. EDUCATIONAL!!! Completely different from another parties my child went to. EDUCATIONAL!!! In my opinion nothing to improve!! Everything was great.
Katarzyna Oughton, Kids Party in Pershore with Su pernova Su, January 2017

The party was brilliant and all the kids really enjoyed it. It was a tough crowd with 20 wriggly 5 and 6 year olds but Steve was excellent and everyone had a great time. Very! They were efficient and pleasant to deal with. Every time I spoke to someone, they were very personable and helpful. It was different and fun!
Jessica Middlemiss, 5 & 6 Year Olds Kids Party in Hatfield with Sciency Steve M, January 2017

Seeing 15+ normally boisterous 6 year old boys sitting down, giving their full attention, interested and amazed. They absolutely loved all the experiments and facts and haven't stopped talking about it. The certificates were a nice idea as well. Very. Nice professional team at all times. My son wanted a science party so we did some research on line. Sublime science had great reviews.
Lauren Simpson, 6 Year Olds Boys Party in Reading with Magnetic Magda, January 2017

The presenter was engaging and was able to keep the children entertained and interested throughout. They were great. very helpful as we wanted it on the monday. We saw it on Dragons Den and loved the concept.
Charlotte Herriott, Kids Birthday Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, January 2017

Children loved making slime. No negative feedback. Party went very well, children loved it. Very fun and interesting for them.
Sara Neal, Sublime Science Party in Winchester with Radioactive Rebecca, January 2017

The presenter and the activities / knowledge she imparted. Office? Very helpful and responded to emails quickly and things happened when they said it would (presenter getting in touch etc). It looked like fun, the kids were going to learn something and after watching the video clip my son said he wanted to have it for his party!
Cathy Simpson, London Boys Birthday Party with Toxic Tasha, January 2017

Variety of activities - kept children's attention and engagement. I was looking for a different sort of birthday party and there had been a Science after school club at my grandson's school. Dom worked very hard to keep a large group of excitable children interested and engaged - well done!
Sheila Ward, Childrens Party in Liverpool with Dynamite Dom, January 2017

The entertainer, Bubbly Belle was brilliant and had all the children (age5/6) absolutely engrossed for the whole hour and a half. Feedback from others about how good it was. All the children and parents were raving about how fantastic my sons party was.
Lynne Davis, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey with Bubbly Belle, January 2017

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The presenter not only had a fantastic demonstration, but she really knew how to engage with her audience (mainly 6 year olds). The children were well entertained and everyone had a great time. The presenter was very professional but also a lovely person who it was a pleasure to have in our home for our daughter's birthday party. I did have an extra query and the office were very helpful. My daughter is very interested in science and has been attending a science club at school. The service we received from start to finish was outstanding. The children had a fantastic time and I would definitely recommend your company.
Victoria Wilde, Girls Birthday Party in Portsmouth with Professor Lesley Lightning, January 2017

The children were very engaged and enjoyed the experiments. There was lots of interaction. Very helpful all of the way through the process from booking to the party date itself. Something different for a party theme and also feedback from online reviews. The party was fantastic. The children were all engaged and left my sons party saying that it was the best party they have ever been to. Helen was wonderful in keeping the attention if the children and interacting with them throughout all experiments. I would highly recommend Helen.
Stephanie Dixon, Boys Birthday Party in Lincoln with Helium Helen, January 2017

The whole experience was brilliant and enjoyed by the kids and adults. My son loves science.
Sally Armstrong, Sons Birthday Party in Northampton with Cosmic Claire, January 2017

Amazing with the kids. Very patient and involved all the kids. Very interesting experiments. Thoroughly enjoyed. Good reviews.
Shalini Varma, Sublime Science Party in London with Kinetic Kate, Januray 2017

Bubbles and smoke. Light bulb and electricity. Lots of other stuff. Team games. Liked the science options. Presenter was great, the kids really connected with her.
Lisa Mitchell, London Kids Birthday Party with Magnetic Michele, January 2017

Loved the visual experiments, e.g smoke machine. Maybe one or two more spectaculars e.g. something exploding/fizzing/more fire etc. Sons interest in science.
Cheryl Andrews, Boys Birthday Party in London with Toxic Tasha, January 2017

All the items that Ian showed to the children. Something different that they could all take part in. Our entertainer Ian was absolutely fantastic there was 16 or so children all sat down watching these experiments and taking part and he had them all focused on him.
Angela Williams, Derby Sublime Science Party with Dr Ion, January 2017

Thank you so much for a wonderful party yesterday. Tash was an fantastic entertainer - firm but fair and the kids had an amazing time.
Cathy Bennett, Kids Party in South London, with Toxic Tasha, January 2017

The whole party was fab Kristy was amazing,with the annoying children who don't do as there told the extra siblings who thought it was fine to join in etc she was fab!! The experiments were fab we love the slime!!! Ur just fab. Thanku!!
Victoria Ashe, Hampshire Children’s Party with Kristy, January 2017

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Magda captured the young children's attention so very well, they were just turned 5 and under, and she had them totally hooked for 75 mins! Loved the smoke bubbles the children and adults were hypnotised!!! All the parents said how wonderful Magda was. One mum pointed out how inspirational it was to have a lady up there showing the kids all these wonderful things and I agree! I rang to change the time of the event and the girl in the office was energetic accommodating and so polite and professional. Our daughter is so interested in science, we tried to book you last year but we were too late! So we booked you was in advance for this time.
Jaclyn Russel, Girls Birthday Party in Reading, January 2017

The content of the party was perfectly pitched for the age group attending (age 7.) Our scientist, Anna was engaging, fun and very inspirational. The kids loved it all but making their own sherbet was probably the winner! We have no comments on how the party could have been improved, we were very happy with how it went. Just like to re-confirm how brilliant Anna was. And it was great to see a female presenter covering science, a great role model for the girls at the party.
Helen Worthington, 7 Year Olds Kids Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, January 2017

The continual flow of demonstrations, keeping the children interested. Also the fact that the children were involved in the demonstrations. Brilliant - very helpful and reassuring with excellent advice. I would personally like to congratulate Natalie on her ability to 'control' an excitable bunch of children. As a primary teacher myself, i appreciate the challenges of a lively group especially when you don't know them and they are in an excitable 'party' mode! She did very well keeping them focused. All parents have since reported back that the children were bubbling with enthusiasm after the party. Thank you! I love science and want my children to love it.
Emma Haynes, Kids Party in Northamptonshire with Nuclear Natalie, January 2017

The kids were enthralled - it was the most interesting party entertainment they had ever experienced! Everyone complimented our daughter for having the best party ever 🙂 The office team were great - they were positive, helpful and informative all through the process. As soon as we came across the website, we thought Sublime Science would be a great option to keep the children entertained and give our daughter's birthday a spark that would differentiate it from the rest! Thank you very much for making our daughter's birthday so amazing and special!
Daniel Hembling, Children’s Party in Chelsea with Magnetic Michele, January 2017

The parts where the children got to make their own sherbet and slime. It was different to the usual parties for children. This was for a 5 year old's party. I was amazed that all the children paid attention for the whole hour and a quarter. A week later and the children (and parents) are still talking about it. The party bags I got as extra were a nice touch too, made a change from the usual bits you get. My daughter absolutely loved it.
Katie Stevens, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Luton with Elemental Emma, January 2017

What the children liked best was the interactive bits. I like the book as was able to give as the 'goody bag' and the experiments were really good and simple to do. Wanted to get my 5 year old in to science, did a google search for science parties and it came out pretty high in the SEO ranking. The children were entertained throughout the party which allowed the parents to relax and chat to each other. The children all seemed o have an amazing party and many parents have approached me to let me know what a great party it was. Getting them in to Science is an extra benefit.
Natalie Wood, Sublime Science Party in Kent with H2JO, January 2017

I loved the whole experience. I wanted something different.
Shanie Jennings, Liverpool Childrens Birthday Party with Sarah Supernova, January 2017

Brilliant and very reassuring, even chasing me for info on venue and confirming details. No reason to improve in my opinion, was just great. My son likes science very much, had an idea that a science party would be good for him, if such a thing existed - googled it and found you, perfect.
Lisa Allen, Harrogate Kids Party with Galactic Gabi, January 2017

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Everything, from start to finish the service from all the sublime science team has been excellent. My daughters science mad and wanted to surprise her with something special and different. She definitely got that and it was worth every penny. I had trouble stopping the parents joining in!! Helium Hannah was awesome and really kept the kids entertained. Thank you so much for making it the best birthday party EVER!!!
Rebecca Davidson, Girls Birthday Party in Bolton with Helium Helen, January 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Sherbet Sharon. The party was amazing, all the kids and the few adults absolutely loved it! It was so interactive and fun. Sharon was great with the children, kept their attention the whole time. So a very many thanks for everything.
Dee Payne, Sublime Science Party in Swindon with Sharon C, January 2017

Slime making. The pipe part making sound. The adults also enjoyed the experiments. Very very helpful. The kids at my son's school year are still talking about that party. I loved everything. I wanted my son to have a fun science day out of class. He loves scientific ideas.
Rita Muferwa, Boys Birthday Party in Sutton with Atomic Alan, January 2017

Natalie was punctual and clearly good with children. Within minutes of arrival the kids were following her around. My daughter had a great time band all her friends had great fun throughout the party!
Ling Edwards, Girls Birthday Party in Leicester with Nuclear Natalie, January 2017

That our Scientist took control completely of the kids and Mums and Dads could relax.
Anna Targett, Kids Science Party in Twickenham, January 2017

Chris was very accommodating and handled large group of children very well, all the children were engaged and amazed at what they saw. Chris was very flexible with his approach and kept children's attention throughout the show! Office was very helpful with my booking and also helped me to find the venue for the party by suggesting the venues around my area.
Katerina Furman, Childrens Birthday Party in London, January 2017

Kelly was very approachable and good with the children. She was friendly and made the session very informative. The children stayed engaged throughout. Very - was worried about Kelly getting to the party, we live in a remote spot. The office team followed up immediately. All was good.
Jessica Bockler, The Wirral Sublime Science Party, January 2017

Kate was brilliant - there were a lot of kids and she took it all in her stride and they were entranced. I thought it was very good as it was. I liked the concept and it's something different to the normal dull kids parties
Cathlyn Bone, Birmingham Sublime Science Party, January 2017

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Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for an amazing party. Galactic Gabi was absolutely fantastic - all the children thought it was the best party they have ever been to. Absolutely thrilled and we have some great memories.
Lisa Allan, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabi, January 2017

The variety of experiments and engagement of children. A party with a difference.
Helen Mowbray, Leicester Kids Birthday Party with Cosmic Collette, January 2017

All of it! It was great kids enjoyed every minute.
Kate Fairfax, Sublime Science Party in Dudley with Su Pernova, January 2017

The smoke hoops. Blowing the ball in the air. I found it all very entertaining and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Very helpful and easy to contact, Sublime Science was different to any other party organisation.
Charlotte Warmington, Birthday Party in Leeds with James, January 2017

I liked that it was very professional and that the kids were very engaged throughout. The experiments were great and we were very happy with the party!
Joanna Chodosh, Kids Party in London with Cosmic Chris, January 2017

Caz was amazing. She was able to "feel the room" and adjust as she went to make it engaging and appropriate for all 20 young people, including some of the more cynical pre-teens. Caz was lovely to work with, very friendly, undemanding, helpful etc.
Carrie Grant, Children’s Party in London with Cosmic Caz, January 2017

