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The presenter was engaging, the kids loved the activities! Very professional
Mariella Ragni, Children's Birthday Party in Bedford, December 2015

I liked the easy rapport the presenter built with the children, they quickly took notice of professor Louise and she was wonderful. Very professional, helpful and friendly. Very pleased we found sublime science!
Jennifer Marrs, Kids Party in Wirral with Professor Louise, December 2015

WE LOVED MAKING AND PLAYING WITH SLIME. SIEDA WAS GREAT, KEPT THE BOYS ENGAGED WHILST KEEPING THEM IN CONTROL AND HAVING FUN. One boy said it was the best party he had ever been to!  10 year old party with 13 noisy and active boys is a challenge but sieda managed it really well and took the pressure completely from me!
Ann Wright, Boys Party in Mansfield, Notts with Super-slimey-sieda, Dec 2015

It was all a lot of fun and children were completely engaged - they were spoken to in a really adult manner and entertainer could control 9 8 year old boys/girls what a feat! Best bit rocket launch in garden (neighbour may not think so!) Sherbert and slime making also well received! Office were very helpful as I emailed initially and then checked back on dates - all ran very smoothly from first email contact!
Liz Vinten, Kids Party in London, Eastcote with Rocket Robbie, Dec 2015

Natalie and Cat were fantastic and kept the kids from 2-6 years enthralled!
Charlotte Phillips, Children's Party in Essex with Nuclear Natalie, Dec 2015

The range of experiments were brilliant and the structure of the party based around the senses worked really well. We loved the fact that it was interactive and that the kids were so involved. It was very well tailored to the age of our children and Steve had them engaged from beginning to end. As a mummy I loved watching all of their faces while they were in awe of the bangs, smells and other excitement and it will be a party I remember for a long time. Thank Sublime Science team
Nancy Curzon, Kids Party in Hertfordshire, December 2015

I just gotta say Atomic Adam was a great hit with 12 6yr olds, so much so that ALL the parents of these kids have said what a great time they had.  Even some of the adults learnt something new. Atomic Adam had the kids attention all the way though with the experiments. Thank you so much for making Nicks day, he absolutely loved it and has asked if he can have another one next year!!! Well worth the money, and would recommend to ANY parent!!!! Thank you again!
Jennie, John and Nick Platt, Sublime Science Party, December 2015

We loved the looks on the children's faces! We loved the rocket launch outside - lots of screams of fun! Office were very helpful. Always available and really helpful and friendly. It was 'something different' from the usual parties we attend and something that both girls and boys could enjoy.
Sarah Harris, Sublime Science Party in Coventry, Dec 2015

The fact I didn't have to do anything, kept the children that attended totally engaged with it all. Very helpful, always polite, helpful and informative and efficient. My son had already attended a science party and several friends had one. Thank you, my son and his friends had a fab time and still talking about it at school now.
Michelle Smith, Sublime Science Party in Leicester, Dec 2015

The kids were really engaged and interested in everything Adam our scientist had to say. We wanted an interesting and memorable experience for our daughter and not the run of the mill 'pink' party. It was a big hit and the parents enjoyed it too. I also used the party bag service and the kids had a fab time at the end of the party playing with everything. We couldn't get them to leave. Adam was our host and he was very friendly, professional and warm and the kids loved him.
Julie Sinha, Children's Birthday Party in Dorridge, Dec 2015

Energy of the presenter, how well the content was pitched to the audience, keeping it fun but pretty educational too! The office were very helpful - always felt I was being handled by very capable and organised people. Keep doing what you are doing - it was excellent. Only a really big thank you to Alan - he was really great, and I understand a last minute stand in. The party was worth every penny!
Caroline Styant, Kids Party in Harpenden with Atomic Alan, Dec 2015

The energy, enthusiasm and professionalism of the presenter and the way that he came to speak with the parents whilst the children were eating when he could have sat and had a rest! The whole service from start to finish was extremely well organised and professional. Thankyou so much for a fantastic service.
Sarah Preger Murphy, Children's Party in Stalybridge, Dec 2015

