Spooky Slimer 

spooky-slimer-1-setupWhat could be more perfect for Halloween than making your very own Spooky Slimer. A quick twist on the legendary slime making experiment that’s sure to make a spooky addition to your Halloween plans.

What do I need?

  • PVA glue (clear is best)
  • Food colouring (green!)
  • Plastic eyes
  • Cup
  • Stick
  • Borax (notes below)

spooky-slimer-2-greenHow do I do it?

STEP1 – For this experiment you will need to get some Borax. You can either get this from your local pharmacy or online.

STEP2 – Add a 2 cm covering layer of clear PVA glue to your cup.

STEP3 – Add a splash (about a teaspoon) of water and mix it in to your PVA glue to make it more runny!

STEP4 – Add around 5 table spoons of your borax to around 250 ml of water and stir well. Label it appropriately so no one drinks it.

spooky-slimer-3-slimeSTEP5 – Add a teaspoon of your borax solution to your PVA at a time and keep mixing.  You will need to add around 3 teaspoons in total.

STEP6 – Add eyes to your Spooky Slimer and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after experimenting!

WARNING: You can’t drink Borax so don’t mix this in anything you’ll use to drink from. Make sure that your wash your hands thoroughly after touching your Slimer.

What’s going on?

Not only did you just make slime but you also just did a chemical reaction! The ‘P’ in PVA glue stands for ‘Polymer’ and you just did a chemical reaction where the glue stuck to itself which is what turned it into slime!

spooky-slimer-4-slimerTechnically it’s a cross-polymerisation reaction. Your PVA glue is a polymer and that just really means that it’s made of long chains of stringy molecules. By adding your borax you cause a chemical reaction that ‘tangles’ those long polymer chains which is what turns your goo into glue.

More Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • What’s the perfect mixture to make the perfect slime?

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