My son desperately wanted a science party and Sublime Science seemed the best choice.
Keely Nugent, Boys Birthday Party in Marston, Mortaine with Pippa, January 2017

Have the presenter stay for cake and happy birthday? ( Holly 9y). Had seen a sublime science party before and thought it was really good. Loved Electricity ball and the slime.
Holly McLennan, 9 Year Olds Birthday Party in Surrey, January 2017

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The variety of experiments, the enthusiasm of out professor, her ability to keep 15 children's attention for a whole hour! Very, I found all emails useful for ideas and prompts....most of all the email that mentioned it was ok if there were a couple of extra children then originally planned as this is exactly what happened!
Adele Greening, Children’s Birthday Party in Cheshire, January 2017

Ross was absolutely brilliant. He is a very good presenter to children and kept them fully entertained for the whole session . The party was very individual and unique and all of the children had a fantastic time as well as it being educational . It was 100% worth the cost and it will be a party that is remembered . Well done Ross xxx Very well organised , informative and helpful . Very responsive to queries and fast to respond . They put me at ease and gave me confidence about the delivery and efficacy of the party planned. A great service. Something different and also the fact that if the dragons den invested it must be something quite special and unique , which it was.
Minnie Ainley, Sublime Science Party in West Yorkshire with Ross B, December 2016

Best? Everything!!!! The team was excellent! Everything was perfect! no suggestion, sorry:-) My little boy does not like all these disco/games parties and he is more an intellectual person. Excellent! I will use them again for my youngest one in 2 years time:-) Learning something on the same time, it will be a good thing!
Christine Berger, Canterbury Kids Science Party, December 2016

Samantha liked the Rockets, musical instruments, slime. Grace the host was Fab and really engaged the girls. Big thank you! All in all very good, interesting and entertaining at a reasonable price.
Vicky Good, Kids Birthday Party in Guildford, January 2017

All questions answered quickly, plenty of contact. My daughter wanted something different. Fantastic party, highly recommend. Children really enjoyed it.
Sarah strange, Sublime Science Party in Maidstone with H2Jo, December 2016

You did what you promised! Was great the girls enjoyed as much if not more than the boys as they listened more whereas the boys just wanted the visual and noises. My son is well known at school for his science knowledge and Tom coped admirably with his questions and long winded answers! Science mad kid and good reviews
Susie Lupton, Sheffield Kids Party with Tom Boyd, December 2016

All the experiments - especially the electricity demonstration near the end. Office? Very Helpful. Whenever I picked up the phone, there is always someone on the other line to answer all my questions! The science party sounded fun! My son loves science and we would like to try something special. I think it is important than children have the opportunity to explore science, especially for young girls. The children all enjoyed the demonstration and experiment, especially making sweets and slime! Thank you so much Alan.

Genevieve Truscott, Children’s Party in South London with Atomic Alan S, Dec 2016

The organisation was excellent, Magda instilled confidence immediately. Magda is clearly experienced in managing lively 7 year old boys and balanced the line between helping them concentrate and having fun. Very, booking the party was easy and simple. Winter party for lively boys, I was looking for an activity that would keep them interested but also be lots of fun indoors. Magda was excellent and feedback from other parents was great.
Megan hunt, 7 Year Olds Kids Birthday Party in West Berks with Magnetic Magda, Dec 2016

Paul had great patience and engagement with the children, took time to show and explain everything, kept the children involved with the experiments. Rocket launch and Mentos experiments, cloud rings, bubbles, making slime and sweets were all awesome! Olly was so happy that he said it was the best party ever! Every attendee is still talking about it 2 days later at school! Been to a party previously, liked the format and it's was informative and totally fun for the kids. Simply thank you for coming up with this concept as a party. Feels like a good investment that the kids have fun but are learning at the same time.
Sheena Hinton, Sublime Science Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, Dec 2016

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The whole thing was amazing. From the booking procedure, the communication before the party, the advice... And as for the party - it was so much fun. From the second Amy spoke, the children were completely captivated. All the parents were in awe too! Amy was so relaxed and friendly - I was so impressed. The experiments were great fun and the children all had a great time. Really helpful - nothing was too much trouble. I wanted a party that was different and the fact that this one had an educational element to it was great. My daughter loves science so it was just perfect! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write this - please tell Atomic Amy we all thought she was wonderful!

Kelley Sutton, Sublime Science Party in Cheltenham with Atomic Amy, Dec 2016

Just a quick e-mail to say how much my son enjoyed his party on Saturday. Atomic Todd (James) was great. It was my sons 5th birthday and so there was a mixture of 4/5 year olds. I was worried that they would be too young to understand and grasp some of the activities, but they loved it. The presenter got them all involved and was asking them questions as well. It was great to listen to some of their answers to the questions. All of the adults said how great it was and what a brilliant idea it was for a party. Let’s hope Atomic Todd has inspired some budding scientists!!!
Claire Forster, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Coventry with Atomic Todd, Dec 2016

The presenter was very good with keeping the children engaged and excited throughout. There was a very lively atmosphere and the kids absolutely loved it. They kept saying it was the best party ever! - Atomic Anne even stayed behind a bit to do further experiments with the kids which the birthday girl thoroughly enjoyed. 'Best party I have ever had!!!' my 10 year old daughter's words! - Thank you for making her day so special.
Tomi Pratt, 10 Year Olds Birthday Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, Dec 2016

Loved the experiments with the kids. They loved it and it kept them focused on what was going on. Office? Very helpful. Always polite and ready to offer any assistance. My son loves science! It was a perfect party for him and his friends, which were a mixture of boys and girls of varying ages.
Tracy Iles, Son’s Science Party in Essex with Seismic Steve, Dec 2016

Just writing to give some feedback from our party today. Eamonn was such a great teacher. He kept the group of kids entertained from start to finish & the adults enjoyed it too. All the kids continued to talk about the experiments after he left & sure it will keep going throughout the school week too.
Nicola Jessop, Science Party in Essex with Professor Perfect (Eamonn), Dec 2016

The presented was very calm and talked quietly so the girls had to listen. He was very well prepared and enthusiastic about the science. Very efficient booking process. Seen on Dragons Den and been to a party already so knew you are reliable.
Susie Zhang,  Sublime Science Party in London with Atomic Alan, Dec 2016

Anna was fantastic. She kept the girls completely enthralled and they were fascinated. I learnt loads too! We liked the testimonials on the website. Efficient booking.
Katherine Ainley, Girl’s Birthday Party in London with Atomic Anna Dec 2016

Interactive games i.e. Air Zooka. Different experiments - different party plan so it can be booked another year and expect different. Wanted something different than a play place but wanted the kids to be entertained by someone else, so less stress and worry on the day.
Isabel Isern, Sublime Science Party in Reading with Magnetic Maddie, Dec 2016

Everything! It was very engaging for the children, and adults! We had siblings who were dropping off and picking up who were very envious! Rebecca somehow managed to keep them fully engaged for an hour and a half (I work in a school so know what a tall order this is!) and even the trickiest customer was enthralled and delighted with the slime! I would highly recommend this party and have passed out the details to my friends. Feedback has been things like 'It was the best party EVER'! So glad I found out about you! Brilliant! I needed to budget to afford this party and they were very willing and helpful to allow me to pre-pay monthly. Can't really fault anything to be honest! It was different......and princesses are soo last century! Thank you for making it an unforgettable 7th birthday!
Katie Hopper, 7 Year Olds Party in Eastleigh with Radioactive Rebecca, Dec 2016

The presenter was brilliant, very engaging and great with the kids. How she managed to keep the excitement and attention of 26 very excitable 7 year olds was beyond me. There was great feedback from other parents who had taken older siblings to other science party's that had not gone well. They were very impressed with beryl. Office? Very helpful, open convenient hours and answered any questions I had. Looked like something my son would enjoy and he as a little different to the normal party.
Fatma Ladak, 7 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Solihull with Beryl (Bonkers Bev), Nov 2016

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Superb organisation and communication at every step of the process. The Professor was amazing with the kids. The kids were totally engrossed the entire time, they loved it! Made the party so easy - took all the stress out, kept all 21 5-6year olds entertained for over an hour, whilst also being proper science - and fun. I've had so much good feedback both from the children who came to the party and from their parents. Totally recommended. Best party we've ever had. Extremely. Answered the phone immediately, great email communication and easy booking process. Very well run business. Read the great on line reviews. Also our son loves science stuff.

Alice Mears, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Tring, Herts, with Professor Fission, Nov 2017

Natasha was fantastic. She had 20 lively 5 to 6 year olds and she managed to keep them engaged and interested for the whole session. The experiments were both fun and educational and my son and his friends had a great time. Quite a few parents also commented how good the presentation was. Can thoroughly recommend. Sublime Science Party bags were good value as well. Office? Very helpful - didn't try to oversell and gave sensible advice as to how long a session we should book for the age group. It was different from the usual party circuit offering. Educational as well as fun and remember seeing Dragons Den presentation and being impressed with the concept.
Paul Speedy, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Toxic Tasha, November 2017

Ali was great and the kids were thrilled by all the experiments but especially the rocket experiment outside. My daughter wanted a Science Party and you had strong reviews.
Marie Flynn, Daughter’s Birthday Party in West London with Atomic Ali, Nov 2016

Liked smoke and sound experiments best. We were looking for clever fun. We loved the whole experience. We asked for moving goo making till after snack, which was very good and solved problems with dirty hands for eating.
Monika Swindells, Kids Party in Liverpool with Dynamite Dom, Nov 2017

Kinetic Kate was excellent!!  She arrived 30 mins before the party started and kept the kids entertained for one full hour (that's a lot considering six year olds have a very short attention span). We all enjoyed the experiments and I have no hesitation in recommending her / Sublime Science to my family and friends.
Nisha DSouza Barretto, 6 Year Olds Party in North London with Kinetic Kate, Nov 2017

Really helpful, easy to work with and understood that sometimes organising a visit involves lots of 'yeses' from a number of people (they were very patient). Children were very excited, wide range of activities.
Celine Roue, Birthday Party in Southampton with Radioactive Rebecca, Nov 2016

Really engaged the children. They settled down and thoroughly enjoyed the morning! Very helpful and easy to organise and book. My son wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
Katie Ernst, Boys Birthday Party in Bristol with Atomic Amy, Nov 2016

The presenter - Atomic Andy was really friendly, brilliant with the children (20 five and six year olds) and made the science both informative and SO exciting. We wanted something different - each birthday party for my granddaughter so far has been out of the ordinary and a real talking point. This fitted the bill perfectly. Only problem now is to top this next year.
Jenny Gavin-Allen, Granddaughter’s Birthday Party in Leeds with Atomic Andy, Nov 2016

We had a fantastic science party on the 20th November. It was Juliette's 8th Birthday and her classmates really enjoyed it. It had been a busy weekend for birthday parties but I am happy to report our little Sunday Party was probably better than all the go karting and trampoline birthday parties that were s bit chaotic and trying on the kids. Tash our host scientist was brilliant with the kids, she engaged well and was confident when dealing with them.
Laura Van Zeveren, 8 Year Old Girls Birthday Party in South London with Toxic Tasha, Nov 2016

The kids were super engaged all the way through. Loved the wind machine and smoke rings part. Things that were interactive were best. Loved making slime! Sublime Science office team were super helpful and made everything easy.
Gwen Bueno de Mesquita, Children’s Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, Nov 2016

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The experiments that were conducted outside were enjoyed the most. I wanted something different and I looked at the reviews that you had from other parents and they were very positive.

Sonea Singh, Kids Birthday Party in Birmingham with Jupiter Jay, Nov 2016

Before the programme started, the kids were running around uncontrollably. I started doubting in the choice of entertainment for this unruly crowd. I was blown away by Sharon's ability to immediately round them up and grab their full attention for 1.5 hours! Even the parents decided to stay and watch. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. I am a research scientist and I am involved in outreach programs in my institute at schools. My daughter is so proud of having a mum scientist and decided she wanted her favourite topic as her party theme: Science.
Mira Kassouf, Girl’s Party in Oxford with Sherbet Sharon, Nov 2016

Great with kids and a lovely variety to suit age group. Really good that you changed some of the things e.g. dry ice was great.
Jonathan Harris, Kids Birthday Party in Coventry with Atomic Todd, Nov 2016

Sharon and her assistant were very pleasant. Sharon looked the part and she had the voice to control 17 10-11 year old boys. She kept them engaged and interested till the end. It was fun but also learning at the same time. Office?  Very helpful.  Kept me informed and updated. All the boys had a wonderful time and I will certainly recommend it.
Asima Bokhari, Boys Birthday Party in Oxford with Sherbet Sharon, Nov 2016

Children lived it, educational and fun. My son wanted a science party. Ben was great with the children, thoroughly enjoyed by kids and adults!
Charlotte Hall, Boys’ Science Party in Oxfordshire with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

The fact that it was a totally different kind of party to anything I've seen before. The kids’ faces when making slime was hilarious! Office? Extremely helpful and informative. Honestly, it was perfect! My daughter was desperate for a Science Party and your company looked the best out of all the ones we looked at.
Lisa Vaughan, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Reading with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

The way Steve somehow managed to keep control of 12 mini-hooligans so that they all enjoyed it. Grandson is interested in science and it looked like a good idea for his age group (8/9).
Glynis Greenland, 8 & 9 Year Olds Children’s Party in Surrey with Seismic Steve, Nov 2016

She was absolutely fantastic with the children. The children were very hyper but she had them under her spell.
Ange Beale, Bolton Children’s Birthday party with Helium Hannah, Nov 2016

Structured. Well controlled, funny and exciting. Kids and adults loved it. The children were mainly 5 - 6 year olds and they absolutely enjoyed it - Colette was a wonderful presenter, Very impressed as were other parents! Perfect length of time and demonstrations as well as level of interaction. Very novel party. So far very interesting, perhaps more for children to do ( interact ) although that would be restricted by time and number of children. Not sure how I can top this! It was also a Harry Potter theme to the party and the entertainer blended it so well with our theme.
Gurpreet Parmar, Children’s Birthday party in Leicester, with Cosmic Colette, Nov 2016

All the experiments were great. Everyone really enjoyed the race they had with the two bottles tied together and they had to get the liquid from one to the other the fastest (sorry don't know the name of it!).
Caroline Frazer, Sublime Science Party in Sevenoaks with Loopy Lu, Nov 2016

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The kids were completely enthralled, they had lots of fun but they were so engaged in the experiments that they sat still and were so much more calm than at every other party. Their parents all listened intently and said they learned so much too. Office? Very reassuring. It's totally nerve wracking organizing a kids party and the thought of the entertainer not turning up is enough to keep parents awake at night. The office were totally reassuring and helpful which allowed me to relax and enjoy the event. I was looking for an interesting party, but also something educational and exciting for the kids. The party totally lived up to my expectations. Everyone loved Louis. Please tell him many thanks, he was brilliant!

Fiona Mcguire, Children’s Birthday party in North London, with Lighting Louis, Nov 2016

Natasha held the groups attention fantastically! I am officially the coolest mum EVER for organising this fantastic party! The way the entertainment was structured was perfect. She did a great job! It was the first one with a theme to happen in her year! My daughter requested a science themed party (she loves science) and you were the first good response. Will continue to recommend to others!
Julie Hutchinson, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Mitcham, Surrey with Atomic Natasha, Nov 2016

Loved the professionalism and organisation dealing with 20 7-8 year old boys and also the huge sense of fun. Ben was fantastic. Office?  Amazing and hugely helpful. Thank you. I have no negatives at all. It was an amazing, fun, interesting party for Bertie and his friends and made my life so much easier. Hugest thanks all round especially to Ben who was outstanding.
Floss Lee, 7-8 Year Olds Boys Birthday Party in Newbury with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

Paul was absolutely brilliant! He managed to keep a room of 24 6-year old girls totally engrossed for well over an hour. You could hear a pin drop. He was sweet to one little girl who was missing her mum - she helped him set up. The children went home delighted with their concoctions. Thank you. My daughter isn't very girly and she has grown out of magic shows. My son went to a science party and loved it so I thought it would appeal to my daughter and her friends.
Sarah Blagden, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, Nov 2016

Thank you for all your help and support arranging the party for me. Colette was brilliant and the children had a wonderful time.
Carole Shelton, Children’s Party in Coventry with Cosmic Colette, Nov 2016

The amount of stuff Kristy packed into the time she had was amazing - It was educational, fun and really entertaining for the kids and the adults who were there! My daughter has an interest in science & having a birthday in November means we are always looking for original, entertaining indoor party ideas! This fit the bill perfectly and the kids are still talking about it several days later. 'Best day ever' was the comment from the birthday girl as she fell asleep that evening.
Charlie Mackay, Girl’s Birthday Party in Winchester with Kryptonite Kristy, Nov 2016

Just a quick note of thanks for a superb party yesterday! Tash was great and held the attention of a pretty rowdy bunch! Pic attached as proof. I've already shared the Sublime science contact details with other equally impressed parents and I'll continue to do so! Keep up the great work and thanks again!
Julie Hutchinson, Sublime Science Party in South London with Atomic Tasha, Nov 2016

Atomic Anna engaged the kids for the moment the party started until the end with lots of enthusiasm and energy. She impressed all the parents that also really enjoyed themselves. Great - easy booking system and kept informed with lots of emails and a text on the evening before the party. To have a party that had a difference and was of interest to the kids - something they wouldn't normally do or see. I didn't want to do a party in the local play centre of with an entertainer that would just play music and let the kids run around. I wanted the party to be something different and special that the kids would remember. Atomic Anna was absolutely fantastic. The area was cleaned and hovered after so I had nothing to do other than feed the kids!
Sharon griffin, Kids Science Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, Nov 2016

Dear sublime science I would like to say my grandson, Kenzo had a FANASTIC birthday party with you. All his friends enjoyed it and had a brilliant time. I am so pleased and happy and would just like to say thank you for a great party. I wish sublime science every success in the future. I also am recommending sublime science party to all my friends. It was awesome.
Sharon Agnew, Sublime Science Party in Staffs with Atomic Alyson, Nov 2016

It was outstanding. The kids loved it, and I was fascinated too. Everybody learned lots, and it was great fun. I'd highly recommend Sublime Science to parents for kids' parties. Something different for my sons 8 birthday party. It was all fantastic.
Colin Doyle, 8 Year Old Boys Birthday party in Sevenoaks with Seismic Steve Sevenoaks, Nov 2016

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The children loved interacting and getting involved in the science experiments, the children all got to be  involved and had a chance to ask any questions they had about each experiment which were greatly answered. The adults watching thought it was great fun also. The children didn't get bored of waiting for the next part as it just flowed very easily on to the next part, Tash was great it wasn't rushed the time was taken for all to enjoy. Thank you Sublime Science. The office team were great if you had any questions you could ring any time and you got your answers straight away, everything was explained easily. I remember seeing the guys on dragons den when they first showed them and I liked them then, I found them this year on a Facebook advert and looked in to having them.

Samantha Stansbury, Children’s Birthday party in Croydon, with Toxic Tasha, Nov 2016

The whole event was excellent, kids loved the air cannon and smoke. Not sure that you can , Granny said it was the best kids party she has ever been to...and she’s done a few over the years. Fantastic day, great organisation. Keep up the good work.
Bob Kennedy, Sublime Science Party in Tunbridge Wells with Electric Ellie, Nov 2016

The game with the different liquids in the bottle - competing to get the liquid form one bottle to the other - was great fun for the children. Kate was extremely professional, suitably authoritative with the children and also good fun. She came and set up quickly and without any hassle and left the place looking pretty neat and tidy, considering! She had the children engrossed throughout (and they can be an unruly bunch). All in all, a wonderful birthday experience for our daughter. Thank you.
Ciara Bird, Daughter’s Party in Birmingham with Kenetic Kate, Nov 2016

Everything was just perfect. The entertainer involved every child in the party. Everyone said 'It was the best party ever'. Unique concept and a great relief from the usual princess and disco parties. Office? Extremely helpful always around to answer all our queries.
Aditi Richharia, Sublime Science Party in Reading with Jupiter Jess, Nov 2016

Fantastic party, had the kids and parents captivated. Great that all the kids got to take part in each  experiment and Ben took the time to explain in an accessible way to pique curious minds. Tommy's friends left saying they wanted their own science parties.. sounds like success! Office? Very helpful in creating the perfect party for the number and ages of kids. Well if you ask the kids turning the grown-ups into slime would be popular! Tommy and his friends have been getting more and more curious about science and how things work.  Sublime looked like heaps of fun and learning all in one. We weren't disappointed. Thanks Ben
Henry Majed, Kids Party in Oxford with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

The children loved it. They were interested in the Science and she had them captivated. The experience was great. Our son enjoys science, different experiences and we were looking for something different for the party. Great fun, good organisation, children loved it.
Beth Auger, Boys Birthday Party in Romsey with Kryptonite Kristy, Nov 2016

Rockets and smoke rings. As a mum, I liked the fact that there were so many experiments and that you referred to the science and  didn't just treat it like a magic show. The kids were entranced for the whole 90 minutes, well done Rebecca! Office?  Very good. All communications were clear and gave me all the information I needed. It was also good that Rebecca called me before the event as it gave us a chance to chat through the details. We wanted a science based party and your information was very comprehensive so I felt I knew exactly what I was getting.
Susie Gray, Children’s Birthday party in London, with Radioactive Rebecca, Nov 2016

All of it! It was really interesting for children and parents. It was different, I'd seen it on Dragon's Den and thought Mad Marc was great. What a brilliant idea to get more young people interested in science... Radioactive Rebecca was great. She held the children's attention throughout the hour, a tricky job with mostly 6 year old boisterous boys!
Loves the experiments, she got the balance just right. I loved it!
Christian brown, Boys Birthday Party in Fareham with Radioactive Rebecca, Nov 2016

Relaxing for an hour while the presenter completely captivated the children.
David Edgar, Children’s Party in Church Crookham with  Helium Hannah, Nov 2016

Your presenter was amazing. She was incredibly positive, brilliant with my children and controlled a tough crowd really well. The variety and good amount of interaction
Karl Stanton, Kids Party in  Birmingham with Su-Pernova, Nov 2016

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I thought the whole thing was thoroughly fantastic, it's difficult to pick what was best, but I think the children most enjoyed making slime!! Office? Very helpful, can't fault them. The reviews and because it was so different to every other party we have been to or thrown ourselves. Nuclear Natalie handled the kids excellently, she held their attention, she was patient, but equally kept them in line when needed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone!

