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Ultimate Sublime Science Party!

Mad_Marc_3002The Ultimate Sublime Science party is the most complete (and awesome!) Science Party we’ve dared to put together and it’s been getting rave reviews BUT (this one’s on me!) we haven’t done a great job of showing you exactly what it looks like…until now!

Special thanks to the awesome Vicki Knights Photography for taking such fab photos and to Harrison for being super-cool about us sharing the photos of his party! 😉

Harrison Looking Awesome at his Ultimate Sublime Science Party

The Scene is Set with the Ultimate Decoration Pack!

A Slimetastic Happy Birthday Banner!

Smoke Rings At the Sublime Science Party!

Welcome to Harrison's Science Lab!

Big Smiles When Making Slime!

Slime is Awesome!

WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk!

Caution: Awesome Science Experiments In Progress!

Plasma Ball Experimenting!

Ready, Steady, Fire!!!