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We loved all of it! The presenter turned up as planned and set up without any problems. She kept the children engaged for the full hour (despite having chatting parents to contend with). The children absolutely loved the entire thing and I received lots of thank you texts from parents reporting that their child kept talking about the party afterwards! I also loved how my son (the birthday boy) was made a fuss of and was constantly asked to help the presenter. This made him feel extra special! Really helpful. Quick responses. I always got my call answered immediately and my questions were also answered immediately. I saw the Dragons Den connection and then saw all of the positive reviews - this swayed me to use Sublime Science rather than competitors.
Sharon Hundal, Sublime Science Party in Kettering with Chaotic Claire, April 2017

Grace the presenter was fantastic - enthusiastic, motivating - she even got the 16 year old big brother involved! The girls at the party loved the rockets, and the sherbet, and the slime, and the smoke bubbles - in fact they were raving about all of it! Office? Very helpful when I had to change the date.
Catherine du Preez Gale, Boys Birthday Party in Surrey with Amazing Grace, April 2017

The slime and the Arizona were big hits, the fact that it is so different to everything else and educational was what I liked and what led me to book. Very, everything required was provided. Because it was different and looked like fun.
Jeanette Kuryliw, Kids Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabi, April 2017

Toby and his pals had a brilliant time. Professor Bunsen Turner (Helen) was fantastic! The children where captivated and so were the parents, who all commented on how good Helen was. A special 7th birthday that Toby will be sure to remember. A super day had by all.
Kerry Langton, 7 Year Olds Childrens Party in Manchester with Helen Busen Turner April 2017

Making tornadoes and colouring the slime! Said Heidi, but we loved the whole thing, especially not having to do any preparation from an adults point of view! Very prompt in replying, efficient and helpful! Couldn't improve it was perfect from our point of view! My daughter insisted ! I mentioned a friend had a science party a couple of years. Ago! She has wanted one since, Sodium Sam is awesome! Thanks again for making 2 little girls 8th birthday extra special! Corrine Anderson, Childrens birthday party in Melton Mowbray, with Sodium Sam, April 2017 My daughter really likes science. I like a theme party for older children, and this one is suitable. The reviews are good, too.
Ha Nguyen, Girls Birthday Party in Southampton with Kristy Kryptonite, April 2017

Children were engaged throughout, Sue 'read' them well and switched activity when they became distracted. Organised indoor activities. Reinforced rules about participation and listening. Very - I loved the hints and party guidance. Excellent contact from Sue to get children's names, update guest list and discuss parking/access, which I was worried about. Sick of bouncy castles at every party. Really engaging for the 5 year old 'sponges' Great reviews online. Took pressure from us to entertain! A few parents have commented on how good it was, how I came across your service and now I'm wondering how to top this success next year!
Lisa Forbes, 5 Year Olds Party in Worcester with Sue-pernova, April 2017

Everything! Dr Ion was fabulous- 14 kids were mesmerised, loved it all. Great value for money and my son now says yay when I say science!! Very. Quick responses and accurate recording of info. Something different, plus I always disliked science at school as it was dull, tedious and text-booky. It was only as I got older and 'adulted' that I realised how epic science is. Now it astounds me how an epic topic of science can be routinely stripped of interest and excitement with our schools and curriculum. Sublime Science was a hope that this could change it for my son...and it did. For now...hope the schools/curriculum keep up! It would be a shame to spark excitement in the kids, then hollow it out with the text booky ways I endured...
Julia Ford, Sublime Science Party in Loughborough with Dr Ion April 2017

How accommodation Seismic Steve was for our party! He was incredible with all the children of various ages. The touch part of the party was definitely the best part. Really helpful and informative. I thought it would educational and fun and it was!
Carly Sparkes, North London Childrens Birthday Party with Seismic Steve, April 2017

Thank you very much, it was an amazing party, all kids and adults had really good fun. Steve was very good and very patient with all kids. You can be sure we will recommend your company.
Jolanta Tanas, Sublime Science Party in North London with Seismic Steve April 2017

The sweets got the kids to pay attention, the smoke rings were well liked but bottle rockets were excellent and really "hit the mark". Feedback afterwards was "Sams party, best one ever"
Nick Rossiter, Kids Party in Colsterworth with Sodium Sam, April 2017

Just a quick email to say that Kevin and assistant were excellent. Everyone had a fantastic time!
Louise Pepperdine, Sublime Science Party in Lincs with Kryptonite Kevin, April 2017

He kept the children entertained all the way through. He involved lots of the children in the experiments and was particularly good at ensuring the birthday girl was made to feel special by letting her pick the people to do the experiments. All the children loved it both boys and girls. Really good would certainly recommend. Great - I didn't need to contact them much. Different to the other parties I had done and all kids love slime! My party host was very good.
Jill Melvin, Kids Party in Liverpool with Dynamic Dom, April 2017

The variety of experiment. Magda held the attention of 16 6 year olds perfectly. The kids faces were a picture of absolute amazement at some of the experiments. I even learnt some things. Very professional and efficient. The kids loved it when they got to participate. Anything where they can participate a little more. The party's looked so much fun and educational
Sarah Welch, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Hampshire with Magnetic Magda, April 2017

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Atomic Anna was great she kept them engaged for the whole time and she made sure they all got a go at something, it was so good can't pick one thing. Office? Very helpful. My daughter loves science and it seemed a really cool approach.
Wendy Griffiths, Girls Birthday Party in Gravesend with Atomic Anna, April 2017

