Risk Assessment At Children's Party

Rarely does a week go by without at least a couple of parents asking about risk assessments at kids birthday parties.

Here are my thoughts...

There's no law that says you have to have a risk assessment as a kids party company and most companies don't seem to have them but we do!

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Here's why!

While they might not be the most exciting thing to think about when putting together a fantastic children's party, risk assessments are a very solid way to make sure that everyone is safe and has a great time!

A professional children's party company will have a risk assessment and will have no problem with sending it across to you - so you can see that things have been properly thought through, or just for peace of mind.

It doesn't need to be the length of a small novel, ours is a couple of pages but the level of detail shows the care we put into what we do and makes sure everyone stays save as well as has a blast!

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Here's to an awesome party!

Mad Marc

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