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Everything about the party was perfect. The children were entertained from start to finish and we could tell they wanted to carry on!! Extremely! It was very easy to book and staff were very quick to respond to any queries. I couldn’t fault anything so hard to comment. Wanted our children to have a party to remember and this looked perfect. Read very good reviews on the parties, and the fact that it's different from the more traditional parties (and somewhat educational!!!) made it a no brainer for us!
Ryan Jenkins, Sublime Science Party  in Peterborough with Sodium Sam, May 2016

Helen was really great and friendly with the children. The room was so quiet as every child was interested and so involved in all the science experiments. From start to finish it was brilliant. Xxx I don't think you could improve. It was the highlight of my little girls 7th birthday and all her friends enjoyed it, a great celebration for both girls and boys to enjoy.
Sharon Brindley, 7 Year Olds Party
 in Chorley Lancs, with Helen Bunsen Turner May 2016

Loved the rocket experiment. My son loves science - it looked really fun and cool - seemed like the perfect fit.
Jane Ryan, Boys Birthday Party in Hampton with H2Jo, May 2016

Claire kept the children entertained and engaged for the entire party and the children loved the experiments. Office? Very helpful
Rebecca Hill, Sublime Science Party in Northamptonshire with Chaotic Clare, May 2016

Alan had a lot of energy and it transmitted to all the kids, they were all very excited and enjoyed the  experiments. I liked how he got my son Kai involved as his main helper which made my son feel important. Very good party. The best bits were the smoke bubbles the rockets and when the beach ball was suspended in the air. To give a 'different' birthday party for my son. I appreciated Alan waiting an extra 15 minutes for a latecomer.
Claire Hunter, Boys Birthday Party in London with Atomic Alan P, May 2016

The originality of it. Office? Great! Good communication skills and politeness. My daughter and her friends were really happy and involved with the experiments. The entertainer was able to keep 26 children under control and entertained during all time.
Veronica Biggs, Girls Birthday Party in London with Rocket Renin, May 2016

We really enjoyed the whole party. Fellow parents have said that their children haven't stopped talking about it! We saw your pitch on Dragon's Den and were instantly impressed!
Lucinda Perks, Children’s birthday party  in Surrey with Marveous Mathieu May 2016

The presenter was excellent, she managed to keep a bunch of over excited seven year olds. Interested and engaged for the whole length of her demonstrations. There were gasps and whoops
and happy faces. Keep on doing what you do.
Clarissa Astor, Children’s Science Party in Oxfordshire with Lois, May 2016

A quick note to thank you (specifically Steve) for a brilliant Sublime Science party yesterday for my son, Steven's, 8th birthday. Steve did well to keep nine lively boys engaged and under control! There were comments such as "best party ever" and all of them seemed to have a fantastic time! Some of them even brought their slime in to school this morning to show to their teachers and the rest of the class.
The Silveira Family
, 8 Year Olds Party in Surrey with Sonic Steve T, May 2016

My son said he enjoyed making sounds from the tube the best, but I think the sweet making and slime was best received by the children there. The children stayed engaged and quiet throughout the hour so the presenter must be doing her job well to keep 18 year olds interested for that length of time. Thought my son would enjoy it more than other options and I wasn't disappointed.
Susan Lanz, Children’s Birthday Party in Lichfield with Atomic Alyson, May 2016

Robbie was very friendly, approachable and patient. His presenting was first class in our opinion. I also loved the way Robbie put my daughter first and really got her involved first and foremost, along with all of her friends. My daughter is always shoved to the back of the queue, so it was a real pleasure for me (and I'm sure her) to have her put first. Robbie also injected some comedy which made everyone laugh. I also appreciated how he kept the children under control and ensured they followed his instructions. He was also lovely looking! I also loved how he did not seem to be rushing his way through to hurry up and get out. The Sublime team were very helpful in assisting me decide on the plan for the day. I wanted Sublime Science for my daughter's birthday this year. As a child I had no encouragement or reason to become interested in any science. I therefore did not want to make the same mistake with my daughter, and have explained that becoming interested in science will open a whole world of career choices. Start young, that's what I think. Having seen Sublime Science on Dragons Den, I thought it would be a brilliant and fun way to start to get the message across.
Julie Chalmers, Girls Birthday Party in Pembury, Kent with Rocket Robbie, May 2016

