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Liz was brilliant with the children and kept the party really well-paced so that the children were all completely engrossed and didn't have time to mess around. The children loved making the slime and watching the water rockets in the garden. They also loved the mentos and lemonade trick. It sounded really fun and we had boys and girls of different ages coming to the party, so thought it would suit everyone. It really was a brilliant, fun, different type of party. We had children aged 5 to 11 there and they all loved it.
Louise Glaze, Kids Party in Northampton with Electric Liz, March 2014

Tornado, making sounds with objects. Something different as a party theme for boys and girls! It's fun and educational, kids loved it - what more do you want as a parent.
Chen-Lee TsuI, Boys and Girls party in St Albans with Pippa, March 2014

It's amazing already, no need to improve on anything. I'd like to say how fantastic Lauren was! All the children were kept entertained by her, she is brilliant!
Rebecca McClave, Kids Party in Barton Le Clay with Lauren, March 2014

I liked that all the children were truly excited and interested to see what it was all about. The birthday boy loved making sherbet and the slime!! I was pleased with how it all went. No improvement needed!! I especially appreciated a text confirming when you would arrive and requesting a list of the children's names attending. Put my mind at rest!! I also received a text from a Mum who's son said 'it was the best party.....ever'!!!
Monica Blythin, son's birthday party in Wymondham with Mike, March 2014

James engaged all the children for an hour, even the 3 year olds never wandered off!! The parents were just as interested as the children and commented it was the best party they had been to!
Kate Smith, Science Party in Warrington with James L, March 2014

Water rocket was the highlight of the party and all the children loved making slime. We discovered that it bounces off the wall too. Akbar had his work cut out with boisterous 8 year olds but he managed it very well and still managed to keep their attention. I wanted a party where the kids can enjoy and also learn something at the same time.
Khin Nadarajah, Kids birthday party in Hampton Hill with Akber, March 2014

We weren’t sure how a room full of 30 or so six-year-olds would react to a Sublime Science party, but we wanted to do something a bit different to the usual types of parties our son had attended and we’d read positive reviews on the website, so decided to take the plunge. In many ways the sublime science party is magic-like, with the added bonus of the children learning scientifically-sound concepts such as absorption and vibration. The children were all excited and enthralled by different types of experiments for more than 60 minutes, and Nobiya was fantastically calm in keeping them in check while capturing their collective attention and imagination. Many thanks Sublime Science!
Mrs Russon, Kids Party in Milton Keynes with Nobiya, March 2014

The children loved making goo. I would defiantly recommend you as a company the whole package, invitations were very good.
Penny Lionetti, children’s party in Bedford with Lauren, March 2014

The children were kept fully entertained and engaged. It is unique. Chemeana was excellent!
Rachel Proctor, Science Party in York with Chemeana, March 2014

The children's participation was more than I expected. I know how hard it must be to keep the attention of 20 7 year olds but Naomi was great. Saw the video on Facebook and had heard a good review from a family members neighbour who had a party for their 8 year old.
Laura Keating, children’s party in Birmingham with Naomi, March 2014

Kids loved the variety. My seven year old loves to experiment, and the fact the kids made their own "slime", and he could see it on the web site, sold it for him, he wanted the same for his party.
Eileen Kilcommons, 7 year olds party in Northwood with Varsha, March 2014

Everything the way she included all the children and made them think and interact it was fabulous.
Jane Gilbert, Sublime Science Party in Borehamwood, March 2014

The children enjoyed making slime and sherbet most as they were actively involved in making it and then tasting the sweets. But to be fair they enjoyed the whole party! It was a success! Not sure I can add anything. James sent me a text a few days before to let me know what time he was going to turn up. He turned up on time, prepared everything and once finished the packed everything away. No mess what so ever, which was great as we had the party at home! It was also very convenient that the remaining payment is arranged by your booking office, no hassle with money at the party. James our scientist was absolutely brilliant! He was very funny and kept the children entertained without any problems for over an hour. All the children (10 girls) were involved and had a great time. The rocket module worked a treat as well, so all in all a great party! Thank you!
Desiree Marshall, Girls birthday party in west Yorkshire with James L, March 2014

The energy & enthusiasm of the presenters. They were clearly interested in both the children & the subject matter. They also kept a large party of young boys engaged.
Angela Warner, Boys Birthday Party in Cheshire with Tom and Anila, March 2014

