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It was so engaging. I think the kids got more out of it than they would have at a younger age (they're 9-11) because they know something about the topics and could participate and feel good about what they know. They liked the slime best I think. My daughter said she wanted a science party and my sister had used sublime science and recommended it.
Sarah Green, Girls Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, March 2017

I liked the idea of not doing anything, all kids enjoyed it. Office were great, they explained everything they would do on the party day. It was something the boys had never done before.
Karen Moorhouse, Newark Kids Birthday Party with Jupiter Jade, February 2017

Great host, she was funny, interesting, kept the children totally captivated. Made my son feel special. No negative points at all. Easy process of booking.great invites. Haven't looked on your site yet but do you do different science parties to choose from, as would defo have another xx To be honest was let down by a cheaper competitor and went with you as our son would have been Really upset not having a science party. Was more than I wanted to pay but was worth it xx
Jeanette Smith, Children’s Party in Solihull with Bonkers Bev, February 2017

The whole event was brilliant she had all the children fully engaged and very intrigued. Very helpful and replied very quickly to and emails I had sent. Possibly where you have larger groups of children then possibly have two scientists or an assistant to help as we had a group of 20 children and it seems a lot for 1 person to manage but the presenter we had did a great job considering the size of the group. Very interested to see what the party was like and seemed like something different to do. Very pleased we chose to do the science party.
Charlotte Searle, Sublime Science Party in Bracknel with Bubbly Belle, February 2017

Galactic Gabi was amazing with the kids and the range of experiments was excellent...they loved it! The team was great. I read so many great reviews and they were accurate! I am so glad I picked Sublime Science... You did not disappoint!
Amy Keen, Children’s Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabi, February 2017

Just wanted to say thank you to Sublime Science and Professor Benjamin for a really awesome party on Sunday. It was interesting, informative and funny at the same time, and all the kids were thoroughly engaged. Most importantly, my daughter absolutely loved her special day and said it was the best party ever!
Claudia Bakeev, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Swidnon with Proff Benjamin, February 2017

Please extend a huge thank you to Sarah Supernova for attending Aisla & Logan's party yesterday. She was absolutely fantastic! She totally captivated the children with her enthusiasm for science. The children all had a brilliant time and were still talking about the party long after they had left according to parents. I will highly recommend your company to my friends. You have all been so professional and helpful.
Andrea Connor, North London Science Party with Sarah Supernova, February 2017

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you and just let you know how great our presenter bubbly belle was yesterday. My son and his friends had a great time and belle did a fantastic job in keeping them all entertained. We had been so excited to see what the party was going to be like and belle definitely did not disappoint it was fantastic.
Charlotte Searle, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey with Bubbly Belle, February 2017

The children we're engrossed for a full hour and this was helped by a great balance of demonstration and activities. It was also a very original idea - many of the children said it was a great party and the parents enjoyed it too as the ones who stayed were able to relax because there children were being entertained. Bonus was they learned a little bit of science! Rocket Ren's enthusiasm was infection and she was very prepared and kept the children entertained. A lot of the parents were very impressed and asked for her details. It might be good if you had more of a portfolio of parties - for example I think this party set a very high bar for my son and he'll expect something just as good next year (not sure how I'm going to match it!) but I wouldn't want to do exactly the same party again and it seems the only options is to add modules rather than having the same theme but different experiments for example. It is probably a tie between 1) Guaranteed low maintenance for us as parents and 2) It was a very original idea that hadn't yet been done for a birthdays in our areas and peer group.
Nicky Drake, Sublime Science Party in London with Rocket Ren, February 2017

Mimi was incredibly good with the children. She made it interesting and enjoyable throughout. Unique birthday experience.
Jenny Boldrin, Children’s Party in Leicester with Magnetic Mimi, February 2017

He was good at keeping kids Attention, kids loved it and he made it fun, even the adults loved it, learnt something new too. Something different for kids party and a bit of education without them realising they were learning. It was great party, dr ion was fab and very good at his job and kids and adults thought it was epic!!!
Sue Hughes, Kids Party in Derbyshir with Dr Ion, February 2017

All of it was great but the definite highlight was the 15 mins wacky rockets outside. All the boys had an amazing time. Very helpful and clear loved all of it.
Erica Lang, Birthday Party in Hitchin with Chemical Chris, February 2017

Elizabeth was fantastic! We had 30 children and a few younger siblings watching and she managed to engage and keep their attention for the entire time. She was calm, approachable and very warm and easy going despite changes and delays. Everyone was thrilled with the party.
Roz Flett, Children’s Party in Essex with Electric Elizabeth, February 2017