Slime making seemed to entice the majority of the children to get involved so that was good. The Sublime team, we found them to be very well organised and informative as well as responsive when needed. Hearing about the organisation from Dragons' Den and felt that it was original for the group of children who regularly attend parties. The service was very professional and we always felt that we were in capable hands.
Gemma Isles, Science Party in Hale, Cheshire with Professor Sarah Supernova, May 2016

The organisation and guarantees that the kids would have fun. I really liked how exciting it all looked when set up ready for it to start. Most of all, I loved how excited the kids were with new experiences and their responses to the different elements. It captured and held their attention. The Sublime team were very helpful. Very organised and everything happened the way I was told it would, when I was told it would, which was reassuring. Elliot loves Science!
Helen Blight, Boys Science Party in Northampton with Chaotic Claire, May 2016

My daughter said the slime and the birthday boy said the rocket! Really helpful, good communication, put me at ease. Looked interesting, fun, great reviews and my late Dad was head of science at a grammar school and would have loved to have been there for Toms sublime science party. Thank you! To keep 13 5 year olds engaged and interested for over an hour meant the content of the party was absolutely spot on, so varied, really exciting, the kids loved it and I've had great feedback from the parents. We order the party bags too which are great.
Sarah Cooper, Kids Birthday Party in Denton, Grantham Lincolnshire, May 2016

The friendliness and enthusiasm of the presenter was great!!! All the interactive aspects were great for the kids especially the slime making!! The Sublime team were very helpful. Nothing could be improved from my point of view, it went very smoothly from start to finish. The kids wanted a science party!!
Alison Young, Child’s Birthday Party in Leeds with Ross, May 2016

We loved the smoke gun we could shoot at each other. The rockets were fab too. For something different, a party theme we hadn't been to before. All the kids love science and slime so it seemed perfect! The Sublime team were very helpful. A big thanks to Radioactive was his third party of the day and he was super enthusiastic and kept the kids totally entertained.
Kate Dickson, Sublime Science Party in Wetherby with Richard, May 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Was great fun and an outstanding entertainer. She engaged well with all the children (all 20 of them!!) and kept them entertained. She was great fun.I would happily recommend her and have her again for another party. My son Sammy says his favourite things were launching the rocket, making the slime and the sweets. I had really positive feedback from the mum's who stayed to watch the party and several of the kids were saying how much they want a science party too. Thank you very much, it was worth it to see all the smiling faces. The lady I spoke to when booking was very helpful, as my son and some of his friends had been to a sublime science party 2-3 weeks earlier. She organised a different entertainer with some different experiments from what they had seen previously. Melodie was outstanding, very engaging with the kids. My son said it was his best party ever :o) :o) The lady i spoke to went out of her way to ensure we had a slightly different party. It was great, thank you once again. The party was great, the games were fun, i have no criticisms. My son wanted it, plus I pinched the idea from one of the other mum's. I looked on the website first before booking. Thought it looked great fun and something a little bit different.
Sarah Ryan, Son’s Birthday party in Derbyshire with Marvellous Melodie, April 2016

We had an great party. Radioactive Rucky was brilliant! We have already recommended you to a few of our friends. I had a friend of my husband asking for details to contact you the very next day of our party. The news is spreading fast as it should be. Most importantly the party reinforced and enhanced Ralph's interest in science. We are doing science experiments everyday since the party! Thank you.
Mehnaz Mallik, Sublime Science Party in Birmingham with Rucky, April 2016

How the presenter engaged the kids in the party rather than just demonstrate. The opportunity for them to get involved and actually create something left a lasting impression and something they could show parents. Also that the birthday boy was made special and a part of the show. Wanted to give my son an extra special party to boost his morale. I didn't know what to do and googled parties for 8 year olds. Sublime Science came top of the list and the more I read, the more I just had to have it for him. The party went better than I expected. I was skeptical at first but that soon disappeared. The kids loved it and the parents were just as engrossed watching the show. The birthday boy was made to feel special and was just the boost he needed. He and his friends came away inspired and was the topic of discussion with parents to recreate science experiments.
Michelle Mills, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Manchester with Frank Ian Stein, April 2016