Just wanted to write to say a big thank you for my daughters party on the 1st April. I didn't think it possible to keep 20 hyper children quiet and obedient for an hour, but you guys know how to do it! Everyone commented on what a great party it was and how good the 'Professor' was. The party bags didn't disappoint either. Thanks again for making Emily's birthday a truly fab day to remember.
Alison Hamilton, Daughter's Party in Manchester with Helen Busen Turner, April 2017

Hard to say, obviously the slime making and the sherbet was very popular. The bucket that blew smoke rings was great. And to top that, there was very little mess to clear up. Very accommodating and helpful, from every point of contact - phone, email and in person. We wanted something a little different, something interesting, fun and interactive for my son's birthday party. And how many children can resist slime? Our presenters were fantastic, they engaged with and held the attention of 20 five year olds! Which is no easy task. Friendly, punctual and passionate about what they do.
Yvette Weir, 5 Year Olds Party in Sheffield with Toxic Tina, April 2017

The scientist kept the children engaged through the party. The experiments and games were age appropriate. There was something for everyone to take home with them. Very helpful considering the short notice for the party date. If the Sublime Science team has their own venues for families who may not have the space to accommodate the party. My daughter currently has an avid interest in all things scientific especially slime!
Victoria Changa, Gilrs Birthday Party in Luton with Lightening Laura, April 2017

Thank you for coming. All children had a great time. Harrison has told me in a lot of detail about the different experiments. A successful couple of hours!
Helen Castle, Sublime Science Party in Milton Keynes with Chemical Chris, April 2017

I like the fact that there was structured fun that kept the children entertained. The office team were very helpful and explained everything. I wanted to give my son and his friends a great time at my son's birthday party. I booked an extra 15 minute session but in retrospect I would not do that again. This is only because of the logistics of getting the kids into the village hall and out again in the time I was given, because the time needed to get through everything takes longer with more children.
Maureen Rankine, Boys Birthday Party in Bramhall with Genetic Gemma, April 2017

Adam has just left and the children had a fantastic time! What a great event. Will definitely call upon you again next year.
Catherine Taylor, Sublime Science Party in Manchester with Atomic Adam, April 2017

It's hard to choose, it was brilliant! Dr Ianstein's energy & enthusiasm were very infectious. I honestly don't think you should change a thing in terms of the event itself. It was something completely different! A huge thank you to Dr Ianstein for making our son's day extra special.
Debi Petch, Kids Birthday Party in Stockport with Dr Ian stein, April 2017

The rockets and lemonade explosions where great but the whole party was fantastic. Really helpful and informative and very quick to respond to queries. Looked fun and different and my little boys absolutely love science. The presenter was great really friendly and enthusiastic she was fabulous with the children and done lots an lots of experiments just brilliant. All the experiments where great we booked the rockets and so glad we did they where a real success.
Rachel Duff, Liverpool Kids Birthday Party with Dynamic Dina, April 2017

My daughters liked the sweet making and mini competitions - tornado chasing and blowing air into the long bag. I liked the atmosphere created by the presenter and the constant interaction with the children. It was just as much fun for the adults watching as for the children themselves. Very Helpful. From my initial enquiry to the speedy response from my request to increase my party number. We wanted something different and this looked fun. The party was a success, my daughter thoroughly loved helping the presenter and interacting with her friends. Isabella was great at keeping the kids focused and the science fun.
Simone Roberts, Daughter's Birthday Party in Crawley with Boom Bella, April 2017

The best experiments were the sherbet and slime making, water cup trick, noise from tubes and without a doubt the rockets. Sadie was a great presenter who kept the children engaged. I would definitely recommend her.
Maria Steven, Childrens Party in Surrey with Sciencey Sadie, April 2017

Everything. Party was fantastic. Worth every penny. Communication was excellent. Don't need to improve. Wanted something different for our daughters party and had seen on dragons den.
Paula Bartram, Girls Birthday Party in Nuneaton with Atomic Todd, April 2017

I loved how engaged and excited the kids were. Steve was great with them and it was so interactive. My son was very proud of the scientist certificate he received at the end of the session. Very helpful on initial booking and follow up emails were helpful too. My son asked specifically for a science party and I was impressed by sublime science's honest website and professionalism.
Liz Pearson, Boys Party in Berkshire with Sciency Steve, April 2017

I loved the fact that the whole party was arranged with just a few phone calls. The team in the office were great! Any questions I had were efficiently dealt with and nothing was too much trouble. Very patient and friendly too! Grace, my daughter, hadn't had a big party for a couple of years and we really wanted to invite the girls and boys from her class for her 10th birthday party. I love the fact that Marc is really keen on science and thought this would appeal to both the girls and boys. And it did! The children really enjoyed the party and it was great! The parents were pretty impressed too..... Our scientist Colette was a true star and she was great 🙂 Well done Marc, you've done yourself proud, I had a stress free time organising the party and a very happy Grace and classmates at the finale!
Bena Kansara, Girls Party in Coventry with Cosmic Colette, April 2017

Professor Bunson Turner made my daughter feel really special on her day. She had the children's attention throughout which is not easy with 20 children between age 2 to 7. Extremely helpful. Always polite and had great suggestions on the order of the day.Carry on doing what your doing. It looked fun and different. Will recommend to anyone.
Jannette Briscoe, Girls Party in Manchester with Helen Bunen Turner, April 2017

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