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How to Make a CD Hovercraft Video!

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I love this experiment!

I'm guessing you've already got everything that you need to make your CD Hovercraft! Make sure you have enough time spare - making the hovercraft doesn't take long but I must warn you watching your hovercraft glide across your desk is highly addictive!

Just push play below and let's get started!

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How to Make A Hovercraft with a CD - Transcript

Would you like to be able to make a hovercraft at your desk with some stuff that you’ve already got? Well I hope so because that’s what’s coming up in the nest part of this video.

Hi I’ve lot experiment for you; this week is how to make a hovercraft with some stuffs that’s you’ve already got, all you going to need is a balloon, some glue tack, CD or DVD, the top of a water bottle; this one with a little folded lid on top are perfect for masking hovercrafts with, so grab those things and let's get started.

The first thing you going to do is you going to grab your blue tack and roll it into a kind of sausage shape and then push it round on your CD or DVD or whatever you’re using; so kind of like that. So you going to have something along those lines like that, the nest thing is you going to grab your little water bottle top, push it down on top of your CD.

The idea is you’re not going to have any gap, so your blue tacks going to form a perfect layer of your water bottle top onto your CD. So the base of your hovercraft will look something like this, you got your bottle top sealed with some glue tack to the basement to for the base of your hovercraft.

To power your hovercraft you going to use a balloon, blow it right up, put a couple of twist in it to make it easier to connect it then connected your hovercraft, your balloon to the base of your hovercraft, untwist it and you going to let go and take your hovercraft hopefully for a little bit of a journey and your hovercraft would go flying across your desk.

I would say don’t do this experiment if you’re in a rush, it’s highly addictive and lightly to take up most of your day messing around with it. The final thing you might be wondering is what’s going on, so your hovercraft's power is all coming from the air inside this balloon, the balloon is blown up nice and big as coming out the bottom of the balloon and pushing out, it’s spreading around under the surface of your hovercraft, making of what is like a cushion of air, so the hovercraft got to float on the air, doesn’t really touch the table, hardly at all; very little fraction which ride or glide around all of your desk and provide you with a fair bit of fun hopefully.

And finally you might be thinking what can I do next, what more experiments can I do; you can try adding some weights to your hovercrafts so if you can drive it by putting some glue tack or something heavy on one side, can you build a bigger hovercraft, not just a CD, connect a few of these together, whatever you’ve got to hand, try to build something cool. What different types of balloon works best, like rocket balloons, big balloons; I’m not sure give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below. Thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you inside my next video.

And we going to take the hovercraft on a little journey…that’s the perfect out-take!

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