Sweet Rainbow

If your Christmas celebrations are anything like mine then one thing is for sure and that’s there’s bound to be too many sweets knocking about. Thankfully, we can put a few of them to better use with this colourful science experiment.

sweet-rainbow-1-setupWhat do I need?

  • Bag of skittles
  • Glass of water
  • White plate

STEP1 – Open up your bag of skittles and do your best not to munch any of them. Make sure that you have a selection of different colours and spread them out in a circle on your plate.

sweet-rainbow-2-circleSTEP2 – Now that we have our circle of sweets set up it’s time to make our Sweet Rainbow. All you have to do is to pour some warm water onto your plate so that it covers the sweets.

STEP3 – Keep a watchful eye as a rainbow starts to form in front of your eyes.

STEP4 – Keep watching as your rainbow continues to spread and fills your entire plate.

sweet-rainbow-3-goingSTEP5 – Start to think about what you think might be causing your Sweet Rainbow!

What’s going on?

The bad news is that this experiment shows just how much unnatural stuff they fill our sweets with! The better news is that we can learn some science from this.

The colourings on the sweets are water soluble. This just means that they dissolve in the water.

sweet-rainbow-4-rainbowAs they start to dissolve the greatest concentration of colour is right next to our sweets. The colour starts to spread out and equalise but as this happens around all the sweets at the same time a beautiful rainbow is formed!

More Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • What happens if you try this experiment using cold water?
  • How does using warm water rather than hot water change the speed of the experiment?
  • Does this experiment work with any other type of sweets?

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