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Discover the Dragons Den Winning Science Party In Swindon

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If you're looking for an awesomely different kids party in Swindon then you might well have just landed in the perfect place.

We both know how much children always love to do "something different" and the Sublime Science party is just that.

Not only is it the Top Rated kids party in the UK, loved by more than 1,000,000 kids and even Dragon Approved but I'm happy to say it's now available in Swindon and across the surrounding county of Wiltshire. It's an honour to be asked to make science awesome at kids parties in Swindon, Salisbury and Chippenham and just about everywhere in-between.

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Dragons Den Science Party in Swindon And Across Wiltshire

Are You Able To Make It To Me?

Our Wiltshire Sublime Scientists do an awesome job of covering just about the whole county and captivating imaginations at children's parties in Swindon, Salisbury and Chippenham but after more than 10,000 (and counting!) Sublime Science Parties we do run into challenges with availability. Please get in touch as early as you can.

"Brilliant party. We were so well looked after from start to finish and the party bags were brilliant too" - Feedback for our Swindon Children's Entertainers 

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Local Feedback For Sublime Science Parties in Swindon

"What stood out most to me was the level of professionalism it was so refreshing booking a kids party through a proper oraganisation" - 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Swindon

"I think that boisterous is the best word to describe our group of lads and you had them eating out of the palm of your hand" -  6 Year Olds Boys Birthday Party in Wiltshire

"The birthday girl loved her science party which is the most important thing. The rocket was a perfect finale and the children haven't stopped talking about it since" - Salisbury Science Party for 7 Year Olds

"The parents like the idea of a science party so much that most of them stayed but we could just sit back and relax and everything was under control" - Sublime Science Party near Chippenham

"All I had to do was to arrange the food as the science party more than entertained the children" - Wiltshire Boys Birthday Party

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"23 boys to entertain and they are not the quietest bunch but our scientist was never fazed for a moment"

- Wiltshire Kids Parties

"Wow, the party was awesome. I had high hoped based on everything that I'd read online but the science party exceeding my high expectations"

- Boys Birthday Parties in Swindon

"We've done so many football and laser parties I was looking for something different and as soon as I found it I knew a science party would be perfect"

- Swindon Children's Entertainers Feedback
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"The science was so excited the children thought it was magic but then they got to find out what was really going on" - Sublime Science Party in Swindon

"Not the cheapest party but I liked the fact that everything was included with no hidden costs to worry about" - Kids Party in Wiltshire for 7 Year Olds

Is Sublime Science Based In Wiltshire?

We're a national company and our main Lab (Head Office) is based in Leicester but your Sublime Scientist will be from your local area. Bio-Hazard Ben is our slime making expert at kids parties in Swindon. Lunar Laura delievers the awesomeness at our science parties near Salisbury and Toxi Tom loves to inspire at our children's parties near Chippenham.

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