We liked all of it! Your team are friendly and very professional. They gave very detailed information that answered all my questions before I could even think of them! My children love science, so bringing experiments to life was just amazing for them! Thank you so much! This is by far the best party our twins have had and it was worth every penny. Claire was amazing, she was enthusiastic and engaging with all the children which meant I was able to concentrate on organising the food for the little scientists after the experiments. The sherbet and slime were a bit hit. My twins will be talking of this party for years to come. Memory making at its best. I thoroughly recommend!
Catherine Newell, Sublime Science Party in Chichester with Claire, April 2016

The kids loved it all, especially the outdoor rockets and slime making. Sublime team were very helpful. I would dread not having an entertainer for 20 odd 10 year old kids, rather someone else handles that than me. The catering I can do tho'! I am an ex-home educator so I used your experiments for my at home science lessons.
Caroline Moss, Birthday Party in Studham, Bedfordshire with Electric Emma, April 2016

We liked the efficiency, fun, wonderful party and great excitement throughout the group. I though my son's first birthday party would be memorable for him and his friends by offering a fun introduction into science. We saw you on Dragons Den - first time round and also in the review of the year.
Caen Suffield, Kids Party in Epsom with Jo, April 2016

We loved the hands on experiments and that it gave the children something different to do. My son and his friends really enjoyed the science session. My nephew (6) turned around to tell me chemicals were reacting in his mouth when he had made sherbert!
Ellen Heaney, Children’s Birthday Party in Bedfordshire with Sharon, April 2016

We liked the rocket launch and fizzy bottle outside. Saw it advertised and won awards, good reviews, and a whole package.
Tania Alarari, Science Party in Brighton with Georgia, April 2016

The whole party was so easy because Robbie totally took control, kept all of the kids entertained and we could simply sit back and watch with the kids. Very helpful and prompt with all communications. I can't think of anything that could have been done any better. A special mention for Robbie who did an awesome job entertaining (and controlling!) the children. He went above and beyond what I expected and was so enthusiastic it fed through to the children. Pretty much every parent afterwards has commented to us just how good he was. Highly recommended.
Rob Glendinning, Sublime Science Party in Kent with Rocket Robbie, April 2016

From the start to the end Will managed to keep the children captivated and entertained. All of it was great. Very helpful and prompt at responding. I was looking for something different for a party and my son really enjoys doing experiments at home, so after seeing you on Dragons Den I didn't hesitate. And I couldn't be more happier with my choice - all the children, and the grown ups that stayed, were thoroughly entertained.
Blanka Stirling, Kids Birthday Party in Berks with Will, April 2016

We liked the smoke rings from the sound drum and the smoke bubbles. Good, especially when I needed to change the date, made it very easy. Saw it on dragons den, plus age appropriate for children who still want a party but are older (age 9).
Lyn Warby, 9 Year Olds Party in Leighton Buzzard with Galactic Gisele, April 2016

The whole thing from start to finish the presenter captivated all the children!! The children and parents were all amazed and said how they had enjoyed the party. My daughter thought it was awesome and wants it again next year for her birthday!!!!!!! The team were great very helpful and informative and I had numerous calls and e-mails making sure that everything was right what we were expecting and had asked for. I wanted an interesting party that would get the children captivated and not bored. All children were focused through out the party and were keen to try all the activities. My daughter loves experiments and couldn't wait to see what the presenter had in store, she was not disappointed!
Laura Colebrook, Girls Science Party in Manchester with Helen Bunsen Turner, April 2016

The presenter was very good and enthusiastic! Really engaged with the children and got them all eager to have a go at the hands on science experiments!  Really happy with how the party went. Thank you. Good reviews from other customers.
Tanya Southam, Children’s Party in Birmingham with Jupiter James T, April 2016