Lisa was just amazing and so was Jon. In total 16 kids (incl indi) attended and they all had fun. Thanks for making it a success. The whole package: Combining my son's favourite theme of star wars with science! The effort put into the whole show is truly appreciated. We're told all kids liked the event and all-in-all it was a huge success! Everything was fab. The promptness showed by staff in:
. responding to my queries
. request for additional themes
. questions about various aspects of the show
. being there on time
. 5* service for effort to match the request
Padma, Boys birthday party in Peterborough With Lisa and Jon, March 2014

Cerys absolutely loved her party today. All her friends were very impressed too. Its not easy keeping 8-9 year olds amused, especially when there are boys and girls at the party, but Daniel did a fantastic job. The kids were amused from the minute Daniel arrived until the minute he left and they all couldn't wait to tell their parents what an awesome time they had! Cerys said its the best party she has ever had 🙂 and I have to say, its by far the easiest time I've ever had. I actually got to enjoy a kids birthday party for once as they were all so well entertained that there was really nothing left for me to do but to sit and watch too!
Lorraine Bell, Boys and girls birthday party in Luton with Daniel, March 2014

What did you like best? Control and engagement of kids.
Roopa Nagori, Children’s Birthday Party in Northwood, February 2014

Everything!! Mark was brilliant!
Heather Memmott, Kids Birthday Party in Harrogate with Mark, March 2014

A really big thank you to Tina, she was great with the kids and very professional.
Tina Hopkins, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Tina, March 2014

I thought it was something different to any other party that I had seen. Also a typical boy thing that they would enjoy and it was age appropriate. thought the party was really good and the kids loved it. The presenter had them all engaged and sitting listening for an hour and a half! (Can we book you every weekend!!)
Nicky Smith, Boys Birthday Party in High Wycombe with Pippa, March 2014

I thought Varsha engaged with the children brilliantly. She captured their attention and kept it for the whole hour and a quarter. She brought with her a fantastic range of experiments and kept up the momentum all the way through. Her passion for what she does is very clear. I'm a very happy customer. Science parties are a great idea and something different to the norm. For my daughter, aged 7, this was a great party. We had the first part of the party with Varsha and then had food, cake, games and dancing run by myself and another mum - it was a great balance. I like the fact that the Sublime party was both educational and fun. Thank you! It's different, educational and had great reviews. Varsha is a real asset to Sublime - she should be training your new, less experienced 'Professors'!
Genevieve Barnard, 7 Year old Girls Party in Amersham with Varsha, March 2014

We loved all of it and I have to say Matt was just fantastic...he arrived bang on time, had a great affinity with the kids and held their attention the whole way through. They had loads of fun and it was a great party - I think the kids enjoyed the slime making the most (of course!). Matt definitely went the extra mile...I thanked him on the day but would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks again for making it such a great party.
Jean Scriven, Kids birthday party in Tintwistle with Matt, March 2014

My seven year old's Sublime Science Party was a fantastic success. Varsha was the perfect entertainer - fun, engaging and patient. The children were captivated and excited throughout. They particularly loved the spinning tornado in a bottle and making sweets. The best thing about Sublime Science parties is that they are interactive, allowing the children to collectively join in. It was great to see our normally painfully shy seven year old daughter laughing, jumping around and enjoying the attention. She wanted to be involved from start to finish, taking charge of handing out the Sublime Science party bags at the end. A big THANK YOU for giving her lasting positive memories. We could not ask for more. No improvements needed. My daughter rarely joins in with party games - she can be very shy and self concious. It was our daughter's first major party. It was in fact the first time that she wanted to invite all her friends to a party so we extra keen for it to be a success. We initially thought of a decopatch or decorate your own trainers party. She initially liked these ideas but changed her mind when we showed her your website.
Shirin Bettis, Kids Party with Varsha in North Finchley, February 2014

I found the communication excellent and very reassuring, we were e mailed 10 days before the event to say everything was on track and James text-ed the day before to say he would be arriving half an hour before the event to set up. James arrived promptly with equipment and set up despite being swamped by 10 boisterous 10 year old boys.
The party was great and James managed to keep everyone engaged for the whole hour with games activities and demonstrations. The my son was made to feel very special as he was involved in almost every demonstration and activity but I don't think anyone felt left out and there were activities that everyone got involved in. The smoke rings were particularly popular. The whole thing went at quite a fast pace and there was lots of excitement. My son said it was the best party he had ever been to, you cant ask for much more than that. My son found it on the internet and was really excited by the idea. I liked the idea of doing something different and I believe learning should be fun. I thought it was quite expensive but the staff I spoke to were so helpful and reassuring and the whole thing went so smoothly and professionally that I felt it was worth it.
Clare Pelton, Kids Party in Sheffield with James B, February 2014

