The Zest Social Media Award Winner Is... Mad Marc

The Zest Social Media Award Winner Is… Mad Marc

Sublime Science Founder Wins Zest Award...

Awesome news! I was fortunate enough to win the Zest Social Media Award for the ‘Social Media Practitioner of The Year’.

Social media is a great way to share how awesome science can be and have a bit of fun too and to win an award for doing just that is a dream come true!

Here’s a picture of me receiving my award from (the inspirational!) Rosemary Conley (so you know I don’t make this stuff up!)

Rosemary Conley - Marc Wileman

Being part of an awesome community of people sharing geeky science stuff is absolutely brilliant – if you’d like to be part of the geekery join me on facebook here – or on twitter here!

Fear not, though! Just because I’ve won a prestigious social media award doesn’t mean that the appalling blend of geeky science humour is going anywhere!

I’m even more inspired to find even more ways to share how awesome science can be!

Oh, Rosemary Conley CBE sent me a very nice congratulatory tweet – here it is!

Keep being awesome,

Mad Marc

Rosemary Conley - Sublime Science
Zest Social Media Award Winner