Just to say thanks for your fantastic science demonstration for Danny's party. It was like all the highlights of a well pitched Royal Institution Christmas Lecture with audience participation! The children (and adults) loved it, as you may have been able to tell.
Rosie Smythe, South London 
Sublime Science Party with Jupiter Jeremy, February 2017

I am just e-mailing to say thank you for a wonderful party. My son and his friends really enjoyed it. In the end we had a total of 11 children but that was great as all the kids were involved and engaged in what was going on. Professor Perfect was perfect and made everyone feel involved.
Rani Jouglah-Shields, Sublime Science Party in Essex with Prof Perfect aka Eamonn, February 2017

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The children (10 x 5-6 year olds) were thrilled with the whole science presentation. The wacky rockets module was the favourite. Orgainisationally excellent. Made the party very easy and everyone enjoyed it, so not much to improve big-picture-wise. My son LOVES science and doesn't like party games.
Kerstin Bowsher, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Oxford with Quantum Camille, February 2017

Loved the Outdoor rocket launch. Was impressed by the website and testimonials and felt it would be something a bit different.
Lesley North-Smith, Sublime Science Party in Kent with Lucy Lu, February 2017

For my first party,couldn't have expected any more. Saw an advert,so phone to enquire and the lady was so friendly,an didn't give the sell, that I liked her, most important she listened to me wow.
Kelly Payne, Sublime Science Party in Yorkshire with Jupiter Jack, February 2017

The activities were varied and the kids were amazed and excited (as were the adults). Very helpful and offered response out of hours which you usually wouldn't get when organising a party. It was really interesting for the kids, different to the usual boring parties and they had bits to take home (slime). Was great!
Maria Colarusso, Sublime Science Party in Surrey with Magnetic Mathieu February 2017

It was pretty near perfect. I wanted something educational and fun.
Phil Verdemato, Kids Birthday Party in Sevenoaks with Loopy Lu, February 2017

Response from birthday boy: "Everything". From parents: the team competitions and demonstrations, the entertainer Steve's ability in keeping the kids' attention.
Johanna Hyttinen, Sublime Science Party in North London with Sciency Steve, February 2017

The sublime science party I had for my niece last year was fantastic. The children ranged from 5 years to 11years and it suited all of them. There was something for everyone. Even the adults enjoyed it.
Diane Saxton, West Midlands Science Party with Cosmic Colette, February 2017

Every second of the sublime science experience was awesome. The children were totally engaged and loved every second of the party. Ian was amazing and had the children totally fixed on what was happening. The office team were very informative and very polite. Our daughter was 9 on the 9th of February and she absolutely loved science. This was the perfect party experience for her. Ian the scientist who came round to our home was amazing. He was very friendly and the children loved him.
Collette Moonie, Sublime Science Party with Ianstein, February 2017

The girls all really enjoyed the party. They loved making sherbert and eating it. They also loved running into the exploding lemonade and watching the rockets. They were actually quiet. They were very helpful and were able to answer all questions. My daughter loves science. Something different that hasn't been done 100's of times before.
Karen Gudgeon, Childrens Science Party in Manchester with Helium Hannah, February 2017

The entire event was outstanding the children were absolutely engaged. I loved the way they were encouraged to get messy let go and enjoy it. I wanted something different that Louis would never forget!
Nadya Cleal, Sublime Science Party in Maidstone with Genetic Jan, February 2017

All the tricks were good and really captured the kids. The whole thing was very slick and the presenter was organised and handled 7 year old boys very well! Very helpful and informative. Thank you Dr Shaky and Sublime for giving my little boy an excellent party! Everyone enjoyed it!
Janice Sorel-Cameron, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Beaconsfield with Dr Shaky, February 2017

My son and his friends (most of them 10 years old) had a fantastic time. I had told Lightening Louis that some of the kids had already been to a Sublime Science Party so may know some of the experiments, and he brilliantly presented the experiments so that even they saw some new things. That, together with the additional modules had the kids suitably wowed! Thank you for a brilliant party. Such a fun way to learn science! My son loves science.
Bansi Martins, Childrens Birthday Party in North London with Lightening Louis, February 2017

The experiments were very interesting, the presenter was was very good and engaging, children and parents really had a good time. To do something different.
Alberto Zanni, Kids Birthday Party in Hove with Supersonic Simeon, February 2017

All of the event was excellent. Stephanie and her colleague were amazing. Stephanie engaged really well with all of the children, friendly and flexible. My daughter and her friends absolutely loved every minute of it.
Denise Davies, Sublime Science party in Tipton with Supernova Steph, February 2017

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