2,000+ Rave Reviews for the Sublime Science Party!

2,000+ Rave Reviews for the Sublime Science Party (Thank YOU!)

2,000+ Awesome Sublime Science Reviews...

Thank YOU!

Always the first thing. So honoured to serve such an absolutely awesome group of customers.

I pulled out the old abacus the other day and realised that more than 2,000 (awesome!) humans have written in to say just how much they love Sublime Science.

{Not to sound braggy but probably a fair few more as we don’t have a count of all of the ones across facebook, twitter and the rest of the social media universe}

According to our word processor and some rough maths that’s more than 1,000,000 characters of awesomeness people have said about what we do.

Blows me away.

Reminds me than the once ‘ridiculous’ goal of making science awesome for one million kids doesn’t seem quite so ridiculous anymore.

From the bottom of my heart thank YOU for all the support and stay awesome,

Mad Marc