Be Careful With Party Games...

What! Careful? What's wrong with party games? They are so much fun!

Well, first of all, yes! Party games are a lot of fun and a great way to get children involved which is why we include science themed party games in the Sublime Science Party.

The problem comes when parents play "elimination party games"!

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These are the ones when the children are out they have to sit out! If you've got a decent number of children it can take quite some time between the first few children being out and the final child winning the game!

This can lead to big disruption as those that are out early will get bored!

What to do?

I'd recommend avoiding elimination style party games if you've got more than about 12 children comingĀ alongĀ or at the very least having something else for them to do when they're out!

A table to sit at and play with some toys or crayons and scrap paper would be great examples, depending on the ages of the children.

ulimate-kids-party-survival-guide-tight-300Fancy more party planning help? Make sure to grab your copy of 'The Ultimate Kids Party Survival Guide' - Download your copy here!. I'm sure it'll be of help!

If you've got any other questions about anything then give one of my team a call on 0845 508 5387 or 0116 380 0750.

Here's to an awesome party!

Mad Marc

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