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We liked everything! Kids were enthralled by the whole thing and Louis was brilliant at keeping them interested and focused. We enjoyed what was on offer and it was suitably interesting and entertaining for 7 year olds (and my husband!) who walked away with some new knowledge as well. Science can be so exciting and what better way to encourage children to develop interest in science than to have them take part in fun experiments! Thank you very much Sublime Science, you have certainly delivered what you have promised and more.
Marsha Gosling, Sublime Science Party in London with Lightening Louis, March 2017

Loved, The range of experiments, the educational undertone, the hands on elements, the wow factor. The promise of captivating the kids for the entire party and us not having to do much during that time, for a change! Kenton was fantastic. He kept the kids (and my 70 year old Dad) entertained, enthralled, amazed and captivated throughout. The range of experiments, opportunities to get hands on and involved were brilliant. The sherbet making, the slime making, tornado in a bottle races and everything he wowed the kids with was just great. It was all senses themed so un beknown to the kids they were also being educated! Many thanks for a fabulous party.
Louise Evans, Kids Party in Rugby, Warwickshire, with Kinetic Kenton, March 2017

We loved the Sherbet, the slime and the rocket. Different and looked like it would be a good show. Everyone enjoyed the presentation, children of various ages and adults alike.
John Crooks, Sublime Science Party in West Midlands with Radioactive Rukhsar, March 2017

The sherbet making was a big success. My daughter wanted a science party and I read your reviews. The length of the entertainment was perfect and the kids were engaged throughout.
 Mardas, Daughters Birthday Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, March 2017

I had initially seen them on Dragons Den & thought it was an interesting educational concept. When I searched the internet for party entertainment Sublime science came up and the reviews were excellent.
Hayley Pereira, Childrens Birthday party in Manchester, with Helen bunson Turner, March 2017

The kids were engaged and loved the science experiments and being able to get hands on. Parents loved that it was educational and not 'disney'; and that the correct scientific terms were shared with the children. The experience had a big impact on the children, with reports of kids that had joined the party discussing how to actively form science clubs, and how they could lead the science experiments
Emma Blewitt, Kids Party in Gloucestershire with Titanium Tina, March 2017

The way the children were engaged during the experiments, we loved the ooo's and ahhh's and that I had to tell some parents off for shouting out the answers! Office? Very helpful, I had quite a few questions and they always responded quickly. It looked fun and as soon as our daughter saw the website she wanted a sublime science party.
Paula Easton, Kids Birthday party in Kent with Lightening Lucy, March 2017

The scientist was very personable and friendly. He was also very patient. The fact that the party was a unique concept for the other parents attending was a bonus and so set my son's party apart from the "norm". It was educational as well as entertaining.
Emma Sinclair, Childrens Party in Surrey with Sciency Steve, March 2017

Galactic Gabi was totally amazing!! She held the audience and was awesome with the way she engaged all the children - we LOVED her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the sublime science team to friends and family! Thank you so much. I was looking for something more original and found sublime science online.
Helen Clarke, Childrens Birthday party in Monks Fryson, with Galactic Gabi, March 2017

Organising a children's party may seem very straightforward to some. Ultimately various elements need to be brought together to ensure everything runs smoothly. The guys from Sublime Science came along and played their part without any fuss or unnecessary drama. This is what stood out for me and made the whole afternoon stress free and enjoyable.It was something different, I simply couldn't ask for more!
David Allen, Sublime Science Party in London with Atomic Ali, March 2017

H2Jo. Was fun and very engaging. She took the time to speak to the kids before the party and after. Very personal touch. Very helpful. From first contact, any questions i had were answered promptly and with a smile. I wanted something different from the usual party entertainment fair. Sublime Science was a great choice. Parents and kids were raving about it and were impressed at the fact that the kids were learning and having fun at the same time. Sound, sweets and slime... What's not to like!
Ashar Boyle, Kids Birthday Party in Tunbridge Wells with H2Jo, March 2017

The Wacky rocket module was excellent and the exploding lemonade was really cool too, the boys loved it. Magical Maddie was brilliant at keeping 14 boys under control and interested in what she was doing. The science information was delivered in a fun way so they would have learnt something new even if they didn't realise it! I even learnt something new myself ! Everyone really enjoyed it and loved eating the sweets they have made and taking home their slime. Something different to other parties out there.
Kerry Preston, Childrens Party in Wokingham with Magical Maddie, March 2017