Nicola Siarbawa, Sublime Science Party in Rugby with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2016

All of it the children really seem to love what she was talking about and enjoyed trying things out with sodium Sam. How can we improve? I don't think you can to be fair it was perfect just the way it was done 🙂 I had done all the boring themed parties and felt kids got bored so easily. I saw a video on Facebook and watched it. I was blown away by all the experiments the guy was doing and though hey why not this seems like fun. Kids loved the sweets and slime making 🙂 Just you rock keep doing what you do!
Eloise Veale, Children’s Science Party in Peterborough with Sodium Sam, Nov 2016

Liked All the lovely experiments.
M Cummings, Kids Party in Horsham with Seismic Steve, Nov 2016

Will was really friendly and the kids all loved it. Very engaging and fun! Thought it would be fun, and it was!
Phoebe Pallotti, Sublime Science Party in Sheffield with Weird Will, Nov 2016

The whole experience from start to finish was brilliant. Rich kept them totally entertained. I thought the kids attention spans would wander but they were transfixed from the moment it started. All of the children participated. They were all eager to answer questions and loved making and tasting their own sherbet. The slime making went down very well. My only experience of the office team was when I booked the party. They were very helpful and answered any questions I had. I was given information on what would follow once I had booked the party and also how to get in touch if I required additional help with anything. Regular e mails followed. I can't really think of anything you could improve on. It was a brilliant party. Rich was fabulous. The feedback I had from other parents was very positive. I can't really think of anything you could improve on. It was a brilliant party. Rich was fabulous. The feedback I had from other parents was very positive.
Amanda O'sullivan, Children’s Party in Birmingham with Rocket Rich, Nov 2016

A huge thank you for your enthusiasm at Freyas party yesterday. The feedback today from parents is what a fantastic time the kids had had and that they talked about it through the afternoon. Even the parents said they had enjoyed being at a different type of party and raved about you. So thank you so much for mailing it a very special day - you will be highly recommended!
Sublime Science Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, Nov 2016

Entertainer kept the kids fully entertained. He managed a large group of 28 children mainly boys well....let them all have fun but kept them fully under control. Kids all thoroughly enjoyed all of the experiments. Nothing to improve on. We wanted something other than a sports party for my sporty 9 year old boy. Read good reviews.
Melanie Hall, 9 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Berkshire with Dr Shaky, Nov 2016

Gabi interacted extremely well with the children. Lots of interesting experiments. Hands on for the children. Office? Very helpful, I was impressed how they went over and beyond when I explained I needed to get the venue confirmed so they held my booking for 24 hours so I could get everything co-ordinated. Gabi held the children's attention, came down to their level and engaged their imagination. She explained everything clearly and made the experiments fun and relevant to the age group.
Caroline Ross, Science Birthday Party in York with Galactic Gabi, Nov 2016

We loved the interaction with the Children. The performance was informative and engaging. I would highly recommend Sublime Science to friends and family. The office team, were so enthusiastic and helpful they are a credit to the company. I cannot speak highly enough of the individual that presented Joseph's party. It was remarkable that they were able to keep 30 children occupied for an hour. Each child thoroughly enjoyed every element of the show. Initially we found it difficult to justify the cost, however, on reflection the show did represent value for money, and the reaction of the children and Joseph in particular meant every penny was well spent!!!
Sarah Green, Kids Birthday Party in Derby with Dynamic Dave, Nov 2016

Looked fun. Presenter was great.
Susannah O’Brien, Science Party in Marlborough with Litmus Leah, Nov 2016

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Everything about this party was excellent! From first booking it to the party itself, I was never disappointed. It was slick and professional throughout. The attitude and knowledge that our presenter had was impressive and he had a wonderful manner and temperament with the children. The party bags were a huge success and where well presented, they had just the right amount of fun treats included and all I had to do was add a few sweets and hand them out....effortless! I also spent less than what I would have done had I tried to put something together myself. My daughter and her friends LOVED this party and we have already recommended it to a friend! My seven year old daughter loves science and when she asked for a science party we had no idea about Sublime until we luckily found you through Google. This was an activity which I felt could engage children get them involved and have a lot of fun! I was not disappointed!
Joanna King, 7 Year Old Daughter’s Birthday party in Buckinghamshire with Professor Fission, Nov 2016

Subatomic Sara & Explosive Emma were very engaging, fun and not at all patronising. The activities were perfect for seven-year-olds. The children were keen and able to participate and were thoroughly entertained. The presenters were also very organised and everything ran very smoothly. Office? They were helpful. Everything was very clear.
Mary Hays, 7 Year Olds Kids Party in Cambridge with Subatomic Sara and Explosive Emma, Nov 2016

The party was a massive success. The presenter was great and kept the kids engaged for the whole time. Everyone loved it. I thought it was a great idea.
Emily Keenan, Children’s Party in Birmingham with Kinetic Kate, Nov 2016

CO2 experiments, the rocket, the 'airpedo' and the plasma ball. The boys all greatly enjoyed the exciting experiments and having been talking about it ever since! We booked having attended my nephew's party a couple of years previously which had been by the same presenter in the same venue which all the children had really enjoyed.
Georgina Badrudin, Sublime Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, Nov 2016

Water propelled Rocket Launcher and the smoke ring gun. Office, efficient speedy replies to my queries. Science experiments seemed to be the age appropriate theme for a 6 year old's birthday.
Andrew Hardwick, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in North London with Atomic Ali, Nov 2016

Loved seeing how excited the kids were. Really fab party that all the kids loved.
Dani Hall, Children’s Party in Crawley with Fizzy Freda, Nov 2016

To follow up on the party we held on Sat 5 Nov 16, I’d like to praise Belle for her outstanding work. She held a tough crowd of 5 year olds mesmerised AND also catered for an older brother and cousin.  No mean feat!  She was brilliant and a great representative of the business.
Dan Chapman, 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Surrey with Bubbly Belle, Nov 2016

Just to say thanks so much to Lightening Laura for Max’s party on Saturday. She was a great host and kept 15 noisy six year old boys (and three girls) entertained!
Mrs Murray, 6 Year Olds Boys Party in North London with Lightening Laura, Nov 2016

The fact that all the kids were fully engaged, listening, having a go at answering questions, and belly laughing at the experiments! Very helpful. We booked this fairly last minute but the communication was friendly and clear. Perhaps have a choice of themes to choose from. That way if some children have attended a party before a different theme can be selected and all the experiments are new. That said, making sweets should always be kept in! We had attended another friends' sublime Science party and my daughter requested it!
R Powell, Daughter’s Birthday party in Northants with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2016

The children really enjoyed the lemonade rockets, especially as they all got sprayed! The team were quick to respond to all correspondence. My son wanted something really different, but also wanted to invite quite a few children, so this fitted the bill perfectly. Dr Shaky mentioned that he rarely does parties for children of 11+ but that he found it to be a great experience as he could have a bit of a laugh and a joke with the older children. He really held their attention, getting them all involved, asking scientific questions and teaching them a few bits and pieces along the way. He was brilliant!
Karen Norton, Children’s Birthday party with 11 Year Olds in North London with Dr Shaky, Nov 2016

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Colette was amazing with the kids, she pitched it completely at the right level. It was a joint party for two 6yr old boys and she managed to make them both equally special. Office were fantastic. 
Katy Percival, Kids Party in Leicestershire with Cosmic Colette, November 2016

The real science and healthy competition, presenter enthusiastic, made it fun and interesting. Interesting subject and unusual for child's party, educational and fun.
Lucy Askin, Kids Birthday Party in Basingstoke with Bubbly Belle, Nov 2016

The smoke bubbles and the slime & all the interactive bits. It was different and I thought would be more interesting for a bright little bunch! Keep up the great work!
Jaime Burman, Children’s Party in Milton Keynes with Galactic Gisele, Nov 2016

The 10 children were entertained from the minute they arrived, Helen arrived early to set up and kept them transfixed till the minute she left. I wanted my 7 year old son to have something a little different. Couldn't recommend enough and a big thank you to Helen who managed to keep all the children entertained and happy.
Emma Wright, Science Party in Lincolnshire with Helium Helen, November 2016

Rocket Ren was utterly amazing - the kids loved her, she clearly enjoys what she does they were totally spellbound! Office? Really helpful, communicated efficiently. Didn't feel a standard party entertainer would be right for 8 year olds (great for younger ones but they are at a tricky age) - wanted something different - it was utterly amazing - will consider it again for their party next year. Honestly loved Rocket Renin don't lose her!
Carrie Patsalis, Sublime Science Party in London with Rocket Renin, Nov 2016

The ease that the children were entertained for an hour and the parents could relax over a coffee. 
Elle Snedker, Science Party in Northampton with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2016

It was a novel party idea that we had never done before. The children loved all the experiments. Office?  I had to change the party time and the staff were very encouraging. The website sold itself as the most amazing party. 
Helen Madden, Birthday Party in London with Professor Perfect Eamonn, November 2016

Very friendly presenter, the kids got involved, something very different to any party we have been to before, fun! Sounded great on the website and very helpful staff.
Samantha Kowalski, Kids Birthday Party in Derby with Professor Melodie Marvelous, Nov 2016

Mike kept the children entertained for a good hour and they particularly enjoyed making sweets and slime. We were happy with everything - it all worked very well and the kids had a great time. Something different and fun but also educational - we thought it would be a good way of sparking an interest and all the feedback we've had from the parents of children who came has been great.
Clare Warnett, Children’s Science Party in Bucks with Dr Shaky, November 2016

Just want to say a great big thank you for today. Our visitors really enjoyed it and we got lots of great feedback. The session worked extremely well and we will definitely be in touch about doing it again next year. It really was excellent, please pass on our thanks to our mad scientist!
April Ross, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Ross Burton, November 2016

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Mike kept the children entertained for a good hour and they particularly enjoyed making sweets and slime. We were happy with everything - it all worked very well and the kids had a great time. Something different and fun but also educational - we thought it would be a good way of sparking an interest and all the feedback we've had from the parents of children who came has been great.
Clare Warnett, Bucks Birthday Party with Dr Shaky, October 2016

I thought the whole experience was well thought out and all worked well. I think my 5 year old loved the sherbet and definitely the rocket was a highlight but everyone probably had their own favourite bits. Can't think of anything to improve, I was really pleased the booking process and the speed of response etc. I wanted something that would appeal to both boys and girls and be interesting. John was really brilliant especially as the target audience was a bunch of 4-5 year olds. He really captured their imagination and had them screaming for more at points. Also I think a number of parents enjoyed the party as much of the kids. I think it should translate into some more bookings for you.
Aine Coghlan, 4 & 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Jupiter John, October 2016

Rocket Ren was a fantastic presenter - my son and the other kids all loved her and the show was excellent all through and very interactive. It kept 20 7-8 year old totally engaged from start to finish. Whacky Rockets was a terrific finale, and had the kids screaming with excitement. Just brilliant, thank you! Very helpful and great that you can be reached every day of the week! The endorsements/reviews, including that from dragons den backing!
Marianne Markham, Children’s Party in London with Rocket Renin, October 2016

Kenton was a brilliant presenter, very patient with the kids and demonstrated some great examples of fun science. Thank you for accommodating our last minute change of venue too - very understanding which made it easier for us. Extremely. Office? Friendly and helpful understanding how it all works. Impressed by Dragons Den pitch!
Simon Jobling, Northamptonshire Kids Party with Kenetic  Kenton,  October 2016

Magda was fantastic, she kept the children's attention at all times and knew exactly how to interact with them.
Yvonne Hadden-Gray, Surrey Children’s Party with Magnetic Magda, October 2016

