Mad Marc Fires Smoke Rings At The Dragons in the Den!

Ever wondered what would happen if some dude with a funny haircut and slime-covered labcoat wondered into the Dragon’s Den?

Well, on Sunday 23rd August at 8PM on BBC2 you can find out!I’m doing the unthinkable…I’m heading into the Dragons’ Den.

The Dragons have hundreds of millions of pounds and decades of business experimence BUT I have a slime-covered labcoat.

I’m starting to get nervous all over again!

Anyway, this is 100% happening and you can join in the fun over on facebook.

I’d love to share this experience with you!

Have yourself an awesome weekend and be less nervous than me!

Stay awesome,

Mad (Nervous!) Marc

P.S. All the conversation will be over on facebook so here’s an extra link 😉

P.P.S. Who knows how it’s going to turn out but Peter Jones had this in the show preview clip…