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started from...you started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've done...you've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The delivery of the whole party was brilliant. The kids were all hooked from start to finish and Mike was brilliant. Honestly can't think of any improvements. Our son is a proper little boy, fascinated by how things work and always inventing things. We thought this would be a really different party idea... and we were right. For me the best sign I had that the children had enjoyed themselves was when one mum sent a text to say thank you for inviting her daughter. She said that they had spent the whole of dinner listening to her explain everything in fine detail to her older brother.
Dan Sumpton, Boys Birthday Party with Magnetic Mike in Rutland, February 2014

Just a quick note to say that Monty and his friends had an amazing time on Saturday and Mike the scientist was excellent. We had lots of comments from parents and children alike stating ‘it was the best party ever!’ Thanks again and I hope you get some more bookings from our friends
Darren James, Kids Birthday Party in Peterborough February 2014

All of it was better than we had expected! Award winning and excellent reviews. James was really brilliant ! Thank you
Narinder Sanghera, Kids party with James B in Morley, February 2014

Kept the children entertained for the whole time, brilliant. Wanted a party with a difference. Have already recommended you to a friend for a party for 7 yr olds
Emma Opacic, Science Party with Atomic Tom in Wyaston, February 2014

It offered something different for a party that I'd not seen before and was different to other parties we had been to
Helen Keane, Science Party with Matt in Bramhall, Februray 2014

Lou was great with Archie even before the party and did an experiment with him prior to the party and let him wear the white coat. That really put Archie at ease and made him more inclined to participate once it started. Archie loves science and I wanted something different, that my friends haven't had. Lou was great, she really went out of her way and it was a large group and she managed the children really well.
Clare fountain, Kids Party in Shepshed with Lou, February 2014

The expertise of the scientists coupled with the experiments kept all 12 children totally entertained for the full hour - tough going with 7 - 8 year olds all of different stages of maturity!! Excellent reviews online.
Tracey Kirwin, Childrens Party in Manchester with Adele, February 2014

Jackie made James feel very important by using him throughout as her assistant. The kids enjoyed the making of the goo the best. They were all kept interested for the full hour and there was plenty of great interaction. A really great fun party! My sons birthday and he loves science and finding out how things work.
Alison Morris, Boys Birthday Party with Wacky Jacqui in St Helens, February 2014

We had my daughter Cara's 8th birthday party on Sunday. Provided by one of your workforce 'Mark'. It was fantastic, he really entertained the 17 children that attended. I have already been recommending your company!
Karan Martin, Kids Party in Leeds with Mark, February 2014

The rockets! We were a bit worried about the weather but we got there in the end! The presenters were great with the children and kept them captivated the whole time. The birthday girls favourite part was blowing the smoke rings. My little girls say that you can't improve it as it was totally awesome.. and they are the customers! It was different. Kids parties can be very similar and we wanted something extra special. Thanks again for making our little girls day. They both had a brilliant time as did their friends. They even re enacted parts of the party the next day almost word perfectly which shows how much they had paid attention!
Nuala Morgan, Girls Birthday Party in Northampton with Natalie and Michael, February 2014

Smoke rings were very popular! Presenter had a a good style - easy going but instructional too - held the attention of 32 young children extremely well! It was different to anything I had seen before.
Hayley Burrows, Childrens Birthday Party in Cheshire with Jess, February 2014

Prep: very easy to arrange, prompt communication from the office, clear and min instructions, very efficent. Event: Girls were engaged throughout, there was a real sense of Wow. We had a few girls that were two years below and above the average of 8 yrs old - the content, presentation and engagement was equally exciting for all!! Strong feedback from the parents.
Dilya ibragimova, Girls Birthday Party in Mill Hill with Varsha, February 2014

