'Mad' Marc Wileman Is Named As 'Young Gun' By Startups

‘Mad’ Marc Wileman Is Named As ‘Young Gun’ By Startups

Sublime Science Founder Name Young Gun...

I’m beyond honoured to be able to announce I was named as a “Young Gun” by startups. I’m blown away to be among some pretty spectacular company as Deliveroo and notonthehighstreet.com are previous winners.

Young Guns is now in its 15th year and probably best known for identifying rapidly growing businesses started by the likes of Holly Tucker MBE of Notonthehightstreet.com, Will Shu of Deliveroo, and Tom Valentine of Secret Escapes.

Some of the facts and the figures behind Young Guns are pretty staggering. The Youn Guns combined have created some 1,210 jobs and generate an average turnover of £6.8m. It’s an honour to be able to play a small part.

I was invited to celebrate at an awards luncheon held at the prestigious Kensington Roof Gardens. A fabulous venue, in central London, complete with flamingos! It’s an honour to be part of an alumni group which will contain the founders of more than 480 businesses named since the Young Guns awards began in 2003. The Young Guns award champions the best and brightest young entrepreneurs that Britain has to offer.

Ian Wallis, editorial director of Startups.co.uk, commented:

“The Young Guns Class of 2017 has surpassed the highest of expectations and made this year one of the most exciting for fresh business talent. From a reimagined way to generate electricity to the companies who may well provide the key to the future of banking, pensions, and property purchasing, these fantastic young people have transformed truly innovative ideas into tangible success”

It means the world to me to be recognised. For all the support, positive vibes and general awesomeness, Thank YOU.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc