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The interaction between the presenters and the children was second to none. I would highly recommend a sublime science party for any child, many of the children thanked me at the end and said that this was the best party they had been to, so accolades to you and your team!
Candice Bradshaw, (Nuclear Nic and Biology Ben) Milton Keynes, October 2011

Kids thought it was cool, they sat very captivated.
N smith, Kids Party with Chaotic Claire, October 2011

Great experiments which involved all ages. Kept the children transfixed for 75 mins.
Sally Moseley, Staffordshire Birthday Party, October 2011

The whole party went down well. Kids particularly enjoyed making the slime.
Liz Cox, Oakley Kids Party with Ben and Loopey Liz, October 2011

I thought everything was great... I particularly liked the way (Chaotic) Claire didn't rush the children, and continued to chat to them as she packed up. I'd like to use you next year, but would be worried that you might not be able to do an "original" show i.e. there would be a considerable degree of duplication. If I could be sure there wasn't, then I'd be happy - no I'd love - to use you again. It was a stroke of luck coming across your website... None of the children had ever been to a party like it, and even the most un-academic was spell bound.
Karen Martin, Towcester Children’s Birthday Party, October 2011

It was very good and the children loved it. My son loved the coke rocket the best and the slime and sherbet they all had a fun time thank you very much. Don’t think you can improve.
Samantha Baskerville, Ropsley, Party with Nuclear Natasha, October 2011

We have just returned home from Samuel Lawrence's 5th birthday and i just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job Martha did - it was brilliant and the children were so excited by all the experiments she did! They just kept coming and i couldn't believe how much we did in one hour! Sam loved having his " hair popped" and they loved the rings of smoke, slime and couldn't believe the sherbet! How she set up and clear up so quickly I’ll never know!
David Lawrence, Warwickshire Birthday Party, October 2011

We had a great party yesterday. The kids enjoyed thoroughly. It was very informative. The parents also enjoyed the experiments. The sublime science host- Grant was excellent and did a great job.
Samir Dani, Derby Birthday Party, October 2011

The kids were fascinated and they haven't stopped talking about the party at school (with Toxic Taherah)
Claire Bradshaw, Stonnall village hall, October 2011

The presenter (Chaotic Claire) was really engaging, patient and fun! The children thoroughly enjoyed the party and so many parents have come up to me to say how great they thought it was. It was great to have something a bit different from the usual magicians/clowns and educational too!
Michelle England, Helmdon, Northamptonshire Party, October 2011

The party was extremely well organised. The pre party planning and paperwork was efficient and Sarah was well prepared. The kids had a great time and were completely engaged for the whole hour. Sarah really captured them and communicated with them are their level. I just sat back and enjoyed the show!
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Liz Taylor , Mile Oak Kids Party, October 2011

The children enjoyed the game with the bottles of water and making sweets and slime. On the whole a great experience for the children.
Diane Wright, Hugglescote, Coalville party with Cadi, October

My daughter declared "I liked the Goo making bit best!" Grant was fantastic. Great with the kids......Fun was had by all. :0)
Dixie Monte, Nottingham Party with Grant, October 2011

They loved the rocket launch outside, the children had lots of fun getting wet, the girls weren't particularly impressed with the slime, although the boys loved it!
Lesley Almen, Coalville Children’s Party with Loopy Lou, October 2011

Kids loved the practicals of making slime and sherbert and were pleased to have something tangible, and of their own creation, to take home and explain to their parents how they made it. The whole presentation is a perfect way of enthusing kids of the virtues and excitement of science - if only my school science lessons had been so exciting ! The team were funny, lively, youthful and seriously scientific. My daughter and her friends were enthused by the experiments and I am glad such a positive demonstration has been planted in their young minds.
Raj Mann, Leicester Party with Loopy Lou, Mad Mike Sept 2011

Claire was excellent at keeping the children engaged during the whole performance. Would like to thank Sublime Science and Claire for making my sons birthday a day to remember. The children had a great tone and there was some excellent feedback from the other children.
Jas Pemberton, Northampton Birthday Party, Sept 2011

The variety of experiments, were great - fun and exciting. The interaction with the Children - they were part of the event rather than just demonstrations. Loved the communication countdown to the event and the suggestions for preparing for the party really helped.
Martin Bamford, Beeston, Nottingham Birthday Party Sept 2011

Kept the children entertained and happy for an hour. Something different that none of the children had experienced before. Educational and fun!
Lisa Newell, Milton Keynes Birthday Party, Sept 2011

Tehara was very good with all the children, despite the fact that 2 smaller children were in/ out of the party. The presentation, the organisation, It was lovely and my daughter had a great time with her friends. Thank you very much. Thank you to Toxic Taherah
Miranda Baretto, Birmingham Kids Party, Sept 2011

Think the kids liked making the sweets and slime (with Mad Mike!)
Maria Gamble, Syston Children’s Party, Sept 2011

Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent party – the kids loved it! Got some great photos which I thought you might like to see …Thanks again.
Rachel Curtis, Leicestershire Birthday Party with Mad Marc and Loopy Lou, Sept 2011

We loved all of it! The range of different activities and way there was a mix of demonstration and hands on was fantastic. Will set up all the activities so that when the children came into the room, it all looked so exciting. He immediately engaged them and he had them entranced for the full hour. He added games when he thought they needed to get up and move around, then continued with the investigations. The children loved the smoke rings, the air shooter and especially the slime! I asked my daughter if there was anything that could have made the party any better and she said 'No', so that says it all!
Liz Woolley,Carlton, Nottingham Kids Party with Will, August 11

Abigail's birthday party theme was Harry Potter, the sublime science party fitted in well with the theme. The presenter involved Abigail with the experiments making the birthday girl feel very special. The presenters also involved all of the other children which made them feel part of the show. Abbie enjoyed making the slim best of all, but sherbet making was also fun. The show was great and kept all the children entertained for the whole of the time. The hour past quickly and I would highly recommend the show it catered for all of the children girls and boys. We all agreed we would book Sublime Science again.
Elaine Rhodes, Rugeley Rose Children’s Party, Aug 2011

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started from...you started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've done...you've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Chaotic Claire's engagement with the children was great. She really spoke to them on their level and pitched all the explanations at exactly the right tone. They were learning and having fun, a great combination!
Richard Dainty, Hartwell, Nortants, July 2011

My daughter loved the smoke in the balloons however when asking her she simply told me she loved it ALL!
Jo Peacock, Narborough Leicestershire Birthday Party, July 2011

Lisa Wood, Party with Cadi and Elizabeth Rothersthorpe, Northampton NN7 3JD

Mad Mike’s interest to detail and his ability to keep a room full of 5 years and under entertained. All the parents said what a great party and how good he was. my friend who came with her children had been to a different science party before and said this one completely out shone that one. Very impressed
Emily Kemp, Leicestershire Party, July 2011    

It was good to have a female doing the party as it was a girl’s party. Also the group was well maintained and the kids all got a chance to interact. The experiments were fab and exciting. thank you for a great party all the kids commented it was the best party ever!!
Harjinder Chauhan , Aldridge, Walsall Party with Sonic Sarah, July 2011

Just a quick note to say thank you for a very enjoyable party. Sam had a great time as did all of his friends. Clare & Nicole were great and kept the kids entertained and engaged.
Thanks once again and kind regards.
Amy Blewitt, Milton Keynes, Birthday Party, 23rd July 2011

Prompt, friendly presenter, well organised, excellent with the children efficient setting up and packing away. Children had a wonderful time made the birthday boy feel special Have already commented to friends on how good the party was and how much the children enjoyed themselves. The price was comparable with any of the play centres but it gave the children something different!
Helen Warren, Derby Birthday Party, July 2011

Everything worked well - the girls arrived in plenty of time to set up, they were professional and fun, the children were kept entertained and interested. Excellent, have already recommended.
Cathy Armstrong , Kenilworth Kids Party, July 2011

Rebecca was a very enthusiastic presenter - she captivated the children from the start and continued to amaze them for the duration of her show. I liked the variety and pace of the presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed the party and I have had many positive comments from children and parents. Rebecca managed the group very well because they were a lively bunch! Most importantly, Noah had a fantastic time so we thank you for making his 5th birthday so memorable!
Natalie Leeson, Covenrty Birthday Party, July 2011

We loved the blend of entertainment with education. It was pitched just right and Marc had fantastic communication skills and rapport with young children. He held some very active boys captive for over an hour. My son, who was celebrating his 7th birthday, was made to feel very special by Marc. They were all particularly thrilled when the rocket was so explosive it landed on the neighbours roof! Marc turned up and effortlessly prepared the party meaning that it was completely stress free for us parents, who incidently loved the experiments too (took us back to school days!). Everyone was thrilled and other parents have already asked for your information. The certificate at the end was a nice touch too. Thanks.
Kirsty Williams, Matlock, Derbyshire Party, July 2011

I would just like to say thank you to Lively Laura who came to take the Sublime Science Party yesterday. The kids had a great time and were very attentive throughout! Many thanks!
Laura Worthington, Leicestershire, July 2011

The experiments really caught the children’s attention and they had a wonderful time. They particularly enjoyed making smoke rings and sherbet. The balls being blown into the air, got a Wow!! from the kids. We couldn't of asked for more. Wonderful event, we've already recommended you to several friends in the playground. Many thanks.
Radioactive Rebecca Party in Selly Oak, Birmingham Birthday Party, July 2011

Thank you so much for organising a brilliant party for my daughter Rachel and her friend Harry. They all had a wonderful time, and haven't stopped talking about it since. Many thanks to Rebecca, a great time was had by all. Best wishes
Catherine Kirby, Children’s Birthday Party, July 2011

I cannot fault Sublime Science on anything! It was amazing to see Claire hold the attention of a group of five year olds for a full 45 minutes! The contents of the party were great with a real mixed bag of experiments for the kids to see. I will always remember the absolute excitement and wonder my twin boys' faces during the experiments. Everything was explained really well - even us parents learnt something that day! All the kids got involved and I know that a lot of parents were looking forward to the party and no one was disappointed. Just thanks for making Leo & Dominic's birthday so special.
Bedford Birthday Party with Claire, July 2011

Making slimy bouncy balls went down brilliantly. Rebecca was absolutely ace and somehow managed to control the boys at my sons party - I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone thinking of a party. Sublime Science was really good fun and taught them a thing or too as well. The tornado racers and rockets were excellent too.
Sarah Bragg, Warwickshire Birthday Party, June 2011

Radioactive Rebecca was great, she managed to keep over 30 children interested - no mean feat!!!! The activities were interesting and short enough to keep the children interested. All of them loved it and the parents thought it was great too.
Louise Morris, Bubbenhall, Warwickshire, June 2011

Rockets! Sweets! Slime! Smoke Bubbles! The kids loved this! Overall it was a good choice of entertainment and we enjoyed the party. As a parent you want the kids to be fully entertained and not have to intervene so that you can relax, observe and enjoy the show.
Julie Goode , Shardlow Village Hall, June 2011

Thankfully it was a lovely day so able to entertain outside. With 16 rowdy children aged between 4 and 9, I was worried that Magnetic Mike would be able to hold their attention for an hour... but he did and all the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Especially the interaction with the experiments. The parents were also very complimentary as it was something they had never seen before... already been asked for contact details. Great concept that the kids really enjoyed! Will certainly recommend Sublime Science to other parents.
Paul Burden, Science Party with Magnetic Mike, June 2011

Just to say thank-you for the Sublime Science showat Joey's party on Thursday - all the children loved it, and were really absorbed by it - & it worked really well for me too, to have them entertained by someone else for an hour!
Scylla Parkyn, Children’s Party, May 2011

I do want to confirm that Kerry was fantastic! She kept the kids fully entertained and amused and involved throughout. She arrived early, was really flexible, and was fully in control. Really really pleased and Kerry was a credit to you.
Mike and Fiona, Birthday Party with Kerry, May 2011

Christian had a great time, Sarah was brilliant, and the kids thought it was the best party ever. Oh and it was so stress free.
Dawn Williams, Children’s Party, 21st May 2011

The children def all enjoyed the slime making and the tornado race. We have had a great party for my 6yr old son with Radio Active Rebecca the child loved it and parents said it was great to go to something different. Thank you Jayne
Jayne Logan , Wythall Village Hall Birthday Party, May 2011

The party was great and so was Clare. She really had them interested and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. We like the fact that the show was 1.5 hours but managed to capture 20 children's attention for the duration (mainly 6 year olds). Chaotic Claire was very relaxed and friendly.
Rachel Gardner, Science Party in Pattishall parish hall, May 2011

A huge thank you for our fantastic party today, the children loved it and even the adults had fun !! Our girls loved every minute and all 14 children were captivated and well behaved and went home full of what they had been doing, so again a huge thank you.
Katie and Alice and Lisa Richards Party with Shan, April 2011

Kerry kept the group really well engaged and involved guests a lot to keep their interest. She arrived early and was set up in good time for the guests arriving. The children had loads of fun, especially with the fog machine and slime making. It was reassuring to receive so many emails on the approaching weeks/days re the booking and the resource packs/ links were really helpful. Unlike with private bookings to entertainers it was reassuring to know my entertainment would not b cancelled nearer the time for sickness etc. I particularly liked the party invitations. Great value for Money, and considered a great success by all who took part.
Karen Pavlou, Spondon Village Birthday Party, April 2011

Harriet was absolutely fantastic and the children had a brilliant time!
Chris Ehrenzeller, Derbyshire Party, April 2011

