How Early Should I Book My Kids Party?


Why? It's easier and takes less time & effort the earlier you do it (and you're massively more likely to be able to get a great party - they do tend to get booked up ahead of time!)

Mad-Marc-Slime-LeftHow far in advance should I book?
The short answer is... as far as you can! The most popular children’s parties tend to get booked up a couple of months in advance.

I'd say you want to get your invitations out 5 weeks before the party - so you want to work backwards from that point!

If you have left it to the last minute, the best thing to do is to call (as opposed to email) and try to be as flexible as possible on the date and time and hopefully there's a space somewhere!

What are the advantages of getting my party booked earlier?

  • More likely to get the party you really want - rather than what's left!
  • More flexibility with dates and times to suit you
  • More of your child's best friends will be able to make it - making the whole day more special!
  • Less Stress! - This is probably the biggest advantage of the all! By getting your party organised nice and early you can sit back, relax and know you've got an awesome party coming your way!

If your party is coming up don't delay and risk missing out...

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