Salt Dough

salt-dough-1-setupNot only is this Salt Dough stuff completely disgusting but it’s absolutely addictive to play with and a phenomenal way to learn about physical reactions too.

What do I need?

  • Salt
  • Plain flour
  • Vegetable oil
  • Spoons
  • Mixing bowlsalt-dough-2-mix
  • Glass of water
  • Food colouring (optional)

STEP1 – Add 500g of plain flour to your mixing bowl.

STEP2 – Add 250g of salt to your mixing bowl.

STEP3 – Add 3 teaspoons of oil too.

STEP4 – Add a splash of food colouring to your glass of water.

salt-dough-3-waterSTEP5 – Add around 200 ml (just add a little at a time) of your coloured water to your mixture.

STEP6 – Get stuck in and knead the salt dough together. Be warned, mixing your Salt Dough is a messy process.

STEP7 – Enjoy playing with your very own salt dough!

What’s going on?

salt-dough-4-mixtureHope you’re loving your Salt Dough!?! When we added our plain flour and salt together did you notice how they could be mixed together but those two substances didn’t really combine.

This changed when we added the water and oil and kneaded it all together. That’s when we really combined our ingredients in what is known as a physical reaction.

There’s not really a chemical reaction between the ingredients but what’s happened is more significant than just mixing. It’s a good indicator that a physical reaction has taken place when it would be very difficult to ‘undo’ the process and get back to the separate ingredients that we started with.

salt-dough-5-ballMore Fun Please!

  • What are the perfect proportions of each of the ingredients to add to make the perfect Salt Dough.
  • How does changing the quantity of each of the ingredients change your Salt Dough?

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