All of it was just great - the kids were so engaged and it was something they'd not done before. What was great was seeing the smiles on their faces and their looks of wonder and interest. Elizabeth was enthusiastic, as was Ralph, and the whole party was enjoyable......it was really good fun! Thank you!! Robert said he had an 'awesome' time and it was the best! Thank you!
Rebecca Gatiss, Great Cransley, Kettering, April 2011

Fantastic party had by all, (with Hyper Hattie) Thank you!! Really enjoyed making the slime.
Josh Cresswell, Belper, Derbyshire Birthday Party April 2011

The presenter (Professor Sukhbeer!) got ALL the children involved; no-one was left out. He kept their interest levels high and managed to keep 'control' of them. Both the boys and girls alike were engaged and had great fun. I was worried they might be too old (my son was 11) from reading other testimonials but a fab time was had by all. Very impressive!!
Amanda Leng, Coventry Birthday Party, April 2011

Your presenter (Professor Joy) was very polite and professional. She arrived in plenty of time and set up quickly and tidily. When the children turned up Joy greeted and engaged with the children on their level. She kept the children entertained and held their concentration through out the experiments.
Chris Hemming, Birmingham Children’s Party, March 2011

They were actively involved i.e. the slime & sweet making. The rocket was a favourite too & Lewis enjoyed helping (Hectic )Harriet with that amongst other things.
Carole Mawer, Keyworth Village Hall, Nottinghamshire Party, March 2011

Just wanted to say that Alex’s party on Saturday 19th March was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lady (Harriet!) kept 20 children engaged for over an hour, and there were some distracting characters in there. I’ve had lots of parents asking about it so I’ve printed of your leaflet and will be passing it around. The kids loved it and are still talking about it, so massive thanks and if you ever need anybody to say how their party went we are more than happy to.
Lesley Eaton, Derbyshire Birthday Party, March 2011

Once he got started he had the children engaged and I loved that he got them to do the work. They thought they knew it all and of course they didn’t. The ones who were most vocal where the ones who were most impressed.......I would recommend you to other people and have in fact done so.
Jo Knight, Devonshire Place Leicester, March 2011

I thought there was a nice variety of activities for the children and they all seemed to enjoy it!
Jan Seenan, Bourton village hall Science Party (with Chaotic Claire), March 2011

That all of the kids did undoubtedly have a fabulous time!! The smoke bubbles and rockets were amazing, and to see 19 kids all grappling to catch the smoke bubbles and be part of the rocket launches was what it was all about! Magnetic Mike was also very good in 'entertainer' mode!! I would not have liked to keep that many kids entertained!
Nina Marvin, Hednesford, Staffs Kids Party, March 2011

Engaged all the children, allowed them to get excited but also calmed them back down. Age appropriate, explained everything well. Made the birthday boy feel important. Exciting experiments.
Catherine Jupp, Science Party with Mad Mike, March 2011

The party went really well. The presenter was brilliant she really engaged the children and kept them interested throughout. Brendon said it was the best party he had ever had and the children didn't want it to end. Thanks so much
Jessica Charlesworth, Fradley Party with Kerry - March 2011

Simeon was great with the kids and had a lovely atmosphere established quickly for the kids to enjoy and participate equally. Making sherbet was a hit and of course the slime. Also smoke bubbles were good and the smoke ring firer. Simeon was very professional throughout and held the kids interest to the very end!
Darren Castle, Wyckham, Wood End, Warks, March 2011

Scientific Shan who hosted the party was extremely good, non of the children had been to a party like this before, and ALL thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a total hit - well done and thank you very much.
Bridget Light , Lichfield Birthday Party, March 2011

That the kids all seemed to be kept well entertained. Two of the children who were there said it was the best party that they had been to (and they have been to a lot!). The sister of one of the children said that she wanted the same party for her birthday. The presenter (Professor Sukhbeer!) was friendly and approachable and kept the kids happy.
Sarah Wilkinson, Birmingham Birthday Party, March 2011

The children loved the slime-making, and smoke rings and the rockets in particular. Chaotic Claire was extremely punctual, set up with the minimum fuss and did a very good job of keeping the children entertained, especially as some were a bit exuberant!
Sarah Thornton, Buckinghamshire Science Party, March 2011

Had to email and thank you for a really fantastic birthday party! Our son had a great time and all 21 of his friends all said it was the best party they had ever been to! Ralph was absolutely brilliant, he pitched the party perfectly for 9 year olds and the children loved him. such a great guy and wonderful with the children. The hour and a 1/4 went so quickly, no mess and lots of fun. Thank You soooo much.
Deborah Martyn and Andrew Hayward, Science Party, March 2011

Very interactive, well paced, great rapport with the kids. The smoke rings were a big hit. Fun.
Ruth Ward, Markfield Community Centre, Science party with Kerry!, Feb 2011

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