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Discover the Dragons Den Winning Science Party In Milton Keynes

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If you're scouring the internet for a kids party in Milton Keynes that might be special enough to help celebrate your child's special day then you might just like what you find here.

The Sublime Science Party has that 'Something Different' factor that children always love!

Following our success on Dragons Den our Award-Winning children's parties are now available in Milton Keynes and across Buckinghamshire.

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How Booked Up Does The Sublime Science Party Get In Milton Keynes?

Let's start off with the good news!

We've got an abslutely outstanding team in Buckinghamshire and we're able to provide unforgettabley kids parties in Milton Keynes as well as the surrounding areas of Aylesbury, Slough, Buckingham, High Wycombe and almost every inch of the county.

We'd love to be able to help everyone but availability is always a challenge as the Sublime Science Party has proved to be a real hit.

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What Are Parents Saying About The Sublime Science Party?

Can I get some birthday party reviews from the Milton Keynes Area?

"What was really great was the fact that the children could get involved. It wasn't just about sitting and watching but the kids got hands-on and involved, did their own experiments and had a fantastic time" - 6 Year Olds Children's Party Milton Keynes

"It really was something different from the normal parties that do the rounds and it was entertaining as well as education which was great to see" - 8 Year Olds Science Party in Milton Keynes

"Even the party bags were brilliant. I loved how we were able to add a book to the party bags so that the children could take away something of real value as opposed to the tat that normally goes in party bags" - Buckinghamshire Children's Party For 7 Year Olds

"My four year old managed to make himself a batch of 'Alien Slime' which, of course!, he was thrilled about!" - 5 Year Olds Bedford Boys Birthday Party

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"The kids loved every moment, especially my daughter! The presenter did a really fantastic job of staying in control and keeping the children's attention and still making sure the party was a great deal of fun too"

- 5th Birthday Party Childrens Entertainers in Milton Keynes!

"Just to say a huge Thank You! Every single child really enjoyed the party and it made our son's special day even more special! I have recommended you already and I'll be telling everyone!"

- 7 Year Olds Boys Birthday Party in Milton Keynes

"With a young group I had my concerns that the science would go over their heads but they learnt so much and had a great time doing so!"

- Milton Keynes Birthday Party With 5 & 6 Year Old Children
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"They loved it - the girls too! They loved making their slime even though most of them wanted to make theirs pink" - 7 Year Olds Kids Birthday Parties in Milton Keynes

Do You Have Children's Entertainers In Milton Keynes?

The short answer is YES! The Sublime Science Party has become incredibly popular in the Milton Keynes area!

After more than 10,000 slimetastic parties we've got awesome kids party entertainers in Milton Keynes, Luton & Bedford so it's only a short blast down the road to run children's parties in Aylesbury, Buckingham, Bedfordshire, Dunstable & Leighton Buzzard too!

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