Magical Cup Drop!


Great science often looks like magic and it’s time to learn a ‘magic’ trick that you can use to impress your friends! - Hopefully you’ll be able to tell them how it works too!

WARNING: - Don’t use anything too valuable! It takes a little practice to get this one working just right!

magic-trick1What do I need?

  • A mug (doesn’t have to have our logo on it!)
  • An egg (for the professionals or a small ball or water balloon for beginners)
  • A lid with a flat bottom
  • Another toilet roll

How do I do it?

magic-trick2STEP1 - Half fill the mug with water – so it’s nice and heavy and a soft landing for your falling egg!

STEP2 - Stack the mug, lid, toilet roll and water balloon as shown.

STEP3 - Pull the lid out to the side in one fast but smooth motion. This may take a bit of practice.

STEP4 - Watch your friends gasp in amazement as the water balloon falls straight down into the water with a splash (but doesn’t burst!)

Mad-Marc-Slime-Forwardmagic-trick3What’s going on?

This one is all to do with Newton’s law of inertia! That’s just a law that says that an object will remain at rest unless acted upon by another force. By pulling the lid away quickly very little of the force is transferred to the egg and so it doesn’t move to the side. Then gravity does its work and pulls it down into the cup with a splash.

More Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • First practice with a water balloon to get the hang on it!
  • The move up to a real egg and impress your friends.
  • Finally, use a water balloon again and experiment with filling up with lots of water (so it’s really big and heavy) and then use just a little water so it’s small and light.

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