Not "Just" Making Science Awesome For 1 Million Kids!

To be honest my mission of making science awesome for one million children has consumed most of my waking life this past decade!


I truly believe that business and entrepreneurship is all about making an impact and making things better.

I'm honoured to support the Prince's Trust. They helped me to found Sublime Science back in 2008 and now it's a privilege to help inspire young people to take on their dreams.

I'm also hugely passionate about helping children in Africa to have the chance to play and serve on the board of trustees of East African Playgrounds.

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Honoured To Help Out...

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Why Mention All The Charity Stuff?

It's a fair question.

You see, Sublime Science is all about you, making science awesome and making your child's special day absolutely unforgettable.


For me, it's massively important to work with "the right kind" of organisations. Organisations that stand for something. That do the right thing.

That's hugely important to me and it might well be for you too.

On top of that we're fortunate that more than a million people have visited our digital lab (website!) and by mentioning some of the work we do we can make connections and help make even more impact!

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dontcoverimagetightSlimetastic Reason No.1 You'll get a FREE copy my new book 'Don't Eat Your Slime' - full of incredible experiments for curious kids you can do at home with 'stuff' you've already got, it normally costs £9.99 (it's 5 Star Reviewed on Amazon, you know!)

ulimate-kids-party-survival-guide-tight-300Slimetastic Reason No.2 You'll get your FREE copy of 'The Ultimate Kids Party Survival Guide' - Guaranteed to make your party planning easier.

Slimetastic Reason No.3 You'll get the best chance of getting the date and time that's perfect for you! (After Dragon's Den, Winning Her Majesty's Queen's Award and more than 10,000 unforgettable Sublime Science Parties we do book up fast!) You'll get personalised info about the best options and availability (depending on age, area and group size) all without a hint of any obligation or pressure of any kind.

Either Call our helpful team on 0116 380 0750 or 0845 508 5387 or pop a few details in the form above and we'll get all the info to you along with your 'slimetastic stuff',  guaranteed!

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