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The whole thing! I couldn't pinpoint one specific element of the party that was the 'best'. The kids enjoyed it so much and Atomic Tom was fantastic - he had such a way of engaging with the kids, he managed to keep their attention 100% of the time which must be hard with 15 excited hyper 5 year olds - I couldn't fault Tom one bit. The parents also commented on how well he engaged with them and what a diverse idea the party was. Would highly recommend to others. Wanted something different, a little out of the ordinary - something that none of my sons friends had already had, this certainly fitted the bill.
Mika Lord, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Atomic Tom, February 2017

Very different to any other party the children had attended. Parents were very engaged too. Educational, fun, unique. Sorry, 3 reasons! Saw you on Dragon's Den!
Chris Michael, Children’s Science Party in London with Dr Shaky, February 2017

Great sent out all necessary books etc on time. The whole experience was amazing far better than I could have imagined. The kids and adults alike were totally engaged from the second Anna spoke. She was amazing. Her love for science clearly shone through as did her bubbly personality. I gave organised quite a few party's over the years and this was most definitely the best one yet.
Chel Axam, Childrens Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, February 2017

Making the kids Focus, scream and happy. Kids love it, good to have this.
Kiki Zeng, Kids Birthday Party in Brighton with Super Simeon, February 2017

I just wanted to thankyou for your fantastic science party. Victoria had a wonderful time and I have already had so many lovely messages saying how much her friends enjoyed it too. Your enthusiasm and love of science shone through. I can't thank you enough for the overall experience. A huge thank you and well done.
Cherilee Axam, Children’s Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, January 2017

The kids enjoyed all the experiments! I have one child who loved the Slime and another who loved the sugar one! He was fantastic at entertaining 30 six year olds but think another person would have made it perfect!I have twins (a boy and a girl) and it was perfect in appealing to both. Plus they love science experiments.
Caren Rowley, Boys and Girls Birthday Party in Epsom with Atomic Tim, January 2017

Caroline was an absolute delight. She was prompt, efficient, friendly and brilliant! She was fun and engaging with the kids from the start and they were absolutely transfixed from start to finish. In fact, the adults were too and we all had a wonderful time. It made the party absolutely stress free for me and I really enjoyed Caroline's company too. The experiments were very clever and very dramatic - exactly what was needed! We saw it on Dragons den a few years ago and we wanted something engaging, educational and fun.
Hannah Cadwallader, Sublime Science Party in London with Cosmic Caroline, January 2017

How engaged the kids were for the whole party! The wacky rockets were fab! Booking the party, contact before with the scientist and the running on the day of the party were absolutely faultless. Sons request! He says he wants to be a scientist when he's older! The party was by far the best we've had yet! We would definitely recommend sublime science party. The party is still the talk of the playground!! That's kids and parents!! Enjoyed by all. Thank you to Galactic Gabby she was amazing! 19 lively 7 year old boys are not the easiest to control but she kept them engaged from start to finish!
Claire Ledger, Boys Birthday Party in Barnsley with Galactic Gabi, January 2017

All experiments well excellent, kids loved them all. Each kid had a different favourite, conducting electrical globe was one of the favourites. Not sure.. to us, you were really good. Good feedback online and on Facebook, also the fact that you won dragons Den. I ordered the party bags online. They were super and very apt with the party theam: in very cute green bags. Would definitely be coming back to you for more parties and recommending you to others.
Litty Koshy, Kids Party in Kent with Loopy Lu, January 2017

The making of slime. Parents were very impressed at this alternative party. The children were engrossed with playing with the slime for days after. Gabie was an excellent scientist and was very child orientated. She managed to entertain and keep the 21 children enthused I wanted a party that was inspiring for the children that held all their attention and was interactive.
Tracey Hardy, Childrens Party in West Yorkshire with Galactic Gabi January 2017

The party!!! Kids were captivated from the start! Very professional and helpful. All questions answered efficiently. There was nothing negative about this experience. I read the amazing testimonials and the website was spot on!! Lightening Louis was brilliant!! The kids loved him and he held the party together brilliantly!!
Zoe Bloch, childrens birthday party in Herts with Lighting Louis, January 2017