Presenter was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly! Children and parents enjoyed every minute of it. Loved the interaction and participation. Excellent recommendations. The uniqueness of it. Learning and fun! Something different. Suitable for all ages. I would certainly recommend this. My kids are 7, 12, 18 and 20. We all loved it!
Penny Kealahet, Party for mixed ages in Bedfordshire with Sherbet Sharon, October 2016

How well Gabi conducted herself throughout the entire party. She arrived early, was very organised. She kept the children’s attention and the party flowed really well because of her. A request from my daughter as she had been to one before. A brilliant party which everyone really enjoyed, thank you!
Carol Bolton, Girls’s Party in Wetherby with Galactic Gabbi, October 2016

Excellent from start to finish - children fully engaged for an hour! Highlights for all, slime making and sweets. Something different, interactive and fun.
Katie Fogarty, Kids Birthday Party in London with Atomic Alan, October 2016

Our son just loves science and all the experiments that come with it! The interaction with the children. Thank you so much for a great party, our little boy really enjoyed himself and so did all of his friends.
Natalie Gillies, Boys Birthday Party in Essex with Steve M, October 2016

The presenter absolutely made the day. What an amazing man. The kids absolutely loved it as did we. He was excellent, professional and engaging. I cannot thank him enough. The science was amazing and even had some of our adults were mesmorised!!
Hannah Ciubotariu, Sublime Science in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, October 2016

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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Rocket Ren who did an amazing job at my son’s party today. The kids all loved her and the show went down a storm, not least the rocket finale. Just brilliant. 
Marianne Markham, Children’s Party in East London with Rocket Renin, October 2016

Our party was a huge success on Saturday. I was surprised Colette managed to engage all the children as we had a big age difference. Everything went extremely well and was very well thought out.
Diane Saxton , Kids birthday party in Leicester with Cosmic Collette, October 2016

The enthusiasm and fun from Atomic Anna. All the different types of experiments. Very helpful -my husband liaised with them, but they really helped us out as we had left it till quite short notice to book a party. The various experiments, that  you have party presenters and my husband had seen you on Dragons Den - so he was really interested in you. I thought Atomic Anna was super! She had do much energy and enthusiasm. She was patient with the children - 12 '6' years olds is hard to manage, but she was brilliant. The parents who stayed at the party, haven't stopped talking about it either! Thank you for an amazing party, our son loved it and even went in to school talking to his teachers about it - they were pleased too!
L Puttock, Kids Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, October 2016

We wanted a fun and interesting experience that differed from the standard run of the mill children's parties. We definitely got it with Sublime Science!
Stephen La Bash, Lincolnshire Sublime Science Party with Jupiter Jade, October 2016

Kids loved making the coloured slime and making fizzy sherbet.
Eloise Kennedy, Children’s Science Party in Bushey with Cosmic Caroline, October 2016

The kids were totally entertained the whole way through. They are still talking about it three days later. Something different. And my son is interested in science. I would definitely recommend it.
Vicky Poynton, Boys birthday party in Bexleyheath with Jupiter Jeremy, October 2016

Kept the children thoroughly entertained and interested! No complaints - would definitely recommend. Something different to all the other parties this year!
Cheryl Murch, Sublime Science Party in Leicester with Cosmic Colette, October 2016

I loved how easy it was to book my party and also how well organised the presenter was. She took complete control of the party once she arrived and was just fantastic. Keeping 15 6/7 year old entertained for an hour and 15 is not easy but Hannah was amazing and everyone had a great time, even the adults. Everything was explained in a way all the children could understand, and even though some were late Hannah happily waited so nobody missed out. Very helpful, booking the party was so easy. I wanted something different for my son's party and he loves experimenting and finding out new things so this was perfect. Please thank Helium Hannah for her patience and fabulous party on Saturday, we really had a fabulous time.
Lisa Uehlein, Manchester Children’s Party with Helium Hannah, October 2016

Interesting, educational, factual, engaging, interactive.. FUN!
Lana SG, London Sublime Science Party with Atomic Alan S, October 2016

Kids liked the slime making best. I just liked the fact it was a different party to the possible princess party that could of been. It was a different kind of party with lots of good reviews.
Mark Gilmour, Wheathampstead Children’s Birthday Party with Subatomic Sarah, October 2016

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All round great communication via email for booking, great interaction with the kids and everyone had lots of fun. Tasmin was a very good host. Wanted something a little different from the usual kids party thing and had seen sublime science stuff online.
Steven Hopkins, Children’s Party in Eastbourne with Titanium Tasmin, October 2016

Slime making and  the fact I didn't have to get involved for an hour. No one in class had done it before.
Inge Jenkinson, Kids Science Party in Richmond with Mad Michele, October 2016

The fact the kids loved it! I did like the balloons that turned into dust! Brilliant party!
Emma Reynolds, Sublime Science Party in Oxfordshire with Borax Ben, October 2016

Thank you and Phillippa so much for an amazing party on Sunday. You did a great job of entertaining the boys and they all loved it. A few of the children told me it was the "best party ever". Thanks especially for including Felix so well, his mum contacted me to say what a super time he had. 
Laura Chisholm, Hampshire Sublime Science Party with Lightning Lesley, October 2016

Thank you so much for such a wonderful morning. We had a fabulous time (and that was just the adults) the kids thought it was amazing! Ryan hasn't stopped talking about you since you left. You were so good with all of them and thank you for taking that extra time with them.
Lara, Nick, Kids Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, October 2016

Thank you so so much for the great science experience! Everyone had a great time and parents were all impressed. My whole family all agreed it was a fantastic party 🙂 Wish you the best
Maggie Chen, Kids Birthday Party in North London, with Cosmic Caroline October 2016

Try and get all the children to take part in demonstrations, not just the birthday girl-although she loved it! We saw it in dragons den and my daughter loves science and asking questions. The party was fantastic and my daughter and her friends had a brilliant time. We would definitely recommend Sublime Science.
Louise Harris, Girls Birthday Party in Petersfield, with Borax Bethany, September 2016

The whole party was excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Recommended by a friend plus very good reviews. Thank you for a really enjoyable party, which kept 25 (5 year olds) engaged for over an hour.
Nolly Nutman, Children’s Science Party in Hampshire with Kryptonite Kristie, October 2016

Thank you so much to Paul for all his patience with a very noisy group of children!!
Kathryn Hall, Kids Birthday Party in Abingdon with Plasma Paul, October 2016

We've had some great feedback from the kids and their parents saying that it was lovely to go to something different. The kids were fully engaged for the whole hour. They especially enjoyed the smoke bubbles! This was a bit different and kept the children entertained. It was perfect for their age group (5 - 7) and totally stress free for the adults! Very good. Felt very organised and the lady on the phone was lovely.
Katie Gough, Science Party for 5-7 Year Olds in Oxfordshire with Jupiter Jess, October 2016

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Hi Belle, I just wanted to say again how completely fabulous you and the entertainment provided was on Sunday at Nora's birthday. Sorry I was running around a little too madly to show my appreciation on the day but please be assured lots of parents commented v positively on the proceedings and above all Nora thought the science stuff was fantastic.. and now wants to be a scientist when she grows up.. along with a ballerina, architect, fashion designer and princess (sorry!)!! Totally brilliant - top notch! Rachel (Mum). 🙂 🙂
Nick Fielding, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Surrey with Borax Belle, October 2016

Wow, how amazing Dave went above and beyond to make Layton’s 7th Birthday party and extra special event, we had a mixture of age groups from 6-12 year olds and the all thoroughly enjoyed it, I would recommend anyone to book a party, My daughter would have loved one.
Zena Webb, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Nottingham with Dynamic Dave, October 2016

The science focus, especially for a girl's party - something different from the usual Disney Princess theme! The theme itself. Didn't know the company but found it to be very efficient and well-run, as was the party.
Agnes Fletcher, Children’s Birthday Party in Bucks with Dr Shaky, October 2016

That the kids were involved in all the experiments and no one was left out. But the birthday girl was the first to be allowed to do everything, that's important when you are 7! It looked like it would be a really memorable day and something different and educational for the kids.
Jennifer Rea, Sublime Science Party in High Wycombe with Batty Bridget, October 2016

ALI was absolutely fantastic!!! I have never seen anyone able to captivate that many children that age for that long. They were mesmerised! He was patient, informative, fun, kind, inclusive and the children (and adults) all loved him! Thank you Atomic Ali!!!! The office team was fantastic. Very helpful every time we called and taking payment after the event shows you truly believe in your 'product'. It was all effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. A different party for my son that was interesting and didn't cost the moon!
Adriana Ennab, Children’s Science Party in London with Atomic Ali, October 2016

The fact that the entertainer had the children and adults were so quiet and with her at every point. You could hear a pin drop. I loved how the children were able to make the sherbet and slime. Yes very helpful- quick to respond to the emails or questions over the telephone. Yes- I googled ideas last year and found you; however you said my children were to young (age5 and 4) and said wait another year; you didn't take my money when you could have done- we waited a year and we were not disappointed. One of our guests said "this is genuinely the best party I have ever been too" I couldn’t  agree more and I'm glad we were the hosts of the best party talked about in town!
Emma Cox, 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Peterborough with Sodium Sam, October 2016

My son loves science and it seemed like something that would be great to entertain him and his friends with. That the kids all enjoyed it.
Alexandra Oliv, Kids Science Party in Cheltenham with Jupiter James, September 2016

Everything, from initial communication to the invite and thank you links to the contact with the presenter and then to the actual event and professionalism and content of the party. Kelly was very good we had a group of about 25 children and she controlled the group with ease and kept them entertained and interested. We had the 1.5hr party with everything included and it was fantastic, all of the parents have been talking about the party ever since. The outside rocket launches are just the best with the kids going crazy for this experiment. and the mento’s which was good fun. I will send some pictures through as the venue Urban Café in Runcorn was ideal with an indoor space and a fantastic outdoor space for the rocket launches. We felt this was an ideal party for the age group of 7/8 year olds and very different from the usual predictable parties.
Catherine McEvoy, 7 & 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Runcorn with Kelly Chemikell, September 2016

Hi Caroline. Just managed to sit down today. Wanted to thank you for the awesome time. The kids loved it (all took the slime home and are probably messing up their parents carpets) and I think I saw a few parents' eyes with a childish shine to them. Honestly some parents came to us and told us how much they enjoyed it. Thank you and hope to see sublime science shows in future birthday parties Isac attends.
Pedro Galvao, Sublime Science Party in London, with Cosmic Caroline B, September 2016

My 7 year old son loved it all, especially when he was made to go first on the experiments. With a little preference for the sweet making experiment as we (adults) did get a chance to participate and taste it as well. Very helpful! 5 star service! But to be honest, I thought the all experience was already very good, Ben has everything under control & got the kids' attention with so much ease. My husband did the research and the fact that you were on Dragon's den, being an entrepreneur & and a science enthusiast really made it for us. Thank you so much Sublime Science - Ben & his assistant did such an amazing job at entertaining the kids & keeping them busy & absolutely on their best behaviour! I highly recommend Sublime Science, I find them reliable, efficient, knowledgeable & amazing with a bunch of wild crazy kids (that includes my son). Billion thanks from happy parents and a very happy 7 year old child.
Saleha Pinhorn, 7 Year Olds Party in Marlborough, Wilts with Borax Ben, September 2016

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The different activities that the children were involved in. The children loved the slime and sherbet making. They were great. I was undecided on a venue when I called and they were helpful and didn't make me feel overwhelmed with questions. My son loves science at the moment and all your great reviews definitely sold it to me. I wanted something hands on for the children and that's what others were saying you did. My son loves the experiments.
Samantha Giles, Boys Birthday Party in Essex with Electric Eamonn, Professor Perfect, September 2016