They loved all of it !! Grace was brilliant and fun and mad the kids relax and giggle !! Their faces were brilliant when they saw and felt the experiments !! Totally amazed. Because we wanted something different and the fact that they are learning at the same time was brilliant plus it's like a magic show in itself and it's fun !! My daughter and friends haven't stopped talking about it and I've had people ask for your website so good luck!
Fleur Shave, Girls Birthday Party in Surrey, Amazing Grace, March 2017

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The variety of experiments and all had good visual impact. Jack also didn't overload the children with too much information. He was enthusiastic and did well with a rather loud lively crowd. All the feedback I have had from guests has been positive. I would recommend Sublime Science to others whole heartedly. My son loves science and this was a good fit for him. It is also something slightly different.
Shelley Hargreaves, Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with Jupiter Jack, March 2017

The experiments were amazing really educational and fun. Office? Fantastic so helpful and easy to reach. Your website and information were the best and your testimonials were amazing.
Heidi Beattie, Kids party in London with Lightening Louis, March 2017

Good communication throughout, easy and flexible booking process and great to have free ebook for guests. Love the concept of accessible and fun science party for kids. Very helpful, prompt to respond to emails and very personable on the phone. Great flexibility with the options for the party package. Overall, feedback from parents was very good and the children enjoyed it too. At the end of the day, it's fantastic if they can be inspired by the experiments and understand more about the world in a fun and relaxed way and this is where the presenters have to adapt to their audience.
Djami Djeddour, Childrens Birthday Party in Berks with Magnetic Magda, March 2017

Everything was great. The kids loved it and were completely enthralled throughout. Mel was fantastic. We couldn't have asked for more. My daughter and her friends had an amazing time two years ago and they all asked for another party.
Lisa Carter, Girls Birthday Party in Essex with Mercury Mel, March 2017

Rocket Ren was fantastic with the children and they loved every minute. Totally engaging and they loved the rocket making the most and the slime. Office? Very helpful and easy to deal with. Thank you so much for a fabulous party, Rocket Ren was wonderful with the children and they all loved it. Freya thought the party was awesome and they learnt so much at the same time whilst having fun!
Katie Jaye-Lipton, Girls Party in London with Rocket Ren, March 2017

We had my son's 8th birthday party today at Iffley Church Hall. Prof Fission and he did an amazing job! The children were all so excited and he managed to keep them full engrossed for 1.5 hours. The experiments were amazing, especially smoke rings and rockets. Please pass on our big thanks to him.
Ruth Tate, Childrens Party in Oxford with Professor Fission, March 2017

The presenter Atomic Ali was absolutely brilliant he captivated all the children with engaging experiments and activities. A number of them came up to me to say it was the best party they had ever been to. The whole show was fantastic the children and adults were enthralled. Office? Extremely helpful - I couldn't fault them. I wanted my son to have a science party and I tried for three years to get sublime science - so pleased you now cover Hammersmith and Fulham.
Frances Southerden, Boys Birthday Party in Fulham, with Atomic Ali, March 2017

We thought the whole party, so many experiments! My son loved making the slime the most. I liked the rockets. The office team were very helpful. My only recommendation is that it would have been useful to know the size of the table required. There was much more equipment/materials than expected. It was an excellent party. All the children had lots of fun and the parents that stayed were just as impressed by the experiments. My son enjoys science. I also received a prompt reply when other (non-science related) party companys didn't even bother to get back to me. Jo did a wonderful job keeping the children attentive. I was doubtful it would be possible to engage a group of 6 and 7 year olds for an hour and a half but iI was proved wrong. Many thanks to Jo and "fuzzy feet"
Lisa Dunnett, 6 & 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Tunbridge Wells with H2Jo, March 2017

Adam was fantastic at keeping he children entertained. I was amazed how many experiments they did. The rockets were the best!! Office were very helpful and efficient. My daughter loves science and this was the best party I could find, it had great reviews as well. I would like to say a special thanks to Adam who really made the party a success. He was great with the children.
Catherine Bradshaw, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Stockport with Atomic Adam, March 2017

The science content - experiments, the entertainment aspect, loved the learning aspect.
Adisa Khan, Childrens Party in Crawley with Isabella, March 2017