All of it!! The children had a fantastic time and the grown ups too! Samuel's Dad is a physicist so hard to please, but he was extremely impressed. The party bags went down a storm! We had been to a party before and loved it!
Rebecca Abrey, Children’s Birthday Party in Birmingham with Rucky, April 2016

The kids loved the slime making best and were engaged with the sherbet making. The presenter was very friendly, personable and enthusiastic which helped to make sure everyone enjoyed the event.
Carolyn Colclough, Sublime Science Party in Staffs with Annette, April 2016

My son and his friends really enjoyed the science session. My nephew (6) turned around to tell me chemicals were reacting in his mouth when he had made sherbert! We loved the hands on experiments.
Ellen Heaney, 6 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Bedfordshire with Sherbet Sharon, April 2016

The kids were captivated, we had it at home and I was worried my house wouldn't be big enough, but the kids engaged with Rocket Ren for the whole hour. Ayla wanted to make sweets! Princess Elsa can't make sweet not like Rocket Ren (-;
Rebecca Perfect, Kids Party in Watford with Rocket Ren, April 2016

Thanks so much for yesterday. I'm getting lots of positive feedback from mums today. Hope the girls weren't too much for you! You probably needed a lie down when you got home yesterday!
Maysoon Delahunty, Girls Birthday party in South London with Jeremy, April 2016

I am emailing with regards to our party on the weekend. We wanted to thank you as the kids had an amazing time. We were really impressed and Lois was excellent.
Simon East, Sublime Science Party in Worcester with Lois, April 2016

Just to say thank you very much for Daniel's party yesterday, it went even better than I expected! We've had lots of great feedback, quite a few of the kids (and grown-ups) said that it was the best party they've ever been to! Daniel is a happy chappy 
Betti Stoddart, Boys Science Party in Essex with Eamonn, April 2016

I just wanted to say thank you. Tash was excellent in both her delivery and her behaviour management. We will be certainly recommending you!
Dave Finn, Sublime Science in South London with Toxic Tasha, April 2016

The hands on experiments. The slime making was definitely a big hit! My daughter originally wanted a Halloween party, because she loves making potions, but we thought it might seem a bit out of place in April. I did a bit of internet research and sublime science caught my eye, the science theme looked like lots of fun and a bit different to any other party we had been to. Professor Turner was lovely to meet and brilliant with the children, who were mostly 4 & 5 years old. They were gripped for the whole hour and particularly loved Bob, sherbet & slime making. One of the highlights for my little girl, was a text, from 'Professor Bunsen Turner' introducing herself a few days before. My daughter was so excited that a 'girl scientist' was coming to her party.
Lucy Cleworth, Girls Science Party in Manchester with Helen Bunsen Turner, April 2016

Loved how interested the kids were and kept interested throughout. Dragons backing sealed the deal for me. All entertainment covered by yourselves was also a big plus with no hidden extras.
Adelle Hudson, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Aurora, April 2016

The children loved making things and watching the experiments. The format was very good and the presenter was excellent. She got them really engaged; we really cannot praise her enough.
Esther Campsall, Children’s Birthday party in Worcester with Su-pernova, April 2016

Steve is absolutely brilliant!! He had the kids totally captivated, and the adults - the kids loved it! Thank you so much!!
Jennifer D Madeley, Kids Party in Surrey with Steve T, April 2016

Hi I just wanted to let you know how much Hayden enjoyed his science party on Saturday. All the kids had a great time too. Louisa was an excellent party host and really helped to make Hayden's birthday weekend special. The party bags were also a great hit with everyone and well worth the money. Thanks for everything!
Jannine Reekie, Boys Birthday party in Nottinghamshire with Lightening Louisa, April 2016

Just a quick email to say thank you for yesterday. It was enjoyed by all.   The children had an amazing day and Ethan our little boy loved it. I'm sure it will be the talk of the school today.  We had a lot of very positive comments from all the parents as they were leaving. Again thank you for an amazing and different party.
Jane Smyth, Son's Birthday Party in Surrey with Fabulous Florence, April 2016

