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dragons-den-mad-marc-caption-400If you live in the Northampton area and are seeking out a unique kids party entertainer then you might just have landed in the perfect spot!

I understand just how tough it can be to find an awesome children's party entertainer with a unique and exciting party that the children haven't all seen again and again.

Not only are our Sublime Science party entertainers Dragon Approved and Netmums Award-Winning but they are also available across Northamptonshire.

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bubbles - children's birthday partyYou might be wondering how much of the Northamptonshire area of Sublime Scientist Entertainers are able to get to?

To be honest the issue isn't ever with geographical coverage (we cover the whole of Northamptonshire) but with our availability. Since Dragons Den we very often end up fully booked.

We'd love to be able to inspire and entertain at your child's party anywhere in Northamptonshire including Northampton, Peterborough, Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough too!

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Let Me See Some More Sublime Science Party Reviews in Northampton?

"The looks on the children's faces were absolutely priceless! It was so much better than the usual disco parties" - 6 Year Olds Children's Birthday Party in Northampton

"It was science made fun! A lot of the adults came up to me and said how much fun they had watching the party and how often can you say that?" - 5th Birthday Party in Peterborough For 20 Children

"Lively Laura was great with the children and there was a couple over 20 of them. All the mums thought it was excellent too" - 7 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Northampton

"They were captivated by the range of different experiments. From popping smoking bubbles to slime they loved the lot" - 6 Year Olds Sublime Science Party in Northampton

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Where Will My Sublime Scientist Come From On The Day?

Mad_Marc_300The good news is that Northamptonshire is one of our most popular areas and we've got scientists in: Northampton, Peterborough and Kettering so bringing our unique kids party to Corby, Wellingborough or just about anywhere else in Northamptonshire is an absolute pleasure! The bad news is that we do book up even more quickly than usual - make sure your child doesn't miss out and get in touch now!

Netmums Kids Party Awards - Winner!

Winning Queen's Award for Innovation

"The party proved very popular with the children so maybe we'll see you again next year"

- 7th Science Party in Corby

"Ten out of ten, full marks for a brilliant and brilliantly organised party from start to finish!"

- Kids Birthday Party in Northampton Review

"I just asked a few of the children what they thought about the show and they all said how good it was and how much fun they had had at it. They loved getting handson and having a go at their different experiments"

- Childrens Entertainers at 8th Party

"I was a bit worried as to whether it would hold the attention of the children for the whole time but it did and I wish we'd booked the extra modules too"

- 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Kettering for 20 Children
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