It was what my daughter really wanted for her birthday as she loves science and the good reviews made me choose Sublime Science. I have made the best decision and we received great feedback from the other parents and children! Chris was great with the kids and he got them all so engaged!
Ana Ros, Daughter’s Party in Hinxton Hall, Cambs with Chemical Chris, March 2017

The engagement level of the kids was amazing - they were virtually entranced! It was a wonderful thing to behold all so excited about Science and wanting to take part and share their thoughts and knowledge - they found it fun, entertaining and interesting! No ideas for improvement it was perfect! Different and engaging party - I don't mind spending money for kids to be entertained/educated and engaged in a fun, safe and interesting environment 🙂 I love the certificate - not sure if it was the presenters idea but my daughter got everyone at the party to sign the certificate as a reminder of the day - she would have another sublime science party tomorrow if she could!
Natalie Summers, London Sublime Science Party with Cosmic Caroline, March 2017

We like absolutely everything! Many thanks! Thanks! Everything is perfect. We have 26 children. They were all very happy and the parents who stayed in the hall absolutely liked the party. They can not wait to have their children's sublime science party. We are all very pleased of the presenter. Thank you very much Louis! You were amazing!
Armine Oscan, Sublime Science Party in London with Lightening Louis, March 2017

I loved how engaged the children were. We had an age range from 4-12 years and all the children participated for the whole hour. It seemed the best science party company from all the reviews I read. My 8 year old and her friends absolutely loved the party. Think we will be talking it about for weeks!
Rachel Pierce, 8 Year Olds Kids Party in Leics with Magnetic Mollie, March 2017

Loved it sherbet Charlotte was lovely she was fun and happy but stern when needed. We loved shooting the rockets.
Laura Evans, Sublime Science Party in Bristol with Sherbet Charlotte, March 2017

The way helium Hanna was with the children was ace she kept everyones attention as and they had lots of fun especially the slime making. It is exactly what my son is into at the moment.
Nicola MacDonald, Salford, Sublime Science party with Helium Hannah, March 2017

My son and everyone at the party enjoyed the wacky rockets. The staff kept the children entertained at all times and were really energetic which is what the children needed. The office team were really helpful. They answered any questions I had and called me back when needed. It was looking for a different birthday party and Sublime science lived up to it.
Shaheena Khodsee, London Boys Birthday Party with Sarah Supernova, March 2017

Loved all of it All the children came up to me afterwards and said it was the best party ever!
Suzanne Cummings, Sublime Science Party in Marlow with Dr Shaky, March 2017

The range of experiments, the engaging style of the presenter and the fact there was no mess! My daughter likes science and I heard this was a good party!
Vaan Livermore-hardy, Girls Science Party in Kings Langley with Lightneng Laura, March 2017

This was an excellent party. 25 6 and 7 year olds in rapt attention for over an hour; teachers dream about that level of engagement! Fantastic presenter and ideas. We loved it. Daughter loves science, want to keep it fun for her.
Melissa Autorino, Coventry Sublime Science party with Raioactive Rich March 2017

Thank you, Laura, for hosting a fab party. I think some of the adults had as much fun as the children 😉 Elaina had a lovely time and I think you did a great job keeping the children so well engaged with so many exciting experiments. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.
Emma Smart, Sublime Science Party in London with Lightening Laura, March 2017

The children were totally engaged by the presenter, who was knowledgeable and funny. Very helpful, no issues whatsoever. My daughter enjoys when we do science at home and was very excited about having a science party. Although more expensive, Sublime Science does seem to stand above other similar companies. I think most kids are literally scared of science and other STEM subjects, and making it into a fun activity and party theme is really awesome, so thank you! (I'm a chemical engineer and STEM Ambassador).
Claudia Bakeev, Sublime Science Party in Swindon with Professor Benjamin, March 2017

The children were so entertained, they loved getting hands on and our mad scientist was great. Many thanks for a great party.
Susan Eaton, Nottingham Kids Birthday Party with Dynamite Dave, March 2017

Bethany held 20 very unruly children's attention the whole time and was amazing!! All of the kids said how amazing the party was and had a fab time! Reasonable pricing and looked amazing.
Sarah Chandler, Sublime Science Party in Havant with Bonkers Bethany, February 2017

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