Tremendous Kids Birthday Parties in Stafford!

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dragons-den-mad-marc-caption-400Good News! If you've been waiting for a kids party in Stafford that's guaranteed to make your child's party unforgettable then the wait is over.

It's designed to be the answer to the age old problem of how to avoid having a boring birthday party!

There's nothing worse than a boring kids party where the children just do the same stuff that they've done a thousand times before! The Sublime Science Party is completely different, with the children making their own sweets and slime as well as actually getting to be scientists!

How Is Sublime Science Party Availability In Stafford?

bubbles - children's birthday partyIf you're in the Stafford area then we definitely do cover your area. We've got kids party entertainers in Stafford itself as well as in Birmingham and in Stoke on Trent.

Availability is strictly limited. After more than 10,000 unforgettable kids parties and captivating and enthralling more than half a million children we do book up fast. Following on from winning Dragons Den has made things even busier again.

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What Do Local Parents Have To Say About Your Kids Parties In Stafford?

"There were so many potential 'best bits' to choose from but as we had such good weather I'd have to say that rocket launch!" - 9 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Stafford

"I wanted to send an email to express what an incredible party whe had this afternoon with Toxic Tahera. She was the perfect scientist keeping the children under control while still making sure they had so much fun" - Stafford Children's Party For 5 & 6 Year Old Children

"2 7 year old boys and their friends loved making sweets and slime. They made the sweets so sour they brought a tear to the eye and then mixed them with their slime to make their own concoctions!" - 7 Year Old Kids Science Party in Staffordshire

"Professional, fun and efficient. The office team were on hand to answer any questions and our sublime scientits made sure the party was a blast!" - Staffordshire Kids Party for 8 Year Olds

Don't Miss Out - Check Availability Now

Mad_Marc_300Do You Have Children's Entertainers In Stafford?

Absolutely! One of the (many!) things that's so important at a kids party is making sure your entertainer is on time! The best way to do this is to make sure they are traveling from your local area and you'll be pleased to hear that we've got kids party entertainer in Stafford as well as in Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent too so we're never far from making your child's special day extra special!

Netmums Kids Party Awards - Winner!

Winning Queen's Award for Innovation

"Dynamite Dave really was fantastic! He got the attention of all of the children and was a great ambassador for the company so please pass on our thanks to him"

- 6 Year Olds Children's Party in Stafford

"Electric Emily was our scientist on the day and she made sure everyone was involved and included throughout"

- 5 Year Olds Kids Birthday Party in Stafford

"It was my son's 7th bday party but we had younger siblings there too and it even held their attention!"

- 7 Year Olds Childrens Party Entertainer in Stafford

"The little extra touches like the certificate and invites were a real help and very much appreciated"

- 8 Year Olds Science Party in Stafford
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