All the experiments were really good and the parents all enjoyed in getting involved. The office team were excellent. We wanted something out of the norm.
Jenny Rickard, Kids Birthday Party in Essex, Dec 2015

It was great seeing 10 yr old boys engaging in something other than football or X-box. Wacky Rocket and Slime making was great fun, The presenter was really knowledgeable and was good at keeping things moving also getting the kids to answer questions and keeping them interested. Really glad we had a Sublime Science party, my daughter also wants one now! The team were very helpful and informative. It was something different and educational.
Jo Bull, Kids Party in Lincoln with Helium Helen, Dec 2015

We loved the energy & control over the children was fantastic plus the experiments of course. The office were excellent fast friendly & efficient!
Charlotte Kelly, Sublime Science Party in London, Dec 2015

We liked the rocket making outside and the slime making inside! Thanks for a great party - she loved it!
Liz Walton, Children's Birthday Party in London, Dec 2015

We liked the slime making and smoke rings best. I felt it was different to the usual soft play party. The scientist was Fab and my son had a great time.
Jeni Young, Science Party in Grantham, Dec 2015

I think the children liked the smoke rings and the slime the best. The Sublime team were excellent. We wanted something different. Isaac had a wonderful party thank you.
Stella Coyle, Children's Birthday Party in Rochdale, Dec 2015

The children loved the sweet making and slime making the most! The adults mostly want an "air gun" that fires smoke rings! All the children had a great time and Steve did so well holding the interest of 23 five and six year olds for so long. We have heard that they all went home full of stories of the party and it was a hot topic at school the next day!
Robert Parsonson, Kids Birthday Party in Abingdon, Dec 2015

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started from...you started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've done...you've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Excellent! Everytime I called, they were extremely helpful and enthusiastic. The email reminders encouraged me to get in touch and ask advice when we were planning our party. We were after something a little bit different (a bonus that it was educational) and that none of our friends had done (yet!).
Mrs Marshall, Kids Party in Darley near Harrogate, Dec 2015

Thanks so much for a fantastic party for Isla and Eilys party.  Ben was superb and had the hard task of entertaining almost 30 5+6 yr olds, he did an amazing job with very good positive parent feedback. I was wondering, if possible, if you could send me a copy of your thank you note as I seem to have deleted it and would like to keep the thank yous within the theme. Many Thanks.
Debbie Cummings, Sublime Science Party, Dec 2015

Dani kept all the children's attention throughout & they really enjoyed it. My daughter loves science so it was perfect - she said it was the best birthday party ever!
Debbie Millar, Girls Birthday Party in Tunbridge Wells, Dec 2015

It's different to other parties we've been to and looked great fun as well as educational. They didn't realise they were learning 😉
Dan Hornby, Kids Party in Stockport, Dec 2015

Very punctual and great with our very energetic group of children. Very easy to book and always answered all questions. Reviews were good and it was something different to usual parties. All the children enjoyed the party and the sherbet!!!!!!
Lisa Colton, Kids Party in Wolverhampton with Dynamite Dave, Dec 2015

Tom was brilliant at talking to the children and the children loved it. The adults learnt something new too! Andrew could help with different experiments (which he loved). Saw on dragons den and our son lives science and experiments. Brilliant party, thank you.
Joy France, Boys Birthday Party in Chesterfield, Dec 2015

It was very well organised..I had contact from the host as promised the night before.. Tom captured the kids attention from the minute he started and kept it the whole way through. There was a great selection of different things and the fact they could get involved themselves was brilliant... The parents enjoyed it and told me in the days after how different it was and how their children had loved it... The host I think needs to be spot on as it's very much about how it is delivered to the kids and Tom was spot on.. perfect. Very... They responded to every query very promptly and rang me the day of the party to confirm Tom was on his way. Because I wanted something different yet educational.. Jack is at an age that is now too old for play centres which are very boring and he seemed keen to go for the science theme.
Alison Coffey, Boys Birthday Party, Dec 2015

The presenter interacted with the children as soon as he walked in the room, he kept them (and the adults) captivated for the entire hour and paid special attention to one of our guests with ADHD to keep him engaged throughout. My daughter says it's the best party she's ever had and lots of her friends said it was the best they'd ever been to. I would recommend it to anyone! My daughter loves science and learning and aged 10 felt she was too old for some of the more typical party themes. This was unique, educational and exciting and she wants lots of science presents for Christmas!
Jemma Flowitt, Daughter's Birthday Party in Halifax, Dec 2015

It was all really good. Both hosts were really knowledgeable and engaging with the kids. The electricity experiment went down really well and the slime one. 5 star party and I would strongly recommend them to friends.
Kelly Watts, Boys Birthday Party in Huddersfield, Dec 2015

All of it. Mark really engaged with the kids (5/6 year olds) and held their attention throughout! I think he tailored the party for the age group and they loved him. Several of the children have said it was the best party they've been to ever! I am very pleased and am happily recommending Sublime Science to all. His enthusiasm and the fact he got the backing of two Dragons was good enough proof to me Sublime Science was the way to go.
Rachel Matthews, Children's Party in Cambridgeshire, Nov 2015

Sounds like the slime was a BIG hit! Extremely - very accommodating; answering questions and dealing with requests beforehand. Kids loved it!!! Especially making and taking home slime...Electric Ellie was great with the kids too! Kids thought it was great-fast paced, interactions with the kids was great, all children got to have a go at something, all took home slime- very excited from the experience!
Trish Taylor, Children's Party London, Nov 2015

Just to say a huge thank you to Jodi, our scientist for the morning.  She was excellent at keeping the kids laughing and entertained.   Explanations were pitched at exactly the right level for age group.  It goes without saying that the exploding rockets were a favourite as these shot well above the height of our house. The hour & 20 mins were jammed packed with games and different experiments. Office & admin was excellent.  We had a last minute change on the day which was communicated to us early on the day.  The easiest party we have run.  Thank you.
Sarah Batchelor, Sublime Science Party, Nov 2015 

It was an amazing party. Even the parents said how much they enjoyed it and now the children are all talking about doing experiments at home - so educational as well! The children particularly liked it when it went dark for the electricity!....and enjoyed making the slime of course! Something 'different' than the usual children's party
Jane Barber, Children's Party in Bowdon, Cheshire, Nov 2015

I loved that Martin really engaged with the kids. They were all mesmerised by his activities and he managed to keep them all on the right track doing experiments. He wasn't phased by them getting messy either - which is great. The first experiment the kids had seem before and I was really chuffed with how the Proff. dealt with it and he carried on but found other new and interesting things to focus on. Great Job Proff. Messy Mart!
Wendy Hunt, Kids Party in Leicestershire - Hallaton, Nov 2015

We liked the interesting noise experiments. The office were great, responded immediately. We wanted a different type of party.
Helen Webb, Kids Party in Wirral with Louise Lightyear, Nov 2015

Thanks for the party Oscar really enjoyed it. Photo of the cake attached before we sliced and diced!
Charlie Mosele, Sublime Science Party, Nov 2015

We loved all of the experiments. Excellent very knowledgeable. It was all excellent.
Susan Trouth, Kids Party in Birmingham, Nov 2015

Our presenter Robbie was FANTASTIC. He remembered the girls names, engaged the quieter ones, kept the party moving at pace to keep the girls attention and was very funny too. Please give him a large gold star from us. It was a bit different and interesting, not the usual party plan.
Lisa Scott, Science Party in London, Nov 2015

From a parents point of view Tom was fun, engaged the children well, explained things really well and the experiments were simple for the children to understand and fun to do. From the kids point of view Professor Tom was "wacky and funny" "the water rockets were so cool" " making the slime was awesome and really gooey" "was a cool party". I have no recommendation because I was 100% happy with everything.
Emma Moore, Children's Party in Leeds West Yorkshire, Nov 2015

