(Mad) Marc Wileman Honoured to Receive Alumni Laureate Award from the University of Nottingham

So far beyond honoured to receive an Alumni Laureate Award from The University of Nottingham today.

Never for a second did I imagine I’d be invited back to my old University, close to a decade later, to receive such a prestigious award.

I’m completely blown away. Thank YOU so much for all for all the love and support along this crazy journey.

I’ve included a video (professional videography to follow) – not a lab coat in site!

“slime can be Sublime” – I’m pretty sure this is the first time slime got a mention in an Alumni Laureate Award. This makes me very happy. Just wanted to share that happiness with you.

Not only that but I was invited to share a few ideas with the graduating class. I wasn’t sure exactly what to say so I just shared the two things I wish that someone had shared with me when I graduated 10 years ago.

Finally, I’m so grateful for all the positive vibes and support along the way. I appreciate you. YOU are awesome.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc