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It was all brilliant, but the children particularly like making sherbet and slime and catching the ball when Lois blew it out into the audience. Superbly. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. It sounded a bit different to the usual parties my kids have or attend.
Amy Williams, Science Party in Bloxham, Nov 2015

Wacky rockets and Atomic Alan's sheer enthusiasm which definitely rubbed off on the children. Something different to all the usual soft play parties. Great party.
Sally Swain, Kids Party in Milton Keynes, Nov 2015

The kids absolutely loved making the slime and really liked the leaf blower with the beach ball. We went in for a parents evening at school 2 days after Neve's party and her teacher had heard all about the crazy science party from Neve and all her friends and said she'd like an invite to the next one! Natalie was amazing, she kept all the children fully engaged for the whole hour, it was perfect! Can't praise Natalie enough, she was fantastic - thank you Natalie!
Marie Gardner, Kids Party Steeple Morden, Hertfordshire, Nov 2015

Ross was brilliant, he really captured the childrens imagination and they were fascinated by all the experiments he did. At times they were spell bound. The children were aged between 5 and 6 and he kept end them entertained throughout . It was fantastic and they discussed it at school for days after. Very good, very impressed and very helpful. I found the advert on the Internet as I had not heard of sublime science before and thought the children would be interested in learning a bit more about it.
Stephanie Mitchell, Children's Party in Lincolnshire, Nov 2015

Rocket in the garden, making bouncy balls and sweets. Excellent , very nice and good with children. Everything was great.
Ilona Day, Kids Party in South Chailey, Nov 2015

All good but children particularly enjoyed when they moved around and were more active and fully involved/doing the experiments. Very helpful. Booking the party was easy. Wanted an interactive, fun party and your website is great.
Claire Stran, Sublime Science Party in Northampton with Chaotic Claire, Nov 2015

Allan was excellent, held the attention of 20 5 year olds and they were absolutely absorbed. Best bits were rocket launch and smoke bombs. Brilliant and I loved the text confirmation the day before the party from the presenter to reassure me he was coming. Allan was so good and he stayed the whole party and didn't rush off which really helped. Top marks.
Becky Wemyss, Children's Birthday Party in Milton Keynes, Nov 2015

The event was fun, interesting and informative and kept the children engaged. Very helpful and provided excellent customer service.
Carol Staley, Sublime Science Party, Nov 2015

The excitement of the experiments and how the kids were kept engaged throughout. A large birthday party of mixed ages that I wanted to make different than the hell on earth that is a soft play centre party. Great event will look to use as Grace grows up as can see how this would develop with the older children.
Angela Dunigan, Kids Party in Leeds, Nov 2015

The children were entertained throughout, and loved the experiment where water was poured over a friends head (but never came out). Sublime office team were very helpful.
Debra Adams, Children's Party in Cheshire, Nov 2015

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The fantastic interaction Louise made with he children and the fact it was so interactive. All the children were fully engaged and although they were at a party they were learning information throughout the party - very informative and pitched at the right level. Louise was very organised arriving in plenty time and even stayed afterwards to speak to the children and help with the birthday cake. Lot of the children said it was the best party ever and my son loved it. Definitely a party to be talked about. Very helpful and we were kept up to date from booking to the event itself. Always friendly when rang to speak to someone and emails were regular. My son is very much into science and I wanted something different. I loved it - definitely worth the money and all the children sat and listened when needed and joined in when needed. Louise had a brilliant manner with the children.
Linda Gillett, Children's Party in Bolton - Manchester with Professor Louise Lightyear, Nov 2015

Kristy was fantastic! She kept the children entertained the entire time. Loads of parents commented on how good she was. Very good. Dealt with all queries efficiently. My daughter was desperate for a science party & a friend recommended you. You made the booking process easy; were streamless in your organisation of the event & not having to pay/settle bills at the party makes life so much easier.
Yolla Franklin, Kids Party in Woolton Hill, Newbury, Nov 2015

The looks on the faces of 20 silent kids, and the equally enthralled parents. It was a superb event, so many other parents commented on what a great idea and how fab to have something fun but also educational. I'm so glad we got in first with this one in her year group. Absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Very prompt, reassuring, booking was simple, all I had to do was supply details. The last minute confirmation email was reassuring. Offer them for adults?!@ I felt we all learnt something. Seriously it was a great party and the kids loved it. Looking for something different that hadn't been done, that appealed to 9 years old kids for a party girl who doesn't really like the really girlie parties. Cant think of any, it was a super day, the presenters were on time, explained what was happening and nothing was too much trouble. a Thoroughly good day.
Jane Colbeck McKinnon, Girls Birthday Party, Nov 2015

There was a mixture of activities and everything was provided. The office team were helpful.
Caroline Smith, Kids Party in Swindon, Nov 2015

How engaged the children were. Natalie was very good. The children loved every minute. Having see Marc on the Dragons den it seemed a great idea.
Cathy Simpson, Children's Party in Letchworth, Herts, Nov 2015

The children loved making the sherbet and the slime. An interesting point of difference for a party theme. Really interesting for the children and educational.
Abby Case, Kids Birthday Party in Sevenoaks, Nov 2015

How well Marc had all of the kids engaged throughout the whole experience. Marc dealt with a bit of back chat, cheekiness fantastically. Really funny too. Brilliant job 🙂 Great, helpful every time I made contact. Fantastic, keep up the great work its a brilliant idea and very well received from all the children and adults at the party. Will definitely recommend. Many thanks to Mercury Marc 🙂
Sarah Bailey, Kids Party in Wellingborough with Mercury Marc, Nov 2015

Everything! Hiring you completely took the stress out of keeping all the young ones entertained, enthralled, excited, delighted and interested. Favourite experiment varied amongst the group, my youngest (3) loved the sweet making, smoke rings and flying the beach ball, my eldest (6) loved the sweets, slime, instruments, little balloon, smoke rings, leaf blower, straw instrument no wait, she loved everything! I really liked how special my girls were made to feel, becoming a part of the party and feeling like a scientist. The interaction with the group was great, they all listened, answered the questions and were made to think. I can't praise you all enough, Natalie was beyond fantastic, she had a shy 3 year old, an incredibly excited autistic 5 year old, a 6 year old who had been lucky enough to go to a sublime science party a few weeks ago and was trying to take over, 2 hard to understand children who have Polish as their first language and all the other children between 5 and 6 to contend with and she took it completely in her stride and made sure everyone felt special. She captivated them, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Please pass on our thanks again to her. I also had to text Natalie the night before the party as my little one was poorly and we may have needed to cancel at the last minute. (Nice touch her sending a message through to introduce herself by the way) Natalie was very kind, came back to me with how late we could leave it before she left the following morning, and nothing was a bother for her. I don't remember a time where I have had such good customer care. Thankfully kids have a tendency to bounce back as quickly as they come down with something so all was well.
George Watson, Children's Party in Peterborough with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2015

Everything, very well organised. Read great reviews and it seemed different to other humdrum parties. Brilliant party, thank you sublime science.
Helen Kitson, Kids Party in Sheffield with Professor Will, Nov 2015

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Kindly advise all the management that Michele was absolutely perfect when she came on the 10th October - The children's ages varied from 5 to 10, there were about 18 in total, and for the entire time she kept them mesmerised and interested and excited and under control! All the children as well as the parents only had the nicest things to say about her after she'd left! Many thanks and kind regards
Tony Georgiadis, Sublime Science Party, Oct 2015

We had our party on Saturday 17th October at 11.15am in Spofforth Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Gemma was our science teacher. Can you pass on our thanks. She was fantastic and the kids loved her to bits. She had 14 to contain. With and she kept them interested and under control at all times. We are recommending you and Gemma to everyone.
Jo Townend, Sublime Science Party, Oct 2015

We loved making the sherbet dip. It was so simple. The good reviews on Net Mums were reassuring.
Estelle James, Kids Party in Derby, Oct 2015

The kids were entertained and enjoyed themselves. I wanted something different, educational and fun.
Monica Oleksy, Kids Party in Chertsey, Oct 2015

We really liked making the slime. Great party, children had a great time.
Clare Gauller, Science Party in Wirral, Oct 2015

Loved making the slime and the tornado water games. Kids were really engaged and lots of fab feedback from parents. Something different and it engages both the boys and girls.
Miss Hawkeswood, Children's Party in Peterborough, Oct 2015

That all of the children were engaged, laughing and learning. In particular we liked the demonstrations to them all (spinning tubes making sounds, disappearing water in cups etc) because watching the amazement on their faces was priceless. As parents, we love to see the children amazed and to feel that they are learning and you achieved this. Personally, we wanted a party for a little girl which didn't involve princesses. We wanted something different and this really stood out. Sublime Science delivered exactly what we set out to achieve keeping 20 x 5 year olds entertained and, hopefully, giving them something to remember.
Laura High, Girls Birthday Party in Cambridge, Oct 2015

We loved every minute of it & the children had a fantastic time Sarah was fantastic with the children & had a wonderful way with them & some amazing face pulling!!! Adults & children alike laughed & had so much fun & I'd have no hesitation in recommending your science experience. The whole experience was better than anticipated!
Ashley Byrom, Kids Party in Saddleworth with Sarah Sparks, Oct 2015

Dear Rocket Robbie, We wanted to write to say a huge thank you for giving Jamie S and Jamie R the most fantastic science party ever. The experiments had all the boys enthralled, we loved how interactive the party was and your performance and delivery was first class. Not only did all the children love the party but all the parents said it was one of the best parties they've been to!!
Charlotte Sassen (Jamie S' mum) and Lisa (Jamie R's mum) - Oct 2015

Friendly presenter, engaged children and kept them interested. advised on best content. Dave managed a 'lively' bunch of children very well. Easy to arrange all set up and tidied up by team.
Sarah Shrewring, Kids Party in Near Sheffield, Oct 2015

It was exactly what i was expected - real science experiments perfectly adapted to the age of children. Our scientist Steve kept the attention of children constantly and all of my daughter's school friends were absolutely delighted! Plasma ball and experiments with smoke were a hit 🙂 And you were right - it was the party the whole school was then talking about it was FABULOUS! Sublime Science office team was extremely helpful - they answered all my questions, dispelled all my doubts. They work quickly and they are very kind and patient 🙂 Thank you! I just followed my daughter's interests - Sublime Science offer was a perfect match 🙂
Manuela Ciesielska, Children's Party in East Grinstead, Oct 2015

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Everything! Children were completely engaged and had loads of fun. Heard a couple of them shouting to their mums that they wanted one for their birthday! Whacky rockets were so much fun and the special way he got to blow out his candles. Loved every moment. ...highly recommend.
Mandy Gallagher, Kids Party in Ormskirk, West Lancashire with Louise Lightyear, Oct 2015

We had our party on Saturday 17th October at 11.15am in Spofforth Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Gemma was our science teacher. Can you pass on our thanks. She was fantastic and the kids loved her to bits. She had 14 to contain. With and she kept them interested and under control at all times. We are recommending you and Gemma to everyone.
Jo Townend, Sublime Science Party, Oct 2015

We liked the rockets outside, the plasma ball, sweets, slime and the variety of hands-on experiments for the kids. Thanks for a great party- lots of our friends have asked for your contact no.
Anna Klein, Children's Party in Herts with Rocket Robbie

It was pitched at just the right level of fun and facts without being like school. Danielle handled the kids really well and kept their attention whilst letting them have fun and be boys! Very helpful, clear and organised. My son loves Science and I liked the testimonials and reviews of others for Sublime Science.
Rowan Browne, Kids Party in East Grinstead, Oct 2015

Natalie's understanding of Olivia's nerves and how she involved her but also put her at her ease. Lovely manner with all of the children. Very happy with our presenter. Brilliant. The confirmation 10 days before is a great idea and put our minds at rest. This was the first part we had thrown for school friends etc so we were nervous about everyone having a nice time and enjoying it. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout the whole event and loved taking the slime home! We have had lots of positive comments from parents about how much their children enjoyed it and, most importantly for us, our birthday girl had a great time. Our presenter, Nuclear Natalie, was fab, thank you to her especially.
Katherine Hutton, Children's Party in Stevenage with Nuclear Natalie, Oct 2015

The uniqueness of the event meant that all children were excited and engaged. The regular email updates and the text from the team to confirm time of arrival etc. the fact that invites were available. Chris was highly organised and she kept the party flowing and she cleared out at the end really quickly and discretely so food could be served. Love that payment is made after the party as it stops having another thing to worry about on the day. Excellent really helpful advising the best format for my sons age. Informative but not pushy. It was incredibly unique and fun. It captured all the aspects of my sons imagination and allowed him to enjoy science in a fun interactive way. It kept 12 boys happy and engaged for the hour. The best thing about it was that no one had been to anything like it before and everyone young and old enjoyed it.
Helen Saffill, Sublime Science Party in Holmes Chapel, Oct 2015

Range of different experiments but especially the climate module. My son loves Science. Alex was very good with the cherry keeping 18 7/8 year olds entertained and under control throughout.
Sarah Tricker, Children's Party in Weybridge, Surrey, Oct 2015

I loved the variety and how engaging the presenter was with the children. The office were extremely helpful and did what they could to assist me. Because my daughter loves Science and then when I read the reviews and spoke to the office it sealed the deal. Just that it was a super party, an excellent idea and can you do even more wacky ones for adult birthday parties/events as we loved it more than the kids!!
Gemma Hedley, Kids Party in Manchester, Oct 2015

Professor Fox was brilliant. He engaged all the children even the younger ones for over an hour. He carefully explained everything and had all the parents captivated as well!! He made my son feel very special whilst including all the other children in the experiments. A very successful party was had by all. A big thank you to Professor Fox. Very helpful, lots of communication and helpful hints including the book. My son loves science and making potions. We saw Marc on Dragon's den in August and thought it was a great idea for a different theme for a party.
Mrs Rangecroft, Sublime Science Party in Bagshot, Surrey, Oct 2015

Jacob liked helping Dave with the leaf blower. Very helpful. They suggested a couple of venues around my area, as I was struggling with this. Because of this we booked a local village hall which we didn't know existed and it was perfect. Nothing to improve, it was perfect as it was.
Marie Nicolson, Boys Birthday Party in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Oct 2015

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The happy, totally in awe, smiling and screaming kids!!! They were perfect - everything from the booking to the delivery of party decorations to the txt the day before from the presenter! I booked Sublime Science because you looked like a crazy, entertaining scientist that would get the kids screaming with joy and mad for science! Which was exactly what we got! On top of that you guys are totally organised and the detail you go to to get everything perfect is incredible. The decorations were more than I could have hoped for and the presenter was epic - Petar's friends were totally inspired 🙂 On a serious note - I am a control freak and my son has the attention span of a gnat. Your attention to detail is second to none - I had no concerns as to when, how, what, who... Petar and his friends were totally engaged and inspired. They had a great time and all went home to try out the experiments. You are amazing and worth every penny!
Fleur Bamber, Sublime Science Party in London, October 2015

Saw you on Dragon's Den - spoke to friends - all had seen you - all thought brilliant. If you were brilliant on Dragon's Den, I am unsure how to make the whole event 'more brilliant'. We could not fault our 'scientist' - she was absolutely great. Children loved her and were totally absorbed in all she did...these were 24 children from 2 to 9 years.
Patricia Robson, Children's Party in Faversham, October 2015

Rebecca said she liked making the slime best, whilst Nicola said she liked making the sweets best. I liked everything - including how engaged all the children were, and how much fun they were having. Even the usually shy children were involved straight away. I was looking for something different from the usual children's parties. When I came across your website and read what was provided, along with some of the testimonials, it sounded just the right thing. Non competitive and just lots of fun.
Diane Moulster, Children's Birthday in Luton with Professor Owl, October 2015

They were great. It feels reassuring to have an email about a week before the event, confirming we are well remembered and a text the day before. My daughter liked the sound of it, and chose it after I gave her a list of options for her birthday. I liked the sound of it too, was different from the usual child entertainer and I liked the science twist having studied science myself.
Genevieve Wingrave, Children's Party in Essex, October 2015

The range of activities was excellent and kept the children's attention for the whole hour. I was looking for a party that would cater to a mixed group of 6 year old boys and girls and the testimonials helped in making my decision. There was also slime involved, which was bound to be a winner!
Claire Bagshaw, Children's Birthday Party in Wokingham, Berkshire, October 2015

The practical science elements where the kids got to do things themselves. Sublime team were very helpful!!! It was Something different as a party idea.
Rachel Hale, Children's Birthday Party in Emley, October 2015

Sorry I didn't get to thank you both at the end of the party on Sunday but it all went a bit mad at the end. All the children really enjoyed it, I was mobbed by some of them in the playground this morning still buzzing about what they had seen and done! Thanks for making it a party to remember!
Melissa Geary, Sublime Science Party with Yamini, October 2015

It was really engaging, all the children really joined in and it was entertaining. There was also some good discussion. The sherbet making was a favourite along with the electric ball. We thought that Claire did an amazing job - one of the best parties we've experienced. Megan really enjoys science and was searching on the internet for party ideas and asked if she could do Sublime science for her birthday party.
Liz Welsh, Girls Party in Carlton, Bedfordshire, Oct 2015

The children loved the slime. I loved the smoke bombs. We just loved Ginny with her blue plaits. I needed a unisex party for boy/girl twins. This was perfect. The boys and girls loved it in equal measure.
Eleanor Abercrombie, Twins Party East Susses, Oct 2015

Just want to thank you for a fantastic party. The kids loved it and so did us grown ups!!  Rob was brilliant with the kids. I was so busy afterwards sorting out the cake and kids that I didn't get chance to thank him properly. Please can you pass on our thanks and tell him he was fab! I don't think we realised that he had finished either so he didn't even get a round of applause! He was brilliant and I will recommend you to other people. Thanks again.
Gemma Hedley, Sublime Science Party, Oct 2015

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Hard to say to be honest it was all incredible. I think the birthday girl liked the coke explosions and also the fire in hand / glove bits best of all but they were all mesmerised and many of them texted afterwards to say it's the best party they've ever been to. Incredibly helpful, I kept calling with queries in the lead up to the event and they were able to really quickly look up the details of the party and were extremely helpful. Just to say thanks again, for making Nelly feel so special on her birthday, Steve had the perfect balance of authority and fun, he kept them interested and listening, and managed some pretty eager kids perfectly. She had a great day, thanks again. PS do you ever do workshops in schools? We have a science week in our primary school and I'm wondering if it could work?
Kate Sheffield, Sublime Science Party in St Albans, Oct 2015

Natalie & Al were amazing, they held the children's attention from the first second to the very last. They were clear with the instructions for the experiments, clear in answering questions and made science fun - to be honest they held the adult attention to - so much so I had a few comment about adult science parties! Very helpful, nothing was too much trouble, smooth and efficient. My son is really into science and inventions and have had a Sublime Science party before, and he loved it. Just a very big thank you
Lyn Turner, Boys Birthday Party in Sandy, Bedfordshire, Oct 2015

The varied activities and pace of the performance. It was well structured and a good mix of fun and education. Office team were fab. I had problems with venue and times however the office team were patient and accommodating. Good communication throughout. I liked the sound of the activities being fun and educational. It is very different from the parties available at the moment. Furthermore the feedback on social media was excellent and encouraging. Sarah the host was great.she was enthusiastic, good pace and engaged the kids fantastically. All got involved and had great fun. So many smiley happy faces. Just what any parent wants to see on their child's birthday.
Julie Holdgate, Children's Party in Hoylake, Wirral, Oct 2015

He came on time and organised himself whilst the guests arrived without any help from us. The party ran smoothly and he made sure all the kids participated. He controlled them when they became over-excited. He was fun and friendly. The science show was fantastic and engaging!
Ritu Gupta, Kids Party in Chichester, Oct 2015

The experiments were both educational and engaging. Absolutely loved Sam as he handled the keen and inquisitive kids calmly and professionally. My son is at that age that can appreciate science.
Nisa Isa, Boys Birthday Party in Liverpool, Oct 2015

Really great idea, a change from the norm and that the kids can actually be engaged in learning whilst having fun! Steve commanded a difficult audience with aplomb! Superb!
Dan Jones, Sublime Science Party, October 2015

Paul did a fantastic job keeping a lively crowd of 6 to 9 year old boys and girls engaged and greatly entertained, making sure everyone could have a go, even the shyer ones. The experiments are all great fun for kids and were very well performed. Our birthday boy just loved his party, and so did his friends. It was very enjoyable for the grown ups too and I have recommended Sublime Science to my friends. Thank you very much! The experiments shown on the website looked just like the right thing to entertain curious kids. The accreditations and recommendations helped in making my decision too.
Amelie Ludden, Kids Party in Steventon, Oxfordshire, Sept 15

Interactive and funny. Rocket launch was the best bit - My little boy is very interested in science. The children were engrossed and loved everything minute. The parents enjoyed it too!
Amy Woodhead, Children's Birthday Party in Barnsley, Sept 2015

Interested and engaged throughout. Loved how our son was included throughout ... Made the birthday boy feel very special! Extremely! The first lady I spoke to with my initial enquiry was fantastic - talking me through the party, what works best, things to think about with venue and even suggesting lime party bags to match the theme! Made me feel straight away that I wanted to book with you and that I had picked the right company! My son really wanted a science party after enjoying a taster session in school. The reason I chose Sublime Science was because of the positive feedback and ratings on net mums.... You know that this feedback is genuine and unbiased! We have had loads of great comments from the children and also so much positive feedback from the parents.... Lots of our guests came away very inspired after a really fun afternoon!!
Helen Mackenzie, Son's Birthday Party in Warrington, Sept 2015

I loved how the presentation started with "listening" science and then moved to the more physical science. My son loved the slime the best but also enjoyed eating his very tart sweet. The blowing the cup off the head and the smoke bubbles were .... it was all GREAT!! My son loves science - he does a science club at school. As a parent, I wanted to offer him something interactive, educational and memorable so that he'll be inspired to continue with science as he grows. Never mind the fact that it was GREAT fun!!
Beth Lee, Boys Birthday Party in Kent with Loopy Lou, Sept 2015

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The party was different from the usual birthday parties that my children attend. Our presenter, Alice, was very good with the children, (considering how noisy & excited they were!); she was always calm & cheerful & engaged with the children really well. The party was fun, informative & interactive; all things that children love, especially little boys! They loved making the sweets & the slime; wanting to make extra to take home to their parents! Extremely helpful, which was really good. I was given lots of information & regular email updates which helped me to feel that I had booked a "proper" party with a "proper" company & hadn't been forgotten about once my deposit had been handed over. I felt confident that I had booked with a professional company with excellent customer service, which really matters to me. I wanted to give my son a birthday party that was different & memorable, entertaining, informative & fun. I also wanted to use a company that was "tried & tested" to give me the peace of mind that this kind of party was achievable. The testimonials from other parents & your informative website & subsequent emails gave me that peace of mind, & Sublime Science did indeed deliver my son a birthday party that was different & memorable, entertaining, informative & fun! Thank you very much!
Jo Keogh, Sublime Science Party in York, North Yorkshire, Sept 2015

Hard to say, everything! In particular - sherbet making, bubbles/air experiments, team games in the garden with tornado relay and the red 'air tunnels', but most importantly - how educational it all was and how much the children learnt while having fun. Our daughter was sharing various scientific insights with us the next day and one of her friends summed up the party as 'epic'!
Tanya Webber, Sublime Science Party in Rugby, Sept 2015

All of it! Lisa was brilliant at keeping 25 children under control and captivated! Even the parents were enjoying getting involved (and being force fed sherbet by their children!). Feedback from the parents said they all were impressed at how enthralled the children were even with the simplest of ingredients being used to make some truly entertaining experiments. They (and I!) were also very impressed at the level it was aimed at - enjoyment and explanation without getting bogged down in detail! Very, so professional and organised everything that I felt a bit of a spare part! 🙂
Susie Cooper, Science Party in Bedford with Luna Lisa, Sept 2015

Natalie was fantastic. The kids and adults loved every minute of her show. She kept the children engaged and interested all the way through. Very helpful from start to finish. Lots of e mails before the event to update and inform us what will be happening etc. The web site looked interesting and the feedback from other people was great.
Suzanne Markarian, Science Party with Nuclear Natalie in Letchworth, Herts, Sept 2015

The children really enjoyed the rocket launching , air gun sherbet making! Looked fun and different and involved the children participating so wouldn't get bored! No fuss no mess quick and efficient set up and tidy away!
Lyndsey Holmes, Kids Birthday Party in Berkshire, Sept 2015

The rocket part was the best bit and a wow factor. I have never been to a party like this before so was not sure what to expect. It was great and the kids loved it. They were being kept entertained constantly. Very helpful and knowledgeable - when I originally spoke to the office I was told I could swap an element around so could have the rocket section instead of the music/noise due to the age of the children. I am so glad we did as the rocket part as the best part. Thank you very much for a fab party. Would definitely recommend.
Nadia Boddington, Children's Birthday Party in Bedford, Sept 2015

The whole party was amazing, Chaotic Claire was just out of this world such an amazing personality and had the kids attention for the go. All kids and adults loved the science it really did show science in a whole new and exciting light. The team was so helpful and gave great advice to what I needed. This was the best party I could ask for, I have to be honest I was wary at first, but I can honestly say it was worth every moment and Claire was just out of this world and really mad the day amazing, to which I can't thank you all so much.
Janet Fekete, Science Party in Northampton, Sept 2015

The presenter was very professional and arrived early to set up and was happy to run over time to make sure it was a great event. He was funny, educational and managed to keep 13 noisy, sugar fuelled, eight year old boys engaged and happy. Especially impressive was how he managed one of the more physical lads who needed telling off - this was done in such a way as to get the job done without causing a scene or spoiling it for this particular boy. Very happy to recommend your company and Stacy especially. Thank you very much.
Richard Rowsell, Sublime Science Party in Ascot Berkshire, Sept 2015

The children really liked the rockets and the air bazooka. We wanted something different for our party that the children could get involved in as well as watch.
Ruby Holbrook, Birthday Party in Saddleworth, Sept 2015

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