Dancing Raisins

dancing-raisins-1-setupThis experiment is both unbelievably simple and fairly mesmerising and as it’s an edible experiment you can even have yourself a little snack too.

What do I need?

  • Raisins or sultanas
  • Lemonade
  • Glass

STEP1 – Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, being careful to pour it at an angle to try and preserve the fizz.

STEP2dancing-raisins-2-lemonadeAdd in a handful of raisins.

STEP3 – Sit back and relax and watch them ‘dance’ - they genuinely dance far better than I can but that’s not hard!

STEP4 – Keep an eye on how long they dance for. Are they slowing down or speeding up?

STEP5 – What happens if you add more raisins into your lemonade?

STEP6 – Does the temperature of your lemonade make any difference? Get an adult to help out and experiment to find out!dancing-raisins-3-in

What’s going on?

Your dancing raisins are pretty addictive to watch, right? You’ve got to stop watching them though because we need to figure out what’s going on.

When we first put our raisins into our lemonade they sink to the bottom because they are more dense than lemonade. Our lemonade is carbonated, like most fizzy drinks, and it’s those bubbles of carbon dioxide that are grabbing onto our raisins and pulling them up to the top of the glass.

dancing-raisins-4-dancingAt the top the carbon dioxide gets released out into the world. Without the carbon dioxide bubbles to pull them up the raisins fall back to the bottom once again.

More Fun Please!

  • Do you have to use raisins for this experiment?
  • What else could you try? Could you put some pasta pieces into your drink?
  • Could you use different fizzy drinks? Do diet fizzy drinks make a difference?

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