500,000 Words of Reviews!!!?!

Half A Million Words Of Reviews!?!

500,000 Very Kind Words? - New Reviews Are In!

Thank YOU so so much!

2024 is off to an awesome start and it's 'Sublime' to be able to share that the latest Sublime Science reviews are now in.

The Sublime Science Party reviews are here, the Sublime Science Schools Workshop Reviews are here and the Sublime Science Events Reviews are here.

Each and every review means the world to the whole Sublime Science Team. Thank you so much for sending them in. 

Back to the "half a million words of reviews"!

I had to do a bit of rough maths as we've collected reviews in loads of different ways over the last 15 years but by my reckoning, we might just have received half a million words of Sublime Science Rave Reviews.

That's absolutely mindboggling!

It's definitely not an exact science as the way we get reviews has changed a lot over the years... from social media, to email, to popping up on all kinds of review sites. So it's hard to be too exact but my best guess is we've received half a million words from our (awesome!) customers. 

To think we might have received so many kind words definitely made my day and put smiles on the faces of the whole Sublime Science Team here in the Lab. 

Even if we act like an electron and think negatively... we've definitely received more than 300,000 words of reviews.

That's more than any of the Lord of the Rings books. 

It's more than 3 times the number of words in the Hobbit book!

If we think a little more like a proton (positive!) then we're past the 500,000 words of reviews. That's more than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Maybe I'm just a nerd but to me, that's absolutely amazing.

We love our customers and the rave reviews they send in but I can't promise the 500,000 words of Sublime Science reviews contain the literary prowess of Lord of the Rings. 

But they are even more amazing to the whole Sublime Team.

Thank YOU so so much. Just (genuinely!) promise not to read them all.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc

& The Sublime Science Team