She was brilliant with the kids. She fully captured their attention and was very engaging. Everyone had a great time, even the parents. Wanted something different and something educational.
Noemi Sinkovics, Manchester Birthday Party with Sarah Sparks, September 2016

I cannot comment as I was competing in It's A Knockout so I can only go off the feedback we sent out to our 1,000 visitors. It was a huge success according to the feedback and we have booked again. We are a chemical company so it appealed to us that we could do an educational display as well as be fun for the children. We are thrilled to have secured you again to come back to our event next year. Thank you.
Catherine Dines, Sublime Science in Yorkshire with Weird Will and Helium Helen, September 2016

How well the kids got on with Tamsin. They were interested in everything she did and asked lots of questions. Everything they did was fun and new. She was friendly, kind and undemanding. Because it is different from anything else we've done and it was appropriate for my daughter’s age.
Annaliese Truman, Girls Birthday Party in London  with Toxic Tamsin, September 2016

That the children loved it. Very helpful if I had any questions they replied promptly. I was looking for something different and it didn't disappoint.
Janita Wilson, Kids Party in Hasley, Worcester with Super Steph, September 2016

The experiments were brilliant and very well designed for the kids. Extremely helpful and very efficient. John was great - we had a fantastic session and the kids loved it!
Ines Mohwinckel, London Kids Science Party with Jupiter John, September 2016

The kids were engaged the whole time and she stuck to time perfectly. She was very good with the kids and had excellent contact with us in the lead up and throughout. Looking for something a bit different for a party and sublime science was on my radar from a previous Google search for kids party ideas in my area. Mentioned a few party ideas to my son and he loved this idea the most.
Annabel Hunt, Lincoln Science Party with Helium Helen, September 2016

The amount of experiments we had kept the children entertained and eager to learn more. They didn't get bored. Rich was great in involving all the children over the time and getting them involved in the experiments. Office were very helpful. I received emails prior to the event about what would happen now, during and after the event, had text messages from Rich prior to the event introducing himself. When I called the telephone number, my queries are always answered. It was something different, age appropriate and my son likes Science. I would recommend it.
Amy Nijjar, Solihull Children’s Birthday Party with Rocket Rich, September 2016

The fun but informative execution of the science experiments. All of which were great fun and offered participation and interaction for all of the party guests. Brilliant, very helpful and got things done quickly. Wanted something different and also my kids had seen it and heard of it from Dragons Den. They were impressed with the fact that it is the UK's no 1 party! Thought it was fabulous from ages 7 to 13 they were totally and utterly entertained to a very high standard. It was great to make education fun and the interaction made it more memorable.
Cheryl Levington, Mixed Ages Kids Party in Lymm, Cheshire with Sarah Sparks, September 2016

The fact that Mike kept their attention consistently. Harry has not stopped talking about his party, he had such a good time. Very helpful and the fact you can pay after the party really helped. Mike is great at his job! An asset!
Hannah Ruse, Boys Science Party in Weybridge with Dr Shaky, September 2016

Zing! Atomic was great with the kids, new his subject area and kept them well engaged. We had a fun sublime science time! The team was always professional and prompt in their response. Testimonials of how good the service is and the quality of info and fun created for kids.
Sabrina Senior, London Sublime Science Party with Atomic Ali, September 2016

When we went outside to make the rockets, making slime, it was great getting the children and adults involved in some of the experiments! My son loves science and inventions. Excellent 9th birthday party which kept 16 enthusiastic children totally entertained for 1 and 1/2 hrs ! All the parents have commented on how much fun their children had.
Georgina Sim, 9 Year Olds Party in Leicestershire with Sodium Sam, September 2016

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That the presenter was very flexible with the children he was presented with! He did a very good presentation which was enjoyed by the adults as well. (at least 3 of them were science teachers but I didn't tell him that!) My party was a very special 70th birthday and retirement celebration for all the children I have childminded for the last 25 years
Fran Hunter, Children’s Party in Gloucestershire with Jupiter James, September 2016

Dina's patience, the way she engaged with the children and really impressed with how she was able to keep them entertained for the whole duration. Really attentive. Excellent customer service.
Reema Shelley, Kids Birthday Party in Warrington with Dina Dynamite, September 2016

The kids loved making slime the best. They also really enjoyed firing smoke rings to knock cups of each other's heads. They also loved the rocket being fired into the air. My son, who is 5, is completely mad about science. I saw the reviews that you had posted and thought that it would be great. My son had a great time.
Samantha Leek, 5 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in London with Toxic Tamsin, September 2016

The slime was the biggest hit with the kids. I wanted something different to the magicians etc. that I had booked before and in all honesty the email marketing campaign could not be ignored!
Leah Osborne, Kids Science Party in Ascot with Mercury Matt, September 2016

The kids had so much fun! I think the slime went down a son loved it as he isn't sporty and really interested in science. It was definitely something different. It was something different for my son.
Ellen Lees, Kids Birthday Party in Barnsley with Radioactive Ross, September 2016

He was excellent at keeping 20 5 & 6 year olds still, quiet & really interested, thank you & well done! Something different from the normal noisy disco's, bouncy castles & play centres.
Pauline Zelaieta, Party For 5 & 6 Year Olds in Sheffield with Professor Will, September 2016

Loved  the children laughing Caroline was fab with the children.
Karen Whitfield, Wigan Children’s Party with Cosmic Caroline, September 2016

Because it was nothing like other party and it looked very interesting for the kids and it was true all the kids was very interested and they love to involved with. Very helpful everything was very complete.
Kai Oldriyd, Bedfordshire Kids Birthday Party with Sherbet Shetal, September 2016

We loved everything about sublime science experience, fun, educational and entertaining absolutely amazing! Atomic was great with the kids, new his subject area and kept them well engaged. We had a fun sublime science time! The team was always professional and prompt in their response. Testimonials of how good the service is and the quality of info and fun created for kids.
Sabrina Senior, London Sublime Science Party with Atomic Ali, September 2016

When we went outside to make the rockets, making slime, it was great getting the children and adults involved in some of the experiments! My son loves science and inventions. Excellent 9th birthday party which kept 16 enthusiastic children totally entertained for 1 and 1/2 hrs ! All the parents have commented on how much fun their children had.
Georgina Sim, 9 Year Olds Party in Leicestershire with Sodium Sam, September 2016

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The kids loved the slime making, bubbles with steam in and airzooka. Very helpful, answered lots of questions etc. Science mad child with friends who have some social/physical problems so this seemed like the ideal party as was something all of them could join in at and they absolutely loved it! Sarah was fantastic with the kids, had full control, dealt brilliantly with my child who is slightly on the spectrum and his friend who has motor skills issues and helped him so he felt included. The kids loved her as did another parent who is the head teacher at school and now wants her for science week!
Lynsey Baird-Nelson, Cheshire Kids Party with Sarah Sparks, September 2016

The children's involvement and how engaged they were. Their excitement and obvious delight. Because I thought it sounded entertaining and fun and interesting and varied and surprising. It proved to be all of the above Tamsin managed the different ages and personalities so well and parents and children alike had a ball.
Raquel Cassidy, London Children’s Science Party with Toxic Tamsin, September 2016

The kids loved the lemon sherbets and they couldn't wait to try the wind pipes. The highlight of the party were the lemonade rockets which were a huge hit. Tash was fabulous with the kids. She held their attention for 1.5 hours and presented the whole experience with great gusto, energy and flair from beginning to end. She was terrific and made the party.
Daintre Murrell, Sublime Science Party in London with Toxic Tasha September 2016

Sarah came and set up and took control of the party from the outset, in terms of assigning children name badges and telling them where they needed to be. Sarah kept the group engaged throughout the whole party, even the younger kids. I also liked the text from Sarah the day before letting me know her number and when to expect her. Extremely helpful, we didn't need to think about anything. Everything was clearly explained in the emails and I knew exactly what was happening. Something different that I thought the kids would enjoy. My son especially likes science as do a lot of the boys in the class.
Sarah Potts, Boys Birthday Party in Stockport with Sarah Sparks, October 2016

All the entertainment was great for the children. Those adults present found it very entertaining too! Office,  Extremely, not being competent silver surfers and anxious to provide a lovely party for our grandchildren we also spoke direct and all enquiries we had were dealt with in a very reassuring manner. We wanted something totally different.
Steph Blay, Kids Birthday Party in Lutterworth with Chaotic Claire, September 2016

The varied amounts of experiments shown, the way they were introduced to the children and the fun and enthusiastic way Kristy put them across. Kristy had a great way of keeping the children in check and interested all at the same time. She never lost her patience and kept the energy levels high all through the performance. We would highly recommend her to anyone else giving a Sublime Science party. Couldn`t have asked for a more professional yet friendly approach. Impressed by what we had seen already on TV and you tube. Keep up the great work educating and entertaining children, the scientists of the future.
Simon Marsh, Children’s Science Party in Hants with Kristy Kryptonite, September 2016

Loved The rocket, sherbet and slime. This company looked interesting because they won dragons den and I thought that would mean that they would be good if the dragons gave them money.
Lira Heatley, Kids Science Party in Helsby with Dina Dynamite, September 2016

Many thanks for such a wonderful party yesterday. My son and all of his friends absolutely loved it and I have had many thank you's from parents who enjoyed it too! The way you managed to keep them all engaged throughout was fantastic and we were amazed out how quickly you picked up their names! 
Kim Nye, London Boys Birthday Party with Alan S, September 2016

My son’s party was on Saturday, it was amazing all of the parents and children loved it, if you want me to do a testimonial please let me know. Gabi was awesome:)
Ranjit Johnson, Boys Birthday Party Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabbi, September 2016

Just a quick email to thank you for a really amazing party yesterday. Prof Kristy Kryptonite was excellent with the kids and how she managed to keep 20 x 5 and 6 year olds entertained and focused for that long is beyond me. Our son loved every second of it and wants her to come back next year to do it again. We weren't sure what to expect but after seeing the Dragon's Den episode wanted to book one as Edward loves science. Definitely were not disappointed. Thank you all (especially Kristy- and sorry about the rain- hope you didn't get too wet ) for making his 7th Birthday really special. Will recommend to all.
Sarah and Simon Keating, 7 Year Old Boys Party in Hampshire with Kristy Kryptonite September 2016

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I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding my daughter’s birthday party which we had on Saturday 10th Sept. It was awesome. The children were mesmerised by Charlotte from the beginning. She was very professional, under control but very child friendly throughout. They loved her. My daughter is definitely a fan of hers!!  The adults present were very impressed and we all learnt something as well as the children!! We purchased the party bags which were a great addition to the party.All in all a truly fantastic party!! Will definitely be recommending you. Thank you so much for making Jessica's birthday the best one yet!
Shelley Welch, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Swindon with Sherbet Charlotte, September 2016

The way that Kristy kept all the kids so engrossed and under control! She was brilliant from set up to pack up - can't fault her!!! Really helpful - kind, responsive, thorough and making the effort to double check and confirm everything to put stressed party planning mums minds at rest!! Honestly no suggestions, it was great!!! All the brilliant reviews and their success on Dragons Den. A massive thank you!!! The boys had a fantastic time and so did all their friends. Definitely a huge success!
Tess Stone, Winchester Science Party with Kristy Kryptonite, September 2016