The children had lots of fun - they enjoyed making sweets and bubbles and smoke experiment! Slime was also great!! Good reviews and publicity.
Justyna Sierant, Childrens Party in London with Magnetic Michele, January 2017

The whole event was Fantastic thank you. Looked like a great idea for 11 year olds and it was. Would highly recommend you.
Maxine Seddon, 11 Year Olds Birthday Party in Stoke On Trent with Sherbet Charlotte, January 2017

Keeping the kids absolute attention for the whole 75 minutes! Very, emails, phone calls EE all friendly and efficient. It put me at ease and I felt confident it would all go to plan. Can't think of anything. It was all great. The fact it was something different and the promise of slime!
Leah Raper, Kids Party in Marlow with Lightening Laura, January 2017

Presenter was brilliant with the kids and made it really good. Very. Easy to deal with and all information provided..
Richard Smith, Childrens Party in Leeds with Atomic Tom, January 2017

Well organised and very helpful, Good reviews.
Hetal Sheth-Pathak, Sublime Science Party in Radlett with Kinetic Kate, January 2017

Absolutely superbly presented. Ren had all the girls enthralled. You have some great testimonials. My partner was Googling something completely unrelated and she came upon Sublime Science just when we were starting to plan our daughter's party, so serendipity. But then again she often does that kind of thing, so maybe not.
Tony Mead, Girls Birthday Party in London with Rocket Renin, January 2017

Beryl was very appropriate for the type of party that it was - outfit and personality. Office? They were efficient and answered all my questions.
Threasa Smith, Solihull Childrens Party with Bonkers Bez January 2017

That it kept the children engaged for quite some time without them getting distracted.
David Hall, Havant Kids Party with Radioactive Rebecca, January 2017

When the birthday girl had a bucket blown off her head! Alan controlled the party well, dealing with noisy and over excited behaviour in a really positive way.
Katharine, Childrens Party in Henley with Atomic Alan, January 2017

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The whole session was excellent, really engaged our children, its was lots of fun, they all really enjoyed themselves, as did the accompanying adults - well organised, enthusiastic and great presenter who had authority with the children and really encouraged their participation and made the session real fun. Very helpful, good communication and updates since first booking the session. I have no suggestions as everything went smoothly from first contact and we were delighted with the session. I would recommend highly. Professional at all stages and great entertainment which involved and engaged our party of 25 children (and the adults) fully.
Anne Griffin, Warrington Childrens Birthday Party with Helen Busen Turner, January 2017

Her interaction with the children was fantastic and so where the experiments. It was very educational and fun. The children had a superb time and Lightning Laura made my daughter's birthday extra special. The office team where very helpful and provided good updates regarding the event. Party was well planned and executed and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. I will recommend your service to others. The party was the talk of the playground. Thank you to Sublime Science for the best party ever. You made my daughter's 10th birthday even more special. Lightning Laura was fantastic, her interaction with the children and joy of science was infectious.
Elaine Moore, 10 Year Olds Birthday Party in North London with Lightning Laura, January 2017

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for an amazing party, they all had a great time and many parents have been texting me telling me how much the children enjoyed it. I am sure you have inspired many future scientists. We shall spread the word.
Dawn Kirenli, Childrens Birthday Party in Kent with Atomic Anna GS, January 2017

Learning about science with lots of practical demonstrations kept children interested. My favorite was bubbles with white inside, making slime, fizzy powder to eat and rockets. Office? Very Helpful explained the price and about the event. Daughter likes science and also looked fun and entertaining to watch. Wanted it to be memorable and extra special for her 8th birthday party. Would recommend for a Birthday Party was not disappointing and very enjoyable to watch. Very good performance, nice lady and good with the children and very easy to understand.
Siama Riaz, Sublime Science Party in High Wycombe with Lightning Laura, January 2017

