Your Complete Summer Science Library

Awesome News!, Summer is well and truly here...

Even more (awesomerer) news, it's the perfect weather to do some summer science experiments.

I've pulled together three different science experiment books to make up your Complete Summer Science Library.

Hopefully, there's enough awesome science experiments to keep the kids out of trouble all summer long, with “stuff” that you’ve already got, of course!

Complete Summer Science Library (3 Science Experiment Books To Make Science Awesome All Summer Long)

  1. Don't Eat Your Slime
  2. Make Science Awesome 
  3. Ultimate Summer Science Experiments

You’ll get to:
• Cool yourself down by making an Ice Volcano
• Discover the “magic” of the Ice Cold Magic experiment
• Astonish your child with the Gravity Defying Drinks experiment!
• Experience the joy of Bubble Worms, Marshmallow Mayhem and even a Water Bomb Catapult!

Be sure to download your Complete Summer Science Library by clicking the links above.

I'd love to hear how you get on.

Let's make science awesome,

Mad Marc

Founder, Sublime Science & Slime Making Expert!