The rockets were awesome! Seriously the kids loved every element of the show. They were delighted at all being able to be involved eating icing sugar and making their own slime. One child was in floods of tears at the end of the party as he'd misplaced his slime and was devastated! He wanted his parents to go to Sainsburys to get some Borax so he could make some more! Our Presenter, Will Latter, was brilliant with the kids, he was a natural at getting their attention, making it all seem fun and a bit naughty whilst they were truly learning a slice of science. He also made sure the birthday girl had the chance to do some special tricks without leaving the other children just to watch as usually happens with party entertainers. The parents were very impressed at the originality of the show and the enthusiasm of the children for more. The office team were very helpful, it was a completely painless process to arrange the booking. The responses to my enquiry and questions were fast and clear.Thank you, it was amazing. The kids loved it and the parents were happy!
Rachel Buckley, London Kids Science Party with Will L, September 2016

Wow - we asked for a lot and we got it! Steve was a hero, making age appropriate and varied shows. We are happy to recommend The Sublime Science team for top-class fun and education value. At least 4 kids now want to be Scientists when they grow up! I was very impressed by the clear options of what was/wasn't available - much better than being told everything was do-able. I was really pleased with the tailor made package and the flexibility of the contents of the presentation. It was important that the SS team covered all the H&S etc paperwork so we didn't have to.
Jan Miller, Oxfordshire Science Party with Sciency Stephen, September 2016

The fun experiments and interaction was good. Something different and daughter loves science. Overall was very impressed with how Pippa interacted with the kids and the things the kids were shown.
Kelly Washington, Girls Science Party in Northants with Plasma Pippa, September 2016

I liked the whole party and my daughter said she loved all of the experiments but making the sweet was her favourite. It was easy and no fuss. The other parents loved the idea and it was completely different to the normal soft play parties. Our Scientist Lisa was great and kept a couple of the louder children in check but with a smile.
Francesca Fox, Newmarket Science Party with Electric Lisa, September 2016

I saw you guys on dragons den and thought straight away my son would love this, very helpful and excellent communication.
Kelly Trewin, Boys Birthday Party in Eastbourne, with Tasmin, August 2016

What I like the most is the party concept, the kids had a great time whilst learning science concepts through fun experiments. My daughter is a lot more interested in science as a result which is great. Eamonn was a great presenter, he was very nice and very patient with the girls, he engaged their attention through the whole hour and showed enthusiasm for what he does. The office team was very helpful and friendly. If I had to spend money in a party, I wanted something where the kids could learn something interesting. After some research I found Sublime Science with good reviews and the dragon's den reputation,I thought it was the perfect party. Just to say thank you for a great party, to the office team for making booking very easy and to our presenter Eamonn who did a great job. The party went very smoothly and stress free, that was all I wanted.
Mrs Roza, Kids Science Party in Chelmesford with Electric Eamonn, Professor Perfect, August 2016

The children had a amazing time, lots of fun and very educational - kept their attention at all times and all left happy and entertained. My son really wanted to have a science party and it was something different to what his friends had done for their birthdays.
Emma Wesley, Boys Birthday Party in Cheshire with Sarah J, August 2016

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I just wanted to express my gratitude to Annette Butler & her associate today for my son's birthday party. They were both extremely professional and friendly, an absolute credit to your company. The party was great fun & also educational, all of the children in attendance absolutely loved it! They have both given my son a birthday to remember- thank you so much!! I will definitely be recommending your services to other parents. Thanks again.
Zoe Gillliver, Boys Birthday Party in Birmingham with Atomic Annette, August 2016

She was really calm yet engaging be with the kids and she made sure that the birthday girl was the lead volunteer for experiments. The kids really enjoyed their time with Cosmic Caz. Something different and all children are naturally curious making this a great combination.
Jessica Hawley, Kids Science Party in London with Cosmic Caz, August 2016

The kids really enjoyed being hands-on and doing the experiments (making sherbet and slime).
Zoe Ordish, Kids Party in Burton on Trent, with Atomic Alyson, August 2016

The interaction with the children and the learning being fun. My daughter had a smile on her face the whole time. Amelia obviously liked the slime best. Kelly was fantastic. I was a little worried leading up to the party how some would keep the attention of 20 5 year olds but Kelly had no problems and the children were captivated. They enjoyed getting involved with the experiments and the parents thought it was amazing.
Emma Tracey, Sublime Science Party in Chester with Chemikel, August 2016

Everything about it. It is a brilliant concept. Every child that came to the party was very much engaged and happy to participate. It is educational and fun at the same time. Even the parents that brought their kids decided to stay and watch, and were impressed. The children can't stop talking about the party, some of them even came up to me and my husband to say it's the best party they've ever been to. How it was presented online, the experiments, etc is very good.. Made me want to book. Plus the reviews of the other parent sealed the deal for me.
Rose Singson, Birthday Party in Hastings, with Magnetic Mimi, August 2016

Rebecca kept the children very engaged for the whole party - she was great at explaining what was happening during the experiments and involved the children at the right level. I was looking for different party idea that others had not done before. My daughter loves science (and mum & dad are both scientists by background!) so this fitted the bill perfectly. We received fantastic comments after the party, including "best party ever". This was something different which kept the children very entertained. I'd recommend adding the rockets option to the end of the party, which provided a brilliant finale and would recommend sublime science!
Sam Dixon, Sublime Science Party in Sandhurst  with Radioactive Rebecca, July 2016

Engagement with the children generally. V lively and interested presenters, moved along at a good pace, had a good set of experiments. The rocket launches were epic and how fabulous for the birthday boy to involved in actually setting them off! My son asked to have a science party every year from now on! Office? Very helpful. Answered the phone swiftly and had all the information that I needed. I wanted a science party and your website caught my eye.
Rachel Webster, Kids Science Party in St Albans with Atomic Amy, August 2016

Water rocket and smoke filled bubbles. Internet reviews and something different, many many thanks!
Catherene Tibbs, Children’s Science Party in Reading with Batty Bridget, August 2016

The rockets was by far the children's favourite thing. Very helpful, everything happen exactly how they said it would. Google search and we wanted something different for our sons 8th birthday party.
Samantha Challis, 8 Year Old Boys Party in Essex with Eamonn, Professor Perfect, August 2016

Would recommend this to anyone looking for something a bit different. Dina our scientist was great. All the kids of varying ages were enthralled.
Sarah O’brien, Kids Birthday Party in Liverpool with Dina, August 2016

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From the moment Sarah arrived she was full of smiles and engaging with the children. She kept their attention from the moment she started the party. Love all the experiments and how the children all get involved! Very helpful and always answered any questions I had. Can't fault anything on the parties. I like to book parties that are different and interesting, this was both!
Gemma Smith, Sublime Science Party in Warrington with Sarah Sparks, August 2016

Molly was fantastic with the children, they were completely taken in by her straight away. She was so bubbly and friendly and helpful with everything. The children were laughing and shouting all the way through the 1 hour 15 mins which went so fast. The exploding rockets and slime were a big hit 🙂 fantastic! Very helpful I never had to worry about anything it was all so simple to arrange. The admin team were always very quick to reply to my emails. I had seen great reviews and I wanted something different for my daughter’s party.
Lynda Buckfield, Girls Birthday Party in Horsham with Magnetic Molly, July 2016

The wacky rockets were brilliant and really captured children's imagination and excitement! Excellent, was emailed a week before to confirm and stop me panicking.
Sarah Dove, Kids Party in Kent with Jupiter Jeremy, July 2016

Our presenter was great and really enthusiastic. I also loved how many different activities there were for the kids to get involved in. They were very helpful whenever I called. Something different from a standard party and my son loves Science.
Aimee Dunne, Children’s Party in Kent with Professor Will L, July 2016

Our presenter was great and really enthusiastic. I also loved how many different activities there were for the kids to get involved in. They were very helpful whenever I called. Something different from a standard party and my son loves Science.
Aimee Dunne, Children’s Party in Kent with Professor Will L, July 2016

The children were thoroughly entertained. Continue as you are doing. It was just what my son wanted for his 7th Birthday party. Thanks a million.
Theresa Kennedy,
7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Surrey with Dynamic Daisy, July 2016

The whole thing - Jeremy turned up early and set up with plenty of time for the party to start - he was patience and waited a while as there was some late arrivals. He kept 25 children aged between 3 and 10 years entertained for the whole hour and half we booked and had all the adults entertained as well - there where many favourites from the sweet making to the slime making and the rocket launching was hilarious causing lots of screams. The staff have sent several emails updating me throughout and also helped me with questions when I rang a couple of times with questions. They were genuinely interested in helping me. Nothing - it was all perfect. Once again thank you for a brilliant party, how on earth can I top this next year?.
Anastasia Betts, Children’s Birthday Party in Kent with Jupiter Jeremy, July 2016

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The kids enjoyed the presentation. Dina engaged the kids well, but some of her explanations were not very clear. The kids really enjoyed the rockets at the end. My emails were replied to quickly and efficiently. My daughter had been turned on to science by an event at Daresbury laboratory science day.
Erica Miller, Girl’s Birthday Party in Warrington with Dina Dynamite, July 2016

Loved that John really got the crowd excited and enthused and that he made the birthday girl feel special. My daughter loves science and I had heard good reports from a friend that had used you.
Lisa Edwards, Girls Birthday Party in London with Jupiter John, July 2016

Prof William was fantastic and very engaging. The kids ages ranged from 4-11 and they all loved it, including my 40 year old husband!! I thought it was great how the kids first thought it was magic and were then given the science behind it. They loved the loot bags too!! Thank you for a memorable party!! Office? Very polite, friendly and helpful.It is unique, fun and educational.
Shalini Thomas, Birthday Party in Doncaster with Professor Will, July 2016

Good interaction with the children. Made it special for my daughter and involved all children. The range of experiments were excellent and all the children loved the green slime. Your service is unique to any parties out there.
Phil Cook, Sublime Science Party in Tingley (Wakefield) with Galatic Gabi, July 2016

Louisa's enthusiasm, the interaction and involvement of different children on each experiment so they all felt involved. Her ability to keep control and the interest of even the slightly less behaved and cheekier children. A completely different party from what we've had and been to before. The fun, excitement and hands on approach which is hassle free.
Sam Mason, Science Party in Derbyshire with Lightening Louisa, July 2016

Hello – just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for sending Dynamic Dave to enthral and educate the children (and some of the parents!) at Louise’s science party last Saturday. He got the tone just right: quickly identifying the level of understanding the children already had and using terminology and language that built on their current knowledge.  I think above all things he deserves real credit for that! All the children wanted to join in every part and went home telling their parents what a great time they had had.
Anna Webb, Kids Party in East Sussex with Dynamic Dave, July 2016

Firstly a big thank you to the wonderful team at Sublime Science you have been a pleasure to deal with and made organising the event a breeze. Magda was amazing and I arrived to lots of very excited children who could not stop talking about how wonderful all the experiments were. My own children asked me to go to the supermarket on the way home so we could buy things to do them at home.
Liza Freyer, Children’s Party in Berks with Magnetic Magda, July 2016

I liked all aspects of the show being from a Science background myself. I think the children probably loved the rocket launch outside the most as it meant getting wet as well as the sweet making experiment! But I also loved the excited face of my little boy the best when he believed he was really going to fly ! It was priceless. Most importantly the children had fun and parents said that they couldn't stop talking about the party when they got home! So that's a result! Office?  Very helpful indeed. Excellent service and communication. My son loves Science and having been a Research Scientist myself for 9 years I thought it would be the perfect party. It was both educational and fun. The best party ever! All the children who attended loved it. I would certainly recommend it to other parents.
Afshan Butt, Boys Birthday Party in High Wycombe with Dr Shakey, July 2016

I think there were many favourites. My son loves science and you had good reviews. Natalie was very pleasant and great with the kids. She stayed and chatted for a bit afterwards and I didn't have to worry at all. The kids were thoroughly entertained! The slime was a hit! 🙂
Kate Leach, Science Party in Oxfordshire with Nuclear Natalie, July 2016

Very efficient booking, polite on time presenter and kept children entertained throughout.
Suzy Roberts, children’s birthday party in Reading, with Matt R, July 2016

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The whole presentation was excellent. The kids had a fabulous time and the mum's are still messaging me saying what a great party it was. Rocket Ren was amazing! She kept 30 kids engaged for 1 hour +; no mean feat! The kids jaws were on the floor for quite a lot of the time.
Aparna Mirchandani, Kids Party in Greater London with Rocket Renin, July 2016

The way Aurora kept the children interested and all the experiments that the children did thank you Aurora the boys enjoyed themselves 🙂  Office? very helpful!
rystina Normanton, Boys Birthday Party in Halifax with Atomic Aurora, July 2016

The whole concept. 19 five year olds and an 8 year old were engaged for the whole thing. Wanted a party that was different and interesting, not running round a hall for 2 hours. We were all impressed with how Claire kept the children's attention. We hope they are that good in school!
Hazel Taylor, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Northamptonshire with Chaotic Clare, July 2016

Cheryl was fantastic with the children. She held all 19 of the children's' attention for a full 1.25 hours - no mean feat given it was hot. The rockets launched into next door neighbours garden went down brilliantly, and the children loved making slime. The parents who stayed also really enjoyed the party. Really rapid response from the office team. Very reassuring.That it would all be great. Easy to book and helpful to chat to a real person. I wanted a stress free party that Oscar would enjoy. He enjoys science and I had. Heard very good things. Just to. Reiterate how great Cheryl was.
Babs Rayner, Children’s Birthday Party in East Sussex with Cosmic Cheryl, July 2016

The wide variety of interesting experiments, keeping the children entertained at all times. Office? beyond helpful, thank you 🙂 Can't think of anything that would have made the party any better. Plenty of hands on fun and cool experiments enjoyed by children and parents alike. Even one of the dad's who's a head teacher said how good the party was! Something different, and had great recommendations on social media. Thank you so much to the team at the office, and a special thank you to Steph for making Ava's 8th birthday party so memorable.
Jenna Thorpe, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Birmingham with Stephanie, July 2016

Caroline was absolutely fabulous with the children keeping their attention and even teaching them true science! Very helpful from start to finish. Niamh is very interested in science and l wanted an interactive party with a difference. Totally professional from start to finish. The children had a ball . I am a scientist myself and loved the way it was made fun. Definitely would recommend.
Gillian Maloney, Children’s Party in London with Cosmic Caroline, July 2016

Everything - the organisation and taking charge of the children and keeping excited ones under control. Lots of participation and making sure a girl who was in plaster was involved. The experiments were great and all the children really enjoyed it. I wanted a party that could be held in our house but was not dependent on good weather (good job really with the weather at the moment). This party was perfect for 8 year olds and really kept their attention. Connected with a lot of what they have been doing at school this year but was also a lot of fun. They loved the sherbert and obviously the slime! My daughter got comments at school "best party ever" and "really cool". I'm very pleased we booked this party. 8 is a tricky age for party activities and this was pitched just right. I think the price is good value for money and all parents have to do is feed the children and check that the presenter is still in one piece every so often.
Jenni Cook, Kids Party in Rochdale with Helium Hannah, July 2016

Hard to say. kids were engaged right from the start and it all built up to the great rocket launch. Very helpful tailoring the party to age and number of children. My 9 year old is interested in science and experiments and has kind of outgrown traditional parties this was perfect.
Kat Folkson, 9 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Lucy Lightening, July 2016

Ease of booking and essential hassle free entertaining for children. Office? Make things easy. Good communication, know their job well.
Jocelyn Lee, Birthday Party in Worksop with Kinetic Kevin, July 2016

Yes, very helpful in helping with party logistics and deciding advising on which tier of party to choose. I wanted something a little different, where the children would have fun but come away with great memories and stories to tell. My son said the party "exceeded his expectations " 🙂
Michele Awuye, Children’s Party in Worcester with Su Pernova, July 2016

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The children were captivated! Emily asked for a party that was different and exciting and that's exactly what she got. It was such fun and so easy I wish I'd had the children for longer as we were all having so much fun! At pickup time there were tales of it being the "best party ever" which made my day! I loved all of the experiments... but my favourite had to be the rockets in the garden... truly fantastic! Office? Brilliant... easy to reach... caring about the details... warm and friendly. For something different... and you had fantastic reviews.
Liz Taylor, Children’s Party in Didcot Oxfordshire with Paul, July 2016

The range of activities was great, obviously a lot of thought had gone into activities that entertain. The fluidity of session meant that there wasn't one point where the children weren't engaged. Hannah's enthusiasm and ability to keep that many children's attention was impressive. Very helpful, booking easy, also reassuring to get a text from the person presenting. Looking for something different and son loves science. Thanks for a great experience!
Michelle Restall, Science Party in Dorking, Surrey with Helium Hannah July 2016

Absolutely everything!!! Both the children and the adults had an amazing time! You made my sons birthday a very special one and certainly one to remember. A few parents got in touch after saying that their child said that it was the most amazing party they had ever been too! It was certainly money well spent and I would recommend to anyone. AWESOME! Charlotte was absolutely brilliant! She fully engaged the entire group and grabbed their attention. She did an amazing job managing such a large group of children! I am glad she was a part of my son's birthday party! Something completely different that we had never experienced before and others would thoroughly enjoy too!
Reena Talwar, Sublime Science Party in Derby with Charlotte Cottrell, July 2016

Kids loved it and had fun, that's what it was all about! Something different and fun! Thank you so much for making my little girls 8th birthday so much fun! She had a whale of a time!
Donna Farrell, 8 Year Olds Party in Redditch with Rocket Rookie, July 2016

The flow of the party - how every activity smoothly went on to the next, in turn keeping the attention of the children for an hour!! Just keep coming up with more scientific ideas to show the children. After attending over 25 parties this year in my sons class, this was the only party where parents sent messages of thanks and gratitude on the same day, also mentioning how great the party bags are.
Kate Glover, Boys Birthday Party in Kent with Cosmic Charley, July 2016

I didn't have to do anything! Daughter in year 3 and they did a lot of science this year. Thought I would make the party fun & educational. Pure luck while browsing for something completely different.
Evelyne Canevarolo, Girls Party in West London with Meteor Matt, July 2016

I just wanted to say how happy I was with Dr Ianstein and the whole sublime science experience on Saturday for my daughters party! Zaara and her friends had an absolutely wonderful time (as did the parents watching). Ian was a brilliant scientist, very engaging and funny and the kids adored him! I would highly recommend sublime science to all my friends and Dr Ianstein.
Umme Kolsum, Girls Birthday Party in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, July 2016

Natalie was amazing - captured the imagination and captivated 18 5 and 6 years olds for an hour and a quarter! The children loved the demonstrations, and the opportunity to interact and be part of what was going on was fabulous. Cannot thank you enough for making Alexandre's birthday party such fun! Fabulous service, quick response to any questions and extremely flexible and helpful. Something different from the usual party. Also, excellent website and reviews backed up immediately by the responsiveness and professionalism. Excellent in every way.
Mike Cantelo, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Northampton with Nuclear Natalie, July 2016

The science party was great, all the children were entertained really well. It was good fun. The children loved the slime making. The party bags were excellent to, my son loved the balloon helicopter. My son is really into science, and he loved a party he went to which had sublime science.
Narinder Dhiman, Boys Birthday Party in Leicester with Electric Emma, July 2016

Jodi was fantastic, she kept all the kids entertained and explained the science in a really easy, fun way. The parents loved it too. She also helped me organise the kids to sit down and have their meal, taking all the stress away. Pretty helpful, especially in getting Jodi to contact me a good few days before the event, something most entertainers don't do. We wanted a party that was different to what's been done before plus something that was informative, interactive and of course fun. The reviews plus the Dragon's Den factor swayed it to Sublime Science for us.
Manju Kataora, Kids Birthday Party in Datchet with Jupiter Jodi, July 2016

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As a quick list, the main places our kids parties are available is: Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool & Merseyside, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke, Stafford, Birmingham, Coventry, Stratford, Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Swindon, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford, Cambridge, Essex, Chelmsford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Bedford, Saint Albans, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Enfield, Stevenage, Maidstone, Kent, Guildford, Surrey and North, South, East & West London.

Your Area Not Listed?
A more complete list of the places that Sublime Science love to travel to would be:

  • Sublime Science Leeds serves Wakefield, Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York.
  • Sublime Science of Manchester love to entertain at birthday parties in Bolton, Oldham, Wigan, Rochdale and, of course, Manchester itself.
  • Liverpool Zone: The Sublime Science Party is now available across Merseyside, including: Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, Southport & Bootle.
  • Sheffield Zone includes Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Worksop
  • Nottingham Zone: Mansfield, Newark, Retford, Derby, Chesterfield, Long Eaton, Swadlincote, Buxton, Matlock, Ashbourne
  • Lincolnshire Zone: Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Spalding and Spalding
  • Stoke Zone: Stafford, Newcastle Under Lyme, Uttoxeter
  • Birmingham Zone: Solihull, Wolverhampton, Edgbaston, Walsall, Dudley, Cannock, Lichfield, Stourbridge and West Bromwich
  • Coventry & Stratford Zone - Warwick, Nuneaton, Rugby, Bedworth, Leamington Spa & Stratford-upon-Avon)
  • Bristol & South West Zone: Worcester & Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Wiltshire, Swindon, Bristol & Bath.
  • Leicester Zone: Loughborough, Hinckley, Melton Mowbray, Coalville, Lutterworth, Rutland & Oakham
  • Oxfordshire Zone: Oxford, Banbury, Abingdon, Bicester, Thame & Henley.
  • Cambridgeshire Zone: Cambridge itself as well as St Neots, Huntingdon, Ely & Whittlesey.
  • Northampton Zone: Peterborough, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough
  • Milton Keynes Zone: Luton, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Bedfordshire, Bedford, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard.
  • Hertfordshire Zone: St. Albans, Hertford, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Hatfield.
  • Kent Zone: Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Dartford, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Chatham.
  • Science Parties in Surrey available in: Guildford, Woking, Epsom, Redhill, Reigate, Staines & Dorking.
  • North London Zone: Enfield, Edgware, Hendon, Barnet, Haringey, Harrow, Camden, Islington, Hackney.
  • South London Zone: Croydon, Bromley, Sutton, Kingston upon Thames & Dartford.
  • West London & Berkshire Zone: Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, Bracknell & Reading.
  • East London & Essex Zones: East London, Chelmsford, Basildon, Harlow, Braintree & Romford.

My Little Boy/Girl is 5 years old, 6 years old, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years old - will they love the Sublime Science Party?
In a word...Yes! Have a chat with us on the phone and we'll explain just how we'll tailor your party so that it's perfect for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and even 10th birthday parties!

Still Not Sure If We Can Bring Our Science Party To You?
The best thing to do would be to check our locations map, here, give us a call on 0845 508 5387 or 0116 380 0750 or pop your details in the form below and we'll come right back to you!