Marc Wileman In The Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

(Mad) Marc Wileman Is Highly Commended In The ‘Young Entrepreneur Of The Year’ In The Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

Sublime Science Highly Commended In The Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

Slimetastic News! I was fortunate enough to be highly commended in the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards this year.

It’s an incredible feeling to be recognised in such a prestigious award and to hang out with a group of awesome people who are so dedicated to doing awesome things – inspiring stuff!

It was also a unique opportunity to share ideas with some incredibly impressive people as well as discover what I look like wearing a bow tie – (not exactly my usual look!)

Spending a day in good old London, away from all the awesome “stuff” that goes on in the Sublime Science Lab made me do a bit of reflecting on how far Sublime Science has come, the incredible opportunity we have t make science awesome for children and how grateful I am for that.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it all the same) that Sublime Science is far far far FAR beyond just my own efforts and so I’d just like to say thank you!

To our awesome customers who put their trust in us, to the ever-awesome Sublime Science Team and to all the people that have supported us and helped make this possible… Thank you…

You are awesome!

Mad Marc

P.S. Pretty sure I won’t be winner any more ‘Young Entrepreneur Awards’ – ‘Young’ apparently means up to 30 and my time machine building efforts are proving less than fruitful 

Marc Wileman Highly Commended In The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Having Fun With The Lab!