Thank you so much for a wonderful party on Saturday. Rocket Ren was nothing less than heroic, taking on a room of fifteen very boisterous seven/eight-year-olds (fourteen boys and one girl), and giving them a show that was as fantastic as it was different. The tornado race was a sensation, as was getting them to fire smoke rings at each other. The slime making of course was the highlight, but by that time they'd had a real range of experiences - enough to satisfy the most hyperactive mind! I was particularly impressed that she arrived early to spend time with my son, so that he really felt that they were collaborating. Congratulations on making such an inspired concept work.
Rachel Halliburton, 8 Year Olds Birthday party in North London with Rocket Renin, January 2017

Many thanks for Henry’s party on Saturday – all had a great time. Please pass on my thanks to Tim – he was great. I have had lots of parents say how much they and the children enjoyed the party and how good Tim was.
Emma Steer, Kids Party in Surrey with Atomic Tim, January 2017

I would just like to say a big thank you to Caroline for her fantastic work! She was truly fun, informative and very good at crowd control. My daughter and her friends had a great time. Well done Caroline!
Stefanie Nagel, Girls Birthday Party in North London with Cosmic Caroline A, January 2017

Sublime science came recommended so I had high hopes, and these were well and truly surpassed. Nearly 20 kids mesmerized for the whole party and the parents that stayed wanted their own party too! From smoke bubbles to slime it was awesome! Sherbet Sharon is fantastic!
Helen Rosendale, Childrens Birthday Party in Leicester with Sherbet Sharon, January 2017

We liked "science" equipment and that the presenter did look like a real scientist. :))
Irina Inayat, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Sheffield with Professor Will Weird, January 2017

Carolines ability to keep 25 children enthralled all the while having to shout above chatty parents. Brilliant job. The original and the best!
Dominic Valente, Kids Party in Watford with Cosmic Caroline B, January 2017

Presenter Michelle was very funny , the air experiments , sweet making. Xavier loves experiments. Awesome party, the talk of the school.
Patricia Dowling, London Science Party with Magnetic Michelle, January 2017

Completely different from another parties my child went to. EDUCATIONAL!!! Completely different from another parties my child went to. EDUCATIONAL!!! In my opinion nothing to improve!! Everything was great.
Katarzyna Oughton, Kids Party in Pershore with Su pernova Su, January 2017

The party was brilliant and all the kids really enjoyed it. It was a tough crowd with 20 wriggly 5 and 6 year olds but Steve was excellent and everyone had a great time. Very! They were efficient and pleasant to deal with. Every time I spoke to someone, they were very personable and helpful. It was different and fun!
Jessica Middlemiss, 5 & 6 Year Olds Kids Party in Hatfield with Sciency Steve M, January 2017

Seeing 15+ normally boisterous 6 year old boys sitting down, giving their full attention, interested and amazed. They absolutely loved all the experiments and facts and haven't stopped talking about it. The certificates were a nice idea as well. Very. Nice professional team at all times. My son wanted a science party so we did some research on line. Sublime science had great reviews.
Lauren Simpson, 6 Year Olds Boys Party in Reading with Magnetic Magda, January 2017

The presenter was engaging and was able to keep the children entertained and interested throughout. They were great. very helpful as we wanted it on the monday. We saw it on Dragons Den and loved the concept.
Charlotte Herriott, Kids Birthday Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, January 2017

Children loved making slime. No negative feedback. Party went very well, children loved it. Very fun and interesting for them.
Sara Neal, Sublime Science Party in Winchester with Radioactive Rebecca, January 2017

The presenter and the activities / knowledge she imparted. Office? Very helpful and responded to emails quickly and things happened when they said it would (presenter getting in touch etc). It looked like fun, the kids were going to learn something and after watching the video clip my son said he wanted to have it for his party!
Cathy Simpson, London Boys Birthday Party with Toxic Tasha, January 2017

Variety of activities - kept children's attention and engagement. I was looking for a different sort of birthday party and there had been a Science after school club at my grandson's school. Dom worked very hard to keep a large group of excitable children interested and engaged - well done!
Sheila Ward, Childrens Party in Liverpool with Dynamite Dom, January 2017

The entertainer, Bubbly Belle was brilliant and had all the children (age5/6) absolutely engrossed for the whole hour and a half. Feedback from others about how good it was. All the children and parents were raving about how fantastic my sons party was.
Lynne Davis, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey with Bubbly Belle, January 2017

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