Wanted to say a quick Thank you to James for Sundays party he was great and he really had his work cut out for him with the gang that came. My son loved it and he was made to feel extra special on his day.
Colette and Kieron (James's mum and dad) - Collette Cox, Science Party in Birmingham with Jupiter James T, April 2016

We loved the interaction/hands on element. My daughter has just done science at school and really enjoyed it, also I wanted something a bit different.
Jo Pagdin, Girls Party in West Yorkshore with Helen Bunsen Turner, April 2016

I liked that the children were all involved and had fun in participating with the experiments. In this instance the experiments were at the correct level for the children, and then a gentle ease into the rocket finale. As the children were all nearing the end of primary school, I thought it would be fun to show that science is not what you think, and you can have a lot of fun with experiments. Most parties for boys are laser guns, football or go-carting, so its nice to finally find something different and educational at the same time. I also like the fact that no money is to be exchanged and sorted at the party, as this is not always possible to do.
Ann  Twigg, Boys Birthday Party in Cheshire with Chemical Chrissy, April 2016

Su was brilliant with the children aged 4-5, pitched it perfectly to them and kept them totally enthralled. Brilliant party, great mix of activities for all the children. Highly recommend.
Sarah Hudson, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Warwickshire with Su-pernova, April 2016

We all loved the rockets, we were very lucky to have good weather and all the children loved it. I got a bit wet but its all part of the fun and it was great the other parents joined in as well. I liked that the children had name badges so they were called by their name this is the fist party the name badges was used, and sue was great giving each child a go at doing an experiment. Sue was fantastic!! She connected with all the children, and they were mesmerised from start to finish they all loved it. My son really liked his certificate and I though it was a great touch to get his friends to sign it, all the extra little touches made it!! Sue-Pernova was the best!! The office team were all very polite, kind and very helpful it was like talking to a friend.
Keeping 17 5 year olds entertained is very heard but sublime science did thank you very much, we loved it!!
Emma Arthurs, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in  Evesham, with Su-pernova, April 2016

Sarah was excellent with the children, they all paid attention and enjoyed her scientific antics greatly!
Jennifer Savage, Science Party in Manchester, with Sarah Sparks, April 2016

The hands on activities, rockets and smoke bubbles. All the children loved the sherbert and slime making. The birthday girl loved the smoke bubbles and the smoke rings. Very friendly and explained things well. My daughter is very into science at the moment and really wanted a Science party and at age 9 we wanted something a little more age appropriate, educational, memorable and fun. The presenters were absolutely lovely and explained the Science behind the experiments very well. They were lovely with the children and involved the birthday girl. My daughter doesn't like being the centre of attention very much but by inviting up another child at the same time diffused this. They had a good rapport with the children and were fun. Several teachers, including myself, were at the party and we thought it was a great idea and totally engaged the children. There was a good variety of Science covered. Overall though, it was a great party and my daughter, her friends and the parents who stayed to watch all loved it. Thank you.
Carran Craig, Children’s Party in Hinckley, with Crazy Collette, March 2016

A different interesting party which engaged with both boys and girls. Lots of fun and an amazing rocket at the end. My six year old loved it.
Frances Bird, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Derby, with Mimi, March 2016

The variety of experiments and fact it was both fun and educational. Really pleased we booked with you. Seven year old son and his friends all found it fascinating. Lori good allowing the kids to have fun but getting their attention back and calming them down as necessary.
Kate Roberts 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Oxfordshire with Lois, Mach 2016

We loved interactive activities. My daughter loves science.
Samantha Riley, Girls Birthday Party in  Luton with Sciency Sharon, March 2016

The science party was great. My 6 year old loved almost all the experiments ... Mostly the sherbet they could eat!!! My daughter loves science!
Shilpa Garikaparti, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Manchester with Nuclear Nicole, March 2016

All the boys were engaged throughout. Sarah was great. My son loves Science.
Lisa Hughes, Boys Birthday Party in Chester, with Sarah Sparks, March 2016

The entertainer was very good at keeping the children engaged. Loved the smoke rings and plasma ball.
Natalie Russell, Sublime Science Party in Kent with H2Jo, March 2016

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