The children were engaged and thoroughly entertained for the whole hour!! Very helpful, I would recommend sublime science to friends. My daughter was desperate for a science party. Many thank's to Tom, he was brilliant with the children.......completely in control and very entertaining. Isla had a wonderful time and so did all the guests. Even the adults were drawn in to the room. The constant flow of experiments kept everyone enthralled.......thanx again.
Janine Hilton, Girl's Birthday Party, Nov 2015

Everything was absolutely seamless. Rocket Robbie, was amazing with the kids and really made my son feel very special on his birthday. All of the kids loved it. Fabulous! Information, booking, confirmation, etc. were very professional. And I felt confident knowing the party would be a success before it even started! I was looking for something a bit unique and that we could do at our house. I knew I needed something new and exciting to entertain a group of 6-7 year old boys and keep their attention!
Annette Jaaskelainen, Boys Birthday Party in London, Nov 2015

Michele was brilliant and managed to engage the 24 children (mostly 7 year old boys) and captivate their attention for nearly 1 hour and a half. Everybody loved it, my children are still talking about it and tell me how much they have learnt. Thank you very much, will definitely do it again! Well done and keep going!!
Kerstin Spenner, 7 Year Olds Kids Party in London, Nov 2015

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Sublime Science team for the lovely party we had yesterday!!! The scientists were absolutely brilliant! So professional, very well coordinated and great around 27 super hyper kids too!  The kids were bobbing around with excitement through the experiments. On behalf of Professor Ahaan and his little scientist friends, I would like to pass on a big thank you for Jeremy and his colleague for making his party such a great success!
Pooja Mittal, Sublime Science Party, Nov 2015

How organised things were and how well sublime science communicated with me. Very helpful. Cost and requirements were explained well, and transactions were smooth. Because it looked so much fun and wasn't the same as the usual parties!
Johann O'Hara, Children's Party in Manchester, Nov 2015

To be honest the whole party was just simply brilliant & fantastically presented by Louise. My sons friends were eager to speak to him on the Monday morning after the party to say what an "awesome" party it was. The office team were extremely helpful & very friendly. Super customer service without any tedious sales pitches or up-selling. Some of them had even taken their slime into school so from that & feedback from my 2 children the slime making was a huge hit. I'm so happy with my decision to have a Sublime Science party. All the children ( majority aged7/8) were completely mesmerised. As were ourselves & the other adults who were there. To sum up...." absolutley fantastic!!!!". We wanted a party for our son that would be memorable. We also wanted a party that was completely different to the usual parties. Sublime Science delivered on both counts.
Kim Hindley, Sublime Science Party in Rochdale, Nov 2015

Presenter was fantastic with the children and very engaging. We all enjoyed the smoke rings. A party with a difference that suited both genders and we like science! It was really enjoyed by the children.
Kristian Gaylard, Children's Party Near Newark, Nov 2015

Really helpful, I had a few queries which were dealt with quickly, very polite and friendly. Louise was fantastic, she kept the children thoroughly entertained for the full 1.5 hours. wanted something different for my little boys party. It was great as every child could get involved and participate. She was superb with the children. My little boy loved every minute and said it was the best party he has ever had. I would highly recommend Sublime Science, thank you again. Just wanted to say a big thank you for making my little boys party fantastic.
Ashleigh Harrington, Boys Birthday Party in Blackburn, Nov 2015

The presenter Tom was fabulous he handled and kept all the children entertained most of the children were aged 4 which is quite difficult to keep there focus but he did it admirably. All of the adults and children had a fantastic time. The science party was a great success.
Jane Griffiths, Kids Party in Stoke on Trent, Nov 2015

