Ultimate Paper Shrieker

paper-shrieker-1-setupI’m sorry! This experiment is an awesome way to learn about sounds but it does make a pretty horrible shriek and, if you have a super-keen scientist, things may be about to get a fair bit louder in your neck of the woods!

What do I need?

  • One quarter of a piece of paper (or you can just make 4 paper shriekers!)

paper-shrieker-2-a6STEP1 – First up, fold and cut out one quarter of a piece of A4 paper.

STEP2 – Fold your smaller piece of paper in half lengthways so you have an A6 piece of paper.

STEP3 – Fold the outside edges back on themselves about 1cm in from the edge.

paper-shrieker-3-foldSTEP4 – Make sure you have an adult on hand to help out and then chop out two little triangles towards the centre of your paper shrieker.

STEP5 – Hold your Ultimate Paper Shrieker to your mouth and just blow through it pretty hard!

STEP6 – Is that a dinosaur I can hear?!?


What’s going on?

Wow! What a shriek!

paper-shrieker-4-cutYou know by now that something must be vibrating but do you have any idea what?

This time, the air that you’re blowing through your Ultimate Shrieker is causing the paper itself to vibrate which is what’s making it sound like you now have a pet dinosaur!

More Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • paper-shrieker-5-shriekWhat’s the best size to make your shrieker?
  • How does making really big triangles or small triangles change the sound?
  • How about using thicker paper or card, does that make a difference?

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