Sublime Science, Founder & Author - Mad Marc (Wileman)

Who Is This Mad Marc Bloke?

Thanks for stopping by…My name is Mad Marc (more sensibly known as Marc Wileman…) and I’m a  professional “science communicator” – that’s a fancy way of saying I make fizzing potions, gooey slime and blow stuff up instead of having a real job!

Yup, that's me shaking hands with Her Majesty the Queen. One of the proudest moments of my life, that's for sure.

I’m probably best known as that guy who walked on to Dragons Den firing smoke rings and then showed the Dragons how to make their own slime and for inspiring more than one million children to discover how awesome science can be.

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Thankfully, it worked out better that I could have ever imagined and we now have two awesome Dragons (Nick Jenkins and Sarah Willingham) helping us to make science awesome for even more children.

I founded Sublime Science close to a decade ago with a mission to make science awesome for one million children and I'm humbled to say we've reached more than 1,000,000 so far!

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dont-eat-your-slime-high-res-tightYou’re A Published Author – Sounds Fancy?!

It would be great for dinner parties, except I’m generally too busy exploding things to go to any dinner parties!

The book is called ‘Don’t Eat Your Slime’ and is 5 star reviewed on Amazon – you can find out more as well as grab your free copy here!

‘Many thanks for the book. It looks superb. I am not a normal ‘school run’ parent! I am a retired teacher from Scotland and now live in Lalibela, in the Highlands of Ethiopia. Every Saturday, I have 4 classes of Ethiopian children with age ranges of 5-25. Although I am teaching them English, I am always on the look out for things to do with them. Their regular schools have no science labs, so all their science work is theoretical. Tomorrow, we will make slime!!!’ - Susan Aitchison

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My (Fun!) Answer To The ‘How did You Get Into This?’ Question

Making sweets and slime as science experiments from the Beaches of Sydney right through to the Australian Bush (in a pickup truck no less!) was the ‘slightly’ unusual inspiration for Sublime Science!

After I’d been a Professional Science Communicator (maker of slime & launcher of rockets!) across the UK, Canada and Australia & been a ‘real’ teacher in a school in Nottingham… inspiration struck.  Why not pick out all the best, most fun, most exciting science experiments learnt over the years, all over the world, and put them all together?…Sublime Science was born!university-nottingham-logo

Fancy Qualifications – Don’t let that put you off!

I’ve got a First Class Masters Degree in Physics (Universities of Nottingham & Toronto) and have been a Professional Science Communicator across a good fraction of the globe and am the proud author of 5 Star Amazon Reviewed Book ‘Don’t Eat Your Slime’!

university-toronto-logoDespite the qualifications Sublime Science is NOT all about equations and maths!  It’s about children having real fun doing science, being inspired and entertained (and sneaking in the learning when they’re having too much fun to notice!)

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