Common Mistake No.6 - Booking the Cheapest Party!


In this sense parties are no different to everything else; there are good and bad, original and bland, popular and not-so-popular, professional companies get the idea!

In this section we'll talk about how a party should be priced, what it should include, when and how you should expect to pay and what will happen when you do!

Mad-Marc-Slime-LeftHow To Avoid Booking the Wrong Party
To be completely honest and fair just booking the most expensive party certainly isn't the best idea either!

I'm sure you want to work with a professional company with a proven track record of delivering awesome birthday parties - that are open 7 days a week and have an experienced party advisor at the end of the phone who can help make your day a roaring success. It's just not possible for the cheapest companies out there to offer this level of service.

The Most Important Thing - Honest Pricing!
I strongly believe that the price you're quoted should be the actual price that your party will be! In the world of kids parties this is NOT usually the case!

Honest Party Pricing Will:

  • Include VAT
  • Include Mileage charges
  • Include a sensible number of children (Sublime Science base pricing is for up to 20)
  • Any extra charges made clear and this should all be confirmed to you in writing!

This is really just common sense as VAT isn't optional (unfortunately!) and if we didn't come to you by car we wouldn't be able to get to you so charging mileage as extra seems a little silly!

Why Don't All Party Companies Use Honest Pricing?
The only reason I can think of that lots of companies make things so confusing is they like to put out adverts saying that their parties are ridiculously cheap! They try and make it look as cheap as possible and hide the other things you need in the terms and conditions! Far better to know what the pricing really is so you can budget accordingly and know ' where you are'!

Why Should I Want To Pay A Deposit?
Professional popular party companies will be very busy and will get booked up well in advance. Paying a deposit secures your slot in the diary and officially books you in (Sublime Science ask for a £50 deposit). You should be able to do this by all major credit or debit cards.

What Should I Expect After I Pay My Deposit?
You should receive a written confirmation (we send ours by email) so you have a simple double check of all the details so you can be sure they are correct. We also send Invitations, Thank You Notes and Hints & Tips to help things run smoothly too!

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