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dragons-den-mad-marc-caption-400If you need a children's party in Northampton that's 100% guaranteed to engage, engross & captivate the children then the Sublime Science Party could be just what you're looking for!

It's the party that everyone is raving about and is even Dragons Den Winning and it's now available in Northampton as well as the surrounding area, including: Peterborough, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough & across Northamptonshire.

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The Sublime Science Party has proved to be exceptionally popular in Northampton and I'm happy to report we've got some really awesome presenters who love nothing more than to make science awesome at children's parties Northampton as well as right across Northamptonshire including Peterborough, Corby as well as Kettering and Wellingborough too!

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"We had a fairly small group of children as they are mainly 8 and 9 year olds and that worked really well with making sure that everyone had a good chance to be really involved and do their own experiments" - 9 Year Olds Kids Birthday Party in Northampton

"Just perfect for a group of boys now they are starting to get a little bit older and who would feel that clowns and discos are a bit beneath them these days" - 8 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Northants

"It already seems like we've been to more discos and seen more old-hat childrens entertainers to last a lifetime so it was so refreshing to do something different" - Childrens Party near Daventry for 5 Year Olds 

"I'd have no hesitation recommending sublime science to anybody. It was the best party we've been to and I overheard other parents saying the same thing" - 6 & 7 Year Olds Science Birthday Party near Kettering

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Do YouMad_Marc_300 Have Sublime Scientists In Northampton?

The good news is that the Sublime Science Party has proved to be incredibly popular in the Northampton area and so we've got children's entertainers based in Northampton as well as in Peterborough and Kettering so it's easy to run children's parties in Corby, Wellingborough or anywhere else in Northamptonshire!

Winning Queen's Award for Innovation

"Chaotic Claire did a wonderful job of keeping everyone involved and engaged. I used to work in a primary school myself and I was really impressed with how well she did"

- 7 Year Olds Birthday Party Children's Entertainers in Northants

"My daughters 6th birthday party was a great success and Radioactive Ralph made sure they were fascinated by all the different experiments"

- 6 Yr Olds Science Party in Northampton

"I like how well organised it all was compared to the traditional chaos of a children's birthday party. Some of the children were even putting up their hands to say what they thought would happen next which was great to see"

- 5th Kids Birthday Party in Northants
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