Just wanted to say thank you to tom the kids had a blast & so did the adults! It was brilliant the kids have been saying it was the best party ever! So my son is just thrilled, and the whole process was so easy the party bags went down a treat and I'll be recommending you to everyone.
Vicki Nelson, Childrens Birthday Party in Manchester with Tom, February 2014

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank you for helping my son have one of the best parties ever!!! I was concerned beforehand how Adele would handle a group of rowdy children, but she was was amazing and managed to keep the children entertained at all times!!! Joseph and all his friends had a great time, I will definately be recommending you to anyone looking for a different kind of party!!
Kelly Greenhalgh, Boys Birthday Party in Manchester with Adele, February 2014

The girls loved the variety of activities and hands on nature of it. It was a fun new idea that we thought would interest the girls and provide a great theme to work with!
Jo Varcoe, Kids Birthday Party in Nottingham with Samiah, February 2014

We were pleased that the scientist was female - a great role model for our 6 year old daughter. All the kids had a great time.
Kate Jacobson, Kids Party in Manchester with Electric Emily, February 2014

My son loved the coke bottle experiment. It was different to the usual stuff the kids go too. That was the primary reason I booked it. The gift bags contained good relavent stuff.
Aidan Murphy, Childrens Birthday Party in Wooburn Green with Varsha, February 2014

The presenter was excellent!!! She really kept the children interested, and it was certainly a rowdy bunch, but she handled it so well!! My son loved all of it but his favourite was the slime making and the smoke bubbles. It was good involvement for the birthday boy, he was made to feel very special. I will recommend this party idea to anyone, and highly recommend Wacky Jacky as the presenter!!
Kimberley Mottershead, Boys Birthday Party with wacky Jacqui in Horwich, February 2014

Craig kept the boys entertained throughout the evening and was educational as well as fun for them. He handled them really well and did experiments suitable for their age. The simplest of things were a lot of fun. It was all really good. Just a great big thank you.
Michelle Pole, Boys Party in Ticknall with Craig, January 2014

Something different and it was brilliant. Really great idea for the party, the way the kids were immersed in the party was so important.
Len Readle, Kids Birthday Party in Bicester with Tristan, January 2014

The children were entertained the whole time. they were interested and amused. I looked up childrens party entertainment on the internet and my daughter loves experiments so thought i would give it a go. Some parents stayed to see what was going to happen and all the feedback I have had was that it was great - enjoyed by both children and parents. I would recommend Sublime Science to others. I was pleased with the party it was a bit of a gamble since I had only heard about it by browsing the web!
Sarah Read, Kids Birthday Party in Aylesbury with Kevin, January 2014

I just wanted to say huge Thank You for the wonderful party on Saturday! Kids were happy and entertained and party bags went down the storm!
Anastasia O'Sullivan, Science Party in North London with Claire D, January 2014

James was awesome with the kids he did lots of experiments and kept the kids engaged. They really enjoyed the party and a lot of that was to do with James he included the younger audience members so no one was left out. He really was an amazing party host and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and sublime science.
Charlotte Gill, Science Party in Leeds with James B, January 2014

Emma was great with the girls and held their attention well 🙂 Something different that was fun but educational as well 🙂 Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Had lots of positive feedback from my daughter, her friends and their parents ... and the best part is that they were learning without knowing it! 🙂
Vanessa Birtwistle, Childrens Party in Liverpool with Emma S, January 2014

Kids loved the sherbet they made...the smoke tunnels were very funny too. The rockets at the end were also a hit with the kids.! Really well organised...went smoothly considering 20 excited children... They all had a great time. Samiah was great at interacting with the kids and maintaining there interest. Good feedback from the other parents who stayed.
Ami Kemp, Science Party in Notts with Samiah, January 2014

Laura had 20 extremely energetic children captivated for nearly 2 hours. Something different and educational for a group of children.
Scott Guthrie, Kids Party in Matlock with Laura D, January 2014

Matt had so much enthusiasm and kept all the children enthralled for the whole party. The children loved that there was so much hands on and especially loved the slime! (And no mess afterwards!) We were all very impressed with Matt.
Natalia Phipps, Kids Birthday Party in Altrincham with Matt, January 2014

There were many things I liked about the whole experience. Firstly, Julian sent a text the day before to make sure I didn't have any questions. He arrived bang on time on the day and was very relaxed and friendly, he showed the birthday boy a couple of things 'pre-party' whilst he was setting up the equipment, which filled time while he was waiting for his friends to show up. Our house is small and Julian coped well with the lack of space, we had 8 children in all for the party, plus the parents who stayed to watch, so it was pretty cozy to say the least! The pace of the presentation was pretty fast with no pauses, so the kids were always doing something, and Julian always made sure that the shyer children were involved, he also asked the kids lots of questions and got their brains working. Loved the kids ( and parents ) reactions to the experiments, lots of laughs too. Everyone left with a big smile on their faces, comments after the party usually included 'awesome' in the sentence, and two of the children now want their own sublime science party!Didn't have to tidy up afterwards! It was FUN! Well worth the money, the kids (and adults) got so much out of it and had a lot of fun, now we are inspired to do a little experimenting of our own!
Nikki Carson-Parker, Childrens Birthday Party with Jupiter Jules, January 2014

What did your like best? Interaction, humour and ability to manage a challenging set of 11 year olds! Different and engaging for older kids.
Venika Mulchand, Kids Party in Wilmslow with Tom, January 2014

It was simple yet engaging and educational. Chosen as it was an affordable science party.
Elvira Sklaveniti, Childrens Party in North London with Pippa, January 2014

All of the kids were made to feel part of the group, they all had turns and there was time to learn why things happens and then do the fun stuff....the party was for 8 year olds but my 4 year old was also included - he felt part of the group too which was great. We had the party at home which also worked well for us - we didn't need a huge amount of space so the reduction of costs of hall hire etc was good....we had 12 kids in total. Something fun and different - this was both!
Karen Mills, Childrens birthday party in Hinxworth with Ekta January 2014

Thanks so much for making Kirsten's 10th Birthday party a huge success. I have already posted a review on your Facebook page and will most certainly be recommending Sublime Science parties to anyone who will listen.
Kay Keeling, 10th Birthday Party in Stoke On Trent with Craig, January 2014

That this was real science presented in an engaging way. Mark's presentation was factual, fun and perfectly pitched for the age of the girls at the party. Mark's presentation and the content of the party were perfect. It's hard to know how they could be bettered! Our daughter loves science and wanted a different kind of party. The girls are still talking about the party now! One of them went home and insisted on showing her younger sister as many of the experiments as she could. The feedback from parents has also been great - thanks very much!
Jo Crowther, Childrens Party in Leeds/York with Mark, January 2014

The style in which science is taught. Interactive, participative, games & fun. Makes the birthday child feel special and involves their friends too. Sounded like interactive fun. Hadn't experienced a SS party before. Also had seen a mad science party before and it was too dull as not interactive enough.
Thank you. Sophie was great and worked very well in getting all the kids involved. he was able to take all the questions combined with a calm yet "in control" approach worked really well. Thank you Sophie.
Divya Odedra, Kids Party in Leicester with Sophie, January 2014

Absolutely great to see kids having fun yet learning something at the same time. Although the group was predominantly boys, the activities suited both boys & girls. I also like the fact that Josh was made "the leader" but all the kids were "picked" to demonstrate an activity in turn. If you're looking for something different as a party idea for 6-8 year olds then Sublime Science is it! Zeenat & her assistant managed to keep 20 children entertained for the full 90 minutes & all the kids left the party with smiley faces down to the party bags & telling their parents what they'd been doing. SS bring all the equipment they need apart from a table & access to electricity. They set themselves up very quickly & took any mess away with them. I would certainly recommend them!
Jo Kapica, Kids Party in Iver Heath with Zeenat, January 2014

I don't think you could as this was the best party ever and I've had 18 yrs of them, my 5 yr old was mesmerised and his friends were also! Fed up of church halls and free for alls and whacky warehouses...week in and week out ...same old! As our son Freddie s birthday is in January , it's too cold for many to do an outdoors activity!  We wanted something bespoke and that's what we got! We had the party of 18 children in our conservatory and considering the age of the children being 5 they sat perfectly and participated beautifully! No madness of children shouting screaming and running about! So my home was intact (as friends joked I must be mad to host a party at home)...most amazing party ever! Didn't want the party to end! Naomi was fantastic, she had an instants rapport with the children especially being so young I was a little worried their attention so an wouldn't be maintained.....how wrong could I have been! Not one body moved , except when the smoke bombs started....that was hilarious as all the children were squealing laughing and taking cover.....get down everybody....times less simple fun x
Mrs Lea Morrison, Birthday Party in West Midlands with Naomi, January 2014