The kids loved the experiments. The presenter was really good and able to keep the attention of 25 children.  The party was well run with lots of things for the children to watch and take part in. Great party idea. My husband saw it on dragons den and thought it looked a fun idea for a party.
Emma Fondacaro, Kids Party in Chester, Nov 2015

Host was brilliant with the kids held their attention throughout the whole session. My son loves science.
Kelly Heather, Children's Birthday Party in Surrey, Nov 2015

Mercury Mark was really engaging and kept the whole group entertained throughout. My son is 6 but had a few younger children there who enjoyed it just as much and sat amazingly still when required. The lady I spoke to was friendly and very helpful, checking availability and giving advice, then explaining the process when booking. My sons are both curious and eager to learn which we try to encourage. Science is awesome! Mark introduced himself to George (birthday boy) and Oscar while setting up and explained they couldn't touch the equipment yet but assured them that they would have lots of fun exploring it together at the right time.My 3 year old shook his hand in agreement and didn't touch anything the whole time unless invited to. Mark made the party run smoothly and told the children when it was food time etc, very stress free. Please thank Mercury Mark, even parents were excitedly chattering about the party at school on Monday.
Louise O'Brien, Kids Birthday Party in Northampton, Nov 2015

Atomic Ali was absolutely superb. He was very easygoing, and had a real rapport immediately with the children. He made it fun,whilst being educational, and kept their attention constantly. They were fascinated by the slime and sweet making, and the rockets were a big success. I shall definitely be booking another party, and hope to be able to have Ali as the presenter again. I would recommend this party idea to everyone - and shall be! Extremely helpful team, who explained all details from start to finish. Party bags arrived day after ordering them, and were really packed full of fun stuff.
Giselle Cody, Kids Party in Shepperton, Middlesex with Atomic Ali, Nov 2015

We loved the rockets. Very helpful - good communication. My daughter is very interested in science and it was a suitable party for 11 year olds.
Shabeena Saeed-Bostan, Girl's Birthday Party in Milton keynes, Nov 2015

The total interaction with the children & how interesting & captivated the children where! Excellent, they made the party a huge success! Can't think of anyway to improve, would defiantly recommend!
Karen Wakeman, Birthday Party in Essex, Nov 2015

The smoke bubbles and the goo making. Were helpful in terms of explaining the party structure, the costs and the options. The presenter was very friendly and the experiments in general kept the kids attention. Daughter was interested in science and I looked up science parties on the internet and your company came up.
Harpreet Bhoot, Sublime Science Party in Leicester, Nov 2015

The children loved it it was a group of 19 but Sam always got their attention. I had texts from mums saying their children loved it and my grandson did too. My grandson loves science and we saw it on Dragons Den, it looked great when presented on there.
Kate Leivesley, Children's Party in St Helens, Nov 2015

Just wanted to say a big thank you. Vaughan loved his science party and so did his friends. It was great to have something different to the normal parties, and Laura kept them in control and well entertained! The party bags were fantastic too! Thank you
Kate Wise, Sublime Science Party, Nov 2015

I loved the fact that it was a fun party with an educational element to it! The kids were hugely entertained, Mark was very engaging & kept everyone's attention ( even the parents ) - All good! - I loved it! Dragons Den pitch was sublime!
Carli Gooch, Kids Birthday Party in London, Nov 2015

We thought Ian was incredibly impressive in the way he engaged with the children and held their interest for 1.5 hours. They were encouraged to contribute their thoughts and loved all the interactive bits. The adults thought it was a fantastic, educational and highly successful party and the children thought it was the best party they had ever been to! Thank you. The team were very helpful. It was educational but fun. I couldn't recommend Ian and the Sublime Science party highly enough.
Louise Booth, Children's Party in West Yorkshire, Nov 2015

The practical experiments combined with the information he gave to the kids. They Sublime team were excellent - and the fact that they were available to talk to on a Sunday was great. Because it seemed a different option for a party that looked fun but was educational as well.
Jo Hancock, Birthday Party in Near Loughborough, Leics, Nov 2015

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