Ultimate Science Party Fancy Dress Ideas...

science-party-fancy-dress-kitScience Party Fancy Dress Kit:

The first thing to say is that you DON'T need any type of special clothes or anything to go to a Sublime Science Party.

After making science awesome for more than 1,000,000 children we've become experts at making slime and minimising the mess.

BUT looking like a budding scientist is always fun so here's a few ideas...

science-party-fancy-dress-access-passScience Party Fancy Dress Access Pass:

Not only do access passes ensure that only invited budding scientists make it into your Sublime Science Lab but they are also a fantastic addition that really builds the science party theme.

Remember to give each of your budding scientists Sublime Science names like 'Mad Marc', 'BioHazard Ben' or 'Toxic Tara'.

science-party-fancy-dress-nerd-glassesScience Party Nerd Glasses:

As someone who gets mocked pretty regularly for adjusting his glasses (see Dragons' Den!) I have to say that nerd glasses are awesome!

Your budding scientists will love them and keep hold of them long after your science party has come to a close.

science-party-fancy-dress-packScience Party Fancy Dress Pack Summary:

All in all adding fancy dress really adds to the fun of your Sublime Science Party.

By no means necessary but it is an absolutely awesome addition. Lab coats, nerd glasses, access passes and face masks really do make wonderful additions.

The Time-Saving Options!

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caution-sign-300x205Feel free to use these ideas plus your own creativity and imagination to transform your space into an incredible lab.


If you're in any way short on time then adding the Sublime Science Decoration Pack might be perfect for you.

  • warning-sign-300x213CAUTION SIGNS

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