The slime making. Kids loved it! Also the presenter was very pleasant which is always appreciated. Was very pleased with the overall show. It was something very different to the usual kids entertainment.
Nav Bhatoa, Kids Party in Yorkshire with Ruck, January 2014

I loved everything about the party experience. Emily captivated the children immediately, even before the party started Emily had groups of curious children asking questions and she was very happy to have little chats with them all explaining what each experiment did. I know that all the parents would agreed with me when I say that we enjoyed watching all the children taking in what Emily did, then asking questions about what happened, getting involved with the activities and most of all seeing their faces light up when the experiments worked. I can't think of anything, Emily was great! no need for improvement. It was different, I got fed up of soft play centres and magicians, I wanted a party that all children could get involved in and learn at the same time. The party was a amazing, please let Emily know that she was great!
Sarah Foster, Childrens Party in Sheffield, January 2014

The interaction with the children was brilliant, just the right amount of Mark 'presenting' experiments and the children being able to join in and have a go. It was all down to my daughter - this was the only party she wanted!
Lisa Thorburn, Girl's birthday party in Leeds with Mark, January 2014

My son had an amazing time! He loved participating in the experiments, as did all the kids. James kept them all interested, and under control.....no mean feat for a bunch of 7 year olds!! A fantastic party, thanks! Completely happy with it thanks.
Karen Rogers, 7 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with James B, January 2014

Wow what a fab party the presenters did a fantastic job of entertaining 25 kids. They kept their interest all the way through. It was great to have party with a twist the parents and kids had a wonderful time. They really liked the rockets and the slime. It was different to the normal party.
Carolyn Lendon, Childrens Party in Cheshire with Matt, January 2014

All the kids were included and Nobiya had there full attention the whole time. Ethan loved making the slime the best.  It was a brilliant party and the most important thing was our son loved it. Would definitely recommend to others.
Becky McLaren, Boys birthday party in Aylesbury with Nitrogen Nobiya, January 2014

The whole sublime science experience was fantastic but the children especially liked the fog blower. I don't think there was anything which would need improvement it was thoroughly enjoyable for all. I have seen adverts etc for the sublime science parties and thought it would be something different from your average party. The 'Sublime Science Scientist' Lou was brilliant she kept all the children entertained and involved them as much as possible with hands on experiments would recommend to anyone.
Nicole Howard, Kids Birthday Party in Burton on the Wolds with Lou, January 2014

The children have enjoyed doing science at school and I strongly believe that the future of this country's economy will depend heavily on innovation. I therefore want to encourage them to be fascinated by science. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the parents have been coming up to me all week saying how much their child enjoyed the party.
Natalie Skilbeck, Childrens Party in Welwyn Garden City with Ekta, January 2014

Excelled herself when a child was being picked on, mother remarked how she handled it. Lots of experiments and aware from other standard experiments that you see at other science parties. Her calm approach, all children were mesmorised. Great feedback from parents, better than Mad science one said.
Ruth Gordon, Kids birthday party in Borehamwood with Pippa, January 2014

I liked the fact Tom kept all the children interested and the experiments were great! A fantastic idea! Educating children whilst having great fun! The children all loved it.
Andrea Gallagher, Childrens Party in Stockport with Tom, January 2014

I loved that the kids got to interact and enjoy it. I think the kids liked the rocket best. I also thought it was lovely that my little boy got to be a helper and to feel special at his party. My little boy liked the slime, the sherbet and the sounds best. I was looking for something interesting for my 7 year old son and there is a real absence of alternatives.
Heather Downes, 7 year old son's party in Lower Wortley with Mark, January 2014

What did you like best Smoke machine, Sweets, Slime. Son wanted science party and good recommendations.
Jodi Clements, Son's Sciene Party in Kilamarsh with Cat, January 2014

It was very interactive and hands on and the kids loved all the experiments. We enjoyed the tornado races or at least the competitive dads did! Great party which exceeded my expectations. hank you.
Helen Simons, Birthday Party in Solihull with Alex, January 2014

The pace and variety. It felt jam packed with fantastic but simple experiments. Nobiya was really good - quietly authoritative and good with 16 x 8 year old girls. Fantastic and huge thank you.
Andrea Kilpatrick, 8 Year Old Girls Party in Bedford with Nobiya, January 2014

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