Thank YOU (For An Awesome British Science Week)

Thank YOU (For An Awesome British Science Week)

Thanks For Making Science Week The Most Awesome Ever!

An absolutely massive thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate British Science Week!

British Science Week was absolutely amazing this year and it might just have been the best ever. We literally couldn't have done it without you and want to say the most heartfelt "Thank You" possible. 

It's a true honour to get to inspire so many budding scientists of the future and to get the chance to fire so many smoke rings and make so many batches of slime. As well as so many other fun science experiments. 

Believe it or not we're already hard at work preparing to make British Science Week 2024 even more awesome. The theme for 2024 has been announced as 'Time'! and we're having an awesome time putting everything together to make 2024 even better once again.

It's almost a year away but we're already taking our first bookings for Science Week 2024 (we were fully booked in 2023).

If it's something you might be interested in check out all the info on our British Science Week page. 

Please be quick. Science Week is always our busiest time of year and the most popular days will book up well in advance. The earlier you can get in touch the more chance we'll be able to help out.

We'd love to help out if we possibly can. 

Thanks so much once again!

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc 

& The Sublime Science Team 

P.S. If you'd like to see if we can help make science awesome for your school for British Science Week then check out all the details right now.

P.P.S. Stay awesome!