Slimetastic Kids Birthday Party in Maidstone!

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dragons-den-mad-marc-caption-400If you're looking for a children's party in Maidstone that's both educational and guaranteed to be fun then the Sublime Science Party could be just the thing for you.

Read on to discover how we are able to guarantee your child's party will be absolutely unforgettable as well as see local reviews and information from the Kent and Maidstone area.

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What's Availability Like For Your Kids Parties In Maidstone?

bubbles - children's birthday partyThankfully we've developed some awesome Sublime Scientists in Kent and so we're able to make science awesome at kids parties in Maidstone, Chatham and across the rest of the county of Kent. But, since appearing on Dragons Den and building a reputation as the most popular kids party in the UK, availability is highly limited.

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Can I Check Out Some Feedback For Kids Parties In Maidstone?

Absolutely, here are some of our latest, local reviews from around your area.

"Our scientist arrived early, setup quickly, lead an outstanding party and then cleared everything away afterwards. I was very impressed" -  Kids Birthday Party in Kent for 5 Year Olds

"The adults were almost as fascinated as the children were although a don't think they liked the slime quite as much. It was AWESOME." -  6 Year Olds Children's Party in Maidstone

"What an entertaining show the children were absolutely fascinated" - Kent Science Party for 7 Year Olds

"We're both scientists and want our son and his friends to share our enthusiasm for it so this was the party for us" - Maidstone Boys Party for 8 Year Olds

"We had 20 energetic 9 year olds in attendance so by no means an easy crowd but they were enthralled" -   9 Year Olds Kids Science Party in Chatham

"I loved to see how much the children were learning but because the party was so much fun I don't think that they even noticed" - Maidstone 10 Year Olds Birthday Party

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Mad_Marc_300Do You Have Local Children's Entertainers in Madistone?

Yes! There are never any mileage charges or hidden extra whatsoever and we've got some slimetastic kids party entertainers in Kent. Meteor Matt is our lead rocket scientist for kids parties in Maidstone and between Chaotic Chis, Loopy Liz and Radioactive Ralph we're able to enthrall at children's parties across Kent too!

Netmums Kids Party Awards - Winner!

Winning Queen's Award for Innovation

"Thank you so much for today's party. We wanted to do something special and our science party absolutely delivered"

- Kids Party Entertainers for 5 Year Olds Party in Maidstone!

"I'd highly recommend the rocket launch at the end, despite the rain the children really enjoyed it and would have stayed out there for hours if we'd let them"

- 6 Year Olds Science Party in Kent

"My son said the lightning and electricity experiments were best it looked like magic"

- 8 Year Old Kids Science Themed Birthday Party

"The science show was spectacular seeing the children do their own experiments was the best bit for me"

- Sublime Science Party for 9 Year Olds

"Plenty of enthusiasm and energy and lots and lots of "awesomes" heard across the village hall!"

- Maidstone Kids Party for 10 Year Olds
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